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wrutten whyle fou su tungpo 1036 1101 22 epigram
30 shilpit wyne su tungpo 1036 1101 31 the
myndin ma frein su tungpo 1036 1101 41 til
til a traivlar su tungpo 1036 1101 42 the
century 47 hogmanay su tungpo 1036 1101 48 on
o his son su tungpo 1036 1101 49 thocht
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 epigram ah
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 hogmanay the
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 myndin ma
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 on the
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 shilpit wyne
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 the south
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 the terrace
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 til a
the chinese of su tungpo 1036 1101 wrutten whyle
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
literary criticism ed by dianepfreedman olivia frey frances murphy
pp 188 205 freedman dianepfrey olivia zauhar frances murphy
pp 188 205 freedman dianepfrey olivia zauhar frances murphy
press 1993 pp 135 150p148 6 olivia frey beyond
press 1993 pp 135 150p148 7 olivia frey beyond
publishers 1993 murphy major spmilitary ports nos 1 and
for the military major spmurphy re in the royal
pireep p oi p oipoi chirrup chirrup chirrup peereep
chirrup peereep peereep p poipoi no passport needed skyscrapers
pireep pireep pireep p oipoi p oi chirrup chirrup
larks tongues pireep pireep pireeppoi p oi p oi
chirrup chirrup chirrup peereep peereepppoi p oi no passport
closed at 5 37 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 02 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 42 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 06 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 42 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 42 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 26 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 42 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 47 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 07 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 22 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 49 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 58 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 59 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 47 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 38 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 58 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 00 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 00 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 01 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 52 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 43 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 41 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 50 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 05 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 26 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 12 21 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 6 02 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 5 53 pmpe grice clerk of the
closed at 2 36 pmpe grice clerk of the
speech communities london arnold trudgillp1975 accent dialect and the
chambers j k and trudgillp1980 dialectology cambridge c u
the school london arnold trudgillp1983 sociolinguistics an introduction to
and society hardmondsworth pelican trudgillp1986 dialects in contact oxford
in contact oxford blackwell trudgillp1995 sociolinguistics an introduction to
an urban vernacular in trudgillped sociolinguistic patterns in british
from edinburgh in ed trudgillpsociolinguistic patterns in british english
in progress in ed trudgillpsociolinguistic patterns in british english
interaction and ambition ed trudgillpsociolinguistic patterns in british english
in glaswegian english in trudgillpsociolinguistic patterns in british english
university press 1994 vol iip144 21 06 75 20
75 20 letters vol iip149 07 07 75 21
28 september 1999 vol 2p151 between my writing and
75 21 letters vol iip156 22 08 75 22
orleans cf letters vol iip159 to colvin i have
30 november 2000 vol 9p160 how is that reducing
the money letters vol iip165 25 letters vol ii
165 25 letters vol iip173 26 letters vol ii
article 28 letters vol iip175 18 06 75 29
robert louis stevenson vol xxvp18 rls describes himself as
11 august 1999 vol 1p199 in the time honoured
essays skerryvore edn vol xxvp220 7 william pirie smith
book skerryvore edn vol xxvp270 12 baynes 1823 1887
1879 41 letters vol iip327 42 cul add mss
rising skerryvore edn vol xivp349 stevenson and smith both
hogarth press 1955 vol 2p395 who commented he freud
1597 spalding club vol ip49 given by the rev
burns chronicle vol xiv 1939p55 4 alexander gillies emilie
13 june 2000 vol 7p78 in puk but the
13 june 2000 vol 7p78 mr mcconnell i have
13 june 2000 vol 7p78 mr mcconnell that is
et al st andrews 1995p101 12 ibid pp 102
pp 121 22 9 ibidp123 10 kathleen jamie in
pp 141 143 6 ibidp144 7 elizabeth burns in
company 2001 pp 2129 2143p2130 2 tompkins 2001 p
company 2001 pp 2129 2143p2130 3 tompkins 2001 p
company 2001 pp 2257 2266p2257 4 christian 2001 p
company 2001 pp 2257 2266p2257 5 christian 2001 p
tübinger vereinigung für volkskunde 1964p33 kupper pp 55 6
pp 16 37 5 ibidp37 6 letter of 10
press 1993 pp 41 65p45 7 tom leonard intimate
press 1993 pp 41 65p45 8 tom leonard intimate
pp 4 62 12 ibidp64 13 both ballads are
p 64 9 leonard 2003p134 10 leonard 2003 p
p 64 8 leonard 2003p134 9 leonard 2003 p
p 134 9 leonard 2003p64 10 exam question taken
p 134 10 leonard 2003p64 11 exam question taken
1983 devonshire etruscan books 2003p64 8 leonard 2003 p
1983 devonshire etruscan books 2003p64 9 leonard 2003 p
f t 117 63 252p0 010 p 0 05
05 t 117 67 327p0 026 p 0 05
63 252 p 0 010p0 05 phoneme a school
67 327 p 0 026p0 05 phoneme f t
edition london william hodge 1950p2 kupper p 9 11
p 2130 2 tompkins 2001p2133 3 barbara christian the
p 2130 3 tompkins 2001p2133 4 barbara christian the
p 2257 4 christian 2001p2257 5 henry louis gates
p 2257 5 christian 2001p2257 6 henry louis gates
29 65 30 familiar studiesp30 31 familiar studies p
p 30 31 familiar studiesp47 32 familiar studies p
p 47 32 familiar studiesp50 33 familiar studies p
p 50 33 familiar studiesp53 34 familiar studies p
p 53 34 familiar studiesp61 35 there is unanimous
hodge 1950 p 2 kupperp9 11 monica jaeger theorien
mmhm yeah the same f978: pa p i l and
yeah well p e m608: pe aye m642: three years
e f1145: p e justpe f1054: yeah [inaudible] f1144:
f1144: wee ones probably forpe f1145: p e just
probably for p e f1145: pe just p e f1054:
teacher training m642: yeah wellpe m608: p e aye
p f1097: you could havepe t spells pet put
fitt comes aifter p m1108: peh f1107: q- m1108: q
that s a k m1098: pf1097: you could have p
there it goes f1102: ipf1101: p i g pig
i s s i ppi constantinople c o n
goes f1102: i p f1101: pi g pig that s
the same f978: p api l and eh then
the second between 8 30pm 10 30 p m
p m to 4 09pm 2 scottish aquaculture industry
first house was between 6pm 8 p m then
30 p m 10 30pm chips were often purchased
between 6 p m 8pm then the second between
was adjourned from 4 04pm to 4 09 p
aye f1107: fitt comes aifterpm1108: p eh f1107: q-
s i s s ipp i constantinople c o
to 10 11 at stpp pitch putt afternoon with
specs after reading this screedpp s do you know
he nivver bocht anither peatpp s if a sweet
10 11 at st pppitch putt afternoon with rod
after reading this screed pps do you know your
nivver bocht anither peat pps if a sweet pea
meeting closed at 4 54pm david mcgill acting clerk
meeting closed at 4 56pm stephen imrie clerk to
closed with regard to fps friends and families viewing
1980 dialectology cambridge c upcheshire j 1978 present tense
languages today edinburgh e uphendry i 1997 doric an
c ed edinburgh edinburgh upmacaulay r k s and
glasgow study edinburgh e upmayor b 1996 in mercer
u t s r qpo n m l k
u t s r qpo n m l k
of sacrifice pennsylvania state uppennsylvania 1992 john moses the
concise scots dictionary a upsetting we are in the
you take the word puntpu n t a punt
upper deeside aberdeen aberdeen upwithers c 1984 gaelic in
collected poems edinburgh polygon 1984p12 7 william wallace ed
jane moore london macmillan 1989p21 2 roger lonsdale ed
robert burns edinburgh mainstream 1992p588 8 moira ferguson ed
ed by j strachey andpgay norton edn 1989 greig
dairies he wis a jpanna he wisna some nochtie
secretary mrs j [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] mrs e [censored: surname] mrs
[censored: surname] miss m [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] mrs j [censored: surname] mrs
[censored: surname] mrs j [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] mrs k [censored: surname] mrs
found in inwick by jphunter hunter 1894 9 quhete
read aboot them in thepj a the time the
the obituary clippit ooto thepj an laid by in
there s plenty in thepj every morning neil only
with twisted pages of thepj press journal some kinnlin
i flickit throwe friday spj tae see ma gweed
explained to me by jpmunro that doun the esk
kip millie aye k ipaye here it is f1018:
[censored: surname] mrs k [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] mrs e [censored: surname] mrs
chair mrs s [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] mrs k [censored: surname] miss
k l m n opq [clapping hands] m1108: q f1107:
words k speaks mostly englishps english but he was
were all significant 2 tailedp0 001 some variables by
by school size were significantp0 05 t 117 67
gress from the chinese ofpan yueh 4th century ma
from the chinese of lipin 9th century gaun hame
hotel pat [censored: surname] an fpand teacher of drama in
appreciation had been received forpc [censored: surname] s lecture on
[censored: surname] mrs e [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] 1 apologies for absence
absence mrs e [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] 2 minutes of last
m [censored: surname] membership secy mrsp[censored: surname] committee members serving 2nd
11 jedburgh gardens seconded mrp[censored: surname] dryburgh gardens the meeting
[censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname] mrsp[censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname] mrs
be on the door mrsp[censored: surname] volunteered to wash dishes
mrs a [censored: surname] and mrsp[censored: surname] will attend and will
and chocolate fudge etc mrsp[censored: surname] will bring fruit loaf
cost of 826 02 mrsp[censored: surname] will investigate the school
instructors mrs [censored: surname] head ofpe at the school will
[censored: surname] the singer was ape student here who was
2nd round [censored: forename] [censored: surname] lanarkshireph addl ½d postage due
postcards [censored: forename] [censored: surname] misc irishph [censored: forename] [censored: surname] my millennium
regional councillors and to mpmaria [censored: surname] who keeps in
due markings [censored: forename] [censored: surname] thepo decimalisation f d cs
mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname] of falkirkps and asked him to
for [censored: forename] [censored: surname] from glasgowps apologies [censored: forename] [censored: surname] [censored: forename]
[censored: surname] [censored: forename] [censored: surname] at aberdeenps [censored: forename] [censored: surname] [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
[censored: surname] had wondered if fps could be kept seats
2 november visit by largsps tea rota [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
to all love [censored: forename] [note: on back of envelope]ps the [censored: surname] said they
of the atlantic love [censored: forename]ps the [censored: surname] wrote and
dinner margaret [censored: surname] an fpwill donate artistes bouquets and
the school had requested fpanecdotes for the next merchant
and girls will sell fpguild and tercentenary souvenirs the
and lybrand from the fpguild b dinner the president
of m e s fpguild b furniture valuation the
re appreciation in f fppass to a d c
friendships and meeting more fps in the coming year
christmas events for younger fps the president had spoken
was won by heriots fpthe social occasion and barbecue
h t inglis esq opa m a b a
to wigtownshire 1875 m kerlieph a history of the
four lift bound pensioners inph and the lads enjoying
the name of the burnph m kerlie whose imagination
michael hance rob gibson mspph scott gavin mcdougall chris
dauvit horsbroch 25 submission faeph scott preses o the
constitutes scots as highlighted byph scott president the saltire
scots as pointit oot byph scott president the saltire
dauvit horsbroch 34 submission fromph scott president the saltire
limit was at 160 mph so it was a
edinburgh scottish academic press 1979p1 11 david buchan the
of new york press 1995p107 moira ferguson janet little
edinburgh scottish academic press 1974p124 8 herders sämmtliche werke
press of new england 1995p208 9 robert burns burns
reprint edinburgh mercat press 1978p220 14 sir walter scott
oxford oxford university press 1969p419 17 hugh macdiarmid gairmscoile
oxford oxford university press 1969p67 10 thomas crawford society
oxford oxford university press 1990pxxi 3 the poetical works
and 2 letters and apc from carole she s
blessed release the family gpassessed the situation in two
to get a mug m942: pg tips isn t bad
no tetley though is itpg tips m939: aye m941:
well then buy tetley teapg tips m941: well we
fox university of toronto mrpg w glare oxford university
gramp g r a mpgramp f1054: okay madge any
next f1102: that ain f1101: pi g f1102: erm juggler
oxygen mindin whit the gpsaid her machine fae the
spell egypt e g ypt [laugh] m1010: aye aye
aye f1011: e g ypt [laugh] m1012: and there
sheena many thanks for thepc from calgary you sounded
gadding about at all hourspc macnamara crept off into
shadows of the looming buildingspc macnamara followed hot foot
s guild footsore yet undauntedpc macnamara plodded on fortunately
moving stealthily along the pavementpc macnamara rubbed his eyes
fortunately for the welfare ofpc macnamara s pedal extremities
mmhm does it look likepc plum m1110: looks like
looks like p- looks likepc plum s mam f1109:
in ginger ale 4 largepc s 2 large onions
short crust pastry 8 ozspflour 2 c sugar 5
yaisfu scots grammar bi cpl young echteen blats lang
i ll have them cpo and all tuesday seven
herself 26 thursday i cps dinner heswell a great
clean box room pm siestapm scouts evening alan derick
not listening mostly tuesday sixpm ah mrs robb how
s a possibility tuesday eightpm ah mrs robb i
his schule wirk r iptae mrs mcrae yours faithfully
vi funeral today r ip22 at scouts the attendance
of spirits and a bakep22 not recorded in english
saturday 22 baths am bowlingpm but rained off sunday
22 august until approximately 6pm on monday 26 august
22 friday 26 present bps birthday centenary troop in
burns braunschweig george westermann 1840p119 burns complete poems and
burns spectator 7 february 1936p224 2 hans jürg kupper
of the weimar circle hechtp56 hüttner calls burns a
on social hypocrisy robert burnsp59 in his discussion of
the great cities robert burnsp86 in this respect it
persons housing service from wladyslawpmejka director deborah burns property
2 a m r ip4 saturday working around house
vi reaches nation r ip7 thursday country in mourning
26 east rhins 1987 torriepand coleman r historic stranraer
must join the a rpmares eat oats and does
and put across in thepr sense m608: mmhm f643:
of what a company spr strategy would be not
prestige often known as rpreceived pronunciation spoken standard english
f834: and er r mps f833: me too f835:
was in the a rpthe phone was in his
1 r east ardsley epthe second new statistical account
songs and rhymes a rpunderneath the spreading chestnut tree
twinkle with delight as hepe e l e d
n t i n opl e anti disestablishmentarianism aside
on some of the reluctantpl s 28 friday mike
scouts only 14 but allpl s missing 19 saturday
large attendance yesterday 7 tuesdaypl s on wed a
retires friday october 1 wednesdaypl s present good show
right across it a lpmeans andy loves pamela girls
yaird wi the pow powniepplease ah l no dae
andy watches writes a lpright across it a l
covering up the a lpthen adds a neat black
culture and sport committee 7p24 ltscotland 2001 education for
develops experience definite cognitive benefitsp7 3 bilingual pupils may
captive audience mystified and admiringp7 but within seconds she
literatur bern a francke 1979p7 i m grateful also
the teeth out for yourselfp7 janie can make a
dirty bitch 7 lying awakep89 8 open the door
action plans hmso 7 bakerpand harris s 1997 how
i am home at 11pm 7 friday break stick
a m to around 7pm and winds through the
every night by 7 30pm he canes me and
stick together at 7 30pm sandra went to the
7 monday jim jo arrivepm they are very pleased
but definitely not a chapp134 e en sae greig
go from delta to epa airlines plenty of time
know for for ehm forpe an we used them
big chap who s studyingpe and hoping to get
right m1078: practical subjects andpe and whatever else b-
bit dodgy f835: [gasp] seepe at the moment i
s soft shoes worn forpe f1009: well i had
s soft shoes worn forpe f1018: rubbers m1020: rubber
s soft shoes worn forpe f1041: jimmies [laugh] f1043:
the wee ones f1054: forpe f1144: wee ones probably
nice chap from preston ape fanatic intent on getting
s soft shoes worn forpe m1000: oh aye ji-
s soft shoes worn forpe m1012: just sandshoes f1011:
s soft shoes worn forpe m1015: you meanin sandshoes
sessions no did you getpe m1078: yes but then
went tae school wi forpe no i can remember
f718: not even in inpe sessions no did you
the summer we would getpe the day before the
er f1077: i remember whenpe used to be outside
s soft shoes worn forpe we re in the
3 saturday to e camppls 2 pls 2 seconds
bad f833: sure sure inps e she was totally
44 12 windsor m hutchisonp1994 international management of atlantic
catches 11 windsor m hutchisonp1994 international management of atlantic
to write to our mpand you have no right
rt hon george younger mpayont the station ruif smeekit
meeting opened at 2 06pm 1 inquiry into football
meeting opened at 2 04pm 1 scotland s budget
nice journey including sleep reportpm 28 tuesday plenty of
mass in english to fredspm a good evening to
and returned home at 6pm after having wrought a
saturdays left auchenblae at 6pm and laurencekirk at 10
30 a m until 1pm at that time the
as far as lossiemouth rainpm but we go to
in generator is faulty gardenpm church at cowdenbeath dunf
abune aa ither men thepm did this invite sen
lunch with you wednesday sixpm fiona robb speaking it
night till about 9 30pm folk often did their
11 am mass to chesterpm good run 3 monday
a m to joe spm he has got a
to 11 then to rodspm he isn t too
shattered and freezing around 8pm i spent a restless
which finished at 11 30pm it was common practice
17 baths a m bedpm legs sore rain later
o and all tuesday sevenpm no thanks i ll
m and laurencekirk at 10pm [note: photo: 'girls' social club outing to edzell in the 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'social club outing in 1950 on a bluebird bus -back l to r: molly middleton; mrs fyfe; mrs stewart; bus driver; bunty roberts; bill gove bus driver; bertha roberts. front l to r: mary murray; cath rennie; jessie eccles; bert fyfe.'] coull s
s stopped again wednesday sevenpm oh dear me it
up furniture a m siestapm phems afterwards scouts evening
memorial hall roberton frae 8pm til 3 a m
aberdour am tom catherine overpm to brucefield hotel to
to dockyard a m edinburghpm to collect dog linda
yesterday aberdour a m gardenpm trunks only all neighbours
bed cath up doc callspm very pleased with her
work in house a mpm walk to arno park
a similar run at 2pm which arrived back at
30 a m untill 6pm with an hour and
them as a youth mpthe young people s health
contemporary scottish verse edinburgh 1992p223 2 liz lochhead meantime
jeffrey edinburgh review xii 1809p267 15 thomas carlyle letter
liz niven stravaigin edinburgh 2001p39 magi gibson queen maeve
daniel o rourke edinburgh 1994p40 8 jackie kay in
edinburgh b w publishing 2000p41 this radio play about
style 8 memoirs of himselfp224 9 william robertson smith
scott london cassel co 1895p15 6 quotations in german
student 5 some college memoriesp20 6 to use stevenson
see table 4 8a onp29 6 this estimate has
dark women like mysie walshp6 and when mysie habitually
frost overnight 15 wednesday 3pls 6 recruits present all
19 11 gates jr 1993p146 bibliography christian barbara the
10 ma wyfe is deidpan yueh 4th century 11
lochhead poem purpose and placep204 5 ellie mcdonald in
they might never come truep5 she can enjoy even
passim 4 scottish writers talkingp58 5 robert browning a
5 sunday polish concert atphalls i get an interpreter
frae hebrew intil scottis byphately waddell 1879 5 the
altogether and flowered into spacep9 after that she discovers
their own rich linguistic repertoiresp9 practical implications 1 the
sunday 9 comm a ssppcooler rainy phil self fred
spell of annie s promisesp4 and one of janie
community oriented scottish executive 2000p4 the taskforce recommended gaelic
frae hebrew intil scottis byphately waddell 1871 4 isaiah
1586 4 most notably francispmagoun jr oral formulaic character
with nosca and a bparbuthnott beef producers was born
morning mass evening for bpcelebrations 27 wednesday hard work
eh depot supervisor for bpm865: okay okay eh and
disadvantages of continuing a bpnot surprisingly the decision was
most fruitful n b 1pt milk 12 wednesday whist
adam and charles black 1927p29 10 william james the
well missing you love [censored: forename]ps about the dunbar notes
see you soonest love [censored: forename]ps do you have a
conditions over there love [censored: forename]ps received your letter ok
wishes to all love [censored: forename]ps who s geordie [note: second p.s. on back of envelope]
own water and come onp3 but janie braves annie
section 3 3 para 55p50 and makes sense since
section 3 3 para 53p50 however msps are still
section 3 3 para 56p50 they also suggested that
section 3 3 para 61p51 the parliament s education
section 3 3 para 61p51 there have been many
hour ginger bread 12 ozspflour 3 marg 1 t
front notice of the lanarkshireps fair and exhibition 3
2000 2 harris s morrispwray s and yalden d
canongate macleod i and cairnspeds 1993 the concise english
although it still remained cloisteredp1 the narrative method remains
we can have or holdp73 1 see somewhere beyond
¼ ground almonds ½ lbpflour 1 teasp mixed spice
written answers 18 february 2003p3010 i understand that but
time no one had sniggeredp165 neil luiks at kirsty
archie like an adorable boyp168 at least ane macnab
language was at least partlypceltic adamnan and bede tell
at the end o thepo coonter wi ane o
they kept looking at thepo he spent the time
having a go at thepo nothing too much just
drumyocher and latterly a germanpo w stayed at milltown
to believe that or notp27 i the style o
the principal boy she murmuredp59 the retour o the
auld alliance the wark ophately waddell is gie auld
ferries townsend thoresen in 1973po acquired it in 1987
well lies really and thepo backed me up he
was prepared to move hispo base from southampton to
it s probably not thepo but the sod has
of staff to northlink frompo scottish ferries was discussed
for me eventually but thepo started grappling with him
the better workers an italianpo w called fredo ferrari
told not to feed thepo w s but farmers
that housed about a thousandpo w s they also
about their parole chances thepo was straightening up his
whist club for o aps in the afternoon and
and much love mum xxxpt o i forgot here
m608: mm f640: eighty fivepf637: aye f640: [inaudible] f638:
aye seven- aye eighty fivepf638: uh huh i used
nest eh oranges f1097: ayepis for m1098: eh a
aye f1107: that s apm1108: aye f1107: fitt comes
the wooden fence good byeps it wis aye the
the cairngorms and beyond beeswaxp126 she certainly doesn t
t be such a feartyp36 we are admitted into
sich versammeln heilige menschenliebe gilliesp586 i can t describe
yous yins thats glesca parliamops hope you don t
smythe ex public schoolboy expt buster ex twenty first
macafferty t williams a williamspwill ill illiams williams v
piercing touch of thought yetp105 janie s worst pain
reflection of liza s facep119 but now the stunned
had in store for itp13 isabel s most important
praise for being alive itselfp19 isabel s imagination shapes
a drunkard s grave gilliesp585 yet despite these mistakes
gillies in modern language reviewp586 present writer s translation
taking the king s shillingp59 and as janie in
was up here three timesp81 gertie scoffs that s
well it s seventeen f638: p[cough] m608: mm f638: mmhm
s spelt appointment with onepon this beginner s guide
in pre revolutionary maryland urelandps and clarkson i eds
20th jan list for falkirkps auction new abps news
time you started thinking aboutps cabbage green in your
us weel says jonsar eckps jonsar eck nivver got
auction lists were available lanarkshireps s philatelic fair motherwell
s who s geordie [note: second p.s. on back of envelope]ps tapes arrived this morning
awa tae watch the golfps the welsh lad won
much dear love mum xxxps we are having fun
then in a kind ofps we have this add
would be hosted by kirkcudbrightps who planned a souvenir
514 quoted by mclynn 1993p510 46 the scots observer
pe521 petition by ms zoepa woods calling for the
i whipped on the trouserspd q followed smartly by
smith probably nominated by apstanley dean of westminster became
not indeed imitate him macintoshp14 this may well be
a jim kelman novel nowp101 the return of john
thing in a living hurryp104 nothing in the landscape
could just get home againp105 her mind is full
does spell radge as rajp120 like freud an mair
the brooding image of deathp122 the end of the
always marry whoever she marriedp123 the auld pauchler john
angela mcseveney in talking versep131 14 liz niven stravaigin
of scotland london routledge 1970p131 17 virginia woolf women
19 12 gates jr 1993p146 bibliography christian barbara the
some ache waiting for releasep150 her need for some
other than that of painp151 my second text where
think of it like thatp193 politics is there i
anaesthetized wi politics and forgotp282 his dochter eve is
made a nearly unstoppable wholep305 the stakes micht no
clean cut as an endingp312 finally sin this is
the shattered fragments together againp32 i ll come back
to eat till she burstsp32 or going brambling with
they ever touched my mamp36 apprehension is usually connected
own nor its embroiling rayp38 one wonderful moment of
curling red on his handsp40 the whole village including
to his lips was jollyp43 tho sir archie is
dilettantisch and nicht immer zuverlässigp46 a bit amateurish and
eighteenth century corresponded to kupperp51 i take him to
relief of a truth acknowledgedp51 it is a close
the scottish dialect 1786 hechtp55 a second edition published
584 87 gillies suggests onp584 that the poem is
prospect more than the realityp59 but a vivid imagination
daughter with poetry and songp59 but danger signals show
in the years to comep60 one might be tempted
london constable and co 1927p68 robert louis stevenson a
in the darkness had donep72 and what makes us
be told to tidy upp73 for isabel as for
times a fair haired queenp73 when her memory slips
be a home for herp80 janie fears this too
lane was home and wonderfulp80 the first thing we
pretend to themselves they ownp81 worst of all is
ever singing as they whirledp90 but when she is
time london hodder stoughton 1898p96 james mackay a biography
morning break for like fivepa carton f812: did you
give a longer sound mrpa d maccarthy of the
1903 [note: photo: 'inscription inside rev. spence's bible presented to the church on his death.'] [note: photo: 'rev. robert moir spence - minister between 1850-1903.'] 1915 revpa dunn offered to take
dunn chairman and professor stevenpbeaumont director institute for system
a large or a smallpbecause it was the case
one ehm f832: [laugh] f833: pd no f834: no ehm
suppose for if ye comenapd q a ll tak
or plastic the w orpfor wood and plastic that
hame i the war lipin 9th century 35 neist
their successors pricewaterhousecoopers signed schedulepin line with section 64
connor and simpson 2004 forewordpix unless otherwise noted the
you missed oot the letterpjim i never did pause
the politically with a smallpmotivated role of instigating investigations
the politics with a smallpof their own committee because
it afore this naggin weeppain in ma ch tryst
and down the streets harkepr8 you can put it
was political with a capitalpteacher unions were castigated for
and politically with a smallpthe very notion of decorum
petition pe 145 mr williampwelsh calling for the scottish

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