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you know rather than thepalsf1143: mmhm f1144: pals f1145:
pals m1146: pals yes alwayspalsf1143: pals or cronies an
the pals f1143: mmhm f1144: palsf1145: pals [laugh] f1143: yeah
right thanks katrina f1145: justpalsgot loads o pals m1146:
f1143: mmhm f1144: pals f1145: pals[laugh] f1143: yeah that s
just pals got loads opalsm1146: pals yes always pals
pals yes always pals f1143: palsor cronies an quite often
got loads o pals m1146: palsyes always pals f1143: pals
thays became the best opalslikes the the tawse hae
bein the best o scuilpalsthays became the best o
davie he hud been bestpalssince the high scuil it
tae the hoose wi gaypalsbit nae boyfriends whan alasdair
became the best o gaypalsnaw he cuidnae hae askit
yes i know i f1144: palsf1143: recognise that f1054: just
it besides she had plentypalsto play with now and
the smell smell o weepalssmell o fear smell o
yer lugs geordie an hispalsdidnae need anither tellin an
thae days geordie an hispalswis in a wey kinna
went back geordie an hispalswis juist hunkerin doon bi
s a wee borry atweenpalseh never thocht a wallet
wee lend ae money atweenpalshe d say a richt
they re really the bestpalsa wumman ever had it
all be pissed and bestpalsby midnight then after tomorrow
tae rabbit oan tae thurpalsken whit they re like
s childhood luik fondly oanpalslike mary wi the same
een o jonsar eck spalsstopped an offered jonsar a
cood tak some o hispalsintae the hoose tae pass
brother stew bringin back yurpalscammy helping cover up wee
mebbe like yer wealthy weepalsfa s das wirk affshore
up with his wee unemployedpalsin his lunch hour before
ower the faces o hispalsbut juist for a meinit
do anythin i had somepalscome round [laugh] saturday i
s a cluster of herpalsround her tarted up as
i know you miss yourpalsand your fitba aye but
the breakages go on yourpalsare waitin she said coughing
you went home to yourpalsor your relatives you just
t look and all yourpalsscattered everywhere and then er
hanging out wi your newpalsthen gordon fancied a walk
be disappearing off with yourpalstonight she d asked all
tae be yin ae oorpalshe wis ay borryin siller
he went an bidded wipalsthen he got his ain
hangit meg wi his twapalsa thursday nicht an this
whan he an his mucklerpalscam traikin throu the loan
wi george and all hispalsf1054: yeah f1006: it made
been oot drinkin wi hispalsfan he got hame he
s nasal tone his twopalsin the tracksuits burst into
up in front of hispalsmind you the way i
monday he took his twapalsplastic hank an buttery wull
had heard one of hispalssing at a party came
by all one of hispalswho was born on the
but i ve got mapalsthere haven t i you
in new york wi herpalsfae the toon will a
lassie that ehm i mpalswi that teaches at a
far raither hae met mapalsdoon in the squar tae
whit will she tell herpalsaboot her holidays oh yeah
one of her just divorcedpalsin the middle of a
follaein the teenage bairns herpalsvoddie in a bottle o
two o them werenae exactlypalslike were they fuck s
minute because one of mypalswas there er wasn t
fifty dochters an a hunnerpalsoh it s better than
their dens as frae theirpalsthey hid burnt berry broun
get sneered at by theirpalsthey would maybe be passin
so that we could bepalsand go to each other
it s funny cause mypalsdown in london if they
young people e g penpalswork placements exchanges etc and

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