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dreme rinkin the universe wioutlinspheres whas orbits lests a
the breistwark ah fecht wioutlinclans ah never kent war
hame an traetit lyke anoutlinsorner from the chinese kennawha
restless emerant sie an theoutlinsterns in the bounless lift
the green gress wi theoutlinsterns skinklin abuin for thousans
goave at the thousans ooutlinsterns that winks doun at
that the keing o theoutlinkinrik heild a gret feast
a walthie laird in anoutlinpairt o scotland he haed
thir sae wuthert an saeoutlinin thair claes they re
o the keing o theoutlinkinrik an the war anither
thay aw made for theoutlinkinrik for ti gie back
an sailin back til theoutlinkinrik in mukkil content an
but the keing o theoutlinkinrik the verra same that
pron ourselves oot prep outoutlina remote or prep until
pron ourselves oot pron outoutlinn stranger ower adv too
present fears is less noroutlindreams this murder is nae

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