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and local authorities the socialpartnersand non governmental organisations ngos
representing civil society the socialpartnersbusiness non governmental organisations think
regional and local authorities socialpartnersnon governmental organisations as well
this chamber including his coalitionpartnersand most of his labour
should explain to the coalitionpartnersand the rest of the
labour party by its coalitionpartnersin the executive by my
say some of our coalitionpartnerswant soundbites rationally if i
regional and local authorities socialpartnersngos and social service providers
authorities service providers and otherpartnersto develop programmes and services
authorities service providers and otherpartnersto develop programmes and services
senior health department appointments thomsonpartnerslimited glasgow has had responsibility
the scottish executive whether thomsonpartnerslimited glasgow will be involved
embt rmjm ove arup andpartnersrmjm scotland limited and any
revenue investment is required frompartnersover and above the capital
rate of return that privatepartnersreceive for the capital that
rate of return that privatepartnersreceive for the capital that
positive discussions with our europeanpartnersand with others that is
no doubt continue discussions withpartnersin the north east scotland
head regular meetings of cooperatingpartnerswere held and discussions and
cannot negotiate that with regionalpartnersthat is not how it
important that we identify thepartnerswho need to work together
the scottish executive and localpartnersworking together to identify transport
the member states the socialpartnersand other civil society organisations
initiatives has any of thepartnersor the organisations with which
organisations should be seen aspartnersrather than subjects in inverness
and local authorities other fundingpartnersand the scottish executive it
the local authorities and theirpartnersbids in the process we
have to work with ourpartnersin more rural local authorities
local authorities have been thepartnersof central government in the
authorities to be considered aspartnersto deliver funding for its
agreement of the various fundingpartnersinvolved in the redevelopment of
textile unions and public sectorpartnersinvolved with the textile industry
the scottish executive and localpartnersthose involved in the review
have been taken by thepartnerswho have been involved in
social committee and the socialpartnershave observer status only the
usa and to our europeanpartnerssocial inclusion is at the
bring the so called socialpartnersthe employers and trade unions
bring major benefits to ourpartnersin europe and significantly to
hours from our major tradingpartnerssome kind of spelling reform
consultation document invites the variouspartnersthat are responsible for the
closely with our local authoritypartnersand the nof to get
will have to approach ourpartnersas we go forward it
the strategy will influence ourpartnersbut it will take time
committee the scottish executive ourpartnersin local government and members
us and does down ourpartnersin local government i want
to work together with ourpartnersin the voluntary and private
two years and involving manypartnersis that many of our
more helpful to our europeanpartnersthan the home office intends
60 seconds i tell ourpartnersthat notwithstanding the efforts of
enough support among our europeanpartnersto enable the right decision
monitoring group we and ourpartnerswill ensure that those implementation
promote deaf people as equalpartnersin society and campaigns for
business with its private sectorpartnersbe 50 per cent out
where feelings about the fundingpartnersran high culminating in accusations
seek out local government benchmarkingpartnersbusiness bulletin 162 2000 monday
they were regarded as equalpartnersconsultation exercises were often conducted
main activity of most academicpartnersuhi aims to provide a
the evening and spouse andpartnerswould be most welcome secretary
by [censored: forename] [censored: surname] spouses andpartnerswould be most welcome since
co operation with european unionpartnerswith regard to providing information
united kingdom government and otherpartnerswe aim to provide that
is also important that thosepartnersrecognise the potential financial contribution
in conjunction with the otherpartnersin april 2001 the lga
work with visitscotland and otherpartnersto promote scottish arts and
to work with all relevantpartnersto reassess the a75 route
excellent initiatives taken by allpartnersin the development of the
all visitors members spouses andpartnersand [censored: forename] [censored: surname] apologies were
t in the group wipartnersf1054: [inaudible] m1016: what sort
had been partners or salariedpartnersin criminal defence firms those
what would what would thepartnersbe there m1004: their bidie
lost buckie aiberdeen peterheid individualspartnersfaimlies their kin cam tae
bairns call their boyfiends girlfriendspartners[?]more[/?] mmhm f1024: no f1025:
congratulate inverclyde council and theirpartnerson the staging of the
it is up to individualpartnersto find their own solution
8 then men turn theirpartnersunder one arm for 4
the yew tree tak theirpartnerswheech an birl voodoo viper
the dance like change ofpartnershermia with lysander helena with
will be pursued by allpartnerswith an interest in sport
accessing the money or becomingpartnerswith them in delivering greater
why keep talking about leadpartnerswhy not just say do
is because of domestic commitmentspartnersand jobs that constrains managers
projects are funded by thepartnersand the cost of the
responsibility of a range ofpartnersand we expect the strategy
aboriginal [audience laughter] and no fitpartnersfor her offspring whether they
him to friends and potentialpartnershe s it just hasn
and greet my new sparringpartnersi came to the chamber
naturally i have informed mypartnersmr boyter and mr sanderson
the mouth who are thepartnerstarmac scott wilson and morrison
some of whom had beenpartnersor salaried partners in criminal
p5 pupils operating as responsepartnerson a piece about william
to be taught about multiplepartnersthe official line for teaching
be people whose like ehpartnersfor team kata won t
set of requirements from thepartnersin the project which include
given to the creation ofpartnersof the union status for

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