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too over owerhail v overtakepadn path paerl m pearl
n result ootlest v outlastpadn path paerl n pearl
the harebell s lair lilypadtinkle tinkle goes the stream
use it as a partypada party pad m941: party
a party pad m941: partypadand that s where they
a party pad a partypadm941: party pad and that
always filling never full lilypadconceals it past anchor hidden
as they daunert up thepadjim an hughie hadnae a
walkin abreist comin doun thonpadif ye d been walkin
a remote or prep untilpadn path pailace n palace
m1048: fifteen what kind opadf1049: somebody was sellin them
wey up the lade sidepadfrae the mill weel hidden
the roots teenie dip apadof cotton wool in the
you had a nice weepado pen wipers at s
a a computer or apadof pen and and some
are back in the shagpadm941: you know they ve
thir twa comin alang thepadan were juist aboot tae
they stertit oot alang thepadsae i cried them back
mair sall we stravaig thepadthat tweests alang the tap
the nicht tide a publicpadran doun the faur bank
knife secured to a leatherpadworn like a glove mice
on yer face on thepadan keep yer airms oot
ll gae doun the middlepadan hae a wee luik
waistcoat an gaun doun thepadby the watter side ye
us tae gang doun thepadwhit wi the trees abune
an set aff doun thepadwi big john tae the
swan 4 sic wis thepadi tuik throu thon wuid
thinkin he micht finnd apadthat wad tak him throu
i i really want apadat home f1049: his was
nicht sicht cam back thepadstuid oot a faint siller
cath has bought a newpadidea which works well to
at lest he fand thepadthat gaed to the tea
nou ye ir on thepadthat leads til the tea
and dinna touch the controlpadtill mum gets the thingy
fell like a auld brillopadatap his heid his teeth
wis aff tae tony spadwhich wis closer now he
vulnerable i hand her thepadafter flipping back the pages
a seventies themed subterranean bachelorpadlost depends on teasing us
in my bed my a4padin my lap and my
muick the spital names thatpadthrough my mind like mountain
kythed at aince on thepadasyde hir wi the hanks
the other to form apadwhich they called a loaf
t there a cracked pawpadhangs slack a fire extinguished
con wha derts athort thepadthen vainishes here at the
o catawba aside the tweestinpadby the stane brig that

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