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an deleiberat he maistlie aetparritchtatties an kail fur z
this fack is plain asparritchbut it is warth statin
at the tither like steenyparritchhere the founs o the
scott amalgam i swallae rnaparritchwi fusky as i stick
mannie d ye wiss onieparritchtammas thanked hir bot wes
the same sum fowk lykesparritchan ithers lykes puddoks rintoul
fed fowk in peer hoosesparritchin bowls victoria an albert
the wyld geese fliein kikakuparritchhaepit in a perfit bowle
did aunt jessie makk theparritchon the sabbath wheesht dearie
jessie s bringin ben theparritchwe ll jist rin throw
ficherin wi them sup yerparritchminnie yer ay ahin like
the test awa went lumpyparritchdrount mince an taurry tea
cryin on her minnie yerparritchis oot ye d better
its later altered form porridgeparritchthe good wife one morning
cream tae poor abune theirparritchan fite faced vratches tcyauvin

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