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absurdity the trissotetras is aparodyof the continental style of
called the trissotetras as aparodyof the continental style of
gloves the poem is aparodyof the joust and by
curiously modern the fondness forparodythe excesses and most pertinently
ex sodger is a selfparodyo a tory squaddie at
official consciousness get thrown awayparodyand an energetic mixture of
of uneasy sneering the followingparodyof the efforts of the
and juliet or its pornographicparodytis pity she s a
you get ultimately is aparodyof a parody [tut] okay
is a parody of aparody[tut] okay [inhale] with thomas
with the object of hisparodythere s an infectious energy
s style is itself aparodyso what you get ultimately
s a kind of selfparodyto an extreme style i
and turning it to aparodyof its early promise and
bi scottish speakers in aparodyo standard english speakers thi
only is the poem aparodybut at the very end

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