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the sunlight fingering through thepalmfrond the absurd turban the
enormous frond of a courtyardpalmthrust into the room like
keep their meeting a fleshypalmtaps out a laptop tune
streaks of miles a fleshypalmtaps out a laptop tune
dockside wharfs and restaurants thepalmfringed corniche in front of
restaurant arabian nights behind thepalmfringed entrance the mock victorian
an arab reservoir shaded bypalmtrees now before a delicately
chairs were arranged in thepalmcourtyard i went upstairs with
lowse loosen lowss free luifpalmluik look lums chimneys luve
in a hotel complex thepalmweirs stretch merks roon its
said to the captain thepalmtree is in the haund
into the captain of thepalmtree we were in the
boat there are smiles betweenpalmtrees and mud huts people
symbolic lemon tree and datepalmnothing jars the senses indeed
oor men on to thepalmtree and i m getting
deana have sailed on thepalmtree beaumont ah then it
us stop work on thepalmtree beaumont he ll no
to work wi andy thepalmtree can sail the day
it no caird oh thepalmtree can sail the morn
oot its trill like apalmtree comes like a kintra
deeside s bunnet lairds inpalmtree glens hill station jist
s progressing weel wi thepalmtree is it no caird
good evening provost weel thepalmtree s being hauled out
if you haud wi thepalmtree sailing the morn beaumont
be the crew o thepalmtree sanderson enters from outside
are you fashed about thepalmtree she s weel happed
wi the repair work thepalmtree should have been under
her boney finger takes mypalmin hers kneads it like
be pirates an treasure anpalmtrees an skinklin linns i
am in palma surrounded bypalmtrees and cedars and cactuses
sprush trees bloom whan thepalmtrees breird on jordan s
stew white surf golden sandpalmtrees cool breeze dimps cammy
then pressed doon on hispalmthe imprint of ma finger
her thin legs crossed hispalmshe paused as if they
leg protrudes from a fallenpalmher mobile phone s forgotten
wet black elm david spalmgripped tightly by his mother
turnt it roon so hispalmfaced upward look daddy ah
been weel greased in thepalmto leave wi his gab
your left hand stretched outpalmdownwards looked like something that
prick and balls with thepalmof his hand there was
together with resin between thepalmof the souter s hand
heids still on likely faepalmsunday ere wis a lad
the silhouette of a datepalmbeyond my balcony dusky in
he hid them in thepalmo s haun fae the
there something outrageous a handsomepalminclining its turbanned fan to
her hands turns them overpalmup stares at her fingers

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