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funding and facilities for chronicpainalleviation in scotland wishes to
has no provision for chronicpainand lanarkshire which has particular
of those who endure chronicpainbearing in mind the 500
go on especially the chronicpaincampaign which is one that
want nhs services for chronicpainin each area the whole
made a decision on chronicpainis the suggested action on
s1m 1253 scots and chronicpainlodged on 6 october 2000
a consistent approach in chronicpainmanagement and to roll out
pe283 pe370 and pe406 chronicpainmanagement pe374 scottish parliament health
suggestions members indicated agreement chronicpainmanagement pe374 the convener we
dr steve gilbert on chronicpainmanagement services the committee agreed
to the petition on chronicpainmanagement services which is on
research evidence base for chronicpainmanagement there is a question
grace elder plight of chronicpainpatients thursday 28 february 2002
the current provision of chronicpainservices and notes the work
committee s questionnaire that chronicpainservices are not provided evenly
grace elder scots and chronicpainthat the parliament is deeply
on the issue of chronicpainthe convener we have already
we dae evil we feelpainand guilt and we ken
the guilt steve share thepaincammy see steve if wi
yi feel ed aw mahpainguilt fear hate steve what
s got aw ed spainguilt hate anger fear wull
steve you wanti stop thepaincammy ah wanti stop the
steve ah m takin yurpaincammy steve cammy dimps stop
guilty steve so whey spaindi yi feel ed aw
cammy ah m takin yurpaindimps steve ah m takin
s yis fi hate anpaindoll oh please hurry steve
ed micky feels nothin naepainnae pleasure nuthin steve ah
starts screaming rolls about inpainsteve crawls from the corner
nothing does nt feel anypainsteve cries steve bit you
steve i carry all thepainsteve ed said yi felt
stew ah m takin yurpained dimps ah m takin
dimps ah m takin yurpainstew cammy ah m takin
from conditions such as backpainand arthritic pain given proper
corridors leading to cells ofpainand the relief of pain
pain and the relief ofpaindeath s entourage is here
as back pain and arthriticpaingiven proper prominence is extremely
i have to pay ispainnot a grand overwhelming pain
all intelligence i study painpainonly i broach and tap
of all intelligence i studypainpain only i broach and
pain not a grand overwhelmingpainthe stuff of tragedy but
yur fear away love yurpainaway doll did mi ooti
care less if yur inpainmean your jist a doll
his legs cammy yur inpainstew hus he hurt yi
us enough ti share yurpainwi us trust us enough
pharmacological efficacy of cannabinoids inpainrelief for medical use supported
estimated not to have adequatepainrelief is also mindful of
mah anger mah hate mahpained holds his arms open
ed cause he s inpainanaw doll didn t i
you dae you feel thepaindoll i m just a
said yi felt nuthin naepainnae doll he always say
ed will ah feel thepainstew feel it now stew
ah shouldve took oan yourpaincammy goes toward stew dimps
kids oan he feels thepainlaughs haw cammy seen this
ahin the waa takk herpainand feel it makk each
they are far away theirpainand suffering you cannot feel
aye honestly i feel yourpainf1150: i was just it
hand if you feel onypainjist squeeze the nurses hand
a ve got this mysteriouspaina m no weel enough
you re not inflicting enoughpain[laugh] m944: [laugh] yes f943:
in pulling together information onpainservices throughout the country the
if she does maybe mypainwill go away naw it
away from you and thepainyou were causing me i
middle of the night forpainhe should be prescribing something
d rather put up withpainthan do something simple about
silly to put up withpainwhen you can do something
to if you re inpainyou re entitled to something
cannae gang through aw thatpainagain ye ken last time
unbelief is cause o mucklepainan grief tae aw guid
so cramped up wi thepainay it aw ah wis
has nae thocht fur mapaina five minute stroll up
soul wis achin wi thepainay it ma ship is
tae sit up but thispainbeltet right through ma skull
shakin i had this bigpainin ma baws like there
afore this naggin wee ppainin ma ch tryst waitin
want somethin for this weepainin ma no doctor no
ma horse malcolm groaning withpaintell hir ti mak haste
aulder than ma da wirkspaintime at a hairdressin salon
sweet punk scented warmth experiencingpainlike an orgasm i m
is a major cause ofpainand disability and in extreme
sulkin cause i was inpainwith this tooth and i
season wis mair than apainbe efterneen ere s sin
did bit lori felt thepaingreater than oany o us
may thieve there is morepainon earth than you d
cry other than that ofpainp 151 my second text
london for the treatment ofpainhe mentions only that nhs
only be perfected using thepainthat comes with smack induced
only while thomas still showingpainwith facial expression is playing
day he s had thepainthis monday again i sent
yes it happened again thepainwas so excruciating this time
showing again his association ofpainwith pleasure the comparison of
wauchts throw their consciousness likepainit s nae the singer
if patients who are inpainare made to travel their
their world on its tailpaincan be precious mine their
their ain hames itherwise thepainfactor wad stert electronically crime
tight in their own smallpainlike the feet of chinese
saut gettin intae cuts theirpainmeasured in thoosans o guttit
are made to travel theirpainworsens when they get to
of people who are inpainmoving around this country sometimes
of tales of misery andpainof the people who have
500 000 scots who sufferpainregularly and the immense strain
who have the disease thepainthat is suffered patients great
earl lavender the experiencers ofpainwere human beings who permitted
but it s the samepainas when you get this
p 105 janie s worstpainbegins when liza visits the
when i haven t apaini can identify i have
to create life your cruellestpainis when you think of
the years between and thepainof being branded when you
stuck at fifteen when thepainof loneliness really hurt he
in iviry naut herd dpainan d soul an d
was she d mentioned apainwhich was unheard of and
jist passed oot wi thepaina could hear them fine
face wis chakk white wipainexcitement fleg an a bellyfu
a coo lous wi burthpainfaur doon the holla a
rairin his heid aff wipainhe brandishes the needle triumphantly
ye girnt awa wi grippinpaino colic bad that tentie
the binder anither stoon opainat the fit o her
echo in janie herself herpainbecame submerged in the peesie
rubs her side to easepainin her ribs still an
speak but suddenly suffers severepainin her tummy she holds
of her a real physicalpainlike indigestion and that s
orphanage much later and thispainnever entirely leaves her thereafter
to shield her from thepainof reality one last example
to her she s inpaintoo i lift my face
100 kmph wind and thepainat your cheekbones is the
is your leg giein yepainbessie a bittie gladys fit
wis in a lot ofpainand he wisny gonny get
daughter he lies groaning withpainfor several seconds there is
wad be orra guffs anpainhe wisna sure foo he
rose from his bed ofpainhe would kick the hairy
mornin he complained o apainin his breist i helpit
lot whenever he gets apainin his ear they take
an he feillit the sherppaino the widdies skelpin hiz
air in tae let thepainoot gruntlin he steers his
while i have this burningpainevery time i think about
phrase one diapason of intensestpainthe use of this musical
as though going home inpainand is met by his
in a great deal ofpaingripping the top of his
there is a cry ofpainand more shouting from offstage
we canna evite dule andpainand that naething is coontit
there is a lot ofpainin administering the internal assessment
hup two hup and thepainis beginning to go i
davidson it sometimes seems thatpainis necessary to him in
is hard and black itspainis trapped hard tears can
is a rowan dool ispainor grief laich is a
assuage stoonin is aching withpainor thrill lees are lies
be matter in itself ispainsweetened in sexual love that
that i now get apainevery time i think of
time my leg screams withpainzeb fingers the scars on
scotland s fishermen take thepainof cuts closures and fishing
had fallen and was causingpainthe cure was to take
right hand malcolm roars withpainand moula deftly pulls out
thorfinn with repressed anger andpainorm for peitie s sake
double association with sex andpainserve to link the theme
shared and suffered all thepainand hurt it s cost
the emblem of suffering andpainand i love that dear
decided to capitalise on thepainand i went jogging down
and gentleness and understanding andpainand integrity and loyalty and
latter image suggesting both severepainand perhaps a primitive forceps
dorothy grace elder freedom frompaincampaign and b that the
permitted and even enjoyed thepainin the vivisector the victims
and andy copies him thepainjust a nuisance at the
the emblem of suffering andpainlight fades slightly tess makes
s vision and frequently greatpainmultiple sclerosis literally means many
back before friday well thepainnever got any worse and
deeply frightened and perhaps inpainnurses bear the brunt of
chinese poems about er thepainof grief and bereavement er
intoxication wore off shock andpainreplaced it at midnight mary
awareness of the problems andpainthat being different brings are
intimations of inevitable loss andpainwe knew yes we both
then they re just apain[laugh] [laugh] f1150: so it
macaskill s1m 1867 freedom frompaincampaign lodged on 24 april
she s greetin wae thepainan da s haudin ur
s dutch she s apainin the arse but nonetheless
river city she s apainshe s [inaudible] f835: like
pause my heart knows greaterpainsilence zeb now contessa you
prick pompitie jumps about inpainpompitie yow ow ow wow
by matter s own resourcepainalkahest of all intelligence i
of course i remember thepaini ve found out what
to tap the reservoir ofpainmammon considers himself to be
you were grimacing in thepainof having run twenty six
a name that awakened thepainof the past strushle jock
right the calculated application ofpainsadie damn right it s
face shows a moment ofpainteenie bitterly awa fae my
there are many references topainthroughout the works of davidson
to wait seven months forpainclinic appointments in some areas
like m819: yeah m818: apainin the arse to kind
by stating in agony unutterablepainit may be matter in
wiz likely in a lottapainjinty drew me a stinker
e ye onything for thepainbessie aye i think so
een glazed an sticky thepainat the fit o minnie
times an the yelp opainfrae matty as the belt
the emblem o sufferin anpaintess tell mi mithir tell
wash awa aa the warldspaincerebral bree grippin anither s
s best where none canpainnor pry behind the pen
it must be a apainfor them too f1150: yeah
a chip implant tae inflictpainon himself sud it monitor
andy runs after him thepainalmost forgotten geordie starts to
offerings or irksome sichts bauldpainor thirl onymair tae limbs

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