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an coff some conter creengepatchestae steek on thair airms
ugsome they didna hae airmpatchesthare aither but the creenge
legs but everywhere my eczemapatchesitch and sting and itch
pastures wi young scrub inpatchesthrowe t an sometimes stretches
vrocht wis scattered amon epatchesheld be eez neebers at
run rig village e twelvepatcheso grun at e vrocht
slowly to scarlet with whitepatchesby your nostrils then slowly
course there are no purplepatchesit s purple all the
we are suspicious of purplepatcheswith urquhart of course there
wagon pittin in a fyowpatchesfaar e surface hid been
yin no smokin gin thaepatchescan git the likes o
manual och ye can gitpatchesoot the chemist for that
r wishin ye cuid gitpatchestae stap fowk talkin an
sprit dash race fud flatpatchesof fields at voe head
it aw wi thae nicatinepatchestae an noo her sister
e valley neen o epatcheswi palins craalin in lang
ran up e hillsides weepatcheso tatties an corn an
hair wis thinnin showin palepatcheso skin at niver saa
had a lot of darkpatchesspaces where grey clouds hid
fite shoories bit ere wispatcheso strong meenlicht tee brakkin
south of scotland but certainpatchesof land in that area
started to come out inpatchesf632: mmhm f646: it was
person was in for contraceptivepatchesand i was like [sucks air through teeth]
slope aabody ain speed owerpatcheso bog an heather by

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