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like scotland actually increases employmentoveralland benefits the economy as
look for advice within theoverallincreases in health and local
without prior negotiation only increasesoverallindebtedness making it harder for
percentage of each lec soverallbudget allocation in each of
as a percentage of theoverallnumber of awards made in
as a percentage of theoverallnumber of calls s1w 28569
as a percentage of theoverallsen budget and b per
as a percentage of theoveralltotal number of awards made
shortfall in relation to theoverallunderenumeration of some two percentage
considering the reduction in theoverallnumbers of police officers in
considering the reduction in theoverallnumbers of police officers in
considering the reduction in theoverallnumbers of police officers in
they will result in someoverallreduction in the levels of
aim of the bill theoverallaim of the bill is
tourism co ordinating group theoverallaim was to enhance scotland
had no discernible effect onoverallnumbers in britain 2 there
regular review stb was givenoverallnational responsibility for tourism marketing
there is a vagueness aboutoverallresponsibility because there are scottish
for edited copy dareau andoverallresponsibility for the dictionary watson
the team leader and hasoverallresponsibility in the scottish executive
is the cabinet minister withoverallresponsibility it is very important
did not reach either theoverall20 per cent target or
target areas included in theoverallsurvey later contained in this
anything other than set anoveralltarget of 20 per cent
executive were to achieve theoveralltarget of 20 per cent
view is that given theoverallincrease in available funding in
in the uk a theoverallincrease in both the levels
in the uk a theoverallincrease in both the levels
in the uk a theoverallincrease in both the levels
into the uk increase theoverallsize of the uk market
the final stage of anoverallupgrade to increase safety for
the final stage of anoverallupgrade to increase safety for
came into effect with anoverallbudget of 75 million euro
choices could add to theoveralleffect created in the passage
look at the sketches theoveralleffect of all those windows
which also adds to theoveralleffect of speed and urgency
looked mental as anything theoveralleffect was wild mad and
the scores to get anoveralltotal for the twenty tested
the school in scots theoveralltotal of boys in the
was 58 compared to anoveralltotal of girls in the
a similar way is theoverallbudget allocated on the strength
first time secondly within thatoverallbudget the funding for drama
have been allocated within theoverallhealth budget further notes the
of the budget including theoverallspend and the balance of
7 per cent of theoverallorganic area to use your
a significant part of ouroverallsales mix 25 per cent
the appropriate share of theoverallfunding we expect local authorities
000 what is the shareoveralljim raeburn scottish daily newspaper
andrew wilson what share ofoverallrevenues for newspapers is taken
published of the sectoral andoveralleconomic impact it will have
ban on tobacco advertising willoverallhave a positive impact on
systems to reduce dramatically theoverallimpact of sea lice whether
that we know that theoverallimpact on central government and
committee must consider carefully theoverallimpact on pupils higher still
it is part of theoverallapproach to delivery of social
any research part of ouroverallassessment will be to look
agriculture as part of itsoverallcommitment given in the partnership
agriculture as part of itsoverallcommitment given in the partnership
schools as part of anoveralldrive to push up school
schools as part of anoveralldrive to push up school
re all part of theoverallenglish system eh caroline s
is one part of theoverallgovernment machine which is much
aspects as part of thatoverallplanning review the executive will
considered as part of ouroverallreview of telecommunications developments and
care is part of theoveralluniversal provision that makes up
success given the improvement inoveralleconomic conditions and with medium
political social and economic historyoverallthey can help us to
of national parks within theoveralldesignation framework a number of
of national parks within theoveralldesignation framework the selection criteria
route are concealed within theoverallnet operating deficit of 3
on this issue within thisoverallpolicy scottish ministers will however
strategy just for sportscotland ouroverallcorporate plan involves 40 million
our strategy to improve theiroverallquality of life our efforts
important features not least theoverallstrategy of supply and demand
for the uk government soverallpolicy on world heritage sites
with 2600 in the schoolsoverallhe concluded with an appreciation
creative links officer managed theoverallproject co ordinated all schools
control methodology used for theoverallmanagement of the holyrood project
good and fairly relaxed mixoverallthis school project looks really
of generic term for theoveralldevolution scheme itself including its
present scottish government for theoveralldevolved administrative organisation including its
s board of governors hasoverallcontrol of he provision and
only or whether guarantees ofoverallservice provision will also be
to suggest that proportionally theoverallpot of voluntary sector funding
a tool to meet itsoverallpolicy aims of reducing fuel
we will revisit section 2overallit is important that we
changes will not affect theoverallnational resource requirement but they
undertake national sampling to monitoroverallstandards but without the red
political ministerial side of theoveralldevolved government this is therefore
and the environment committee theoverallloss to the sector would
the geographic sips can helpoverallthe voluntary sector provides services
affairs committee to consider theoverallmerits of the bill and
linked we should consider theoverallpicture in vocational training for
use sepa should consider theoverallrisk of allowing slightly increased
may help to explain theoveralldifferences in vocabulary the method
template when we make ouroverallassessment of the oft report
some of the schengen provisionsoveralli am happy that our
further scoping work on theoverallremit based on what we
courts in the categories ofoverallsolemn work and summary work
courts in the categories ofoverallsolemn work and summary work
the need to ensure anoverallwork load that is sufficient
formal and informal of theoveralldepartment its division into specific
occasions when things went wrongoverallthe federation has done its
is assumed for small hmosoverallthe scheme has had its
about the links with theoverallprevention of abuse health strategies
department of health regulates theoverallprofitability of an individual company
does not contribute to theoverallaggregate grade for the subject
to you are those assessedoveralland does the bid then
in financial terms with anoverallumbrella does the procurator fiscal
risk of allowing slightly increasedoveralluse of a particular product
for improvement and repairs theoverallpurpose of the bill is
to retailers and consumers groupsoverallthe bill offers an appropriate
maintenance is a continuing concernoverallthe bill s provisions are
royal institute of british architectsoverallarchitects have welcomed the proposals
and watson s assumption ofoverallauthority had seen no basic
is the fact that theoverallcontents of the piggy bank
to be aware of theoveralldesign concept contracts above a
so far as concerns theoveralldesign of the building much
breaking the link between theoverallenergy efficiency of the house
was concerned about having anoverallholistic approach to verification of
be relatively minor and theoverallimpression is of the ability
disturbing smoking jacket solidified anoverallimpression of swollen inebriated redness
already accepted that in theoverallinterests of justice it is
to have regard to theoveralllength of the census form
it would fit into theoveralllife of the parliament it
to define and illustrate theoverallpatterns of meaning argument and
qualities in interaction with theoverallpredominance of the speaking voice
discussing will sit in theoverallprofile of priorities the committee
the editorial independence integrity andoverallquality of the newspapers which
between 1994 and 2001 theoverallsense is one of little
from concrete to abstract theoverallstructure of the two thesauri
a wide range of agenciesoverallthere are well over a
s statement of principles 77overallthese concerns and solutions can
some quine in an orangeoverallan a face like anne
make some observations on theoverallspend pattern as set out
have understood or used scotsoverallshe thought that 10 throughout
it is difficult to estimateoveralldemand in scotland as it
exam f806: no no asoverall[throat] f807: yeah but that
nice girly girl bonding experienceoverallhb 74 is the official
interests it seems that theoverallintention is to ban the
forward we know that theoverallstatistics show that poverty is
be picked up on butoverallthis is a satisfactory outcome
one looks at the resultsoveralla major factor has been
basis i think that theoverallbenefit to be gained from
page 34 talks about theoverallcost estimates the figure that
move would greatly reduce theoverallharm caused by the illegal
we have regard to theoverallincome for a newspaper that
being the obvious one andoverallit worked very well there
phonemes tested and in theoveralllinguistic score there was a
forecast rise information on theoverallpass rate for modern apprenticeships
ask the scottish executive whyoverallwaiting times for inpatient and
about that to get anoverallpicture elizabeth holt i can
a combined basis may diminishoveralloperational efficiency and value for
so punkie buttons up heroveralland helps to settle in
us in arriving at anoverallperspective we want to ensure
in an pink and navyoverallsimilar to one my own
complete wi a lang blueoverallhid been kirnin butter an
nostrils then slowly to anoverallputty with weird crimson purple
too metallic sweater how heroverallgot itself unbuttoned i can
consultation paper gave snh nooverallconsensus on how this contract
have been emphasising this afternoonoverallwe are committed to looking
scotland although we all wishoveralltobacco intake to be cut
wears under that punk pinkoverallsomething hard core i bet

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