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dost s parts of 120pagescorresponded to 376 pages of
calculated in 1953 of 120pagesof dost for every 376
of dost for every 376pagesof oed had become closer
120 pages corresponded to 376pagesof oed this equation allowed
maislee hoose an onsteid apages146 147 153 ligs on
ootbye herds hoose sei apages147 153 saivrel o the
a wis growin up apages147 153 thair wur saivrel
borth ickbrae estate sei apages147 153 the estate wis
the scott faimlie sei apages147 153 whan a kent
neibourliness the braidley herdin apages147 153 wullie murray wis
tae miss davies sei apages147 153 wur the fermers
tamson an ithers sei apages147 153 yid tamson ain
147 153 166 178 bpages31 34 it wur roond
think roberton schuil sei apages38 63 147 153 166
conclusion 4 3 recommendations referencespages94 98 appendices pages 99
a rapidly changing world referencespages94 98 appendices pages 99
references pages 94 98 appendicespages99 147 figures chapter 1
references pages 94 98 appendicespages99 147 references transcribed interviews
for setting part xiii 164pages420 with 94 for corrections
the total of 15 487pagesin oed dost when completed
had become closer to 176pagesof oed so between february
twenty five parts of 120pageseach 1948 1981 the work
heid playin the fiddle apages106 119 sei d page
i the pairish sei apages160 175 a hae faint
the snoot kirk sei apages93 97 ay mrs govenlock
pages per individual or 20pagesin total the registrar general
form should not exceed threepagesper individual or 20 pages
conclusion chapter 2 related researchpages38 56 2 1 introduction
and conclusion chapter 3 methodologypages57 83 3 1 introduction
3 12 conclusion chapter 4pages84 93 4 1 discussion
literature and linguistics links webpagesact as a gateway to
sure that simply developing webpagesis quite what is necessary
include over 600 web mountedpagesof scots material and a
skills to develop their webpagesor internet infrastructure elaine thomson
to set up their webpagespeople were attracted to the
deeside from past to presentpages1 37 1 1 introduction
on the background introduction onpages1 and 2 paragraphs 1
auld battalion stinch in thepageso history bombed an tombed
wad miss him ooto thepageso history the day o
auld battalion stinch in thepageso history tinker gaelic cant
were then shown some 20pagesof early postal history where
gradually fading into the shadowypagesof history bibliography adventurers and
ye ll min on epageso e latin dictionary fit
though they remain in thepagesof the scottish national dictionary
fifty of the dictionary spagesshe also reassigned citation slips
completed would have 4 920pagesor 41 parts volume iii
members indicated agreement the convenerpages5 to 20 list the
first part of the paperpages6 20 reviews recent trends
20 november 2000 c 896pages6 and 7 of the
person form will be 20pageslong in comparison with a
is four five or 20pageslong we hope that they
form does not exceed threepagesper individual in addition to
increase that is why threepagesper individual taking around 10
form for 2001 requires threepagesper person and with household
that is longer than threepagesper person will affect response
cut and paste and thepageswould become so thick they
turn i was maybe threepagesahind [laugh] of course stutterin
fax you tap all thepageslike so one two three
corpus the sixty odd bibli-pagesof three column bibliography at
have to move beyond threepagessecondly and more important the
perhaps every two or threepagesthe term should go back
it s long 102 handwrittenpagesabout 60 typed i suppose
s equivalent was only 18pageslong that reflects the fact
that you know a thousandpageslong that you know explored
readable [laugh] there are longpagesof incoherent indigestible prose but
off darlin just move thepagesdon t rip it off
i watch silently as thepagesmove through the rollers slowly
second part of the paperpages21 30 examines the bill
the headlines in the correspondencepagesof the paper 24 in
chairs and read from thepagesof their weekly local paper
doun throwe the generations onpages1 2 o his preface
book 1662 contents the quarrypages1 42 part 1 spring
1 280 acres 12 80pages13 90 days 14 6
vol iii of snd 134pagescost 1 100 at this
to 1 million the morepageswere added the more costs
heids doon ower scales anpageso black notes like tadpoles
ll run to about 170pagestyped plus notes so i
in 1970 and filled severalpageswith notes about her own
uncle [censored: forename] had written 12pagesmostly deriding kenneth baker as
is simply a set ofpageseach with a similarly structured
are a set of gaelicpageseh ye know and and
set afore thaim bi thepagesin thair skerlet graithin thay
4 see further the relevantpagesof the buckingham palace website
figures are laid out onpages6 and 7 of the
numbered pictures on two a4pageseach child was given the
each of the hand typesetpagesfirst an english version of
sentences written vertically on differentpagesand stapled together these are
subject i have created thesepagesfor enjoyment and in the
city libraries running to 44pagesmost of these plays are
in subsequent reminiscences on thesepageswar time to put it
for a good two hunnerpagesbut it s important to
not memorised the 260 oddpagesof the document in two
of fosters all over thepages[audience laughter] but his admiration for
that andrey turns over thepagesof the register the morn
the place and turns thepagesover his finger until he
make scots translations of certainpagesavailable do you think it
usin scots wirds he photocopiedpagesfae a scots glossary an
o girnwud s aunts apages158 159 178 fornenst this
efter the first few hunnerpagesas the reader tires o
up wi a fyow faaltpagesfae een o e press
she mindit syne o thepagesfrae matty s schulebuiks she
this muckle buik o 835pagesis scrievit fully in the
a beuk o poems wipagesmissin nae cover nae index
ither outposts o empire twapageso an airlie edeition reproduce
da haands at riped dapageso aurelius forbye hame is
the deil steppit ooto thepageso the haly buik this
left haun an turnin thepageso the haly buik wi
wir pens bizzed alang epageso wir notebyeuks an we
turned ower its gowd edgedpagesthe scrat o matty s
would regard as the scottishpagesare sold far more cheaply
more cheaply than the ukpagesthat has a distorting effect
just flips roughly through thepagesand throws it into the
quickly too casually through thepageswith too passing an interest
he passed me the yellowpagesphoned all the hospitals first
would suspect that the advertisingpagesin the offshoot titles to
would be the erm literarypagesof the of the sunday
house would not disgrace thepagesof world of interiors as
i have another couple ofpagesthat would confirm that there
discussing the current draft thepagesthat would relate to our
relate to our responsibilities arepages15 16 18 and 19
half i- the the backpagesare all in urdu m608:
t straight some of thepagesare stapled squint well really
and the lines on thepagesinside are really close together
wednesday if there are 10pagesleft how many were there
are found pressed between thepagesof the peoples journal they
are ower muckle at 835pagestae explore in a wee
into four or five a4pagesrather than all the documents
signed and unsigned to itspagesafter baynes death smith became
a journey of sorts itspageslike feet endlessly exploring as
been generated by its propertypageswebsite expressed in a value
newspapers might price their advertisingpagesjim raeburn we have been
he and fiona finish theirpagesof as so quickly that
thing well about fo- fourteenpagesin or something m741: mmhm
it s just a fewpagesor maybe it s a
yeah f1049: not like elevenpagesor something i saw it
to have read all 100pagesof the bill in detail
well i ll turn thepagesand you tell me to
is well known from thepagesof sunset song cloud howe
both targets and achievements onpages52 54 and 55 of
created on the backdrop ofpagesfrom the suite the sa
by lecturers and tutors thepageshave a comprehensive list of
the land like the centrepagesof a massive pop up
and photocopy a couple ofpagesof a pinter play family
was allowed for in thepagesof lady wedderburn s household
for several years and monypagesof memorials and informations hae
fact i was tearing uppagesof my speech as the
town i notice from thepagesof the kilmarnock standard a
setting the fire with twistedpagesof the p j press
a teaching guide of 1269pagesreflects the prevailing climate in
me a a free pocketpagesso that s snapfax and
lap when you open thepagessuppose so and anyway it
pad after flipping back thepagesto the place where i
wis apent it roberton apages106 119 on the tap
it and stroking the smoothpageshe reaches school just in
tractor whan oot drainin apages128 129 sid anderson an
scott ir furthset i apages160 175 hawick archaeological society
the shellfish the figures onpages22 and 23 carry a
frae the main road apages28 37 a mynd on
yalla idol a short storypages43 48 based on a
1887 1969 language 1933 500pagesalso a candidate for the
in the sun like heavypagesin a weighty book a
theme under the employment guidelinespages18 and 19 touch on
english but on on separatepagesf950: yeah but i think
bag ahv torn the blankpagesfae thaim an ah know
as i reread the ardentpagesi could not see why
www unesco org whc nwhcpagessites main htm for the
cut away from the offendingpagesto lisa s nodding head
s report stretches to 101pagesand contains 39 recommendations i
apö backnumbers fur him twartreepagesaboot shetland an shetland writin
ye tae lost aberdeen 200pagesan mair linkin sae weel
an bedein twa littil fairiepagescled aw in skerlet dairtit
yonner thar s aboot 190pagesi kathleen stewart s beuk
budget documents run to 264pagesthis year last year s
tossing waa i bigg poemspageswhyles hale buiks ooto roch

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