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husband it says a malepartneran a male partner in
okay what about eh malepartnerf1023: well husband if you
and eh what aboot malepartnerf1040: [laugh] f1041: a male
f1040: [laugh] f1041: a malepartnerf1043: bidie in [laugh] if
my man mmhm m1021: malepartnerf1054: aye have you got
male partner an a malepartnerin that days was just
we didn t do malepartneriona f1009: i would tend
[laugh] f1054: what aboot malepartnerkenny ye ever had a
aye mmhm f1053: male malepartnerm1000: male partner oh god
f1054: and if a malepartnerm1004: [laugh] [participant is speaking to other people in the room] f1005: ehm
unanimous isn t it malepartnerm1012: my man m1010: my
ye ever had a malepartnerm1015: i ve not got
mmhm er what about malepartnerm1020: eh m1022: i couldnae
see we ve done malepartnernow friends that s right
male male partner m1000: malepartneroh god i ve nae
a woman seeing a malepartneror a a pal like
grandmither we ve done malepartnerwe ve done grandfaither freend
f1054: what aboot ma- malepartnerwhat do you ca yer
m1022: male partn- a malepartneryeah oppo or er better
bidie in oh aye nopartneraye oh well i wis
a think at oh femalepartnerf1043: i still had bidie
yeah m1055: bidie in forpartnerm1007: bidie in m1008: quite
friend did we do femalepartnerdid we f1054: i ve
m1055: female partner m1008: femalepartnereh well wife partner woman
f1054: ehm what about femalepartnerf1006: female f1054: partner m1004:
good what about eh femalepartnerf1023: as in you re
we said skip m1022: femalepartnerf1054: okay erm sleep m1019:
ehm what aboot ehm femalepartnerf1145: well if it was
m1021: you mean a femalepartneri ve got er bird
married but just eh femalepartneris a as good a
he s got a femalepartnerit s female partner not
done grandfaither freend baby femalepartnerkit of tools yeah i
mmhm f1053: what about femalepartnerm1002: i just think that
female partner f1006: female f1054: partnerm1004: that s just really
too you know m1055: femalepartnerm1008: female partner eh well
isn t it ehm femalepartnerm1013: i haven t got
jimmy let s do femalepartnerm1020: no no i thought
female partner it s femalepartnernot f1054: aye but if
true f1009: this this femalepartnerthat ehm one i ve
good ehm what aboot femalepartnerwhat would you call your
female partner eh well wifepartnerwoman lady other half better
neglect by a partner thepartneras well as the partnership
such boyfriend which sometimes equalspartneras well ehm man partner
partner as well ehm manpartnerboyfriend yes that s it
partner i hate that wordpartnerf1043: mmhm m1042: you ve
m1042: i hate that wordpartneri hate that word partner
partner library there is onepartnerlibrary in each constituency in
education 3 visit your localpartnerlibrary there is one partner
result of neglect by apartnerthe partner as well as
boyfriend other half eh occasionallypartnera divorcee might say if
f1054: eh bit o stuffpartnerboyfriend m1017: boyfriend m1015: fiancé
mm mmhm no boyfriend orpartnerf1054: eh bit o stuff
a click lookin for apartnerbe lookin for a click
got a new relationship goinpartnerm1014: click f1054: oh i
their courses validated by apartnerinstitution 4 general higher education
their courses validated by apartnerinstitution with degree awarding powers
the applicant institution s validatingpartners all play a role
the applicant institution s validatingpartners comment on the suitability
across the network of 13partnercolleges and 2 associate colleges
provision is determined by thepartnercolleges but degree courses must
services in march 1998 uhimipartnercolleges have developed taught degree
60 of the activity ofpartnercolleges remains fe most he
dimension to he study inpartnercolleges since being accredited by
in march 2001 the academicpartnercolleges which form uhimi continue
parliament uk visit your localpartnerlibrary attend a debate or
find out where your nearestpartnerlibrary is by contacting the
website ask at your localpartnerlibrary or contact the public
well aabody s got apartnernow aye m1042: i hate
silence ed business is sufferinpartnerpause customers hate ti be
for me innit f1006: justpartnerm1004: [cough] the wife f1006:
the executive is the leadpartnerbecause it will have to
who should be the leadpartnerin overseeing the scheme earlier
the executive as the leadpartneris a wonderful evasion it
executive is not the leadpartnerit is the only body
the concept of a leadpartnermeans in that instance we
scottish executive as the leadpartnerthere is a clear understanding
the scottish executive as leadpartnerto form an on going
far as i m concernedpartners an awful word f1043:
sector as a key socialpartnerduring the debate many members
the sector is a keypartnerfor government but it is
it is also a keypartnerin our communities whether they
voluntary sector as a keypartnerin policy development service delivery
to be a key socialpartnerthat can be demonstrated on
sector which is a keypartnerthat we will never dominate
often describe one another aspartneras well m1016: mmhm f1054:
f1026: if it s yourpartnerbut normally you d f1054:
[laugh] f1023: as being apartnerbut i could get ye
as well probably called apartnerf1023: oh yes that s
to the committee only onepartnerthe wife is a service
sector as a crucial socialpartnerwhy are there increasing calls
yes i agreed eh manpartnerpossibly if it was such
of another one for ehpartneryeah the ni- nippy sweetie
man f1027: aye or yourpartnerjust just mmhm f1024: your
man muckle an adult marrowpartnerspouce mei me mellin coming
girlfriend f1027: i took thatpartnerf1026: he s got a
f890: he s got apartnershe they re not married
coorse he his got apartnersmelly och at s fine
be a free and equalpartnerwith you because you ve
taken from the grant topartnerproviders in pre school education
have their degrees validated bypartnerinstitutions however the majority of
to look after their daughterpartneror son in summary we
disaster they clutch at theirpartners arm their eyes amazed
to their own or theirpartners chart such sentences as
and those of their validatingpartners for the progressive transfer
hong kong flu or theirpartners having a liver transplant
for approval being the principalpartnerin the preparation of the
involving them being the principalpartnerin the preparation of the
enhance local government as apartnerof the scottish parliament and
is recognised as a fullpartnerwith formal levels of government
[laugh] m1007: yes husband orpartnerwould would suffice for me
f1009: for er for thepartnerliving in the house with
guess im just missing mypartneri was saying to jimmy
ryder care as an unsuitablepartnerfor any future care projects
a french mistress as apartnerfor more than 30 years
any role as a fundingpartnerin preparing or approving the
scotland made good connections withpartnerregions in eastern europe many
pupil herself or with apartnerthis conversion or transformation of
by a current or expartnertwo violent deaths every week
income of a spouse orpartnerwhen assessing an individual s
more effective if a businesspartnercould be identified who would
get urgent assistance from apartnercountry it will also help
also an important and influentialpartnerin the development of all
a house and requiring onepartnerin each pair to place
longing to be the thirdpartnerin one of those tiny
particular spot and the otherpartnerto attach one set of
disabled person with a workingpartnerwho are living below income
it was a long termpartnerwho lived together it d
allowance applies to the disabledpartnerwho receives care and is
the other and that thepartneryou had for the last
the students undertake with apartnera short controlled practice of
with her studio equipment herpartnerand her dog most importantly
in conjunction with a privatepartnerfor the northern isles passenger
in conjunction with a privatepartnerfor the northern isles passenger
in conjunction with a privatepartnerfor the northern isles passenger
executives of all the mainpartnerorganisations with significant funding influence
its membership through links withpartnerschools although it states that
yeah [laugh] f835: french exchangepartnerand she was a girl
actual obligation to fmd apartnerand talk so i m
are looking to become apartnerand to learn from that
introduces me to his vivaciouspartnercarmen a bookbinder the new
paunch and greying hair hispartnergorgeously flamboyant in a suit
a multitude o sins apartnerit it could be any
is a service user thepartnerreceives no services from the
exercise healthier people an essentialpartnerto a healthier diet is
till you see fit mypartners weerin this is something
of the house itself mypartnerwould be gone i had
señor soon to be mypartnerwould soar out of palma
has become his lover hispartnerhis life erm and i
mr kemp s family andpartneron his untimely loss to
are whereas the active sexpartnerin lucrece is undoubtedly lewd
it pause an me yurpartnerin doll crime ed you
marseilles was soller s businesspartnersoller families emigrated to marseilles
degrees to students studying inpartnerinstitutions 7 cvcp briefing note
made to allow the 73partnerlibraries to provide open access
dumfries and galloway council andpartnerorganisations on 18 april 2001

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