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tae sea wis gettin apairo silk pyjamas through the
rickle o beens inside apairo strippit pyjamas happed wi
couple of bob and apairof pyjamas for robert for
me to by grabbing apairof pyjamas from a shelf
leave out a pair sparepairof pyjamas in case for
i ll leave out apairspare pair of pyjamas in
tae jonsar she growls apairo stockings wi knickers in
i was only allowed onepairof stockings a week so
draper shop and buy apairof stockings but of course
friday until we got anotherpairof stockings f631: mmhm f634:
wage you ll get apairof stockings so when i
of course to buy apairof stockings you had to
bar fit laddie pairt apairo fechtin dugs chorus fa
pills or drugs a healthypairo wally dugs content wi
or mugs tae yer brawpairo wally dugs miscellaneous epistle
than twa wally dugs apairo wally dugs ye ll
than toby jugs a bonniepairo wally dugs year efter
picture of two horses apairof wally dugs and a
jeans i ll buy thispairhe said tae the shop
never dream of buying apair[inhale] [inaudible] f1025: wore jeans
shop he tried on apairo jeans i ll buy
he d only taken onepairo jeans with him an
oozing she takes a cleanpairof jeans from the row
arrived and there was apairof jeans in it for
f1027: [inaudible] f1023: possessed apairof jeans in my life
i ve never possessed apairof jeans in my life
m down to my lastpairof jeans much to the
isle pattern jumper and apairof tattered jeans he had
jeans look i ve apairon fit div you think
better order richt nou anitherpairo buits fur nixt ear
up aa nicht makkin anitherpairo buits fur the girnwud
been settled owre the newpairo buits the fermer hed
owre tae the fermer anitherpairo buits the ither denizen
annual order fur ae newpairo buits up fur thair
on- apple to make apaira pair of apples m1094:
two makes a pair m1094: pairf1093: mm it s your
it is two makes apairm1094: pair f1093: mm it
down and that s yourpairm1094: your pair next f1093:
s your pair m1094: yourpairnext f1093: right i ll
stop wis tae buy apairo beets en twa pair
pair o beets en twapairo sheen in anither shop
to make a pair apairof apples m1094: here i
pair two dogs make apairright m1094: i ve go-
you f1093: that s apairtwo dogs make a pair
i can lend you apairo my shoes but my
the finest cotton an apairo shoes at he gied
go anywhere else for apairo shoes for a weddin
f1118: [sniff] f1117: find apairo shoes in there [inaudible]
mm f1054: i had thispairo shoes my dad used
out so i had apairof shoes that i called
to shop for a newpairof shoes the other day
calves disappeared sockless into apairof tattered gym shoes which
is it then f1093: apairgame m1094: can i do
[laugh] f1093: to make apairhere it is m1094: [laugh]
f1093: you ve got anotherpairi ll choose m1094: that
other one to make apairm1094: erm [laugh] f1093: i
the same that s anotherpairm1094: i ve got f1093:
f1093: tangerines there s anotherpairm1094: i ve got pears
other baby to make apairm1094: [inaudible] where [?]you can[/?] f1093:
now i ve got apairm1094: [?]look, hand[/?] f1093: i m
other one to make apairm1094: yes f1093: yes i
chicken do you have apairm1094: yes yes f1093: yes
these ones you pick yourpairnow f1093: right that s
m1094: [laugh] bananas f1093: apairof bananas where s the
f1093: you ve got apairof pears [laugh] you like
you ve gotta f1093: thepairone right let s choose
it f1093: that s anotherpairright it s your turn
f1093: and that makes anotherpairright it s your turn
one f1093: that s apairright your turn ooh lovely
s it that s apairsame m1094: matching f1093: i
f1093: that s not apairthere s one missing can
[laugh] f1093: two makes apairwhat are you picking now
s f1093: mmhm find thepairwhat would you like to
aw there s not apairfor the little duckie m1094:
other bananas to make apairi can see them m1094:
to find him make apairm1094: but you ve hidden
match so it s apairm1094: now what one [inaudible]
same so that s apairokay right you next m1094:
the same to make apairthere it goes m1094: i
you are buy me apairof f1154: [laugh] that s
did you buy your firstpairof sandshoes [laugh] f1009: [laugh]
parents let me buy apairof them f1023: [inaudible] f1025:
shop and asked for apairo shee pints as if
haven t bought a newpairin years says mum they
i ve bought a greatpairof boots cougar padded balloon
i finally bought myself apairof long johns as february
think i ever bought apairof sandshoes [inhale] eh probably
that if he bocht twapairhe wid save six poun
twa bodies birl thegither twapairo airms entwine in silent
jaikets twa pullovers an twapairo troosers on tae keep
noun phrase created by anotherpairand add their predicate to
sheelin removing the husks onepairfor grinding meal and another
another dog to make apairhave a look where the
choose this cows make apairit s your turn do
over wool would make apairof cuffs to cover your
missing can t make apairwith that one i think
lichtit a caunle fur thepairan poored a jeelip o
ready tae go wi yerpaireen on ilky side o
modified o sounds as inpairguid and drain the diphthongs
if ever there wis apairo anyntit rogues that didnae
tub wi mended flannel apairo beets were aye ower
tae the caur like apairo big gemm hunters wi
a that there wis threepairo black knickers jonsar eck
his feet he d apairo bricht yalla fower gaured
stair thrie quaichs an thriepairo chopsticks wis set on
o flannin tae mak apairo draaers for a bairn
came back wi a auldpairo fitba beets you can
at the bridge berna yapairo half bred loonys uh
pause awa wi yi yapairo half wit loonies ah
spied on a desk apairo lion paper wechts wrocht
ah ll maybe get apairo lions jist like yon
tiny wee shrubs an apairo minature roses an soon
greenbaum nelson 2002 281 ilkapairo modals is dividit intae
that fits is this auldpairo navvy s bits well
dumfounert twinty grumphy an apairo puzzlit yowes on the
here the princess opent apairo saft bonnie broun een
harry cause he wore apairo sannies an that s
o advocates raither nur apairo scrievers but they keepit
course you re wearing apairo shorts and you re
f1113: now you pick apairo socks f1114: eh yes
sneezy in your drawer apairo socks oot your drawer
an behold oot came twopairo specs he blurts oot
i shood jist hae aepairo specs jonsar eck kent
ae dochter left an thepairo thaim sair wurriein anent
tint aa patience wi thepairo them an packit them
mair and less atween thepairo them i worked it
roe deer there s apairo them in the wid
yoursel here they come thepairo them keep me out
so i quite fancy apairo them that is it
jock tae rin an thepairo them tore across the
floodin wi beer but thepairo them was that fashed
jonsar cood see wis apairo thick bloomers awa doon
she hid nivver seen apairo tights afore she hid
their nephew a spleet newpairo trainers ye d bi
the road haudin oot apairo tweed troosers och sir
an iron contraption like apairo tyangs with flat legs
till her hert an dapairo wis laek ta greet
beds awa ye gyang thepairo ye till i feenish
fecht a ll leather thepairo ye weill it hed
speirt weel whit ar thepairo yez up tae the
mither o god an thepairprotestants havenae even got that
wee table ane o apairshe d gotten frae chae
o e barbit weer ilkypairwi eir territory weel stakit
rin an soon the auldpaircouldna think hoo they d
three auld yins that cannaepairsowls an that s solidarity
gar her weir a auldpairtill the weather cleared eneuch
he said ere a auldpairyou see i wear size
the polis lookin fur hispairdisturbed wife an they ll
wad identifee a wumman taepairwi fur recreational sex an
i ve invested in apairof ultra cool foster grants
ve got news fer youpairthomas whit s that margaret
yeah you ve got apairyou ve got two stars
to wear boots an apairof trousers especially if your
two so that s apairso you put them down
them f812: i d apairof them as well f814:
the bottom i d apairof them f812: i d
and spread it over thepairof them i pull down
four hours in heathrow thepairof them were already steaming
feed her and then thepairof them would slip into
that s hoo the firstpairgot thegither an let nae
[laugh] well i got apairof i thought i was
really something i got apairof wine burgundy corduroy trousers
fashionable p- pink an yellypairan the next year my
and each consisted of apairof handles up to just
follow the readers groups canpairoff and read for each
together the six groups canpairoff reading for each other
own thoughts peggy fit apairthey re aye at each
requiring one partner in eachpairto place a cut out
don t need a newpairof specs after reading this
new frames an picked apairoot that he liked the
the inferior half of thepaira cardboard cut out wife
and i wore this oldpaira gloves tae lift these
snatch a glimpse of thepaircalum weatherly had petty thief
not matching as of apairdee you familiar shaa d
a list and the winningpairis the one with the
are jist a blur thepairlass she is quite convinced
ash dusted fire with apairof bellows almost half her
in comes jek carrying apairof blood stained pincers malcolm
s if anyone salvaged apairof boots from a cloakroom
silver painted decorative balconies apairof carved lions and other
tension if you used apairof chair backs you only
garment sometimes worn was apairof combinations these were an
behind you we were apairof gallus young gomerils one
she was wearing a primopairof going to the doctor
fortrie smiddy it had apairof handles within which the
peed hisell dimps grabs apairof hedge trimmers dances around
riser chatting up a massivepairof maid of honor breasts
were stripping down to apairof navy blue briefs faded
out using a big strongpairof scissors as a lever
ski etc i borrowed apairof skis from a girl
the bed there is apairof slippers and a chamber
sent over with her apairof socks wrapped around some
career you could be apairof stilts a clothes horse
ava as excited as apairof teenagers they scamper off
fact that there was apairof twins er can t
old trout gave her apairof wellies a brolly a
transitional elderly suitcase on apairof wheels into the star
to decorate butter clappers apairof wooden boards for working
job was done with apairof wooden butter clappers different
a wall recess with apairof wooden doors on the
is deadpan framed with apairof woody allen specs like
a loon s marble apairof yirdy dice fishbanes frae
to work and a lighterpairon a sunday bonnets were
school see we were apairs no fair her hair
the roses where a greyingpairsit picnicking on sandwiches his
but they re a dourpairthe brithers treat er like
lit ville a weary lookinpairthe local youth jined us
were a very very nicepairthese people very nice people
light and dark a weddedpairwhen jacob s ladder beckons
wiz hiz by rychts dpairu dm faell t feichtin
gran life though wi yonpairthe aul man an his
in tune wi whit youpairwere dingin doun wi fiery
bargain i ll take fowerpairhe wis affa greedy he
hippolyta one of the otherpairof royals as his mistress
better off never seeing thatpairso don t crowd me
romance of this ill starredpairthe only one to survive
programmes tae the nation thepairwar seen on corners wearin
deep doun an syne thepairwere sleepin soun but tam
all the luggage of thepairhis face ablaze with suppressed
could handle either of thatpairi thought undersized though i
dairies or drove the secondpairof horses in most cases
thing f1040: jimmies aye jimmiespairof jimmies at school mmhm
so called victims in thispairof poems are reflections of
the scores of this particularpairof respondents see appendices iii
that was like my firstpairof roller skates did to
on the floor the regulationpairof staff watch me arms
glassed wall photograph of thepairof us that hung on
from their crypt the palestpairof zombific revelers little lurch
restaurant i had noticed thepairas i sat drinking my
promised me his ae bestpairi ever set my e
into scotland so the aupairwas the m608: mmhm aye
see nae reek juist youpairgit ben the hoose an
pleasure oh it s youpairhou ir ye irena aweill
the audience as the oldpairpass her on their way
then carried up between thepairan cowpit in in some
welly awww she greeted mapairbelly an whit is mair
from italy as an aupairm608: mmhm m1163: and erm
hauf eleyven an the boldpairraise an creepit doon the
stylish bright yellow an pinkpairuh huh goggles swimming goggles
vile insistence that eden spairhad nae existence for gin
with the senior horseman spairgiven first chance to drink
for clicks up vicky roadpairi us go ed just
well burnished shield which wouldpairwell with the melting glance
add their predicate to thatpairs unseen starter noun phrase
to be sexiled by thatpairbut bethia was sitting up
different deep structures conversely thepairman killed queen and queen
in throu the lobbie thepairsprintit athoot brekkin stride thair

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