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½ teap coffee essence 2ozscurrants small egg rub marg
last hour prawn cocktail 4ozsprawns 4 tablsp mayonaise 1
add 2 lbs sugar 2ozstartaric acid small bottle lemon
oz melted butter snowballs 2ozsbutter 2 ozs c sugar
snowballs 2 ozs butter 2ozsc sugar 3 ozs s
with choc sultana cake 12ozss r flour 6 marg
gas melting moments 2 ½ozslard 1 ½ marg 3
cups s r flour 4ozsmarg 1 cup sugar 1
choc melt in pan 2ozsmarg 2 tablesp sugar 2
sugar melt in pan 3ozsmarg mix fat with flour
1 hour ginger bread 12ozsp flour 3 marg 1
and flakes coffee buns 8ozss r flour 4 marg
marg 6 c sugar 12ozssultanas 5 eggs 4
sugar 7 butter rub 3ozsbutter into dry ingredients knead
of pot beef curry 2ozsbutter 2 onions 2 tablesp
sugar 1 tablesp syrup 2ozsshredded suet 2 c fat
2 ozs c sugar 3ozss r flour 2 eggs
1 currants 1 raisins 2ozswalnuts 1 egg 1 cup
hrs short crust pastry 8ozsp flour 2 c sugar
small egg apple crumble 4ozss r flour 2 c
20 25 sponge cake 4ozss r flour 4 c
15 mins sponge cake 5ozss r flour 4 c
pt stock salt pepper 12ozscooked beef 8 veg melt

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