See this word as a collocate cloud

example would mainly involve convertingpastinto present tense the text
tense under the headings ofpastpresent future none not sure
could be transformed into apasttense 3rd person narrative also
o ed tae construct thipasttense also cannae be yaised
and the narrative which ispasttense and 3rd person this
and frequently use statements inpasttense and linking words and
it s back to thepasttense and the most muscular
be written mainly in thepasttense and would allow for
not actually use the termspasttense ending or adverbial clause
was glad of the silencepasttense for my father charles
and we have the itpasttense inflexion where the suddroun
a pet with description andpasttense narrative features into an
tense rather than in thepasttense of much narrative or
taken dan then löt letpasttense openwark lace knitting gengs
that the pupil use thepasttense rather than saying write
mainly conveyed in terms ofpasttense statements and apart from
description can be found inpasttense too as in the
remittand and douttand however thepasttense verb inflexion is scots
statements of behaviour they havepasttense verbs and linking words
u h spellings and thepasttense verbs end in e
on the tendency to usepasttense verbs in narrative and
has been broken in thepast12 months by a politician
what has happened in thepast12 months george macbride said
the positive developments in thepast12 months has been that
committees have had in thepast12 months people who are
35 per cent during thepast12 months s1o 2176 the
into a recession for thepast12 months the strategy a
has gained prominence during thepast12 to 24 months at
writing to them for thepast14 months on the issue
my extensive travels in thepast15 months i have discovered
dealt with fishermen for thepast16 months i do not
viasystems north tyneside over thepast17 months and to obtain
70 a tonne in thepast18 months because of the
have been let in thepast18 months to two years
heard most about during thepast18 months we have received
steep learning curve over thepastcouple of months particularly in
interesting and important over thepastfew months a series of
delivering health care over thepastfew months as a father
s kept me sane thepastfew months but it couldna
i have listened in thepastfew months have raised the
candidates every success over thepastfew months in the run
rather run down over thepastfew months more definite news
the holyrood project over thepastfew months that information is
we have seen in thepastfew months that is what
made during meetings in thepastfew months the convener yesterday
we have done over thepastfew months we could help
routes from calmac over thepastfew months we have managed
already been slippage in thepastfive months euan robson i
and warrant sales in thepastfive months that committee has
and fife ld in thepastfour months i have visited
kis ma lyfe haed wheichtpastme lyke lichtnin the months
and religious intolerance in thepastmonths and that some extremist
force development centres over thepastmonths susan deacon and malcolm
group s work over thepastseven months i pay particular
it has gone over thepastsix months that the labour
told me twice in thepastsix months that there are
little to us over thepastsix months the committee referred
kind of even over thepastsix months the lead female
licensing was slow in thepastsix months the pace at
out of edinburgh for thepastsix months we have participated
advertised internally only over thepastthree months and under what
in particular had over thepastthree months misled the people
it has had over thepasttwelve months with trade unions
held throughout scotland during thepasttwo months that is why
out on reflection during thepast1 000 years i have
savings for instance in thepast10 to 20 years the
were in each of thepast10 years broken down by
give a final award thepast10 years have seen a
on in aberdeen over thepast10 years in 1994 i
has been constituted in thepast10 years in our evidence
dependency in each of thepast10 years s1w 24795 mary
been in each of thepast10 years s1w 24856 mary
has been done over thepast100 years to the language
ability just because for thepast100 years we have done
a contributions holiday for thepast13 years instead of using
a contributions holiday for thepast13 years instead of using
for only 8 over thepast15 or 20 years i
what has happened in thepast15 years there will be
second consecutive year in thepast20 years a price reduction
small member state for thepast20 years and i have
women has increased over thepast20 years and we must
has been paid for thepast20 years has now been
made in gaelic over thepast20 years i have been
project has developed over thepast20 years i put on
add to that over thepast20 years one of the
the fact that over thepast20 years or so supermarkets
of the editors of thepast20 years that the job
has changed substantially over thepast20 years voluntary and statutory
40 per cent over thepast25 to 30 years advertising
alcohol notes that in thepast25 years there has been
running the country for thepast40 or 50 years among
a split site for thepast40 years that pupils must
s political career during thepast40 years those themes have
and to leavers of thepast5 years at the same
home office ministers over thepastcouple of years i wonder
also remember that over thepastcouple of years the scottish
north of holland for thepaster four or five years
schools and libraries in thepaster the past four years
have done that over thepastfew years and all the
made not only over thepastfew years but over many
of my life only thesepastfew years have i felt
and business development over thepastfew years i have also
our increased resources over thepastfew years i hope that
that has changed in thepastfew years in some areas
that s grown over thepastfew years in the early
have been interested in thepastfew years is that of
30 per cent over thepastfew years is there not
shrunk in numbers in thepastfew years it is led
davidson pointed out over thepastfew years lottery funds have
the increased funding over thepastfew years most of all
against them sadly over thepastfew years older people have
years of age in thepastfew years people such as
have spent the summers thesepastfew years pero observed that
to be capable in thepastfew years schools have been
consider the events of thepastfew years there are certain
a few cases over thepastfew years to do with
have been taken over thepastfew years to encourage breast
the public purse over thepastfew years we have heard
in available funding in thepastfew years we want the
life has been founded thesepastfifteen years beaumont you re
had lived in for thepastfifteen years glasgow pasted onto
ve been doing for thepastfifteen years has he not
increased in each of thepastfive years a in total
7 per cent over thepastfive years and through a
in stracathro hospital over thepastfive years and what steps
government is extraordinary for thepastfive years gaelic has received
to this country in thepastfive years has been gordon
died in each of thepastfive years in glasgow while
allocated in each of thepastfive years s1w 24780 tricia
recorded in each of thepastfive years s1w 9862 mr
in remoter areas in thepastfive years than it has
in the past er thepastfour years and just in
the east end for thepastfour years and putting all
and administrative achievements over thepastfour years are impressive and
parliamentary corporate body over thepastfour years as an ambassador
honey had arrived during thepastfour years but i am
committee has considered during thepastfour years certainly an unprecedented
time or other over thepastfour years disappointed irritated upset
by older workers in thepastfour years employment levels for
has been done in thepastfour years few seriously argue
this young parliament during thepastfour years has been its
of the administration for thepastfour years has not worked
the labour government over thepastfour years has taken away
of the parliament during thepastfour years he represented his
for his contribution over thepastfour years i would also
parliament extremely well over thepastfour years it is no
been well safeguarded over thesepastfour years it would be
operative and civilised over thepastfour years ms curran i
has shown through over thepastfour years sir david has
mirrors its approach over thepastfour years that approach is
of aberdeen however over thepastfour years the gnp has
not six years in thepastfour years the parliament has
delivered real progress over thepastfour years the stages when
costs are rising in thepastfour years the unit cost
scotland s agenda in thepastfour years this final debate
had a duty over thepastfour years to keep the
made great strides in thepastfour years to oversee the
our existence here over thepastfour years will have been
inquiries from people for thepastseven or eight years about
matches in each of thepastseven years and how these
inflation for six of thepastseven years and now earn
and fleece trophy for thepastseven years but she was
ombudsman s decision in thepastsix years i am not
council tax rises in thepastsix years there is not
thesis work comin through thepastsort o five years or
scotland in each of thepastten academic years s1w 1106
and ten goldfish for thepastten years a class could
scotland in each of thepastten years s1w 1100 donald
allowance in each of thepastten years s1w 1114 donald
schools in each of thepastten years were a male
employed in each of thepastten years were a male
of organic farming in thepastthree and a half years
dealt with reasonably in thepastthree and a half years
area in each of thepastthree financial years s1w 23081
board in each of thepastthree financial years s1w 23084
authority in each of thepastthree financial years s1w 23086
executive in each of thepastthree financial years s1w 23087
authority in each of thepastthree financial years s1w 23088
worked fur years but thesepastthree month he canny even
has risen 38 over thepastthree years affecting 3 388
has risen 38 over thepastthree years affecting 3 388
has been made in thepastthree years and under the
have steadily increased over thepastthree years even with the
have increased considerably over thepastthree years for illustration purposes
board in each of thepastthree years s1w 19669 mr
september in each of thepastthree years s1w 23080 mr
september in each of thepastthree years s1w 23083 mr
under labour only in thepastthree years such career opportunities
our various consultations in thepastthree years their advice was
been running now for thepasttwenty five years in glasgow
torry to live for thepasttwenty years f1054: brilliant thank
livin in torry for thepasttwenty years f1054: right f1040:
innovations and change over thepasttwenty years the last twenty
extremely good job over thepasttwo and a half years
andy kerr played over thepasttwo and a half years
the latter task during thepasttwo and half years and
you have raised during thepasttwo or three years could
that has shown during thepasttwo or three years of
the scallop fishermen over thepasttwo years and that is
dumfries and galloway in thepasttwo years and the predicted
dumfries and galloway in thepasttwo years and the predicted
responsible for each of thepasttwo years and their respective
by each group over thepasttwo years and whether it
has got worse during thepasttwo years between 7 and
meant to mature in thepasttwo years has probably gone
have proved problematic in thepasttwo years it also provides
caused any difficulty in thepasttwo years should we alternatively
i have lived together thesepasttwo years since sineu but
sector in scotland over thepasttwo years we have seen
years and poverty to thepastwe have shown our determination
i d lived with thesepastyears i wrote it down
power at eu level inpastyears the challenge that has
who has done most inpastyears to advance the cause
a few films in thepastcouple of weeks rockers a
much press speculation over thepastcouple of weeks standard grade
for racial equality in thepastcouple of weeks we considered
expectations were raised over thepasteight weeks only to be
might be taken in thepastfew weeks a complaint was
snp has produced in thepastfew weeks alex neil has
principle to me over thepastfew weeks and i deeply
have flown around in thepastfew weeks and relied a
of full implementation over thepastfew weeks at least that
the discussion in public thepastfew weeks have been extremely
openly to people over thepastfew weeks have been limited
for susan deacon over thepastfew weeks her statements have
nurses throughout scotland in thepastfew weeks i have met
filter through only in thepastfew weeks i see a
have been elaborated during thepastfew weeks in most cases
strength in this tenement thispastfew weeks tae me and
auntie maggie roberta over thepastfew weeks thank auntie maggie
world without lawyers for thepastfive to six weeks the
considered our options over thepastfive weeks and we will
been doing so for thepastfive weeks i recognise that
days and weeks are flyingpaston tuesday i half expected
ms society scotland during thepastsix weeks in excess of
in the south in thepasttwo weeks can i take
post and email over thepasttwo weeks if you submitted
attendance and contribution during thepastweeks it has been six
how much detail of thepastweeks would sound plausible it
given the events of thepastfew days but he makes
so here goes with thepastfew days friday dawned bright
in a harsh world thepastfew days have kept up
kind of virus for thepastfew days i feel dizzy
burns s poetry over thepastfew days in the case
back and forward in thepastfew days trying to translate
after the exertions of thepastfew days we thought we
that issue only in thepastfew days when the preferred
shift she works from halfpast1 in the afternoon to
and comes home at halfpast2 in the morning it
in the chair since halfpast3 i will have inquiries
outside the chamber at halfpast5 last thursday i assure
in the afternoon to halfpast9 which means that she
fule half the winter ispastat yule monday 2 temp
fule half the winter ispastat yule sunday 2nd temp
ll see you at halfpastecht i ll give you
morning and they went halfpasteight again ye started bringin
in my work at halfpasteight and eh i would
only allowed kids until halfpasteight and that s it
[inaudible] m1096: it s halfpasteight f1095: no it s
know it s gone halfpasteight she remarked i believe
five o clock or halfpastfive and then you just
sports report results at halfpastfive his mum s delicious
hae got home about halfpastfour five o clock in
north east knows is halfpastfour they ate egg or
monopolizin yon thing fur thepasthalf hour the mike should
tc smout until about halfpastmidnight and then went to
hae oor supper nae halfpastnae seven o clock bit
nine o clock nine halfpastnine ten o clock at
to come over at halfpastone f1118: yeah f1117: and
f1124: [laugh] [laugh] f1123: halfpastone f1124: [laugh] f1123: right
uh huh it s halfpastseven you re needing to
comin in at eh halfpastsix at night for his
to get up at halfpastsix was it on the
sum spreadin but at halfpastten he washed his trowel
had to get it halfpastthree four o clock or
finished the job aboot halfpastthree the wifie peyed him
then it went at halfpasttwal an then it went
fin it came tae halfpasttwal jonsar hid tae gang
it m1110: it is halfpasttwelve f1109: no [laugh] it
every day at about halfpasttwo [audience laughter] he accompanied his
people across scotland for thepastyear and a half i
on many occasions over thepastyear and a half on
been caring out over thepastyear and a half we
the executive documents over thepastyear and a half would
it went again at halfpastyin blenkies which was blenkhorn
it s near haun twentypasta think they should mak
went at five an twentypastan then eh mill whistles
in startin at twenty fivepastand finishin at twenty five
was a millennium baby twentypastfive millennium mornin ehm but
then it was twe- twentypastfour f812: where s that
used to finish at twentypastfour m811: we f812: did
to blow at twenty fivepastseven in the mornin f640:
i started at twenty fivepastseven in the morning till
it on the [chris robinson in audience clarifies 'twenty-past six!'] twentypastsix on wednesday morning which
and then like twenty fivepastthey re all like m1048:
no it s only twentypasttwelve [inaudible] m1096: let s
had a five an twentypastyin whistle an it went
for itsel carin naething forpastan present death an life
its own right then thepastan present literature o scotland
new doon e same aspastan present wis mixin an
verb tenses present future completedpastand continuous past control of
of our country s distinctivepastand may influence our present
1686 is echoed in maybolepastand present by r lawson
i thank the committee clerkspastand present for their efforts
cover or whether education ministerspastand present have done so
that my fellow business managerspastand present have very much
of the parliamentary bureau bothpastand present i have great
of linguistic issues in scotlandpastand present there are so
present and two for thepastand they are then asked
bilingualism gies continuity wi thepastcohesiveness for the present an
bilingualism provides continuity with thepastcohesiveness for the present and
participle inflection the i tpastform the i s present
contrary present as well aspastgerman writers on burns are
positive in its view ofpastor present naebody kens whit
dinnae hae aither present orpastparticiples ensaumple 5 cann ing
it there are uses ofpastpresent and future verb forms
children s reading and evenpastpresent and future verbs may
finding the words for itpastpresent and future with the
to allocate verb forms topastpresent or future and tended
notion of present future andpasttime is clear from the
speech of upper deeside frompastto present 1 1 introduction
speech of upper deeside frompastto present pages 1 37
are a the present andpastwishes and feelings of the
words they contrast a distantpastwith a very specific present
o clock on that clockpastbedtime m1098: uh huh aye
richt place it wis langpastecht o clock fin a
f1105: mm fitt time m1106 : pasteight erm eight o clock
ten o clock not fivepasthe unlocked what seemed to
in pitsliga it wis weelpastthree o clock jonsar eck
the day an it spasttwo a the clock a
of the room it ispasttwo o clock in the
m811: [laugh] f813: [laugh] f812: pastfour f814: king s park
queen street station at tenpastfour fiona his granddaughter was
my my grandson s fourpasthe was a millennium baby
have been rising over thepastdecade at the start of
tragedies in education over thepastdecade is that a large
upon major advances achieved overpastdecades records its thanks to
my office striding behind andpasther miss frobisher take over
l macbeth going over thepastjuist wesh yeir haunds pit
cullen and others over thepastmonth to convey the committee
questions of law in thepastover the type of salmon
over the hill from bloomfieldpastthe gobbs to arbuthnott school
both your letters over thepastweek dad s explaining the
have been involved over thepastweek has presented a fairly
cooking for myself over thispastweek i ve gone off
been coming in over thepastweek in fact the volume
that s exciting over thepastweek or so i m
and other representatives over thepastweek or so i understand
of its work over thepastyear i question the need
to the committee over thepastyear i think that we
conversations with ministers over thepastyear i think the executive
the scottish government over thepastyear it reflects record levels
me considerable comfort over thepastyear like muir i would
services have experienced over thepastyear the data contained within
services have experienced over thepastyear this information was analysed
of the residents over thepastyear we are sorry to
and has promoted over thepastyear we have much to
have not changed in thepastfive 10 or even 15
an weet an weary haufpastfower is gane five o
it i asked dopily fivepastseeven whit aboot me demanded
i think seven five minutespastseven lighting up time and
of court action during thepastfortnight and has been vigorously
committee s work during thepastparliamentary year do members of
to local authorities during thepastweek or so i have
and higher still during thepastyear was thorough as an
with smug quiet authority tenpasteleven gladys we were in
a ten minute walk awaypastthe building site that is
a brief resumé of thepastsix days on friday last
creating our future minding ourpast2 table 3 13 scottish
tribute to the country spastachievements and signal its future
s theirs but a thepastan future s oors we
future completed past and continuouspastcontrol of modal verbs in
rapid transit scheme cert allpastcurrent and projected future expenditure
has proved difficult in thepastfacing the future the report
at in reverse i drovepastmy future only to be
edge i had unwittingly drivenpastmy future or looked at
often set in a recreatedpastor imagined future there have
creating our future minding ourpastrelate to cultural projects for
creating our future minding ourpastthe national cultural strategy tactica
creating our future minding ourpastthe national cultural strategy tactica
s been here this weekpasthe was telling me aboot
last week yeah a weekpaston sunday mm f1054: oh
been snowing a lot thispastweek and we ve got
hour on the trip thispastweek has been quite busy
all the gloom of thepastweek i m sorry i
quite a lot in thepastweek if we are going
was published wh- in thepastweek or so m078: yes
busy one highlights of thepastweek or so well the
we have seen in thepastweek or two people are
just discovered that in thepastweek so i would say
been at stake in thepastweek the position of steam
with selected snapshots of thepastweek the teaching went well
at in awe in thepastweek we have heard that
her but then like thepastweek we ve been together
cards from carole in thepast2 days she must be
letters from carole in thepast3 days but she still
weather has been milder thepast3 or 4 days hovering
preserve memories of days gonepastas well as the atmosphere
s been playin up thesepastcouple o days can i
sweltering 2ºc for thepastcouple of days with the
which had haunted me thesepastdays chopin who possessed the
know many faces from thosepastdays we marched against racism
to clean for christmas dayspastne erday was the high
having within these two dayspastpacked up his clothes and
decided to resign within thepastseven days and question the
getting along the days flypastso quickly and here we
the day loretta nae thispastthree days since your mother
sighed for peggy and dayspastturning into queen street the
had three opportunities in thepasttwo days but it has
and went to sleep thepasttwo days have been uneventful
had three opportunities in thepasttwo days to make its
gane the days are slippinpastwe ll sune hae autumn
tries three times to chargepasthim but he heads her
3 1 gless awa doonpastminus three hale day lang
hame tae bed at haufpastthree an up for wark
originally we finished at quarterpastthree and then they extended
of heavy industry in thepastthree decades considers that all
cried masel tae sleep thesepastthree nights wi oot yir
have been waiting for thepastthree quarters of an hour
f814: you finished at quarterpastthree we used to finish
english is that of apastgeneration strained through 20 odd
and coats and all squeezingpasteach other treading on toes
the campsie fells we wentpasta gowf course an ther
a skelp if i wentpastf1024: no f1026: yeah [laugh]
went to see christian rightpastit eh f606: mmhm f890:
the old steam tails wentpastjohn and they cairted the
actin efter the news wispastjonsar eck went awa for
tea as jonsar eck wentpastthe car he noticed it
was finished they went downpastthe floors on an elegant
going out he went outpastus and i said i
me as he went stridinpastwhen a gae up the
scots today as in thepastwhen they went around the
dunoon so we went rightpastwhere we went to see
has united us in thepastand we look forward to
ehm it has in thepastbeen a huge world player
that we had in thepastcathy jamieson cathy peattie has
has come up in thepastclarity and openness are all
european commission has in thepastdescribed scotland as a flagship
prepared to break with thepastdestroy what she has been
he has been in thepaster he wakes up in
members of any party butpastexperience has shown that human
steering group has in thepastexpressed similar concerns however the
has been common in thepastfor critics under the influence
think too much in thepasthas been just content delivery
off for 30p in thepasthe has moaned about people
it has had in thepasthe is getting too quick
with the traditions of thepasther poetry has much to
which has worked in thepasthowever we did not and
as has happened in thepasti give an assurance that
has been impotent in thepastin its efforts to protect
the consultant has in thepastmade robust recommendations to the
it has suffered in thepastmany members of the jewish
the commission has confirmed thatpastnegotiations cannot be reopened however
now has happened in thepastor is still to happen
that too often in thepastour country has been scarred
they have had in thepastrhona brankin it has been
jobs in scotland in thepastsportscotland has committed itself to
harsh lessons of the recentpastthe convener has rightly asked
go to europe in thepastthe delegation has included members
speech is expected in thepastthe educational system has been
services the convener in thepastthere has been concern about
it has done in thepastwe can see clearly where
it has been in thepastwhich allows greater innovation rhona
for the evidence in thepastwhich has contributed to our
has been ably supported thispastyear by the new school
review year such as thepastyear has been we cannot
given the evidence of thepastday or two i wish
had suffered conflict in thepasttwo decades we need only
on the figures in thepastyear or two there was
it hus done fur thepast50 year existin alangside standard
as eviction notices in thepastfinancial year cabx dealt with
the ceitie yett a yearpastthe day bi this verra
year as i was drivingpastthere was a really nice
ve haen an organ thesepastthirty year the music comes
400 per cent in thepastyear although that increase might
about 3 million in thepastyear dorothy grace elder was
complaints about services in thepastyear in order to obtain
seen from us in thepastyear is work month in
one great progression of thepastyear or so is that
have been fortunate in thepastyear to be able to
the economic community in thepastyear we launched scottish development
have been expressed in thepast24 hours and that it
[censored: forename] who had been peeringpasta cluster of heads in
have been others in thepastand although the british judge
had been recruited in thepastas a marker but who
been referred to in thepastas a sewel motion the
items have been found inpastcopies of newspapers held in
been treating burns in thepastdrawing on my own experience
had visited there in thepasthe had been allowed to
been badderin s es earpastir mair i ve nae
we have been in thepastmr swinney my point concerns
there have been in thepastsome marvellously enthusiastic burnsian primary
been many scams in thepastthat the scottish charities office
been squeezing his enormous bulkpastthe door even as his
i ve been wandering confidentlypastthe dragon lady on [censored: forename]
have been committed in thepastthey do not represent new
i have been working thepastwhile with eh ayr college
had done it in thepastand hurt her he had
have done in the recentpasti wonder whether those targets
colleagues have done in thepastin 1996 he tabled questions
i have done in thepastthat the conservatives introduced the
saw what they had donepastthe burning eyes of the
praisent a dedicatioun tae ourpastan a declaratioun o our
our personal memories of ourpastare how difficult it is
activity the reminder of ourpastis the wash house in
watergate which we drove rightpaston our way out of
catches andy and carries himpastour gate his face is
and darned our clothes wellpastthe time when normal mending
do you call them firstpastthe post these people you
tram transported thomas cook travellerspastthese old houses to the
by these fisheries in thepastwill have had an impact
an integrated service in thepast24 hours i have spoken
they have suffered in thepastand unfortunately still suffer today
i have worked in thepastand which provides help swiftly
yawns hugely oh me langpastbedtime toots i should have
that have occurred in thepastboth in national security and
could have got in thepastbut nowadays you ll find
have had conflicts in thepastcouple of decades they are
listened to some of mypastexperiences i have tried to
north nothing and nobody getspasthim have you thought of
along the stretch of roadpasthis farm just to have
do you have to walkpasthuge expensive boats to get
its symbolic significance in thepasti have merely pointed out
many people would have drivenpastlike lorries and everything no
around the law they arepastmasters of that they have
of any government of thepastmore than 50 acts have
we ever have in thepastso we re hoping this
we have learned from thepastthat it will become more
going through or are justpastthe menopause we have to
have said unfortunately i zimmerpastthe office door without noticing
it seems liable like thepastto have no destination t
offer too often in thepastwe have regarded elderly citizens
such as this in thepastwe have taken one from
to amend lists in thepastwe have taken rather a
by those methods in thepastwhat confidence can we have
given the matter in thepast45 to 50 minutes is
at a hunner an twintypastan arctic land whaur in
favors bestowed baith in thepastan in the praisent tyme
ava in the yird spastan war set tae gang
[censored: forename] you couldnae go inpastand collect cabbage frae mum
made similar recommendations in thepastand i cannot see anything
such a question in thepastand i hope that they
acknowledged that problem in thepastand in the voluntary sector
before the committee in thepastand major areas of conflict
rural economy was in thepastand must continue to be
rural economy was in thepastand must continue to be
in the water were sweptpastand other figures were washed
and scholars invoked the nationalpastand regional popular traditions in
how he lived in thepastand that now he was
a fine service in thepastand the problems at the
tried ski ing in thepastand things i m not
pneumonia in pursuit of thepastand wisely she moved into
we walked in a circlepastanother semi derelict church and
they were contaminated in thepastas a result of the
daughter then they all filepastas in procession right round
be geck neckit in thepastbecause a mother would take
private rented sector grow thepastbehaviour of landlords in this
happened ti yi in thepastbit what s happenin ti
an a forgot in timepastbrave ancestor ma great great
in silence for some milespastbrooding pine dark hills whistling
some jesuit training in thepastbut i do not know
smaller presence than in thepastbut one that will grow
we ve underplayed in thepastbut which i think we
exercised the committee in thepastcan you update the committee
cathedral in the main squarepastceramic wall decorations which showed
of a doing in thepastcouple of minutes but it
information the convener in thepastdid you get the information
sunday morn in at quarterpastecht jonsar eck wis doon
jerk reaction to leaks frompastexamples in which the standards
your head down and walkingpastf958: an i worked in
drapt fit of the mairchpastfairm sodjer bairn in the
withoot it but in thepastfolk were not as concerned
than it was in thepastgiven the restructuring in household
rode in with great displaypasthis love to the altar
distant time usually in thepasthypothesis rather than fact and
killed so many in thepasti am pleased to support
good and bad in thepasti certainly hope that in
words for pauline in thepasti hae askit aboot things
on this issue in thepasti would like us to
both now and in thepastif scottish students are encouraged
nae mammoth this frae agespastin glacier ice a statue
north east scots in thepastin particular one variety of
clues tae the kintra spastin the founs o the
will digress into the distantpastin the mid 1980s i
addressed to you from thepastin your own hand and
his feet about in thepastindeed it s hard to
a make an inquiry intopastinstitutional child abuse in particular
moving on from scotland spastis taken up also in
olive oil and roasted thepastit peppers lying in the
a traditional industry in thepastit was not a well
hoose is weel in thepastjenny gart her brither luik
in trollies were gaun rattlinpastjonsar an missus chatterbox some
sight the small birds blewpastlike leaves in autumn and
in my case in mypastlives i ve discovered i
ve heard it in thepastm1004: i i ve heard
at some point in thepastm1174: mmhm m608: but i
hot their leaves hang slackpastman cliffs sheathed in steel
2 1 gless awa doonpastminus twa frost in the
day rather than in thepastmmhm m017: eh eh in
son leevin ti daid thepasto troy an troilus in
perhaps faced difficulties in thepastolder people do not particularly
what they want in thepastonce people became less able
classed as such in thepastor at best thought less
there be any erosion ofpastpractice in that area how
noo they dig fer thepastsatisfyin oor itch in the
in town yet it ispastsiesta the long sloping streets
the role well in thepastso i ask that we
assessment centre is in thepastso it s back to
change to man undo thepastsociety in this case stands
hung at chimneys in christmasespastsocks he and peggy had
registration and entries in thepaststandard grade internal assessment grades
in thon cauld airt thepastswept by on bleedin feet
that ye helped in thepastthat fled oot o scotland
men and women in thepastthat influenced matters such as
her favourite ploy exploring thepastthat particular lovely sunday in
s called him in thepastthat s why i can
more justification than in thepastthat the dictionary is representative
with southwark council in thepastthe council valued the flat
within the home in thepastthe county was considered by
at any time in thepastthe importance of experience had
floor and again smuggled [censored: forename]pastthe key lady in the
the case in the recentpastthe motion allows generous time
not the pattern in thepastthe pattern tended to be
relationship issue is in thepastthe standards were set and
in that institution in thepastthere would be benefits in
influenced their culture in thepastthey will come to a
guidwull somewhyle in its ainpastthings didna luik weel fur
father son relationship in thepastto a client agency relationship
difficult for women in thepastto become poets and the
battles of women in thepastto obtain the right to
christian burial anyway in thepastto rile the inhabitants of
only one to break withpasttraditions in such an overt
catholic normandy flat flanders thepastturns in its coils blood
darkenin feenished up at haufpasttwae in the mornin by
tyme ti gang at haufpasttwal in the wuids ower
in nae shunner wis shöpasttwartree doors dan shö sees
to support irene in thepastunfortunately i could not support
and through their associations withpastvictimisation in one bed they
show that braemar in thepastwas a stronghold of gaelic
as so often in thepastwe enjoy the pleasure of
handsome berry for in thepastwhan winds wid blaw an
under scots law in thepastwill there be any implications
in union groups are shufflingpastwith banners showing lenin and
will come sent from yourpastwritten in your own hand
a lot mair in thepastye ken eh kitchie deem
were talking only about thepastwe also got recognition of
gomorrah of tourism floats onpasta gleaming cruiser trailing its
full lily pad conceals itpastanchor hidden by its mast
with its modern facilities historicpastcentral location and excellent transport
the gairden tho it spastits best thae squirrels are
fa sikk tae pree thepastits grace an grandeur come
mixed my sherry with somepastits sell by date cider
the ghost summer bounty spastits sell by date frost
d probably say it spastits sell by date it
crystals perhaps the pier ispastits sell by date sweet
a plumb from a piepastits sell by date there
weighty shopping on their headspastthe rib caged horse its
kept ye loon wendy sweptpasthim into the living room
saffron robes and trainers cyclespasthis air waves plugged into
holding her jaw marched rightpastme plopped some change into
be tossed back into thepastmy brain needed the device
the shot as it blastedpastmy nose and into the
and erm anyway about quarterpastnine he wandered into the
than they otherwise might filedpastother graves let into the
insights into the lives ofpastspeakers which are often revealed
soon into the faint horizonpastthe silver moon the clay
on the events of thepast48 hours i think that
you walk the gangplank downpasta clutch of fat cat
vestibule to the empty sepulcherpasta pitchy torch oranging the
he liked deirdre walked offpasta seagull the seagull gave
the rugby club ran outpastalloway primary to the maybole
green a relic of thepastalso disappeared with the destruction
became a memory o thepastan pot roast cookin wisnae
shook as the lord campastan sae guid morning god
ower sune the simmer spastan then we treasure ivry
carnage generated by all warspastand a dip of the
successes and failures of thepastand examining thriving models of
like many women of thepastand i suspect of the
car looked to be tearingpastand the next it was
that the past is thepastand we cannot change it
needed you to escort mepastas for the dustbins i
a picnic bus had gonepastbecause of the streamers decorating
o the toon they flewpastbig ben at a quarter
frae the yird s auncientpastbit fit aa yon wis
mind fine the wae uppastboggle hole silence zeb tonight
property the rug the marchpastbus journey 6 owersetts frae
would not let the girdlepastbut as willie said it
wad see thorfinn lat thepastbyde beirit orm na thorfinn
the way out she pushespastcarolanne and frantically tries to
association uk mr james coplandpastcommodore the solway yacht club
gettin somewhere now like thepastcouple of tutorials it s
to f963: mm m762: thepastdoesn t it when all
well to work for thepasteighteen well she works but
a danger based on thepastexperience of local authorities and
the teacher could hardly winpastfariver she gaed it wid
the teacher could hardly winpastfariver she gaed it wid
so that andy is wellpastfiona s house by the
o the hoose at haufpastfower i the mornin an
noo dell silence della thepastgeid us oor shadeies an
up the steep hillside pathspastgirls and children selling woven
the auld bodachs dreamed opastglore an grie that haed
the slope to the townpastgroups of old women gossiping
a loup back intae thepasthe cood mind on a
thanks i mutter and rushpasther across the stairhead and
to the right to getpasther she blocked his way
that other embarrassment of hispasthis legal work for the
the main road that ranpasthis yard jonsar gaed awa
still rins doun the hillpasthowffs an mansions guid an
listen to echoes from thepasti became aware that it
efter the last flooer ispasti gie the bed a
the personal confessions from individualspasti remind stewart stevenson of
of the time we paddledpastincan terraces beautiful mountain scenery
the evidence for innermessan spastis insubstantial cropmarks on aerial
necropolis making love to thepastis necrophilia also we believe
impossible a return to thepastis never return to the
the point is that thepastis the past and we
della siller cam fi thepastit hus ti be kept
a lee that a mpastit rainbow look whit the
the front door and pushedpastjessie stephen who objected strongly
wi tradition broke wi thepastkrista wull you flee inti
there was no escaping thispastlater from the terrace below
wyte or the war spastletters cam back frae arthur
lostness when the train screamedpastloch na boune the last
ai whaur haes aw mapastlyfe gaen til the tyme
the puffies used tae gopastm642: aye the old steam
the sea quine poems 2006pastmasters poems 2006 the owl
down the young romeo brushedpastme carrying all the luggage
think it was for thepastmonth f631: mmhm f689: cause
the truth even from thepastmr canavan mentioned jack straw
runs the other way insteadpastmrs linkletter s gate if
widna be back till haufpastnine an efter thon the
juist as we see thepastnou wi skunner an scorn
the ogre is heard trampingpastoffstage grumbling about his favorite
that the troops are marchinpastoh would you look at
leftovers a litterbin of thepastone dented tartan tin holds
the appaintment caird said quarterpastone he d got there
necessar forerede wis the maistpastordinar extra curricular happenin i
the word style and thepastparticiple scotched to mean frustrated
it no longer simply rewardspastperformance but assesses the potential
rattling along the stony trackpastpero and elena s ramshackle
to be throwbacks to thepastrather than objective judgments the
[laugh] f940: voice frae thepastreachin oot an tellin them
the audience directly he recallspastscottish appearances fondly not just
the horizon the trip resumespastsheep domestic thistle the bus
3000 hale centuries hid fleenpastsin the wars o the
anubis khnum howked frae thepaststaun the gods on their
mitts and old men peeringpaststiffening shoulders read the pravdas
awakened the pain of thepaststrushle jock she d called
the revision and extension ofpasttenses including at higher the
you ve got to getpastthat at the start erm
fired a cannon flood jistpastthat day s twaloor the
ilkie month till auld anpastthe age o haein a
if you continued your educationpastthe age of 14 you
notebook at dusk i walkpastthe almond trees associated with
tackety boots that came uppastthe ankle were the norm
day before we even paddledpastthe artificial island the incas
go through the old townpastthe baños arabes turn right
s freezing cold we ambledpastthe big wheels and boat
shop shelved with imported tinspastthe black veiled women stiff
snarled an jist widnae comepastthe bloomin thing hazel thocht
he simply refused tae wakpastthe car alexander holmes gaed
kissing both cheeks i swungpastthe church of santa magdalena
busy area the cmr curvespastthe coaling stage and soon
and if i make itpastthe cutting room floor i
bi the abyne tarlan crossroadspastthe dyke that faither sat
sea trout as they migratepastthe farm cages 6 black
faur an lang an latepastthe faroes isles tae denmark
burn is ee gaed uppastthe ferm on yer ker
show fin jonsar eck waulkedpastthe flooers ae day he
haugh whan thay wur traivlinpastthe front yetts intil the
wi typhoo tea fowk waukinpastthe gairden caad the grumphies
an is shei retoured backpastthe garage door wi hir
along by the river andpastthe giant moscow university building
can be careful we repastthe golf course f1121: uh
and it sent us backpastthe great floodlit cathedral on
the slush on forresters rowpastthe holier than thou thorntons
down by the kremlin wallspastthe impressive british embassy building
exactly the same road uppastthe [inaudible] there f890: yes
on that bus that goespastthe jail leap off at
ridy stidy and right onpastthe kennels up to good
simmit yir hygiene s reallypastthe limit ma drawers jamesy
a kind voice geordie runspastthe loiterers as fast as
plate my een followed herpastthe meal girnal fit wis
i m still not thinkingpastthe month of september when
remains but when you travelpastthe motte and farm and
out that day by cuttingpastthe north lodge they would
a good walk but cominpastthe old graveyard was [laugh]
know that laurel bush justpastthe parrot shaped box hedging
doon the road they gaedpastthe peat shed an the
the twa o em doonpastthe pooder hoosie far explosives
youth parliament opposes the firstpastthe post voting system the
they ve used tae gopastthe puffies the puffies used
connotations e g flashed driftedpastthe pupils can then be
his home at the gobbspastthe quarry and out at
never actually managed to getpastthe quarry but instead stayed
betrays this dualism undo thepastthe rainbow reaches asgard now
harassment become things of thepastthe rcn s most recent
hallway and don t walkpastthe red screens there is
shrines where shoeless pilgrims shufflepastthe relics blessed by the
lorry to drive it ootpastthe road and doon to
given that we are nowpastthe scheduled time for decision
dizzy drop how they creptpastthe shimmering hornet clumps that
old tractor and trailer hurtledpastthe show field heading for
as fast as she couldpastthe show field where frantic
craikin o a craa aspastthe silent crowds they lead
no star on the skylinepastthe silver moon all the
carry the second hand garmentspastthe sneering noses of her
an the byre birrin onpastthe stable the chaumer the
but he didn t slippastthe staffroom unnoticed although there
machine stirk young cattle beastpastthe stage of getting milk
dropped on the dock sidepastthe straw roofed shop shelved
carved moon at number fiftypastthe street fountains with their
customs since we re jistpastthe tail o the ear
s it it s gettinpastthe the sore the the
the insurance it s langpastthe time tae renew ye
apart from art and thepastthe total effect was oppressive
2 1 gless awa doonpastthe zero mark then sna
philosophy and religion of thepastthere was besides an ape
m822: the snowdrop s arepastthey re aw f823: mmhm
menzies faimly inno the toonpastthirty meg wis still a
the blue lit corridor andpastthose eerie aquarium windows my
thankfully a thing of thepasttired of complaining about a
universal modernity and a nationalpastto define the governing form
the mystery on his waypasttrundling a box of prospectuses
does that sometimes mummy pushespastus and opens the door
us fi elders o thepastwe wur pit here ti
but the vehicle drove onpastwendy s place before slithering
extra show when i walkedpastwestbank quadrant on wednesday the
rings even the postman walkspastwhat aboot ma hoose carolanne
we should do with thepastwhat we should keep what
tory educational philosophies of thepastwhich proved so damaging to
be herself again and thepastwould perhaps be wiped clean
impervious tae rot the marchpastyestreen buits merched up the
romance [inaudible] hopefully from thepastyou know and f963: yes
wheeng o clert fi thepastyur mithir s deid tess
of whom had current orpastcommercial connections with ceylon my
an answer time just fliespastwell i ve just had
we set off uphill againpasta small semi circular ruin
fancy dress parade was longpastbefore we got to laurencekirk
i tellt him i wispastcarin i kent we d
to us since we werepastcustoms and technically not bringing
flags of dracula we floatpastdistant walls of sacred shrines
we ve gien ye thispastnicht it s fair misbehadden
we ll manage to squeezepastthat flowers hiya f1136: [censored: forename]
allow such things to flowpastwithout raising questions we get
f1135: wait till that goespastand then look again right
then a c- a quarterpasteight m608: mmhm m194: both
slowed then turned and drovepastus i remember thinking with
but just when you walkpastit s just it looks
said just run your namepastme [laugh] f963: [laugh] f965:
m642: yeah i m justpastmy sell by date [inaudible]
yeah i was actually justpastthat i wou- er make
m734: [laugh] just walked straightpastthem er er which is
it s like anyone walkingpastwould just f1150: you would
you find buses just goingpastyou and past you and
just going past you andpastyou and past you because
yon vet business wis weelpastfoosomeivver da last day o
by this time it waspastmid day and [censored: forename] was
gittin it ilka day thispastwee while aiblins they maun
cause i ve never walkedpastthat place without one of
questions at about a quarterpast12 mr monteith i intended
glances at his watch quarterpastecht natasha an olga an
oot i tread at haufpastfower it s dreich an
them fiona as she goespastlooks at andy with wide
hugh love and roderick mcphersonpastpresidents society of messengers at
her or her sister gangpastplastic bags sae hivvie baith
function of dictionaries to reflectpastspelling practices or malpractices and
strange and unfamiliar bus whooshespasta row of wondering faces
it she can jist walkpasta shelf and wheech sumpn
semi derelict church and alsopasta small busy ski slope
yeir auld wi a mirkypastand an ee for a
were born of an olderpastand because of that they
scottish experience urban and ruralpastand contemporary this was not
arrangement and differs radically frompastapproaches used to negotiate new
him and he lets itpastblinkin liability shouldnae let him
hundred yards turn left againpastbridge of aird farmhouse and
passenger trains was still runninpastbut they didnae stop and
jist see a pig flypastcherie sarah and gary appear
time and it s waypastchristmas [censored: forename] well that s
and how images of theirpasthelped them both there s
toon and he is apastmaster a they facts and
to discrediting an opponent whosepastmust be examined and all
and incinerated weir was steppingpaston his way to leith
cars and lorries were rushingpastwith headlights glaring throwing up
you and past you andpastyou because they re full
get e best fae epastan keep it e best
f1102: [exhale] i canna getpastf1101: if dad s picked
front of her to getpasther which i feel is
a disclosure will not getpasthim if he thinks that
returned speccy who was pushingpastmr frizz to get off
she asks it s langpastnine get a move on
they ll maybe come uppastafter school tomorrow that would
this road to be goinpasttheir door do they [laugh]
like they maybe even drovepastthere not knowing like how
listen to echoes from mypasti moved my encampment to
m1096: aye f1095: it spastfirework time m1096: i was
f1095: portgordon no that spastit s nearly christmas time
throwe snaa bit plungin throwepasttime tee ma ain as
belt his eyes travelled uppasta plain cream blouse to
swatches frae meikleburgh s kenspecklepasthis ain calf kintra o
twa love birds waukin richtpasthis hoose haudin hands it
an he d be walkinpaston his own patrollin an
his sleep an a fortnichtpastthis tuesday he wandered oot
yeah is that running acrosspastpeople f963: [inaudible] [sigh] i
was that a running acrosspastpeople f963: you used to
white f1109: that van awaypastis white that s right
a small f806: towards yeahpastpaisley f807: right is it
hate her when she walkspasta gang of boys i
is mirklyke returning to herpastconversations keep a grup on
taxi waits to ferry herpastdelhi s gutter shacks by
her for that it spasttholing to hae fowk like
says trying to push mepastfather bird you wanted him
beckoned again i walked outpasthim catching a last glimpse
chynge an it taen himpastsome hooses wi front gairdens
of ships with dangerous cargoespastscotland s coastline s1f 2328
often a problem with gettingpastswitchboards on such occasions silc
it s tyme doctor haufpasttwal areddies shakes hands with
as weel beaumont this ispastaa johnny look look here
it tight as he wanderspastfiona s gate she comes
glen as drumchapel wis goinpastme an spencer wur tellin
juist as he wes gaunpastmysie s gairden yett oot
airt o e hill walkinpasts as calm as ye
but mynd it wul bepastjoukin whan yeir heid s
s nane alive this winterpasta clean forgot tae feed
dust a black handbag floatspasta swirl of effluent follows
tyme callum myndit aw thingspastan lyke a man waukent
fear ye ll never lookpastayr united ___ splore escapade
heavy military style trucks roarpastblack exhaust fumes belched out
cross f961: a hunder yardspastde market cross er so
say it wes a quarterpastecht ah dout ma bobik
s a fast car awaypastf1114: [inaudible] i want f1113:
ye yit an lay yepastfreenships prevail apairt frae that
that speed mad cyclist beltinpastgies safety nae attention a
ye haena seen oniebodie gaunpasthaiglin a mukkil needle hae
upo da nort boat dispasthelly she laft lerook on
even hear a bus goingpasti do not suppose that
ye like that a mpastit a m no gaun
dinnae be thinkin a mpastit a m no gaun
hear ye sayin a mpastit altho a micht hae
it cyberspace graphic fish fleeinpastma car a new look
point that somebody can walkpastme er who i know
o that afore things ispastmendin nou jek ye soond
f940: [laugh] [laugh] m941: quarterpastnine a d v d
mahal of a swan swimspaston puff ball plumes diminishing
for when etc 1 6pastrecords of speech upper deeside
of upper deeside 1 6pastrecords of speech upper deeside
tae see when he sweepspastst andrews younie he always
up a sister minutes flewpaststeps came up eh stairs
which was heavily guarded hustledpastsupposedly embalmed lenin rather waxy
pot bellied pig s firstpastthat post by a long
yer freens fae youngsters barelypasttheir teens tae douce auld
no who s that dadpastthere f1135: don t think
f1136: who s that dadpastthere f1135: who s that
haed he no haird thirpasttwa nichts a leddie sabbin
patrols sadie a caur drivinpastwanst every couplae hours agnes
me ma siller ye arepastwantin siller whit use is
logger of canada s darkpastwho is famed for going
afore e nest wasps takinpastwir lugs gaan an comin
muttering ah widnae pit itpastye mother naw mair s
dignitaries surface lees o apastzeitgeist skirps o lace on

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