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to the clinica miramar inpalmadaniel hartmann i little thought
room of the clinica miramarpalmade mallorca on the 5th
capacity to feel clinica miramarpalmade mallorca the sixth of
expansionism stealthily threatens approaching frompalmathe visitor first crosses a
mahones that he arrived inpalmaon don herreros s recommendation
to continue his studies inpalmathe ever faithful don herreros
the cuitadella de mayorque ancientpalmafor a long time she
medina mayorque the old romanpalmathe annexation induced an arab
memorial services took place atpalmacathedral and at miramar on
salvador s the route topalmafrom the northern miramar coast
miramar which he berthed atpalmaor puerto soller las baleares
train route between soller andpalmahas miraculously survived long after
railway lines the soller topalmaline had become one of
straightforward constructing the soller topalmaline however took courage and
of the moorish artifacts inpalmamuseum derive from the soller
the steam locomotives soller andpalmapulling coaches of the ferrocaril
meanwhile the new road frompalmato soller encouraged a mini
stay with him because thepalmahotels lacked any decency but
here in the heart ofpalmas old arab town an
had been the toast ofpalmasociety but by 1877 vyborni
secretary became the toast ofpalmasociety vyborni took on the
crêpe de chine chopin lovedpalmahe wrote to his friend
account of the journey topalmato fetch chopin s piano
driver as we sped towardspalmathe fog cleared but the
the pleyel piano fetched frompalmaby sand and her son
and sent me here topalmain an ambulance i looked
sent in an ambulance topalmait was on that journey
salvador s time had becomepalmade mallorca under moslem domination
the construction of two citiespalmaand pollentia now alcudia the
of the city pleased mepalmaone of the wealthiest cities
flotsam and jetsam back topalmabefore sunset another tranquil time
to the institute s fundspalmaaccepts late twentieth century tourists
still see drawing tourists aroundpalmaor by sea in one
it the first time 4palmaback to the mountains in
was heading for the mountainspalmabasked in unseasonal january heat
might have to return topalmahe remembered a small house
puig mayor i was inpalmanow i remembered i had
on that first morning inpalmasalvador presented himself at the
invitation to visit her inpalmafor the feast of san
forced to use arrived inpalmageorge sand set off with
in front of la lonjapalmas ancient bourse i would
partner would soar out ofpalmaairport back to scotland dark
he wanted to establish inpalmaas a cultural institute of
development when the train reachespalmait literally takes to the
stay in my flat inpalmasoon but today let s
bus on the outskirts ofpalmaand i could only marvel
away to catch the firstpalmabus before the sun has
i caught the bus topalmathat s when i spent
in a travel agency inpalmabefore her son was born
society of tourism based inpalmain 1909 son moragues had
spent all his time inpalmanetworking fundraising trying to lift
señor bauza one of mypalmaneighbours came late to harvest
few recitals took place outsidepalmaand more recently they have
sea itself to get topalmawhere he lives now in
that we dine together inpalmaa few days later it
bandwagon with the first linepalmato inca opening in the
now the tortuous road topalmathe latter an arduous magnificent
left the music room forpalmai stayed in bed all
1873 an early panorama ofpalmaand in a bedroom off
streets named after him inpalmaand most of the island
last he had reached thepalmahospital roberto was lying in
s new love a youngpalmawoman magdalena janer whom he
the valldemossa and on topalmatwo mountain passes exit southeast
at the almudaino palace inpalmawhen a bottle of ink
i would see him inpalmawhen i was well enough
sell in staggering quantities inpalmaand barcelona attests in some
in paris i am inpalmasurrounded by palm trees and
floor a spanish masseuse frompalmagraceful as a ballerina a
presents to the children ofpalmabut we realised i was
to local folk and topalmapeople who arrive on friday
of alfabia and on topalmathat is my intention though
with its distant view ofpalmaand the mediterranean beyond i
el arenal and the likespalmacraves elegance culture savoire faire
above the plains and nearpalmamind tripping over the high
nature the woods the tranquillitypalmaseems so dirty noisy relentless

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