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grandad f1024: grandad f1026: papapapaf1027: grandad f1025: gramp gramp
him grandad f1024: grandad f1026: papapapa f1027: grandad f1025: gramp
i mean my grandad waspapaan my kids called like
men they call grandad anpapabut when they talk about
f1006: grandad f1005: eh papapapaf1054: that s a popular
granpa f1006: grandad f1005: ehpapapapa f1054: that s a
something from your nana andpapabut we f639: nana and
peculiar day but nana andpapacame we would have dinner
re playin with nana andpapaf1071: ehm i play with
play drawing with nana andpapaf1071: uh huh m1070: really
d a nana and apapaf1145: mmhm yeah f1144: was
but we f639: nana andpapai would th- f640: didn
play drawing with nana andpapatoo m1070: play drawing with
as you said nana andpapayou i think every every
there s the island ofpapastour a little island down
ony hardship like eence onpapastour at s a rare
do you what does ispapagood at drawing f1071: ehhhmmm
m1070: oh dear but ispapagood though f1071: yeah he
f1071: ehm i play withpapatoo m1070: yeah what kind
always called my grandfather mypapaan my grandchildren do the
f1145: i i had apapaehm my grandfather died before
grandfather j e n ehpapagammy granpie that was all
f1054: [inaudible] f1145: and mypapa[censored: surname] died when i was
kids called like my dadpapaan mark will be called
an mark will be calledpapawhen tracy and steven have
mum ah f1117: [inaudible] [inaudible]papacomin home f1118: mmhm f1117:
[censored: forename] call him f1118: ermpapaf1117: mmhm why s he-
how no f1118: i likepapas chocolate [slurp] f1117: [laugh]
the same thing call mepapabut like this chap says
tae ye an call yepapaye dinnae think nothin about
about me talk about theirpapaan that s just how
better if he was apapayeah f1054: that s interestin
father s side an apapaon my mother s side
young i always thought apapawas somethin superior to a
mmhm mmhm m1015: cain yepapabut what would you address
the homeopathic medication erm becausepapawasn t happy about the
an they re callin yepapaye begin tae think you
if he addresses you aspapawhat what what are you
aye m999: ah right apapathat s quite unusual m1000:
the woman went out andpapawas sitting in the in
an fin mike november oscarpapaquebec romeo sierra roon the
we dinna ken whaur oorpapais they say mebbe he
hunner mile due west opapawestray he s a dominator
speak to the doctor sopapagot a bit of a

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