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the inclusion in public privatepartnershipagreements of hospital ancillary facilities
city of glasgow social inclusionpartnershipand on what boards they
4020 elaine thomson great northernpartnershipand social inclusion partnerships for
gorrie s1m 4020 great northernpartnershipand social inclusion partnerships lodged
thomson on the great northernpartnershipand social inclusion partnerships motion
hamilton and blantyre social inclusionpartnershipare emerging i recently attended
targeted at the social inclusionpartnershipareas obviously we communicate information
inclusion through social dialogue andpartnershipbetween the commission the member
members of each social inclusionpartnershipboard have interests that would
registrable interests for social inclusionpartnershipboard members are similar to
of interest for social inclusionpartnershipboard members s1w 24743 linda
whether members of social inclusionpartnershipboards are obliged to notify
it ensures that social inclusionpartnershipboards make funding allocation decisions
bein funded through social inclusionpartnershipchildren an family we ve
that greater easterhouse social inclusionpartnershipfully fund gevco until the
much of his social inclusionpartnershipfunding if any members want
argument for refining social inclusionpartnershipfunding yet the snp s
interest for each social inclusionpartnershiphave been made by communities
march 2003 which social inclusionpartnershipprojects operating in glasgow were
part of a social inclusionpartnershipscheme s1w 23077 mrs lyndsay
workings of a social inclusionpartnershipsip or asked to investigate
but through the social inclusionpartnershipwe got three computers photocopyin
the north ayr social inclusionpartnershipwere which required the improvement
to the craigmillar social inclusionpartnershipwere witheld and when the
the edinburgh youth social inclusionpartnershipwhich is a thematic partnership
initiative and b public privatepartnershipcontracts have been agreed in
equal community initiative a developmentpartnershipdp under theme d of
private finance initiative public privatepartnershippfi ppp payments separately and
initiative pfi and public privatepartnershipppp schemes notes the mounting
initiative pfi and public privatepartnershipppp schemes notes the mounting
budgets to fund public privatepartnershipprivate finance initiative schemes in
finance initiative and public privatepartnershipprojects offer best value to
initiative and b public privatepartnershipprojects s1w 18251 donald gorrie
finance initiative and public privatepartnershipprojects s1w 8719 michael matheson
private finance initiative public privatepartnershiptransfers to the private sector
millennium jobs crusade initiative inpartnershipwith the employment service the
highlands and islands strategic transportpartnershipand looks forward to the
highlands and islands strategic transportpartnershipand looks forward to the
highlands and islands strategic transportpartnershipfor improved air services in
highlands and islands strategic transportpartnershipfor improved air services in
highlands and islands strategic transportpartnershipreport into the creation of
highlands and islands strategic transportpartnershipreport into the creation of
council and the north channelpartnershipto highlight the strategic importance
council and the north channelpartnershipto highlight the strategic importance
the use of public privatepartnershipas a means of financing
in private and public sectorpartnershipbetween private companies and the
projected expenditure on public privatepartnershipconstruction projects s1w 34333 ms
public private partnership when thepartnershipis ended b whether any
that the classic public privatepartnershipppp model has been tried
glasgow southern orbital public privatepartnershipppp road project in each
cost of a public privatepartnershipprivate build private operate prison
cost of a public privatepartnershipprivate build private operate prison
prison if a public privatepartnershipprivate build private operate prison
cost of a public privatepartnershipprivate build private operate prison
glasgow southern orbital public privatepartnershipproject s1w 34914δ sarah boyack
scottish executive which public privatepartnershipprojects currently under negotiation including
executive what education public privatepartnershipprojects it currently supports what
lanarkshire council s public privatepartnershipproposal for secondary schools which
new schools through public privatepartnershiprather than through government borrowing
finance initiatives and public privatepartnershipschemes will be eligible for
and private companies national trainingpartnershipsconto 3 lifelong learning inquiry
a 35 million public privatepartnershipto upgrade all the high
council using a public privatepartnershipwhen the partnership is ended
partnership at all levels thepartnershipwhich is a private company
other than a public privatepartnershipwhy was it forced to
to use their experience inpartnershipwith government and private business
local authorities are already inpartnershipwith the private sector and
consortia comprised local authorities inpartnershipwith the private sector members
public bodies to work inpartnershipwith the private sector to
public bodies to work inpartnershipwith the private sector to
public bodies to work inpartnershipwith the private sector to
elements of the project throughpartnershipwith the private sector which
s commitment to work inpartnershipwith the public private and
role of the great northernpartnershipand other sips is vital
done by the great northernpartnershipgnp in aberdeen notes that
last debate the great northernpartnershipis one of 48 social
learning lewis macdonald great northernpartnershipmotion debated elaine thomson elaine
the parliament today great northernpartnershipthe presiding officer sir david
local authorities in establishing qualitypartnershipand quality contract schemes with
the existing facilities in qualitypartnershipschemes scotland regulations 2001 ssi
the existing facilities in qualitypartnershipschemes scotland regulations 2001 ssi
the existing facilities in qualitypartnershipschemes scotland regulations 2001 ssi
local authorities have established qualitypartnershipschemes with bus operators s1w
in the work of thepartnershipat all levels the partnership
by partnership that includes thepartnershipbetween labour and the liberal
a partnership government with apartnershipexecutive 13 the scottish government
government often calls itself apartnershipgovernment with a partnership executive
the partnership the wider informalpartnershipis made up of all
partnership which is a thematicpartnershipit cuts across some of
s approach is underpinned bypartnershipthat includes the partnership between
in the work of thepartnershipthe wider informal partnership is
authorities are already working inpartnershipand are doing good work
two distinguished institutions working inpartnershipcan form a basis for
the principle contained in thepartnershipfor scotland agreement of working
could be an excellent workingpartnershipi will examine the background
delivery of services working inpartnershipis the best way in
absolutely committed to working inpartnershipon community care in fact
voluntary sector on working inpartnershipthe compact underpins and strengthens
is about working together inpartnershipto make europe a more
epilepsy scotland s working inpartnershipwith 7 health boards on
the government is working inpartnershipwith business in scotland to
s commitment to working inpartnershipwith business to improve the
that the executive working inpartnershipwith our colleagues in westminster
jamieson we are working inpartnershipwith the commission for racial
its commitment to working inpartnershipwith the sector on behalf
its commitment to working inpartnershipwith the sector through the
its commitment to working inpartnershipwith the sector through the
inappropriate we are working inpartnershipwith the uk government on
is committed to working inpartnershipwith the voluntary sector that
speak to the universities aboutpartnershipworking as that is what
the contract the requirement forpartnershipworking between crew and company
needs welcomes its emphasis onpartnershipworking between criminal justice agencies
the ground to promote integratedpartnershipworking between the relevant agencies
talk about community planning andpartnershipworking but we need to
and host communities and throughpartnershipworking enable the provision of
has been made in increasingpartnershipworking in the delivery of
to that problem alastair dempsterpartnershipworking is the biggest challenge
agenda for taking forward thatpartnershipworking this is the last
which provides a basis forpartnershipworking with older people who
happen and i accept thatpartnershipworking with sports clubs and
the voluntary sector in thepartnershipagainst poverty that group is
assist the sector improve thepartnershipbetween voluntary sector providers and
voluntary sector let us inpartnershipbuild on that work move
sector finds its place inpartnershipwith government in many vital
sector the dlos are inpartnershipwith many blue chip companies
voluntary sector can contribute inpartnershipwith the government to the
to extend the principle ofpartnershipwith the independent sector to
the next 10 years inpartnershipwith the organic sector the
which has been developed inpartnershipwith the sector as this
on the voluntary sector ourpartnershipwith the sector does not
the starting point in ourpartnershipwith the sector is the
we are making in ourpartnershipwith the sector the voluntary
will establish a body inpartnershipwith the sector to advise
mean domination the executive spartnershipwith the voluntary sector does
social justice in scotland ourpartnershipwith the voluntary sector is
commitment in the executive spartnershipagreement to developing a healthy
overall commitment given in thepartnershipfor scotland agreement to promote
overall commitment given in thepartnershipfor scotland agreement to promote
welcome the importance of realpartnershipbut it is clearly important
members mentioned the importance ofpartnershipthis is not about one
the importance of a strongpartnershipwith education authorities schools teachers
the importance of a strongpartnershipwith education authorities schools teachers
continue to build upon thatpartnershipfor the betterment of the
trust craigmillar festival society craigmillarpartnershipand subsidiary projects in the
practice and ensuring that thepartnershipinformation network guidelines on family
provision and finance throughout thepartnershipnetwork 5 uhi faculties offer
through the uhi millennium institutepartnershipnetwork this network offers an
of the urban network inpartnershipwith sub postmasters and other
school education identified in thepartnershipagreement agrees that the quality
school education identified in thepartnershipagreement agrees that the quality
there is still a sharedpartnershipagreement certainly at the meeting
scottish executive 2002a under thepartnershipfor scotland agreement the scottish
the current government including apartnershipfor scotland an agreement for
which is to take apartnershipapproach and to recognise the
to be delivered through apartnershipapproach between the eu member
that we will develop apartnershipapproach that recognises the issue
we want to maintain thatpartnershipapproach the debate is obviously
to be said for apartnershipapproach to exploring the benefits
structural funding and from apartnershipapproach to local economic development
executive to adopt a genuinepartnershipapproach to reaching a settlement
the right medicine and thepartnershipapproach will be a core
strategy we believe that apartnershipapproach will be of long
act monitor whether the qualitypartnershippowers included in the transport
a draft application for socialpartnershipfunding 5 petition the committee
women s conference 4 socialpartnershipfunding the committee will consider
look forward to an invigoratingpartnershipin delivering the social justice
helps to renew our neighbourhoodspartnershipwill deliver social justice in
key element in developing apartnershiprole between the voluntary public
authority local authority public agencypartnershipwith advisory powers local authority
powers local authority public agencypartnershipwith executive powers and national
scottish executive to work inpartnershipwith public bodies academic institutions
of the central local governmentpartnershipat which i mentioned the
do anything at all thepartnershipbetween central and local government
liberal democrats and a productivepartnershipbetween national and local government
deputy ministers 3 government 4partnershipcoalition 5 opposition 6 parliament
with the uk government 4partnershipcoalition the legislation not surprisingly
electronic government and b supportingpartnershipdevelopment between central and local
government for this grouping egpartnershipgovernment government business manager this
of the liberal democrat inpartnershipgovernment in scotland and the
be a part of thepartnershipgovernment that is delivering that
government perth 1999 13 cairngormspartnershippersonal communication 11 august 99
government has suggested that thepartnershipshould keep in mind the
eight to 65 the cairngormspartnershipwas established by government in
a new europe requires apartnershipwhere government at all levels
to continue to work inpartnershipwith her majesty s government
local government association lga inpartnershipwith the detr shell better
a problem i believe inpartnershipbetween the voluntary organisations and
it was developed through apartnershipbetween connect youth community learning
an emphasis on an equalpartnershipbetween men and women in
draws attention to the increasingpartnershipbetween ophthalmologists general medical practitioners
the issue of compacts thepartnershipbetween the executive and the
document for promoting a strengthenedpartnershipbetween the executive and the
compact was prepared in apartnershipbetween the executive and the
to two points first thepartnershipbetween the parliament and the
would aid the emerging localpartnershipin kilmarnock between the kilmarnock
local authorities to enter intopartnershipthere may be a case
be there the role ofpartnershipwas also questioned local authorities
the scottish executive work inpartnershipwith all relevant authorities and
successfully it has worked inpartnershipwith local authorities and many
home operators will work inpartnershipwith local authorities community pharmacies
what targets it has inpartnershipwith local authorities for reducing
that we are doing inpartnershipwith local authorities will be
the lead in funding apartnershipwith the appropriate local authorities
north east scotland economic developmentpartnershipbecause i was keen to
north east scotland economic developmentpartnershipon how the current plan
best achieved through sustaining ourpartnershipwithin the economic monetary and
best achieved through sustaining ourpartnershipwithin the economic monetary and
the required scale needs realpartnershipand teamwork we will continue
challenges that europe faces thatpartnershiphas to continue to develop
will continue to work inpartnershipwith them to enhance their
in spring 1999 the cairngormspartnershiphas played a key role
of the scottish national ruralpartnershipto take on the role
so we must work inpartnershipwe have an important role
s support project liz curranpartnershipmanager routes out of prostitution
awards 2002 for their innovativepartnershipproject at dalmellington and looks
language project robertson 1993 inpartnershipwith the scottish consultative council
power not only has thepartnershipadministration devolved more powers to
north east of scotland transportpartnershipnestrans for developing and progressing
north east of scotland transportpartnerships1w 33547 alasdair morgan to
service in building a crucialpartnershipthrough the parallel transport liaison
stock transfer the new housingpartnershipadvisory group has touched on
support for the new housingpartnershipand the potential for major
s1m 75 glasgow new housingpartnershiplodged on 24 june 1999
to play the new housingpartnershipprogramme is partly about stock
increase investment the new housingpartnershipprogramme links in here ensuring
robert brown glasgow new housingpartnershipthat the parliament welcomes the
refurbished under the new housingpartnershipwill be required to meet
advice on behalf of thepartnership10 a detailed work plan
parliament and to work inpartnershipand constructively across borders as
the words co operation andpartnershipbut the work has to
drawn up by the scottishpartnershipon domestic violence this work
to work closely with thepartnershipthere lewis macdonald has been
how we can work inpartnershipto ensure that we do
wrong if we work inpartnershipwe can move towards much
turf war we work inpartnershipwith our uk colleagues for
work at this very importantpartnershipwith respect to the minister
but it can work inpartnershipwith telecommunications companies to do
the opportunity to work inpartnershipwith the commission and with
scottish executive to work inpartnershipwith the fishing industry with
we have seen that improvedpartnershipwork indeed the executive considers
agree that that kind ofpartnershipis the way forward the
member knows the north channelpartnershipdiscussions are looking at several
there is the excellent innovativepartnershipinvolving east ayrshire council north
meeting of the north channelpartnershipthe organisation that represents ferry
that the people in localpartnershipagreements should pool new resources
genuine achievements of that localpartnershipit is impossible to doubt
given intensive outdoor education inpartnershipwith local authority child care
authority administers the rail passengerpartnershipscheme this report is now
of the council and thepartnershipthat the scottish executive s
steps it is taking inpartnershipwith east lothian council to
acknowledge the council s closepartnershipwith the teaching profession locally
constructive dialogue with all thepartnershipagencies involved to bring that
organisations in encouraging three yearpartnershipagreements with councils the scottish
usually provided by means ofpartnershipagreements with other institutions 10
in association with spaven mccrossanpartnershipand erm and what action
of or b enter intopartnershiparrangements in connection with any
in addition a world heritagepartnershipgroup has been established with
in recent weeks with thatpartnershiplooking at the a75 and
that communities scotland works inpartnershipwith architects s1w 24877 fergus
equal opportunities and works inpartnershipwith civic scotland the presiding
from october last year inpartnershipwith councils all over scotland
budget and some pharmacies inpartnershipwith other health professionals are
having an effective dialogue andpartnershipwith our colleagues in the
that the scottish executive inpartnershipwith the health and community
in the energy industry inpartnershipwith the industry and the
analysis has been undertaken inpartnershipwith the nhs in england
participate influence and act inpartnershipwith the parliament and its
cathy jamieson agree that financialpartnershipwith the scottish executive would
a possibility of entering intopartnershipwith them to deliver objectives
they support the development ofpartnershipat all levels they are
directs tourism development involving apartnershipof agencies within an atb
opportunities for new types ofpartnershipand flexible contracts which will
into it is a newpartnershipwhich will be more truly
department revised remit for cairngormspartnership11 snh national parks for
strong national implementation group calledpartnershipin action which i am
was a good and effectivepartnershipmost of the national assessment
the scottish executive s pacepartnershipaction for continuing employment 3
decision making refers to thepartnershipexecutive 14 first minister of
the scottish executive is apartnershipthat has formed a coalition
the remit of the cairngormspartnershiphas been revised principally the
notes that the business environmentalpartnershiphas completed more than 600
put on consultation transparency andpartnershipshe has been patently sincere
reservoir or to enter intopartnershiparrangements for the management of
gas and help the agedpartnershipinto the fear of crime
his father takes him intopartnershipnext year i don t
talkin about the power ofpartnershiphe quoted ecclesiastes which says
must be one of genuinepartnershipnot one in which there
task force to create apartnershipwhich will help develop a
involved in the joint venturepartnershiphave taken place on that
to play in facilitating thatpartnershipian jenkins tweeddale ettrick and
involved in the joint venturepartnershipin tourism will benefit from
had only been included inpartnershipof overseas firms the royal
it all msps in thepartnershipon the coalition benches are
to register a long termpartnershippreferably but not necessarily in
love it the convener inpartnershipwe will be happy to
make it absolutely clear thatpartnershipdoes not mean domination the
areas that make up thepartnershipthe aims of the gnp
at every meeting of thepartnershipto make absolutely sure that
an offence committed by apartnershipis proved to have been
i think that the eagapartnershipdoes that when its staff
over the etourism joint venturepartnershipwill the minister confirm that
examination of the scottish ruralpartnershipfund srdf and whether it
the normal successful arrangements thepartnershipaction for continuing employment strategy
also a member of thepartnershipagainst wildlife crime groups paw
the lothian and edinburgh environmentalpartnershipan organisation that also recycles
to use the language ofpartnershipand discussion and to nod
the heating policy the eagapartnershipand others provided benefits advice
as well the power ofpartnershipand that is part of
previous existence as a prioritypartnershiparea i was the author
the formal structure of thepartnershipcomprises an advisory board chaired
the century the mutually advantageouspartnershipcontinued until tourism developed during
the overarching objective of thepartnershipcontinues to be to co
years because of the ruralpartnershipfor change pilot for the
there is to lose frompartnershipi listened carefully to the
enterprise not only did thepartnershipidentify the key priorities but
partner as well as thepartnershipis guilty of the offence
press that the waverley railpartnershipis making progress it is
to represent i recognise thatpartnershipis something that the snp
verses on the power ofpartnershipnot just we re not
strategy the remit of thepartnershipnow includes the following statement
and to hear that thepartnershipparties at least sometimes speak
birl an mony the merriegepartnerships begun wi ae quick
a statement fully backing thepartnershipspecial educational needs 11 rhoda
where the tenant is apartnershipthe section is intended to
the priority objectives for thepartnershipto be the preparation and
that is an example ofpartnershipat an international level as
nation it is a freepartnershipof nations regions and peoples
disability initiatives for employees thatpartnershipneeds to be strengthened and
met and how their literarypartnershipdeveloped when leslie mitchell was
a little more about thatpartnershipbecause did you have actually
adam ingram s1m 3872 limitedpartnershiptenancies lodged on 6 february
robin harper s1m 3872 limitedpartnershiptenancies lodged on 6 february

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