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members of the public takepartin parliamentary proceedings or participate
lawyers who seemed not whollypartof the proceedings but without
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
so that debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
so that debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
so that debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
so that debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
so that debate on eachpartof the proceedings if not
shall now resume when thispartof the proceedings is over
be passed for the firstpartof the proceedings members should
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the proceedings shall be
authority bill debate on eachpartof the proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the stage 3 proceedings
scotland bill debate on eachpartof the stage 3 proceedings
scotland bill debate on eachpartof those proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof those proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof those proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof those proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof those proceedings shall be
scotland bill debate on eachpartof those proceedings shall be
sector must play an equalpartin developing strategy for volunteering
that they can play apartin that strategy the healthy
were sometimes grown together aspartof a farming strategy which
in construction related trades aspartof a general strategy to
advertising ban is only onepartof a long term strategy
extend central revenue support aspartof a longer term strategy
an hour it must bepartof a rolling strategy that
qualifications could be obtained aspartof a strategy to enhance
more effective if introduced aspartof a tobacco control strategy
04_spnew2 21 this is aspartof a wider strategy some
strategy the ees also formedpartof an inquiry by the
measures are being taken aspartof its child health strategy
prescribing rights to drugs aspartof its financial recovery strategy
taken forward or planned aspartof its national cultural strategy
valid land use 1 aspartof its open spaces strategy
of the said devices aspartof its strategy for reducing
to be more active ispartof our strategy to improve
however any change must bepartof the broad strategy of
peer review is an importantpartof the employment strategy the
not in latin this waspartof the reformers strategy of
26 the clusters approach formspartof the scottish enterprise strategy
speak up and the firstpartof the sport 21 strategy
worldwide economic interests the secondpartof the strategy is a
nairn s golf clubs aspartof this strategy s1o 4710
the part of the authorpart1 spring 2010 a moment
the quarry pages 1 42part1 spring 2010 part 2
areas the final part ofpart2 deals with tenant participation
5 part 7 part 6part2 part 8 the schedule
5 part 7 part 6part2 part 8 the schedule
5 part 7 part 6part2 part 8 the schedule
42 part 1 spring 2010part2 summer 2023 part 3
2010 part 2 summer 2023part3 autumn 2046 part 4
2023 part 3 autumn 2046part4 winter 3000 the characters
3 to 5 part 7part6 part 2 part 8
3 to 5 part 7part6 part 2 part 8
3 to 5 part 7part6 part 2 part 8
1 parts 3 to 5part7 part 6 part 2
1 parts 3 to 5part7 part 6 part 2
1 parts 3 to 5part7 part 6 part 2
7 part 6 part 2part8 the schedule 3 organic
7 part 6 part 2part8 the schedule s1m 3728
7 part 6 part 2part8 the schedule the motion
resulted was a refracted syntaxpartaccident part design this method
benjie the atavistic urchin ispartbeast or leastwyes fish part
in part by them inpartby a variety of charitable
four universities and funded inpartby them in part by
seemed to be part templepartcomplex of caves more impressive
a refracted syntax part accidentpartdesign this method based on
suppose she was probably thinkingpartfondly part resentfully that i
sounds rhyme full rhyme startparthalf rhyme or part rhyme
part beast or leastwyes fishparthuman an represents the inner
virtue of this part orparti and c in each
part there is inserted orparti b in subsection 2
virtue of this part orparti of this act 4
continues boxing bj is havocparto it is spoiling part
part o it is spoilingparto it pat moves to
thing a knife it becomesparto ye part o your
it becomes part o yeparto your han she gently
big coils isn t thatpartof a motor part of
that part of a motorpartof a- an electric motor
part of me erm andpartof me er works towards
identity m608: mm m078: butpartof me erm and part
designated pressured areas the finalpartof part 2 deals with
well she- shetland is ispartof scots eh scots part
break through then you becamepartof that line part of
became part of that linepartof that team f965: right
are pure conjecture on thepartof the author part 1
the norm ehm [click] sopartof the er part of
might be part of thepartof the game m741: mmhm
like the difficulty might bepartof the part of the
part of scots eh scotspartof the scots language is
so part of the erpartof the th-th-th- the poem
or by virtue of thispartor part i and c
or by virtue of thispartor part i of this
was probably thinking part fondlypartresentfully that i would be
start part half rhyme orpartrhyme hart hurt rhythm regular
part voltaire without wit andpartspurgeon without eloquence 44 and
the place seemed to beparttemple part complex of caves
and ii after the wordpartthere is inserted or part
calculated on the basis thatparttime or part year employment
was he a theological hybridpartvoltaire without wit and part
basis that part time orpartyear employment is exactly half
schools need to play theirpartfully in promoting the growth
recycling operators play a fullpartin all planning and development
executive will play an activepartin all those discussions in
role play or to takepartin assemblies oral reports on
play no less vital apartin english studies in england
that they play a centralpartin identifying priorities and developing
it cannot play its fullpartin increasing the size of
play a far more prominentpartin my professional life than
scotland and play a hugepartin passing on information and
us to play a significantpartin providing it 15 00
that such initiatives play apartin scotland enjoying profile and
that such initiatives play apartin scotland enjoying profile and
the debate will play apartin showing that there is
with other people play theirpartin society and as john
seat i can play nopartin that she gave me
trouble silc would play apartin the arrangements for coping
tourism will play an importantpartin the economic development of
kingdom scotland must play itspartin the fight against such
we are to play apartin the formation of a
sought to play a fullpartin the future of europe
we in scotland play ourpartin the parliament we have
who did not have apartin the play were put
voluntary organisations play a crucialpartin the protection and enhancement
committees concerned should play somepartin the sifting process if
expected to play an importantpartin the war effort by
the parliament will play itspartin those developments i move
able to play a greaterpartin united kingdom affairs to
private sector to play itspartit has issued a lot
play an important and noticeableparto life in scotland and
i began to play thepartof the gullible householder as
in dundee last month thepartthat cabx play in developing
stayed here to play yourpartthe obligements that you didny
authorities which obviously have apartto play i believe that
humour had a more prominentpartto play if you were
state administrations have a significantpartto play in delivering some
scottish premier league have nopartto play in determining the
quite frequently have an importantpartto play in initiating and
and attitude have a largepartto play in making the
older people have a vitalpartto play in our democracy
act as having an importantpartto play in the lives
local government we have apartto play in this i
should we play an activepartwe can participate or we
doing this we are takingpartin a process this is
proud to have played mypartin that process on behalf
marked participant who was takingpartin the action process what
a company that played apartin the tendering process be
a company that played apartin the tendering process how
gone tomorrow but will bepartof a determined process to
huggins the planning process ispartof a dialogue between central
parents mentioned above are onlypartof an essential process of
that we agree them aspartof our process on the
us that parliament will bepartof that process to ensure
in the third and finalpartof the budget process as
seminars that were run aspartof the consultation process the
to take as an earlypartof the consultative process i
using word processing technology aspartof the editorial process had
youth work are an integralpartof the education process and
recognises voluntary youth work aspartof the educational process s1w
event next year the convenerpartof the evaluation process is
development dr black that ispartof the integrated management process
that scrutiny is an essentialpartof the legislative process i
known to the executive aspartof the legislative process i
assessments that are done aspartof the licensing process and
their activity which would bepartof the monitoring process but
contacted directly by developers aspartof the notification process i
limit or constrain an importantpartof the parliamentary process i
that knowing that committees werepartof the process and involved
in scotland during the initialpartof the process as the
to do things a keypartof the process is work
makes whatever adjustments are appropriatepartof the process of adjustment
in primary schools this ispartof the process of reading
opportunities for nurse practitioners arepartof the process of rebuilding
in the pension plan aspartof the process of winding
so and is developed aspartof the process the minister
authorities certification is a vitalpartof the process there is
found it an illustrative exercisepartof the process was informal
not the watchdog but justpartof the process work programme
systematic press preparation that becamepartof the production process at
depletion on fisheries management howeverpartof the scrutiny process is
way in there that spartof the songwriting process in
that question i hope thatpartof the sport 21 process
articulation of that process aspartof the upper end of
away the cultural commission ispartof this process a scan
council of ministers should becomepartof a bicameral legislature that
for an area to becomepartof a social inclusion partnership
that order would not becomepartof statute law the convener
see scots become a compulsorypartof teaching m055: tut well
registrars pay does not becomepartof that marketplace free for
anxious but determined to becomepartof the community and so
of bute and inchmarnock becomepartof the core area of
of the ombudsmen must becomepartof the debate they should
outside the croft had becomepartof the farm of curriedoon
that la will soon becomepartof the gow clean up
the building had almost becomepartof the landscape itself the
arrived to settle and becomepartof the north east linguistic
the official report they becomepartof the philosophy behind the
become an integral fully integratedpartof the prison structure and
assessment procedures would have becomepartof the programme which would
advice to ministers may becomepartof the questioning is it
income has become a majorpartof the sector s income
of the scottish parliament becomepartof the uk statute book
and jordanhill which have becomepartof the universities of edinburgh
become scottish eh wh-wh- waspartof this and so this
the children that were takingpartand i enjoy that f639:
to do often with takingpartf963: oh yeah but when
for the school environment takingpartin a dialect survey of
are not prohibited from takingpartin all the business of
bar a person from takingpartin any voluntary organisation or
single thing without taking anypartin decision making castrated by
given to police surgeons takingpartin joint paediatric forensic examinations
will be interested in takingpartin some of those consultation
between 13 and 17 takingpartin sports where do those
of ninewells hospital for takingpartin the bbc television series
who may not be takingpartin the debate today mrs
just exist taking a minimalpartin the routine of living
of subsidies to companies takingpartin the trials of satellite
of whom happily are takingpartin this conference my own
am pleased to be takingpartin this debate i am
of scientific enquiry 13 takingpartin this great enterprise baynes
involved saw themselves as takingpartin those meetings on behalf
as we must restrict eachpartof today s evidence taking
certainly be barred from takingparton the ground of evincing
sports groups and individuals takingparton the mainland they are
mum and dad taking fullpartwas signalled by the sounds
which his work forms apart10 important work was also
it has played an importantpartand it was around before
was important that he tookpartif he could despite his
religious question plays an importantpartin defining one s identity
public transport plays an importantpartin many older people s
that football plays an importantpartin our social culture and
social economy plays on importantpartin scottish society research by
health centre plays an importantpartin sorting out prisoners partly
me it s an importantparto a fuel pump or
the debate as an importantpartof developing the discussion in
tradesmen vans were an importantpartof life in arbuthnott until
1603 it is an importantpartof our cultural heritage for
is an important and enjoyablepartof people s lives yet
are important as a centralpartof scotland s natural heritage
regrets that such an importantpartof scotland sunderland and south
the bill is an importantpartof that but it would
reducing waiting times an importantpartof that progress is a
bill it is an importantpartof the bill that general
sale was an important elementpartof the challenge is working
the communities is an importantpartof the issue before we
however this is the importantpartof the letter the convener
scottish executive so important aspartof the public sector s
on that is an importantpartof the science that underlies
scotland that is an importantpartof the support that we
an important point the smallpartof the trunk road contract
think it s an importantpartof who you are and
to be able to takepartin this afternoon s debate
inappropriate for me to takepartin this debate as it
who would like to takepartin this debate to press
of funding played a majorpartin today s debate johann
to the scottish office aspartof an informed debate about
including postage and distribution aspartof its national debate on
that the issue will bepartof the continuing national debate
we move to the openpartof the debate as a
the answers are that ispartof the debate george lyon
now move to the openpartof the debate members who
among the population the otherpartof the debate which we
debate this may come underpartof the licensing system but
take on international criminal gangspart4 of the bill implements
companies have agreed to takepartand whether a list of
i was asked to takepartas the conservative speaker in
it s just tae takepartaye f1054: i dinnae ken
of this parliament can takepartbut not vote in any
four or five to takepartelaine smith perhaps it would
definition of eligibility to takeparthas been drawn too tightly
if i did not takeparthelen eadie i certainly support
same as you to takeparti don t m1017: it
although i did not takeparti felt that it was
nominate a representative to takepartin a european parliament funded
at weilburg preparing to takepartin a fiesta she put
she invited everyone to takepartin a ribbon dance later
jamie stone declined to takepartin agenda item 4 due
involved in committee events takepartin an on line discussion
encouraged or compelled to takepartin any activities about which
interest and not to takepartin any decisions mr mcconnell
united kingdom forces should takepartin any military action without
for all schoolchildren to takepartin at least two hours
common courtesy those who takepartin debates ought to be
of the court and takepartin determining the application of
associated with those who takepartin fox hunting across great
000 dogs across britain takepartin informal coursing 27 there
designated as able to takepartin joint paediatric forensic examinations
united kingdom did not takepartin meetings on the laeken
candidate for the party takepartin on line discussions www
would be best to takepartin partnerships uk although great
by the executive to takepartin public consultation exercises but
encouraging more volunteers to takepartin scottish life that is
encourage young people to takepartin sport s1w 28605 donald
representative from cosla should takepartin the consultation the convener
any members want to takepartin the event they should
those early days to takepartin the holyrood poetry link
at any time to takepartin the initial consultation their
narrators 1 6 can takepartin the mime described by
designated school kaimhill to takepartin the pilot scheme but
immediate family eligible to takepartin the scheme 9 disability
education authorities agreed to takepartin the scottish language project
people it expects to takepartin the sustainable development forum
for interested persons to takepartin the sustainable development forum
have been invited to takepartin this project by offering
renfrewshire council area who takepartin voluntary activities since 1997
from all communities who takepartin voluntary activities to achieve
cent of adults regularly takepartin voluntary activity the outlook
cent of adults regularly takepartin voluntary work i emphasise
encourages all msps to takepartin volunteering activity throughout the
s motion and to takepartin what i expect to
a game colin m1016: takepartm1014: i struggled tae think
fox hunt do not takepartnor do locals as hunt
will consider whether to takepartof item 7 in private
take it into consideration aspartof its deliberations on future
committee will take evidence aspartof its inquiry into aquaculture
committee will take evidence aspartof its inquiry into water
committee will take evidence aspartof its inquiry into water
we will take evidence aspartof our aquaculture inquiry previously
take that on board aspartof the new skills development
we take this matter forwardpartof the reason for wishing
that we can take aspartof uk wide legislation that
man had to take hispartor break with the domestic
those who wish to takepartshould press their request to
not been able to takepartwe will have to rely
asp 00 and registered underpart1 of that act 3
on the general principles ofpart1 of the bill at
support for it is necessarypart1 of the bill deals
for the sake of claritypart1 of the bill makes
2 2 of schedule dpart1 of the minute of
referred to in schedule dpart1 of the minute of
and how does schedule dpart1 of the minute of
care home service registered underpart1 of the regulation of
such a service registered underpart1 of this act and
false statements in applications underpart1 of this act shall
the criminal justice scotland billpart1 of which relates to
the patient in accordance withpart13 of this act of
extent of any unauthorised workspart2 describes the warrant and
as it thinks fit 5part2 of schedule 2 has
sewel motion is relevant onpart2 of the bill and
common law essentially it ispart2 of the bill that
not reached the end ofpart2 of the bill that
proceed beyond the end ofpart2 of the bill the
arrangements within the meaning ofpart2 of the local government
line 28 after whom insertpart2 of this schedule or
but at the beginning ofpart2 the bill states that
etc of certain health bodiespart4 general 19 interpretation 20
to drive in another countrypart4 makes a variety of
executive when the review ofpart5 of the adults with
bill the committee will considerpart5 of the bill at
bill the committee will considerpart5 of the bill at
is detained in hospital underpart5 or 6 of this
is detained in hospital underpart5 or 6 of this
foreboding about the operation ofpart9 of the bill which
treatment ministers should also considerpart9 of the bill which
a tour of scotland inpartaccompanied by him caledonia was
that we are playing ourpartand influencing the future of
their visotactile sensation for eachpartand portion of the persons
their visotactil sensation that eachpartand portion of the persons
advertising ban has to bepartareas of current deprivation have
those discussions came about inpartas a result of the
for the purposes of thispartas if the reference in
it was for was thatpartat the side of the
five years is in substantialpartattributable to the skills of
subject to paragraph 1 ofpartb rule 10 allowances general
within 50 metres of anypartbill aitken 40 in section
of the materials the otherpartcomes from the fact that
to the succession arising inpartdue to the circumstances of
although i welcome it inpartfalls well short of what
children and may account inpartfor the phenomenal survival of
and consultancy services it willpartfund the professional costs of
contribute to tourism through thepartfunding of area tourist boards
no momento even of theparthe played in salvador s
of inebriation not on myparti hasten to add but
some of the provisions ofparti of the wildlife and
1975 act was replaced byparti of the wildlife and
corresponding to the provisions ofparti of this act and
information under the terms ofpartii of the code of
subject of an order underpartii of the proceeds of
the border the similarity betweenpartii of the united kingdom
language for the purposes ofpartii while gaelic should be
65 measures set out inpartiii of the charter the
of the european charter notpartiii under which gaelic is
freedoms of others the keypartin all of that is
who have heard of hispartin rescuing jock o side
and we sort of tookpartin that village life and
patients and playing a majorpartin the development of public
of the prisoners who tookpartin the session detailed their
of cost is twofold onepartis the development costs of
with 94 for corrections whereaspartiv of vol iii of
funding also plays a keypartobviously levels and stability of
cost the library the bestpartof 1000 to acquire and
to be able to spendpartof 1991 92 as a
the expenditure of the bestpartof 20 billion that is
been underway for the bestpartof 20 years it s
two visits and the bestpartof 3 4 of an
james vi s essay ispartof a 16th century genre
a wee village more thanpartof a big city like
to ernest benach who waspartof a catalan delegation to
end insert where all orpartof a charging scheme is
it would be originally apartof a coal cellar and
in edinburgh in 1584 aspartof a collection of essays
sara hildénin museum is apartof a complex on the
scotland s joiners tools werepartof a craftsman tradition and
large statement or to bepartof a culture actually breaks
applied to a district orpartof a district and not
this erm because it waspartof a er the my
point to keep that aspartof a generalised discussion and
i am proud to bepartof a government whose first
one of the deputes aspartof a health ombudsman team
essentially that the pharmacy ispartof a health team that
to looking at pharmacies aspartof a health team that
europe the european convention ispartof a historic turning point
for the antonine wall aspartof a joint bid with
in making a journey orpartof a journey by public
in making a journey orpartof a journey by public
thing for scotland to bepartof a key issue which
pilot project it is nowpartof a mainstream european activity
as we have said beingpartof a major european nation
the week actually it waspartof a meeting and during
and more limited sense aspartof a metrological definition in
states that they should bepartof a multidisciplinary approach and
for an outlet that ispartof a multiple chain four
for each outlet that ispartof a multiple chain those
two texts the first ispartof a personal description and
we introduced in august aspartof a phased programme to
liable to serve the punishmentpartof a previous sentence frame
liable to serve the punishmentpartof a previous sentence frame
match people to homes aspartof a programme to help
match people to homes aspartof a programme to help
apply to the whole orpartof a recess that is
of priority and will aspartof a recurring annual service
description and the second ispartof a report a there
usu oatcake gen the fourthpartof a round as the
foreign as anything taught aspartof a second language so
any reference to a punishmentpartof a sentence shall be
any reference to a punishmentpartof a sentence shall be
but it should also bepartof a significant body of
money for grants as beingpartof a single budget rather
stand would that option bepartof a single franchise or
which is not treated aspartof a single term under
is that we can bepartof a successful operation which
i am proud to bepartof a team that is
resource transfer and consider aspartof a total settlement making
that good either is thispartof a trend towards serious
to colleges which are fullypartof a university but also
fast those companies could formpartof a well founded industry
recognise that the bill ispartof a wider agenda but
dorothy grace elder this ispartof a wider and very
public consultation on fluoridation aspartof a wider package of
of partnership and that ispartof accepting our humanity so
in principle to the firstpartof amendment 11 although you
in deprivation in a racistpartof america she said that
the fact that she ispartof an administration that has
stylising my responses acting thepartof an angry husband lover
agenda 2000 package they arepartof an attempt by the
staff complement and b formpartof an existing member of
new port would not bepartof an existing port other
and lay for the betterpartof an hour while the
in german literature the firstpartof an intended series which
devolving responsibilities to schools aspartof an overall drive to
devolving responsibilities to schools aspartof an overall drive to
insert notes that it ispartof an unsustainable system of
quhairin i haif playit thepartof ane young and imperfyt
school or elsewhere 71 aspartof any research it is
also remit any sum orpartof any sum if it
of highland western isles thatpartof argyll and bute which
comhairle nan eilean siar thepartof argyll and bute which
yeah it s it spartof australian m815: them on
in my constituency which coverspartof ayrshire in those terms
and that that approach waspartof being accountable which is
was no difference between onepartof canada and another although
wear casual elegance mallorca ispartof catalunya and as such
those in the more southernpartof central scotland get the
filled in time by showingpartof charles the making of
in a vacuum language ispartof culture and as such
mmhm yeah yeah it spartof culture and knowledge yeah
editing and production the firstpartof dost was published in
in the hilltown a poorpartof dundee north and east
lived in the villa forpartof each year visiting the
see scotland as an abberantpartof england then scots becomes
that are provided that ispartof ensuring that the proper
quite a long while aspartof er coming to terms
are because we were notpartof europe as we are
and it is a greatpartof european heritage we are
to be very much apartof everyday life mabel and
because they re a biggerpartof f833: mm f835: the
and snaring were an integralpartof farm life used to
know what operation they arepartof for example no one
oh that s the worstpartof getting a flat for
[inhale] [inhale] [cough] so whatpartof glasgow are you from
yeah f1038: classified as beingpartof glasgow but f1037: that
man could undo i waspartof god i was christ
i intervened in the laterpartof her speech i was
to avoid facing her onepartof him scared and the
great battles of the earliestpartof his career was the
where he lived a considerablepartof his life it also
sees it as just onepartof his lifetime commitment to
your bubble gum the logicalpartof his mind started to
style and obviously this ispartof his propaganda obviously this
move on to the nextpartof his speech andrew wilson
the centralisation of diphthongs aspartof his studies in the
need for income on thepartof individuals on the other
ensure that the subject ispartof initial teacher education and
marks occur and a considerablepartof innermessan lay west of
skill is usually approached aspartof intensive reading where the
declaration of inverness which becamepartof international law in that
hall and demolished a largepartof it across from the
moving equipment shifted a largepartof it across the road
s mandate to joshua wellpartof it an he says
you know cut off anypartof it and certainly the
it but gaining language waspartof it as well or
loss of language was waspartof it but gaining language
i have tried to explainpartof it but i doubt
industry nick johnston that waspartof it elaine murray hit
franco i suspect that spartof it he had been
and certainly the liberal democratpartof it is keen to
f1155: or a pa- apartof it or something it
is poetry and prose butpartof it s also rural
mmhm f958: ehm the musicpartof it s really good
up in a pretty roughpartof it so f1150: yeah
and yet each is apartof it the snake s
and many of them soldpartof it to the grocer
f640: well that s maybepartof it too that the
scheme for public bodies aspartof its 21st century government
of questioning for witnesses aspartof its consideration of the
for witnesses giving evidence aspartof its consideration of the
to the scottish executive aspartof its consultation on the
the procedures committee heard aspartof its consultative steering group
executive what recent discussions aspartof its cultural responsibilities it
discussions it has had aspartof its cultural responsibilities with
be taken into account aspartof its current consideration of
support groups is a keypartof its drugs and social
support groups is a keypartof its drugs and social
its race equality scheme aspartof its equality framework in
commissioned by caledonian macbrayne aspartof its fares review in
progress on this issue aspartof its inquiry into the
scottish borders textiles industry aspartof its inquiry into the
progress on these issues aspartof its inquiry into the
that the issue will formpartof its report sub group
the rural development committee aspartof its stage 2 consideration
been on sick leave forpartof june the chairman is
yeah f978: er so thatpartof life f746: but oh
i had accepted it aspartof life with scots phrases
think m741: cause they repartof like your argument like
road work is the majorpartof local authority maintenance activity
soller and nearly every otherpartof mallorca engages in every
a real failure on thepartof management to plan for
and is now an integralpartof many aspects of modern
dissatisfaction and frustration on thepartof many enrolled nurses at
textile sector is a vitalpartof many local economies in
can get a bit f1151: partof maryhill and that it
you have saved the bestpartof me and saved it
be told a very strongpartof me believes that in
the same sort of valuespartof me does because my
and are not revealed thereafterpartof me does not like
mm m1036: it was alwayspartof me erm from my
to be genuinely helpful butpartof me is worried that
i think erm but anotherpartof me realises that there
of the figures represented thepartof me that dwelled on
room just might be buggedpartof me thinks that such
two ways by the requestpartof me wants to be
nothing yet again a bigpartof me was agreeing with
there is willingness on thepartof ministers council leaders and
wandered down arbat street thepartof moscow that is supposed
up and so a regularpartof muckin e byre wis
four hundred scottish outlets arepartof multiple chains that are
experience of publishing while anotherpartof my brain is struggling
that neighbourhood recently a substantialpartof my constituency has been
oh right m827: that spartof my council tax i
been famous but it spartof my life now and
i wax poetical and apartof my mind insists that
11 2006 good news aspartof my ongoing campaign to
some more then he droppedpartof my own haddock into
specific those elements will bepartof my report as i
bowling for compo the firstpartof my shift was all
advertising revenue is a significantpartof newspaper income regardless of
be recommended for use aspartof nhs trusts strategies to
examples from the very earlypartof of of of the
sat on the couples andpartof one side was used
do use westbank quadrant thepartof otago street from gibson
by john mcallion a corepartof our agenda for the
sure that the most dynamicpartof our civic society is
minister mr jack mcconnell aspartof our commitment to providing
expressing ideas they are allpartof our common culture and
saying that it should bepartof our complaints procedure that
just as a subject aspartof our core language er
concerned with fostering this valuablepartof our cultural heritage what
right medicine again that ispartof our deliberations given the
raise the comments will formpartof our deliberations over the
see it as an integralpartof our economic development processes
traffic control is a keypartof our infrastructure and has
thought of phoning the policepartof our job would be
that mr hamilton is thispartof our legacy paper does
rather than on any researchpartof our overall assessment will
petition will be considered aspartof our overall review of
times more beds the secondpartof our plan to cut
work force development centres aspartof our positive response to
us however it is clearlypartof our remit to look
out the sponsoring body aspartof our response to the
be picky but is thatpartof our role although i
understand that however it ispartof our role to keep
such situations that must bepartof our role who will
voluntary sector is a professionalpartof our social economy like
voluntary sector is an integralpartof our society and this
nesbitt it is a vibrantpartof our society and we
we can show that everypartof our society is involved
that to be the casepartof our submission to the
so that the petition becomespartof our telecommunications inquiry then
and discuss the matter aspartof our wider consideration of
indicated agreement the convener aspartof our work programme we
dancer himself wyllie made dancingpartof palace cultural affairs thereafter
time the most high profilepartof parliament s business and
food fish was a majorpartof people s diet because
negative responses that are nowpartof proposals that we all
you could view it aspartof psychoraag but it s
it s like it spartof [?]reason[/?] is poetry and
the purposes of the nextpartof report and only for
up those comments i spentpartof saturday morning in one
be included as an essentialpartof school curricula both at
this area became a permanentpartof scotland after the battle
explore social change in thatpartof scotland in the first
nothin m865: well you repartof scotland officially m952: well
create songs that themselves becamepartof scotland s traditional music
snp with government in anypartof scotland the creation of
act of settlement was madepartof scots law through the
our language is a greatpartof scottish heritage and it
and so i understand thatpartof scottish identity m608: mm
something eh which w- waspartof scottish rad- radicalism er
was trying to sell apartof skye for a lot
profitable when used with thepartof speech which is itself
different examples of the samepartof speech would create a
such a journey or anypartof such a journey is
possible by editing the firstpartof t in the fashion
tobacco advertising is a logicalpartof that agenda the evidence
on setting up the scottishpartof that at that time
for improvement and repair grantspartof that budget we argued
think like that immigration spartof that but m741: mmhm
i do because they werepartof that coming to terms
better town planning are allpartof that equally i welcome
the community fund the gallingpartof that is that the
to explore those issues aspartof that meeting once we
i will answer the lastpartof that question first the
scots [inhale] but i thinkpartof that question would be
voluntary organisations is operating aspartof that rural community transport
on the day after thatpartof that sentence is or
on the day after thatpartof that sentence is or
issue could be considered aspartof that that would be
civil judicial co operation aspartof that title they are
m845: we hope to bepartof that twenty point three
is managed might usefully bepartof that wider study i
means improved efficiency and thatpartof that will come through
ask the scottish executive whetherpartof the 95 million it
described the transient nature ofpartof the aboyne population and
is the purpose of thispartof the agenda if we
stepping down arrangements that arepartof the agreement but which
policy has been adopted aspartof the amsterdam treaty there
and berwickshire which originally formedpartof the ancient kingdom of
the parliament that that ispartof the argument that we
instead it is an essentialpartof the armoury with which
my clothes off was thispartof the assessment too i
different culture and there beingpartof the auc with its
duplicity or connivance on thepartof the authorising officer is
wrote that it was desolatepartof the autobahn can be
castle at dunsinane scene 7partof the battlefield act i
therefore it will have beenpartof the bigger picture of
states in europe and beingpartof the bigger picture when
seems to be the onlypartof the bill in which
are recommended will not formpartof the bill we will
will make up a substantialpartof the board why are
me what was the bestpartof the book f1122: erm
book of the heavenly cowpartof the book of the
gaelic obviously expands the languagepartof the brain just as
he had visited the oldestpartof the building closed now
comparator will be calculated aspartof the business case for
have an interest a keypartof the care development group
as macdiarmid in the earlierpartof the century blackhall s
er you know the earlypartof the century you know
we not in the wrongpartof the chain we should
least presume that a majorpartof the change is a
excited at all m1019: pa-partof the change of of
walls this is the earliestpartof the city and there
scrutiny of european matters aspartof the clerks legacy paper
rod and line fishing duringpartof the close season on
places al- in sydney alongpartof the coast used to
standards for msps in thispartof the code members should
scottish executive and thereby notpartof the collective the scottish
reflect woolly thinking on thepartof the committee but are
any specific questions richard lochheadpartof the committee s duty
committee report and is thereforepartof the committee s general
talking skills paper 9 aspartof the communicative classroom there
by family businesses that arepartof the community and that
skill of writing is notpartof the compulsory assessment and
last the minister is nowpartof the consensus on this
little disagreement except on thepartof the conservatives on the
context or is covered aspartof the consideration of the
which is so much apartof the context of the
the bill is only onepartof the continuing modernisation of
limited review of the quantitiespartof the contract and will
ppp contract it is notpartof the contract i think
had been built it becamepartof the council property it
seem to benefit a particularpartof the country and that
carry the news to everypartof the country in the
in this town in thispartof the country in this
in dingwall but not everypartof the country is so
configuration of services in everypartof the country mr duncan
is never straightforward urquhart waspartof the court circle in
he starts [inhale] urquhart remainedpartof the court circle in
a prisoner he s notpartof the court circle [inhale]
pleased to hear that aspartof the current research into
us an assurance that aspartof the current review of
of a moor latin waspartof the curriculum at that
a treat but never fullypartof the curriculum within my
that even though the secondpartof the delay that you
members on the convention aspartof the delegations from the
whether in their view thepartof the design that they
kinna strategies m741: mmhm m605: partof the dif- difference is
purpose of meeting all orpartof the difference between the
improvement grants for owner occupierspartof the difficulty is that
convener i will draw thatpartof the discussion to a
group pension schemes and whetherpartof the distributed surplus is
in scotland m741: mmhm m605: partof the driving force of
definition gallon intended to formpartof the dry capacity series
at bay in a particularpartof the earth they go
while it does not formpartof the edinburgh constituency that
being in europe and beingpartof the european union while
action for both languages aspartof the european year of
scotland s indigenous languages aspartof the european year of
action for both languages aspartof the european year of
walls we spent a goodpartof the evening catching them
of both subjects the firstpartof the evening was a
those comments into consideration aspartof the evidence gathering that
for periods of time aspartof the evidence if you
formal referral the petition becomespartof the evidence that we
petition so that it becomespartof the evidence that we
think that the new regulatorypartof the executive agency will
renewable energy developments on thepartof the executive and the
renewable energy developments on thepartof the executive and the
renewable energy developments on thepartof the executive and the
the chamber of the lastpartof the executive motion which
are to submit it aspartof the executive s consultation
the last sentence in thepartof the executive s response
the valley in hiding aspartof the exercise as the
in fact the most difficultpartof the exercise is not
the eu this report ispartof the exspro project london
passage is no longer apartof the external assessment at
winter it s just apartof the f746: yeah in
interred so his ardour becamepartof the fabric of the
more than previously planned aspartof the facing the future
as totems others some arepartof the family i know
the whole tuition fee iipartof the fee and iii
would be depends on whichpartof the ferry industry we
cusco to see the mainpartof the festival there we
chimes are concentrated in onepartof the field where i
statement that should have beenpartof the financial memorandum such
and miniature sheets the latterpartof the first round was
and to cover all orpartof the fishing season the
v this may well bepartof the foundations of the
other services were checked aspartof the framework which is
will those provisions are onlypartof the full picture there
poem that s kind ofpartof the fun erm but
mm mmhm m762: that spartof the fun of it
granton store and when thispartof the gallery will be
construction of the net nopartof the gear may be
moment the drugs bills arepartof the general allocations to
of the eypd bus aspartof the get on board
review our budgets as everypartof the government does to
invite the sga to bepartof the group would that
harbour in the south eastpartof the harbour archaeologists have
that pharmacies are a centralpartof the health team and
term support for pharmacies aspartof the health team in
of personal reading which formedpartof the higher folio and
the station s significance aspartof the historic core of
who lived in the otherpartof the house 60 years
fun held in the oldpartof the house other than
of the house and rentpartof the house what consideration
pretend with that i mpartof the human race i
complex area that is notpartof the immediate plans the
shares and subsequently in 1909partof the investment 113 was
and creditors [inhale] so thepartof the jewel and its
religious foes and creditors thepartof the jewel most often
is about completing the lastpartof the jigsaw if this
on the journey or thatpartof the journey by means
to quantify this is indeedpartof the justification for any
right m605: and that ispartof the kind of the
urban dialects of scotland aspartof the language known as
language of the home orpartof the language of the
and scholars during the earlypartof the last millennium latin
city feel themselves to bepartof the late twentieth century
down drains for example aspartof the law we have
and what financial consideration formspartof the lease on what
the car deck occupied onlypartof the length of this
languages should be valued aspartof the life of the
[note: photo: 'innermessan camp, workshops and pier, looking north, 1944.'] meanwhile the second lastpartof the line had been
understanding this connexion will bepartof the linguistic competence of
there is satisfaction on thepartof the local authority that
assessed by communities scotland aspartof the local housing strategies
queue i gave the secondpartof the macdiarmid talk in
access to dental services ispartof the main thrust of
it difficult to access thatpartof the market i think
requires considerable skill on thepartof the marksman and can
your hero gettin wounded ispartof the mechanics of the
letter i bring the publicpartof the meeting to a
the sentiment in the firstpartof the motion as we
scots leid associe the firstpartof the motion calls on
will be to delete apartof the motion relating to
amendments can only delete thatpartof the motion relating to
a tapestry of a smallpartof the mural likewise the
only egotistically human but alsopartof the natural world around
fish by enmeshing them nopartof the net may be
points that you raised aspartof the new approach to
future nurses as a keypartof the nhs family it
upper deeside is a smallpartof the north east region
north of ire- a bigpartof the north of ireland
that osteoporosis is only consideredpartof the older age group
handling the data for thatpartof the operation merge with
additional works which were notpartof the original project and
can be challenging it ispartof the overall approach to
the scottish executive is onepartof the overall government machine
adam will know that formspartof the overhaul of the
conserve salmon stocks the firstpartof the paper pages 6
am trying to find thepartof the paper that says
am proud to be apartof the partnership government that
to the parliament tourism aspartof the pathfinders to the
also be identified under thispartof the plan bringing together
could be developed under thispartof the plan range from
kelso broomlands primary school wherepartof the playing fields have
m608: mmhm m078: erm andpartof the poem at least
that other practitioners can benefitpartof the point of the
in the water the deepestpartof the pool guinness black
so that a naturally activepartof the population continues to
direct resources for that keypartof the population it is
assurances have been checked aspartof the power generation section
not there a danger thatpartof the previous body s
does the minister agree thatpartof the problem is that
the a68 and the a7partof the problem is that
move into the secondary curriculumpartof the problem there i
and planned relocation reviews aspartof the public service job
has recently focussed on aspartof the publicity surrounding rangers
area waste plans the secondpartof the question was on
about broadband because that ispartof the range of issues
the people which is surelypartof the reason for having
changing in parts of europepartof the reason for that
colleges know the value ofpartof the reason why i
moratorium on written questions duringpartof the recess or an
effort limitation system shall bepartof the recovery plan for
provision that should also formpartof the remit of our
committee given that it ispartof the remit of this
scottish borders over recent yearspartof the response from the
more effective public involvement thirdlypartof the review will be
tribes also as an intrinsicpartof the ritual and as
aunt pol s reaction waspartof the ritual too this
primary schools are an intrinsicpartof the rural way of
dominions thereunto belonging or anypartof the same or to
dominions thereunto belonging or anypartof the same or to
can encourage parents to feelpartof the school community through
issues in the response aspartof the scope of the
000 from the gnp aspartof the scotland wide work
but the agency would bepartof the scottish executive and
just told us that onepartof the scottish executive is
are not civil servants orpartof the scottish government see
is light is so muchpartof the semantic system of
reference to a the punishmentpartof the sentence as is
reference to a the punishmentpartof the sentence as is
1993 act or b anypartof the sentence which has
1993 act or b anypartof the sentence which has
extensive grounds only a smallpartof the site has a
measures are as much apartof the social fabric in
feel that they are integralpartof the society in which
peer reviewed journal that ispartof the stable of the
like orkney and caithness thepartof the stall where the
was going on in thispartof the story b what
and after read a smallpartof the story themselves onto
courses of action that illustratespartof the strange experience of
local health board it ispartof the strategic response to
ruin it but conventions arepartof the structure suspension of
of the voluntary sector onepartof the submission that it
results large scale clustering thispartof the survey showed that
letters of comfort are stillpartof the system and if
glottal a glottal consonant aspartof the system in in
course of transactions these formpartof the tacit knowledge of
legal sizes all this formedpartof the tacit knowledge of
legislation will be considered aspartof the task force s
that nurses are only onepartof the team and i
to replace or omit anypartof the text of an
amend disapply or repeal anypartof the text of an
reader on to the particularpartof the text that the
m608: mm mm mm m078: partof the the consciousness erm
the economists report the convenerpartof the thinking behind my
totem meal as an essentialpartof the totemic religion 20
made available for training aspartof the tourism budget will
they assemble at a certainpartof the town an where
all the boys in thatpartof the town frequainted the
reduced to a very smallpartof the training programme for
and that is perhaps thepartof the treaty of which
the study abstract the latterpartof the twentieth century brought
that the scottish executive aspartof the uk delegation is
that the scottish executive aspartof the uk delegation is
referring has been handled aspartof the uk effort with
that being in europe aspartof the uk gives us
years but the devolved scottishpartof the uk government has
is in effect the scottishpartof the uk regulation of
scottish parliament that is stillpartof the uk what are
is significant that every otherpartof the united kingdom has
government is and scotland ispartof the united kingdom is
scotland was a very powerfulpartof the united kingdom of
scotland was that was thenpartof the united kingdom so
scots by far the greaterpartof the vocabulary of this
committee members which are alsopartof the voluntary sector being
regular feature of the earlypartof the voyage and had
of safety in tbe secondpartof the voyage following very
committee to raise funds aspartof the war effort in
use the options listed aspartof the way in which
one occasion drove a locomotivepartof the way on the
of controversial because that spartof the where the language
carrying capacity issue it ispartof the whole world story
best of both worlds beingpartof the wider uk being
e f718: does the flechiepartof the word mean anything
and within what timescale eachpartof the work will be
on young people in thispartof the world and the
in lewis who markets thatpartof the world he has
and one words in thispartof the world i suppose
that when i visited hispartof the world yesterday i
worst area of the worstpartof the worst city you
the others were employed forpartof the year and or
over there m1163: mmhm m608: partof the year here an
yeah m608: at least spentpartof the year when when
concerned may pool all orpartof their allowances under this
to feel that it ispartof their culture too i
packages that people maintain aspartof their daily business to
then continue with that aspartof their further career or
taught to all children aspartof their general language education
a sense that it spartof their heritage uh huh
their lives in freshwater andpartof their lives in the
yeah mmhm m762: that spartof their lives you know
the scottish executive have forfeitedpartof their ministerial salaries for
use the word university aspartof their name 9 open
of oatmeal and milk aspartof their pay some farmers
and b have all orpartof their rent paid by
computer applications as a majorpartof their research large databases
wants to see it aspartof their response to the
of recording our achievements aspartof their work environment and
cost of those expenses orpartof them when the person
the 1997 act states thispartof this act applies to
patient is detained under thispartof this act mrs mary
allow ministers to disapply anypartof this act this is
new framework for the cfppartof this framework is that
that it is that spartof this greater variability the
number of hurricanes is thispartof this increased variability it
you know the the northernpartof this island which you
and community care committee aspartof this morning s evidence
drawing up the management planpartof this remit is to
national museums of scotland aspartof this we have been
preparation of the 2001 napspartof this work included an
winter and into the earlypartof this year that the
m194: er m608: you werepartof this yourself for a
moors having spent the largerpartof three massachusetts winters surreptitiously
with lobbyists that is thepartof today s discussion that
site and writing the firstpartof today s entry then
aberdeen [inhale] these are notpartof traditional scots orthography they
l in marshaw are notpartof traditional scots orthography they
that will be only apartof what was spent the
a restriction in only onepartof what we contend is
artists from near and farpartof what we wanted was
a moving apt and permanentpartof what will be the
that like unique to apartof where yo- glasgow or
thesis ehm for wh- aspartof which i created ehm
in the round in aberdeenshirepartof which i represent there
an extended ceremony in quechuapartof which included a mock
authorities the importance of thatpartof which might be to
of the sacred river urubambapartof which we d been
it s still it spartof you know the world
house that came about aspartof you know your particular
james isn t there apartof you that longs to
that point on i supposepartof you thinks it s
weird second until the rationalpartof your brain worked it
i agree with the firstpartof your point i am
to reply to the firstpartof your question and i
would rather address the firstpartof your question someone having
do your transcripts count inpartof your wordcount or is
6 was handed over inpartpayment of dividend recovered on
respect of which a punishmentpartrequires to be but has
respect of which a punishmentpartrequires to be but has
climbing a temple wall oneparts a drop of rain
the gravel to the deepestpartsuddenly a tiny spring of
of which your property ispartthe sender is intimating to
of the parliament the nextpartthen comes back to general
of north ayrshire for thepartthey have played in the
establishment of such a grouppartthree scottish parliament engagement the
intensive degree of skill isparttime and therefore does not
is to assume that allparttime employees work 50 of
funeral bobby is doing aparttime job in one of
of a business magazine andparttime language teacher here to
one of the schools hereparttime so that should help
there are a number ofparttimers or parlour registrars but
of addressing the issue inpartwhen we consider the code
at once andy refuses topartwith the uneaten half of

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