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laurel bush just past theparrotshaped box hedging and before
about him he wure aparrotgreen battlecoat girdit at his
haud the blanket ower theparrots cage has aywise bin
huh parrot birdies no theseparrotbirdies f1091: no they re
it parrots m1092: uh huhparrotbirdies no these parrot birdies
aye a parrot is theparroteatin f1127: has [censored: forename] still
a parrot m1128: aye aparrotis the parrot eatin f1127:
budgie biting it s aparrotm1128: aye a parrot is
else did we see aparrotremember there was a parrot
parrot remember there was aparrotwhistling at you think where
dark comment the papyngo aparrothas used her time as
ah f1091: and they reparrotbirdies [laugh] m1092: no no
rattled it aff like aparrotfishin fowk in the auld
family i know of oneparrotowner who had her pillow
elgin that you saw aparrotin where would that be
deid politics ah ve aparrotshe s cried dolly she
ball and that s aparrotf1121: mmhm where did we
where did we see aparrotat f1122: at at [censored: forename]

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