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ooter dure siccar cowp awthingowrethat the wee fowk hae
she wes sweir ti gangowrethe dure again sae she
ever kent she d beenowrethe dure an the third
the ane ti lat thaimowrethe dure never again for
haed he set his feetowrethe dure or the littil
as he wes askin hirowrethe houss dure an giein
day an never aince gaedowrethe houss dure she fand
as he set his fuitowrethe houss dure the wund
ee gang forrit tae ganowremertin s brig tae jyne
anenst the brig at raxesowretae todshawhauch ferm hoose an
thair aince wur ae brigowrethe borth ick waitter an
thaim authort the fit brigowrethe borth ick waitter wis
waitterfa anenst the road brigowrethe camp burn better kent
is ee gan forrit anowrethe elrig brig twartis the
haund juist efter ee ganowrethe maislee brig frae the
owre the bunkers hill anowrethe snoot fit brig an
mak fur mertin s brigowrethe waiter o ti iot
name ferr awa owre anowreagain an she greined ti
cryin hir name ferr awaowrean owre again an she
howt man ye r ferrowreblate dinna you be sweir
but this steid s ferrowrecauld for hell a l
suit you at aw ferrowredamp the r snails an
ye cam ye ve cumowreferr pompitie turns round desperately
feart yeir naitur is ferrowrefou o the milk o
our hether yill is ferrowreguid for teuchtars lyke nou
on hir fuit wes ferrowremukkil but she nippit it
for ye r juist ferrowreprood awthegither sae ye ir
t but ye are ferrowresachless for it what ye
nicht but the nicht wesnaowreyit ferr frae it for
that wattir o jordan ringsowreaa ye mind the wattir
juist owre the wattir camowrean spierit the keing for
wes owre het he wesowrecauld he wantit wattir he
leven langsyne but ah wesowrefeart for the wattir aye
aboot he points offstage juistowrethare owre the wattir an
yerk he clasht the wattirowrethe caunils at aince the
points offstage juist owre thareowrethe wattir an awfu place
ship cam sailin skiffin festowrethe wattir an it airtin
for she ettilt ti sailowrethe wattir an pey a
lang the prince frae juistowrethe wattir cam owre an
haunds on him he lowpitowrethe wattir merk onti the
she sailed awa an awaowrethe wattir or she cam
oot o herm s weyowrethe wattir til hir prince
syne he gaed back hameowrethe wattir til his ain
aye oot on the eylandowrethe wattir wes siller tree
faither the auldest princess cairritowrehir airm the mukkil necklace
thare he flang the henwyfeowrehis mukkil shouther in amang
speak l macbeth dinna thinkowremukkil aboot it macbeth but
r telt an dinna thinkowremukkil aboot it morag hangs
an try no ti daeowremukkil at first juist caw
mak siccar she disna drinkowremukkil at the ae tyme
frae you gae back manowremukkil bluid o yours is
pul o the sea wesowremukkil for hir it wes
a dry brek it isowremukkil for ma puir hert
pepper it wad hae beenowremukkil for ye ah dout
to the first ye areowremukkil lyke banquo s gaist
aside to macbeth pit youowremukkil trust in this it
goavin at the mukkil staneowrethe burn whan she fancied
an he wul clour yeowrethe heid wi his mukkil
ogfre wha wul clour yeowrethe heid wi his mukkil
ogre wha wul clour yeowrethe heid wi his mukkil
ugsum draiglin hogney cloured himowrethe heid wi his mukkil
ogre wha wul clour yeowrethe heid wi his mukkil
wes gaun ti crack meowrethe heid wi his mukkil
frae stravaigin aboot clourin fowkowrethe heid wi ma mukkil
that sleeps lyke deid awowrethe mukkil stane castel wi
sayin ti masell owre anowreagain whit ma mither uised
o tha warld owre anowreagin an syne regairdin the
ah try sayin ti masellowrean owre again whit ma
ferrest neuk o tha warldowrean owre agin an syne
again the same thing happentowrean owre the keing an
ll come at gloresheddae tounowrean owre zhu wu an
for his girnin he wesowrehet he wes owre cauld
the pairkhill bairns walkit dounowrethe bunkers hill an owre
hert owre the hills anowrethe craigs an athort mosses
gaed wi a gled hertowrethe hills an owre the
same thing happent owre anowrethe keing an queen gied
an syne ti the titherowrethe land an owre the
tither owre the land anowrethe lift ah see a
at gloresheddae toun owre anowrezhu wu an yang chun
strae shuin an gae shankinowresic hill gaits fine they
hill an harden hoose ootowrethe boddom end o the
tae the haugh hevin walkitowrethe girnwud hill an doun
an yill waitters leukin doonowrethe harden hill an harden
tae ti iot heid anowrethe hill tae borth ick
or tuils an sic lykeowrethe hill tae craik hope
the girnwud hill an dounowrethe hoscote rig tae git
hill the tinks re gieinowrethegither a ll gar the
win thare ye maun gaeowrehills an craigs an athort
be the hicht o genteilitieowrethare rintoul o ay ah
aw yon your men stauninowrethare the auldest dochter whas
pointing is that burd lyinowrethare the hen wyfe s
a bit o a stramashowrethare ye re mebbe thare
we drift here an thareowrethe derk swaws at lest
ye gang an speak itowreatwein ye a l jyne
gang wi me amna ahowreauld tae hae onie mair
lasses gang hame ah mowreauld tae merry a saicond
ye maun gang on fuitowrehills an craigs an athort
me ti gang my laneowremony ghaists the kinrik s
in tyme ah l gangowresae ah wul ti speak
wadna allou thaim ti gangowrethe houss door athout a
ir aboot tae gang forritowrethe mairch atween roxburghshire an
s tane ye mauna gangowrethe score fowk aye says
it s inclyned ti gangowrethe score wi weill daein
the guesten hous daur gangowrethe street e en the
leafs an the fulyerie daunstowrehir heid agin the blue
path whan a burd flichtertowrehir heid an wheipilt oot
s heid ane ti thrawowrehis horse ane ti thraw
the ferm toun itsel anowreit the heid o borth
howpasley via the auld tounowretae ti iot heid teviot
he l git tattie soupowrethe heid an he cums
whyles she wad skelp meowrethe heid for naething at
they aw dee d saiklessowrethe heid o me a
in danger o his lyfeowrethe heid o sum ill
wee bit spellin an scartitowrethe heid o t he
me ah l clash himowrethe heid wi thaim sae
finnd him twa thrie cloursowrethe heid wi this an
the ae skreich an cowpitowrebackart the muckle baist cam
a place an sat dounowrecam the teamaister speirin whitna
o news da voice camowreda radio a tortoiseshall cat
thocht o the drink camowrehim here he spied a
an hou the drink camowrehim out the simmer hous
dae ae day it camowrehim ti tak his leave
did that an syne lowpinowrethe green links he cam
his unexpekkit guest but camowrethe haw fluir sat himsell
blessins the pest cam spreidinowrethe kinrik frae besouth the
or hinnerlie a skraich camowrethe muir here wes it
this ill gien guidmither camowrethe sea bairns as thay
whan a cottar bodie camowreti let him ken o
mends rainbows an ah camowreti see ye pompitie kis
till it cam and studeowrewhaur the bairn liggit whan
macbeth macbeth if it wesowrean duin wi whan it
zhao hes hed ye clippitowrean ordeinit nou an whan
in whan the ceremonie wesowrean the haunlin wes richt
whan the waddin feast wesowrean the perr haed settilt
the mid haist day tellinowreauld tales an new whan
judgments whan the fecht isowrefor nou lat s plan
i the ludge addie tuikowrefrae mr howe whan hei
whan he d read themowrehe says this lu da
hame wi the praiciuss threidowrehir shouther but whan she
fower muckle words scartit fairlieowreit apen whan hong comes
auld welsh naem ae leftowrenaem frae the tyme whan
an lat us no beowrepernickitie whan we tak oor
keen on mechanics an whanowreseventie ear auld hei fufillt
alairmed at this an lowpitowrethe bed an whan he
a bit flie ti masellowrethe common whan wha soud
that soud hae been thrawnowrethe hawk whan the lad
ir whan ah git upowrethis bed ah l brek
son alasdair that wul ringowrethis kinrik whan his faither
awa quately he was thinkinowrethis maitter whan ma certie
whaur belyve yid hed faenowrewhan ma faither wum hame
ma hert wis fair lipperinowrewi joy an gledness whan
the clachan thay leuch thegitherowrea whein auld tales bi
thay haed ti stert awowreagain but this tyme the
their een whun thay keekowreit youse the pairtie fir
leukit lik thay wur gittinowremuckle fur thum a ve
awbodie socht for him awowrethe kintrie thay socht an
i thay days tae gitowrethe waitter tae meadshaw yin
thay wad push the dishowretil him smirtlin you eit
transcience issa flies swairmin awowrewhitever dae thay want wi
an he wes sair awowrebut he wan ti the
souplest o the daunsars wesowreforfauchilt ti cry for mair
mysie thocht this offer wesowreguid ti be true but
unco wabbit his eelids drappitowrehis een lyke he wes
wey shuirlie nanse he wesowrelourd mither he wes bigger
hir sister she thocht wesowreprood for ti speak in
thon wes mebbe ah mowresaft hertit but ah ve
heed hir the pruif wesowrestrang agin hir she wes
wi ae lowp she wesowrethe burn an sprauchilt up
east the sun wes rysinowrethe edge o the hills
suin the wurd wes awowrethe island that the queen
mysie s mither wes fairowrethe muin at this an
a glisk tam wes fairowrethe muin he strechtent his
wes free ti set outowrethe muir on his lang
wes stourin alang the muirowrethe wat dew cuivert gress
wes the broun ogre lampinowrethegreen common syne he wad
gat roond me he wesowrethrawn for me an ah
aa hir pith ae taitowrefast fur huz tae keep
thrang fechtin amang thairsells orowrefou for ti follae hir
on hir lang dour traivilowreheich hills an craigs an
hae ti keep a cloutowrehir een binna she is
she pous hir mutch ajeeowrehir left lug cruiks hir
dird ahint hir she gliskitowrehir shouther but the war
claith sae aerlie neist morninowreshe gangs ti see hir
hir fair dumfounert for juistowrethe burn frae whaur she
as she sets hir fuitowrethe houss door dae ye
an on hir legs hinginowrethe syde the stane she
guid as ti cairrie thaimowretil hir ane at a
awa the sauts brocht dounowrea hunder and saxty mile
sat doun gin it isnaowrebauld o uis daur a
leukit doun til the waiterowreee r richt shouder yin
aneth the grund doun anowreor aneth the pit wheel
day morag mebbe she sowresair ti sit doun nanse
thair unkaimed hair hingin dounowrethair shouthers lyke tousilt sea
he s cummin strampin dounowrethe brae mercie it s
voce for sainin caa andowrethe dung doun virr o
the new muin gaes dounowrethe forest edge this hame
cowgang comin doun the waitterowrethe stane mairch dyke frae
slopes doun ti the rheinowrethere the sun maks wey
dinna pou yeir hat dounowreyeir een say what ye
the sough o him gaedowreaa syria and fowk wi
alasdair at his back gaedowreagain ti the auld man
me ah gaed awa teeminowreand the lord has brocht
s hairs for ti thrawowrehim he gaed oot ti
keck kecklin as he gaedowrethe brae marischal hong cried
the pine wuids an gaedowrethe brae striddlin a yalla
the hound this ane gaedowrethe hawk syne afore the
staibil an cuist the hairowrethe horse syne he gaed
the neist day she gaedowretil the neibor whas dochter
shouther twa buckets weill brodditowrean a toddie kettle in
weill an ye haena beenowregrabbie wi the prince s
comin up wi a stingowrehis shouther twa buckets weill
wad but ah im cowpitowresae ah canna cum weill
but a dout he rydesowreweill an his gret luve
feart the marischal wad beowreweill infitten at the court
weill than hae ye thochtowrewhat a said ye ken
aside to banquo think weillowrewhat haes happent here at
haena spoken til um furowre50 yeir kit the faither
the yungest lassie haed beenowrefeirt ti tak tent til
til hirsell as she rowedowreon the silken bowster o
yaised tae say til izowresaxtie yeir sin things an
o at n i scotlandowrethe laist threi til fowre
raiglar kirk worship athourt scotlandowrethe laist threi til fowre
til the rocks an keikitowrethe tap o thaim an
til himsell ah maunna beowrethrawart ma lassie seems taen
verra saul a ve gienowretil the deil ti mak
never saw an he walkitowretil the ingil whit than
his deid or he peyedowretil us ten thousan merks
bit read first it sowreaerlie yit for gaun ti
an haed ti stert awowreagain wutch howt ye needna
the day begins ti doverowrean aw the beiss that
ou we cuid nivver gieowrean inlat ti tel a
the day begins ti doverowrean the beiss that hunts
l cry ma auld neiborowrefrae ayont the pailin ti
a bield wi ma nainfowkowregleg ti be gangin we
said ah dout he isowregraund awthegither ti mairrie a
ye wadna want ti beowregraund for an ootsyde waddin
ti come strampin yir feetowregreat jupiter s grund chen
say ti masell ah mowreguid ti waste ahl never
ma laddie ringan hesitates cumowrehere ti me son ringan
hound an ane ti thrawowrehis hawk syne the hogney
his horse ane ti thrawowrehis hound an ane ti
vaultin ambeition that lowps ayeowreitsell ti foonder the tither
stert o the winter anowrelange idle he thocht ti
ti lairn ma lassie neverowrelate morag na a m
ti lairn ma lassie neverowrelate na ah m shuir
s aff it wul beowrelate than for ti chynge
for ye it s neverowrelate ti lairn ma lassie
the puddok it is neverowrelatre ti lairn ma lassie
temple floats upon the haarowremony ghaists fir me ti
mynd that mebbe ye warowreprood awthegither ti speak in
ah dinna want ti beowresherp wi ye but ye
hou cud ye pit meowresic hillgaits ti dree sic
sensyne we ken o murdersowreterribil ti hear aboot ae
ah m gaun ti gitowrethe bed nanse mither dae
same baw o worsted backowrethe fluir ti him the
worthie ay ti hae dominionowrethe fowk seiven lord o
in his pouer he breingedowrethe herthstane ti fell him
ryal howp that he seemsowrethe muin an yet ti
the pat on the sweyowrethe peit fyre for ti
wir ti be postit aaowrethe place giein out his
an an birlt an lampitowrethe riggs ti tell his
ti ye an cormac haunditowrethe twal crae pies ti
speilt the lether ti keekowrethe waa an he seen
o the brae a luikitowreti birnam an syne a
pensell o the soucie leukinowreti chenyang ay on the
the borth ick valley richtowreti iot intil slitrig waitters
a ll gie ye themowreti tak ti the baillies
sturt howdert thegither an breingedowreti the craig face whaur
thrie fower waitin men strauchtowreti the gallery whaur he
is born ti swan itowreus aw for cuddie s
miscaa the priests it sowredemmed menseless makin sic a
a callant in the brughowrelang syne the auld kirk
an the brave banquo stravaigedowrelate at nicht syne he
prophets writings it wald beowrepernicketty tae chynge sic names
o the sae an ringowresic a gret kinrik an
swithert for a wee whyleowrethis an syne he gried
blowster lyke ane awesum galeowreaw the kinrik an blaw
settil him thraw you thisowrehim an he poued ane
he said ye maunna dargowresair littil ane for the
ane o the yowes fellowrethe dyke an hurt its
gowd he haed hained inowremonie a year o darg
whaur the waves haed runowrethaim the fairies cuidna follae
an the muin haed risenowrethe craig he rubbit his
s feklessness haed spreid awowrethe kintrasyde an the steidin
silken anes that war happitowrehim an taen thaim oot
alang wi thaim ye mumpowrethings we canna redd maun
back wi juist a bittieowrefor our fendin thae twa
ablow the dwallin hoose ootowretae the yill waitter juist
juist liftit yid up anowrethe back end o the
genesis o at storie juistowrethe wyre fence frae the
gairden spade an cuid turnowreae gey bit grund in
beild frae the air raidsowreglesca ae mrs helen nelson
in o ae bag slungowrema shouthers riding ithoot onie
ae kenable cockney accent ayowrethe laist hauf centuar an
ae byous panoramic vizzy richtowrethe waittergate liggin tae yer
hes ae siclik vizzie doonowrethe yill waitter an sheilswud
that effeks ma een nouowrethis ae hauf warld o
ah m aw jags awowreah m lyke a prein
thit micht hev gain affowrethe ears at same lyke
up to ringan ye rowrefree wi yeir haunds you
veisit rintoul yeir grace isowrekynd the honor o serrin
aboot i the hawick airtowrethe laist 10 15 yeir
yeir success as he thinksowrethe pairt ye played fechtin
bi the stavert faimlie furowretwae hunner yeir bot wis
s whit ye l gitowreyeir back the neist tyme
a tassie an strinkil itowreyeir guidman whaur he sleeps
an the ful muin shaneowrethe island whaur ootby the
at shi jin wad beowrehandie for them they didna
see that that wad beowrehie a chairge for a
houss banquo it wad beowreill a thing oniewhaur man
wad bide fur years comeowreye carl cats the lassies
fornenst ye that s itowreyonder answers the teamaister wad
thuddin i mi breest doonowreda broo bi brough i
some lost on da windowreda flakki o years an
is boarn birth s basselowreda howdie maks fur hom
an freya s holiday wisowreda nort boat waakened aabody
or tidder da twa endsowrefar apairt ta hadd tagidder
da sam dad handed herowretae da lass an waved
wis da description laekely sadlyowretrue o da plight o
supplied wi kerns an gallowglassesowrefrae the western isles but
whae wrocht yonner aareddies teukowrefrae wullie mr wud wis
weir a ll tak himowreit aa frae the verra
dinna lat him set fuitowrethe houss door frae the
frae the tree that stuidowrethe magic wal pat it
ickbrae a think it wurowrethe stane dyke frae the
him frae the pine wuidsowrethe wey an walcomin it
freenships wi fock frae awowrethe woarld fock whae hed
ship frae yon tree trunkowreyonder atweill that is a
alang wi ye ah mowreauld for that ah dout
the gairdenfit uncle jim tuikowreauld yid scott s job
see the deid come lowpinowrethe auld grey waws muckle
an auld quarrie hole growneowrewi gerss an a bonnie
ah m thinkin ye rowreforritsum for a puddok awthegither
but ah dout ye rowreguid for this warld ah
want ye for ye rowreprood awthegither sae ye ir
puddok ah m cauld awowreah m fair nithert wi
can trek the wyld deuksowreaw the wattirs o the
an he rade aw dayowrebens an throu glens or
bed at aw a mowrehet morag sitting up for
heild a gret feast awowrehis kintrie an the splore
sair ah m sair awowresae ah im green leaf
o aw tha chaumers awowrethe gret touer hinnerlie she
aboot snakkin at ither awowrethe place he says he
kyte if ah d beenowreparteiklar ah d been awa
flute as he wan awaowrethe braeface the marischal thocht
broun ogre gae lampin awaowrethe common stramp stramp stramp
wurds the keing lowpit awaowrethe gress green knowes again
stravaigin awa wi ye seeowrethe nine watters wi ramballiach
awa his leelane a whileowretwistit tracks up fankled bankins
the richt tae walk aaowrea mailin belangit tae the
an stertit tae leuk aaowrefur yid e en tae
than ochts ense black aaowrehat an shuin ana nellie
his back an sleep aaowrethe meditation bink his neb
ve been rummlin about aaowrethe place for fortie fiftie
wi bottles a glesses aaowrethe place in the efternuin
an pish an shite aaowrethe place the waitin men
floursit buistins at ran aaowrethe rigbane o his back
first they cowpit the stoupowrethenthey pit aa their pith
his bare breist aa buistitowrewi blae dragons he d
tae at jaggit him aaowrewi thae bonnie flourist buistins
ay on the ither shoreowrethe muckle watter see lat
waitters an ay mebbies richtowretwartis the scottis an englis
see you a heich craigowreyonder ay a see it
he d lang buits turntowreat the taps an at
lang s yir airm crossweysowreit wis clappit a dizzen
daithlie drow lang cowpit waasowremony ghaists ablow an yit
the leam o torches glintitowresteel fows lang five taed
ve tried coontin yowes lowpinowrea dyke but eftir ah
tyme ah dout ah mowreeasie persuadit bi the men
m better awricht haund izowrema dressin goun ah m
ye mebbe think ah mowresair on ye but ye
clivver but wi be inowresmert ah hae connacht ma
whae hev gotton thairsels jobsowrehere an it fair gies
fair tyrt oot wi layinowremonie eggs pompitie the hen
wha sall haud the stereowrema fowk israel than herod
hirsle fowk mauna rin themowremind shi jin wis roused
coordinate wi mi left haandowrea set a wires an
on satein wi silken claithsowrehim an in the luif
he ran wi his stingowrehis shouther profunditas chased efter
strampit wi crutches ana doonowrehoscote rig tae the haugh
owrecled wi the gowd anowreit he wure a reid
warklumes a ll no cangleowresiller wi ye it ll
newcastle upon tynne bot wisnaowretaen on wi the job
their somnolent men noo gieowrethat caper wi rolled up
fish stravaigin wi ye seeowrethe annays thrang wi the
as want content wi worrieowrethe cryme macbeth enters mercie
watters stravaigin wi ye seeowrethe nine watters wi ramballiach
were unco blythe aye teeminowrewi joy and when they
o cauld an dwaibliness cumsowreye whyles wi chitterin fits
springs aince gaen lyfe isowrefor guid ma kist tichtens
a guid twa thrie mileowrethe braes bit bi bit
the sleepin man he rowtowreand ma certes wasna thair
tho a try tae coverowrema lugs nae fears ma
guests ye maunna mismak yeirsellsowreme ma wurthie freins a
ma road a maun lowpowreor foonder here sterns dern
pownie whyles tae but noowreaften mynd whit div ye
us gae by ye reowrefeart wee brither quo chen
banquo s aishan ever ringowrethis kinrik all ye maunna
dout our strenth maun beowrewee for ye that ye
guidman guidman whit haes cumowreye whit ails ye at
she noo hap yer cloakowreyer frien for ye are
no mistaen that s mullowreyonder ye war singin aboot
i 772 846 lown eildowrean again the gowden sun
clour he drave him erselinsowrean gart him loss his
o haein this bodie clippitowrean ordeinit an he bad
d hae a brither clippitowrean ordeinit inti the cloister
to hae a brither clippitowrean ordeinit inti yir halie
darg an cuid ethlie gieowrean reist on the job
lest nicht an she glowertowreat caermoulis this concerns you
produce an inadvertent peerie urowreby ur maet dis peerie
an awfu song an danceowrefancy wines fae germany or
you that an thraw itowrehim an he poued anither
licht o the mune sheininowrehim an he tuik a
lichtlie me because a mowrehummle for him an gin
in the dried river bedowrelate he is waesum an
in a land hauntit byowremony ghaists o eejits an
braid daylicht raither nor gaeowrenear the ferlie knowe an
gruppit it an whummilt itowreon its back an he
again gaucie silk is skailtowreornar loans an wynds pipe
retoured tae girnwud an haunditowretae the fermer anither pair
ships an gar palaces cowpowrethair foonds even till heiliegoleirie
the whun busses an keiksowrethe brae o the quarrie
brocht in an spreid outowrethe buird nou the thriesome
sae he hung his reinsowrethe gairden yett an follaed
ither hairs hae ben kuistowrethe horse an the hound
warld a reid scaum spreidowrethe lift an ferlie oams
him an his marrow tuikowrethe rinnin o the local
did blaw up it skraichtowrethe sea an it skellocht
sisters haund in haund fliearsowrethe sea an land this
o the forelaund an breinginowrethe siller saunds but i
out hie in the airowrethe tap o caermoulis an
the harrowgate airt yorkshire teukowrethe tenancie an wur thar
nicht an the callants warowrethrang fechtin amang thairsells or
the mishanter at wis cuistenowreus like an unco net
haughs see here an hyneowreyonder braid swuirds at their
jobs a mak antrin veesitsowreyonder tae sei jock an
his frein he set outowrethe riggs atwein the twa
or the other twa twoowretoo hadd hold tagidder together
shi jin wis on himowresune he liftit his blade
bairn dinna you waste itowrethe spinnin wheel for fear
he sall hae the pooerowrethe hoose o jacob for
that soud hae been thrawnowrethe hound or the soun
nae tyme in thrawin itowrehis hound but the war
ahint the pownie his pockstangowrehis shouther tuik the gate
blue jaiket o the brocadeowreit on his feet he
last he isnae a minittowresune much later a m
at nichtfaw he lowpit inowrethe hedge at dawin he
fedders alow the oxters andowrethe shouthers wow he has
fedders alow the oxters andowrethe shouthers wow he has
the grate slices o leftowrechristmas cake tae devour the
o scriechs is we swooshedowreevery bump afore we cummelled
the names o them scartitowreit in curlicues o warlock
nor couthie answer it sowrekittle the pooer o christianity
kale a fat mön vaeginowresannis a hale gadderie o
hedna gaen mair as haufroadsowrethe brae out o a
long ago a fire flauchtowrethe firth jaup o the
deceesions o the scottis establishmentowrethe laist wheen centuries thar
the dael hed been settledowrethe new pair o buits
man muved doon tae takowrethe rinnin o roberton schuil
a think it wur tuikowrethe tenancie o borth icksheils
s no that a mowreeasy frichtent benignitor it s
saw a lame man lowpowrea drystane dyke eftir daein
tae walk mebbies threi myleowrethe hills i onie airt
access tae mair opportunities ootowrethe world it signals forby
yid housomever is hei sclamowrethe wyre fence tae yid
oot the borth ickbrae heichtsowreintil yill waitter nou than
aither she beckons ringan cumowrehere laddie ringan approaches in
ony timorsome mavie that liltitowreoor heids she whase quick
speilin ben kunlun see leukinowreilka airt hairt lowp lowpin
the dawin a skelp seeowrewatterside mosses i the gloamin
the dawin a ride seeowrewatterside mosses i the gloamin
in the pat hotterin hereowrethe ingil a stane aunsert
maybe shö hed bön rinowremaybe shö wis lockit in
jöst in case smootie wisowreweel plaesed ta get hit
johnsmas time a treed spunowrea thoosand simmer seas at
one leaf spins slowly downowreembro at een the lift
shall pattern at spread hitselowremidders makkin therteen loops taen
doon throwe yon derk wudditowrecuttin i the main road
ootlin fashions the french isowrefantoush for me awthegither looks
like famine drave a faimlyowrejordan intae moab the faither
writings the writings were scrievitowremonie a year and werena
the road and then gieowrenane but sall cairry the
sword as sweet winds riffleowrethe blackadder water e en
grass torn posters swaws rattlinowrethe herbour waa maw flees
puil the mither s tirrowrethe noo joyous squeals from
mither maun grie it isowrehie a fee for a
wyfe s haiverin tale teltowrea wunter ingil think shame
exhibition dunna gaff weel noowremuckle jöst be tankful hit
a little girl bassel struggleowreover howdie local untrained midwife

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