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it was chicken on thickpastatubes [censored: forename] had fish on
tubes [censored: forename] had fish onpastatubes washed down with sweet
only a level tablespoonful cookpastain a pan meanwhile chop
seasoning pinch of sugar cookpastain one pot meanwhile chop
on to boil for thepastawhile it s boiling chop
half packet of fresh filledpastagarlic onion tin of tomatoes
t want to burn thepastasalad lyonnaise ingredients lettuce tomatoes
half packet of fresh filledpastatwo large tomatoes drizzle of
nice with crusty bread freshpastaand tomato sauce time 5
meat with tomato peppers andpastagreat and enough left over
taste and mix thoroughly freshpastawith tomato dressing time 5
in the parmesan drain thepastakeeping about a tablespoon of
reduce a bit season drainpastaonce cooked and stir the
other bits and pieces drainpastawhen it s cooked and
a lovely meal salad apastalike russian variety of ravioli
had a simple meal ofpastain a cheese sauce and
10 minutes prepare sauce whilepastais cooking best to use
contemplated the dishes dried onpastasauce pieces of noodle left
5 minutes prepare dressing whilepastais cooking one pan is
kebab like meat dish orpastawith ham and chicken we
f814: [laugh] m811: talked aboutpastacause i think he was
something so we talked aboutpastafor a bit and i
i sound like delia yetpastashapes such as penne plus
today so [censored: forename] made apastawith fish livers she d
water with it tip thepastaand this water in to
was just rolling out thepastafor his home made feta

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