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4 oz soft marge 4ozcastor sugar 2 large eggs
6 oz wholemeal flour 2ozlard 2 oz marge 3
flour oz marge ozlard 3 oz potatoes cooked
cheese 2 oz marge 2ozlard 8 oz wholemeal flour
6 oz plain flour ozmarge oz lard 3
wholemeal biscuits for cheese 2ozmarge 2 oz lard 8
flour 2 oz lard 2ozmarge 3 oz potatoes mashed
icing bash up cake 5ozmarge 4 tblsp cocoa 2
milk 1 tblsp syrup 1ozmarge melt sugar and everything
vanilla essence liquid sweetener ozmarge mix together rub in
cheese tomato quiche pastry 6ozplain flour oz marge
1 oz soft marge 4ozplain flour 3 oz onions
marge oz lard 3ozpotatoes cooked sieved blend without
lard 2 oz marge 3ozpotatoes mashed combine without water
level tsp baking powder 4ozsoft marge 4 oz castor
2 oz lard softened 1ozsoft marge 4 oz plain
marge 2 oz lard 8ozwholemeal flour rub in 1
1 tbsp flour 10 floz300 ml ginger ale salt
pt measuring cup 8 flozafter 1 wk in fridge
lemon jelly crystals flozboiling water artificial sweetener soak
oz dates 4 flozboiling water pour boiling water
canadian pt is 16 flozbrit 20 american ½ pt
cup ½ pt 10 flozbritish standard measuring cup american
fl oz water 4ozbutter 2 eggs cook gently
stir till brown 5 flozchicken stock add simmer uncovered
tblsp brown sugar 6 flozcider vinegar shred cabbage cook
pepper season generously 2 flozcream 2 egg yolks mix
chopped oz prunes ozdates 4 fl oz boiling
fl oz orange juice 4ozdried apples 24 fl oz
into mixture apricot jam 4ozdried apricots 8 fl oz
glazed apple apricot slice 5ozdried apricots chopped 10 fl
25 mins carrot cake 3ozdried dates chopped fl
2 hrs date square 8ozdried dates chopped 7 fl
tsp 1 tblsp 1 flozeng teacup ¼ pt eng
1 tbsp flour 6 flozgravy or stock salt pepper
mins stirring frequently 5 flozhot water tblspns diabetic
unsweetened stewed apples 2 flozlemon juice 1 tspn cinnamon
eggs lightly beaten 4 flozmilk salt pepper mix in
thousand island dressing 4 flozoil 2 tblspn finely chopped
oz yoghurt 2 ½ flozoil 2 tblspn white vinegar
½ pt milk 2 flozoil 3 oz raisins mix
oz dried apricots 8 flozorange juice 4 oz dried
½ sesame oil mix 5ozplain flour 4 fl oz
2 fl oz oil 3ozraisins mix dry ingredients and
8oz cottage cheese 6 flozsour cream small clove garlic
dissolve allow to cool 14ozunsweetened stewed apples 2 fl
oz plain flour 4 flozv hot water mix knead
oz dried apples 24 flozwater 1 tblspn lemon juice
peeled thinly sliced 4 flozwater 2 tblspns sultanas ½
dried dates chopped flozwater 4 oz butter 2
dried dates chopped 7 flozwater cook gently 5 10
dried apricots chopped 10 flozwater cook gently for 5
tblspn oil add flozwater when brown cover tightly
flavour yoghurt dressing 4 flozyoghurt 2 ½ fl oz
raita for 6 20 flozyoghurt 4 bananas sliced pinch
potatoes and tomato pie 1ozbutter 1 oz wholemeal flour
oz fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs 2ozcheese grated seasoning line 8
mins 8oz chopped walnuts 2ozfresh wholemeal breadcrumbs 1 tblspns
1 lb minced beef 6ozfresh wholemeal breadcrumbs ½ tbsp
eggs ¼ pt milk 2ozfresh wholemeal breadcrumbs 2 oz
flour 4 oz wholemeal 4ozmuesli or nuts 4 oz
oz self raising flour 4ozwholemeal 4 oz muesli or
mix together with fork 6ozwholemeal flour 1 tsp baking
pie 1 oz butter 1ozwholemeal flour ½ pt milk
potato onion tart pastry 6ozwholemeal flour 2 oz lard
mins ½ pt milk 4ozwholemeal flour 2 tsp baking
vegetarian lasagne for 6 8ozwholemeal lasagne cook 10 15
biscuits 4 oz flour ozbutter or marg 1 oz
2 tspns lemon juice ozcoconut sunflower seeds
into 2 diameter log ozcoconut roll round log wrap
kidney beans stir in 16ozcottage cheese oz grated
at 350 hobbit log 4ozdried apricots chopped oz
stirring strain empire biscuits 4ozflour oz butter or
16 oz cottage cheese ozgrated parmesan 8 oz thinly
oz sultanas raisins chopped ozprunes oz dates 4
oz dried apricots chopped ozsultanas raisins chopped oz
oz grated parmesan 8ozthinly sliced mozzarella layer with
pan lipari pizza base 2ozbutter 4 oz sr flour
oz wholewheat sr flour 4ozfinely grated carrot 1 oz
2 oz sr flour 2ozground almonds 2 oz coconut
oz sugar butter icing 3ozmarg 1 teacup sr flour
double cream foolproof sponge 4ozsr flour 1 level tsp
for 20 mins dumplings 4ozsr flour ¼ level tsp
with 1 teasp flour 2ozsr flour 2 oz ground
base 2 oz butter 4ozsr flour rub in ¼
blend with eggs butter 5ozwholewheat sr flour 4 oz
or walnuts roughly chopped ozbean sprouts 3oz sultanas 3
dessrt spn coffee essence 2ozchopped walnuts or ground hazlenuts
walnuts or ground hazlenuts 3ozdessic coconut or digestive biscuit
oz roughly chopped walnuts oznatural yoghurt ¼ tspn cinnamon
med carrots coarsely grated 2ozraw peanuts or walnuts roughly
apples 1 oz raisins 1ozroughly chopped walnuts oz
head celery finely sliced 2ozwalnuts coarsely chopped dressing 3
cream 2 tblsp brandy 4ozbroken meringue 2 tblsp caster
freeze sinful choc cake 8ozbutter 8 oz caster sugar
oz butter or marg 6ozcaster sugar 1 line tin
1 oz drinking choc 4ozcaster sugar 1 teasp baking
cake 8 oz butter 8ozcaster sugar 6 eggs separated
½ pt double cream 2ozcaster sugar mix breadcrumbs d
1 level tspn salt 1ozcaster sugar stir in 3
mixed currants raisins sultanas 2ozchopped almonds 1 small chopped
christmas day christmas cake 12ozcurrants 10 oz sultanas 4
flour 3 oz cornflour 1ozdrinking choc 4 oz caster
brandy rest milk 8 10ozmixed currants raisins sultanas 2
caster sugar stir in 3ozpotatoes cooked sieved kneed in
christine s christmas cake 12ozraisins sultanas currants 2 mixed
currants 10 oz sultanas 4ozseedless raisins 2 oz chopped
butter 10 slices bread 10ozsultanas 2 bananas 6 eggs
1 lb cooking apples 2ozsultanas 2 tblsp sugar ½
cake 12 oz currants 10ozsultanas 4 oz seedless raisins
sugar sultanas currants water 4oztrex 2 teasps mixed spice
2 oz plain flour 4ozbreadcrumbs 4 oz suet rind
brown bread ice cream 3ozbrown breadcrumbs 2 oz dem
oz unsweetened chestnut puree 4ozbrown breadcrumbs parsley salt etc
3 oz brown breadcrumbs 2ozdem sugar 4 eggs separated
into greased loaf tin 1ozfresh breadcrumbs 1 tspn mixed
6 oz double cream 2ozfresh white breadcrumbs drain salmon
cheese breadcrumbs stovies melt 1ozlard in frying pan brown
eggs 1 raw egg 12ozsausagemeat browned breadcrumbs cook about
flour 4 oz breadcrumbs 4ozsuet rind juice of lemon
for 2 hrs melt 1ozlard in frying pan pour
sieved ½ tspn salt 2ozlard softened 1 oz soft
pastry 6 oz flour 4ozbutter 2 tblsp castor sugar
brown praline cake cream 4ozbutter and 4 oz castor
of orange warm water 5ozcastor sugar ½ teasp mixed
4 oz butter and 4ozcastor sugar 2 eggs beaten
teasp baking powder 6ozcastor sugar 6 oz marg
oz butter or marg 1ozcastor sugar jelly white glace
6 oz castor sugar 6ozmarg 3 eggs flavouring 1
marg 2 oz suet 4ozbrown sugar 2 oz currants
sugar 2 oz currants 1ozchopped peel pinch salt ½
4 oz brown sugar 2ozcurrants 1 oz chopped peel
thin slices b b 1ozcurrants nutmeg 1 egg ½
drained 3 spring onions 2ozcurrants soaked 1 hr 2
currants soaked 1 hr 2ozpeanuts chopped 1 small red
2 large onions grated 4ozbutter fry 3 pt stock
mixture spread over tomato 6ozcheddar cheese grated sprinkle cook
flour ½ pt milk 4ozcheese grated make into sauce
on top chocolate truffles 4ozchoc 2 oz sieved icing
unskinned finely sliced mushrooms 2ozfinely grated parmesan 2 tblspns
worcs sauce salt pepper 4ozgrated cheddar mix into onion
½ tsp mustard powder 4ozgrated cheddar stir in after
flan case 2 eggs 4ozgrated cheese salt pepper pinch
oz finely grated carrot 1ozground almonds 1 tbsp milk
8 oz mixed nuts 6ozpotatoes cooked sieved salt pepper
in ¼ tspn salt 8ozpotatoes sieved stir in kneed
truffles 4 oz choc 2ozsieved icing sugar 1 ½
mins more fig loaf 4ozall bran 4 oz molasses
pepper in fine strips 4ozblanched almonds toasted 6 oz
6 oz frozen peas 1ozblanched slivered almonds 1 oz
mins sieve discard skins 2ozbutter 1 ½ oz flour
pastry 8 oz flour 4ozbutter 1 egg filling 4
¼ pt white wine 2ozbutter 1 oz flour ½
put together into pan ¾ozbutter ½ oz flour 1
2 oz cooked rice 3ozbutter 2 chopped hard boiled
bananas 4 bananas 1 ½ozbutter 2 oz soft brown
cream 1 lb pears ½ozbutter 2 oz sugar 3
½ lb flour 4 6ozbutter 3 4 oz sugar
truffles makes c 15 2ozbutter 4 oz icing sugar
tbslp cornflakes toffee cake 4ozbutter 4 oz marshmallow 4
pie pastry 1 egg 3ozbutter 6 oz flour filling
chicken salad for 12 2ozbutter 6 oz washed unskinned
flour 4 oz semolina 4ozbutter 6 tsp cold water
12 oz plain choc 5ozbutter 7 egg yolks whites
level tsp mixed spice 8ozbutter 8 oz soft brown
1 hr banana bread 4ozbutter 8 oz soft brown
lemon salt pepper melt 1ozbutter add 1 oz flour
mixed spice cinnamon nutmeg 8ozbutter or marg 6 oz
oz cashew nuts chopped 6ozbutton mushrooms quartered salt pepper
1 green pepper chopped 4ozcashew nuts chopped 6 oz
4 oz seedless raisins 2ozchopped almonds 2 oz glazé
2 oz ground almonds 2ozcoconut 2 oz milk flake
oz cooked smoked haddock 8ozcooked cod flaked 4 hard
cream bef serving kedgeree 2ozcooked rice 3 oz butter
oz peeled cooked prawns 4ozcooked smoked haddock 8 oz
4 oz plain flour 3ozcornflour 1 oz drinking choc
mix pineapple chunks with 8ozcottage cheese 2 oz salted
cheese loaf serves 3 8ozcottage cheese 3 oz rolled
5 oz wholewheat flour 1ozdesiccated coconut 2 level tsp
4 teasp anchovy essence 6ozdouble cream 2 oz fresh
oz salted peanuts 8 9ozdouble cream or evap milk
4 oz molasses sugar 4ozdried figs chopped 2 tsp
macaroni casserole for two 1ozfat 3 oz mince 1
pan ¾ oz butter ½ozflour 1 onion 2 tomatoes
wine 2 oz butter 1ozflour ½ pt milk 2
egg sausage roll pastry 8ozflour 4 oz butter 1
bavarian apple strudel pastry 6ozflour 4 oz butter 2
egg 3 oz butter 6ozflour filling 6 rashers bacon
2 oz butter 1 ½ozflour melt butter stir in
1 oz butter add 1ozflour rub together add liquid
6 oz raw shrimp 6ozfrozen peas 1 oz blanched
2 oz chopped almonds 2ozglazé cherries 4 oz mixed
oz plain choc melted 5ozground almonds 5 oz plain
15 2 oz butter 4ozicing sugar 1 dessrt spn
oz blanched almonds toasted 6ozlasagne verdi 4 oz mozzarella
tins spiced fruit cake 5ozmarg 10 oz s r
oz s r flour 2ozmarg 2 oz suet 4
lettuce chocolate raisin crispies 2ozmarg 2 oz sugar 1
teaspoons choc raisin crispies 2ozmarg 2 oz sugar 1
cake 4 oz butter 4ozmarshmallow 4 oz toffee melt
almonds 2 oz coconut 2ozmilk flake crumbled 2 x
two 1 oz fat 3ozmince 1 lge chopped onion
add fry till dry 8ozmixed nuts 6 oz potatoes
2 oz glazé cherries 4ozmixed peel 4 eggs 2
4 oz all bran 4ozmolasses sugar 4 oz dried
6 oz lasagne verdi 4ozmozzarella cheese thinly sliced sauce
4 oz plain flour 3ozonions mix together spread over
1 tspn curry powder 6ozpeeled cooked prawns 4 oz
oz tomatoes thinly sliced 4ozpeeled cooked sliced ½ tomatoes
8 lemon sole fillets 2ozphiladelphia cream cheese 7 oz
wedges serve chocolate mousse 12ozplain choc 5 oz butter
sugar 6 eggs separated 8ozplain choc melted 5 oz
hours chocolate biscuits 4ozplain flour 3 oz cornflour
5 oz ground almonds 5ozplain flour beat butter sugar
4 med cooking apples 1ozraisins 1 oz roughly chopped
cook 10 mins more 2ozraisins 12 oz tomatoes quartered
oz blanched slivered almonds 1ozraisins soaked add cups
tomatoes sliced salt pepper 6ozraw shrimp 6 oz frozen
8 oz cottage cheese 3ozrolled oats 1 large egg
cake 5 oz marg 10ozs r flour 2 or
3 hours rock cakes 8ozs r flour 2 oz
8 oz cottage cheese 2ozsalted cashew nuts 2 sticks
heaped tablesp chopped onion 7ozsalted peanuts 8 9 oz
to crisp breakfast muffins 5ozself raising flour 4 oz
4 oz wholewheat flour 4ozsemolina 4 oz butter 6
oz muesli or nuts 4ozsoft brown sugar 3 tsp
spice 8 oz butter 8ozsoft brown sugar 4 eggs
bread 4 oz butter 8ozsoft brown sugar beat 1
1 ½ oz butter 2ozsoft brown sugar single cream
flour 2 oz marg 2ozsuet 4 oz brown sugar
6 oz butter 3 4ozsugar 1 prepare fruit put
crispies 2 oz marg 2ozsugar 1 tblsp fresh milk
crispies 2 oz marg 2ozsugar 1 tblsp milk melt
pears ½ oz butter 2ozsugar 3 tablespoons cream peel
rice crispies gipsy creams 2ozsugar butter icing 3 oz
oz philadelphia cream cheese 7oztin tuna salmon drained 4
butter 4 oz marshmallow 4oztoffee melt pour over small
more 2 oz raisins 12oztomatoes quartered add cook c
blend without water filling 8oztomatoes thinly sliced 4 oz
chestnut stuffing neck end 8ozunsweetened chestnut puree 4 oz
12 2 oz butter 6ozwashed unskinned finely sliced mushrooms
when tepid stir in 5ozwholewheat flour 1 oz desiccated
and leave to cool 4ozwholewheat flour 4 oz semolina
into flour corn flakes 1ozmarg 1 tablesp icing sugar
and ice victoria sandwich 6ozflour teasp baking powder
¼ pt double cream 2ozraisins 1 lb haddock fillet
½ pt hot water 2ozraisins add cook 10 mins
cheese thinly sliced sauce 3ozbutter 1 ½ flour 1
mushrooms 1 red pepper 4ozbutter 4 tablespoons flour fish
in the hole batter 4ozflour 2 eggs ½ pint
finely chopped fresh chives 2ozflour ¾ pint milk ¼
2 icing sugar pancakes 4ozflour pinch salt 1 egg
60 mins mincemeat pancakes 4ozplain flour 1 egg ¾
ripe bananas mashed add 8ozplain flour 1 tsp salt
1 lemon rind juice 9ozplain flour ½ level tsp
sherry rum or milk 10ozplain flour ¼ teaspn salt
5 mins potato scones 4ozplain flour salt 1 lb
plain yog lemons 1 ½ozbutter 1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp baking powder ozbutter 5 6 tsps milk
¼ tsp garlic salt 2ozchopped parsley 2 tablsp minced
pie 1lb cooked game 1ozbutter 1 small onion chopped
till onion is soft 14ozcanned tomatoes chopped 2 tspn
stand for 10 mins 2ozchopped peanuts 2 tspns lemon
oil pot sticker dumplings 1ozfinely chopped chinese leaves 3
oil 1 onion sliced 2ozhazelnuts chopped 4 dessert apples
finely chopped chinese leaves 3ozminced pork 1 tblspn water
tin tomatoes drained chopped 4ozmushrooms finely chopped add fry
2 large onions sliced 2oz50g butter little dem sugar
4 tbsp olive oil 8ozbrown rice 1 onion sliced
sliced sautéed in butter 6ozcooked red kidney beans stir
puree spread over base 4ozmushrooms sliced pinch oregano salt
30 mins till thickened 8ozmushrooms sliced sautéed in butter
topping 1 tblspn oil 8ozonions sliced 1 red pepper
1 large onion sliced 6ozpotatoes diced cooked cook 5
rounded tblspn porage oats 2ozmacaroni cook macaroni by boiling
veg bread cheese brunch ½ozbutter 8 slices bread crusts
½ tablesp single cream 1ozbutter chop onion watercress saute
port 1 x 7 ½ozcan red salmon 4 tablesp
½ tspn mixed herbs 3ozcheese add bake at 375
½ toms to top 8ozcottage cheese 1 tspn chives
egg ½ pint milk ½ozsugar 1 put b b
rind juice of lemon 4ozsugar ½ teasp spice nutmeg
350 fruit crumble 4 6ozsugar 1lb fruit ½ lb
cooking 3oz cott cheese 3ozcream cheese ¼ pt sour
sugar ¼ pt milk 4ozdesicc coconut cochineal 8 square
lettuce three fish kedgeree 4ozbutter 1 lb rice cooked
1 teasp baking powder 4ozbutter 1 or 2 beaten
till smooth and creamy 4ozbutter 1 tbsp honey gently
mins b b pudding 2ozbutter 10 slices bread 10
cook 5 mins cool 2ozbutter 2 eggs beaten ¼
lb bashed digestive biscuits 2ozbutter 2 tblsps syrup cocoa
cabbage boil sauté in 2ozbutter any old salad veg
butter top with another 1ozbutter grill turning as nec
hrs mark 3 melt 1ozbutter in cass bake with
potatoes with egg melt 1ozbutter in pan chop up
potato stuffing for goose 3ozbutter softened 2 lge onions
pepper sauté onions in 1ozbutter till golden brown place
gratin dish greased with 1ozbutter top with another 1
1 cup milk add 1ozmelted butter snowballs 2 ozs
cool 5 cover with 8ozflaky or puff pastry 6
mins prawn foo yong 8ozprawns 1 tspn cornflour 1
shoots washed and drained 12ozbutton mushrooms washed and quartered
4 egg yolks with 4ozsugar 3 tbsp brandy sherry
2 bananas 6 eggs 6ozsugar 6 tbsp rum 2
from 2 egg whites 3ozsugar block of v hard
1 cup skim milk 5ozcooked brown rice 2 eggs
make into sauce using 2ozcheese 1 lb potatoes 2
1 lb sausages 1 2ozcooking fat bake at 425
1 lb fresh strawberries 12ozunsweetened pie apple 2 tblspns
at 350 banana bread 6ozripe bananas 2 medium eggs
1 large onion add 1ozcornflour 6 broken up cheese
sauté till onion softens 12ozshredded cabbage add cook another
7oz salted peanuts 8 9ozwhipping cream salt pepper cayenne
rice 2 eggs beaten ozcan mixed beans drained 2
4 hard boiled eggs 8ozsausagemeat pinch mixed herbs 2
be added 1 egg 1ozmeat potato cakes use mashed
1 large pkt frozen 4ozshredded lean ham 1 tablespoonful
shoot and mushroom salad 8ozbean shoots washed and drained
2 cloves garlic crushed 8ozred lentils 1 ¾ pints
and then promptly emigrated toozwhere he acquired five further

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