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treating fewer out patients inpatientsand day case patients now
preventing dental disease amongst theirpatientsas well as treating disease
nhs is treating fewer outpatientsin patients and day case
cutting waiting times treating morepatientsmore quickly and offering greater
in scotland is treating morepatientsthan ever before and welcomes
in scotland is treating morepatientsthan ever before and welcomes
than in 1999 that fewerpatientsare being seen within the
12 700 fewer elective inpatientswere seen older people are
1999 83 494 fewer outpatientswere seen than in march
21 per cent fewer outpatientswere seen within nine weeks
will be able to offerpatientswith an eating disorder an
introduce dedicated residential units forpatientswith an eating disorder in
provide day care support topatientswith an eating disorder s1w
to provide residential care topatientswith an eating disorder s1w
dedicated nhs facilities exist forpatientswith an eating disorder s1w
how it will ensure thatpatientswith symptoms of mental disorder
employed interpreters to liaise betweenpatientsand doctors juanita introduced herself
and hospital doctors can referpatientsat risk of osteoporosis for
doctors can spend with theirpatientsby enhancing the roles of
male observers with women doctorspatientsgroups and nurses excluded from
doctors to perform lobotomies onpatientswho are too mentally ill
out patients live patients deadpatientsall of the walking wounded
in patients out patients livepatientsdead patients all of the
may go in patients outpatientslive patients dead patients all
in patients and day casepatientsnow than in 1999 that
no draught may go inpatientsout patients live patients dead
monitorin the levels o baithpatientsthe patients war held in
medical treatment from repeatedly violentpatientsto include patients who threaten
levels o baith patients thepatientswar held in ajynin cubicles
repeatedly violent patients to includepatientswho threaten violence s1o 5437
caters for terminally ill cancerpatientsand st magnus day hospital
this initiative to support cancerpatientsand their families and friends
operative cancer and chronic diseasepatientsare malnourished accepts that many
is extremely anxious concerning cancerpatientsaround 50 of whom are
improve the service for cancerpatientsat the beatson oncology unit
to improve services to cancerpatientss1o 4875 13 mr duncan
colorectal lung and prostate cancerpatientswho currently participate in clinical
executive which group of cancerpatientswill benefit from the increased
the incidence of critically illpatientsbeing turned away from hospitals
want children in schools andpatientsin hospitals to have access
are malnourished accepts that manypatientsmove between hospitals and the
of resource transfer funds forpatientsresettled from psychiatric hospitals to
at hospitals are affordable forpatientsvisitors and staff s1o 5808
in clean hospitals and seepatientswhen they need to be
be clean hospitals and whenpatientswill be cared for by
illness and waste caused whenpatientsacquiring infections in hospital currently
a problem some 2 798patientsare awaiting hospital discharge 239
deliver clot busting drugs beforepatientsare taken to hospital for
deliver clot busting drugs beforepatientsare taken to hospital for
busting drugs by paramedics beforepatientsare taken to hospital for
scottish executive how many hospitalpatientscategorised as delayed discharges are
since 1999 and how manypatientshave been discharged from hospital
unilaterally deciding not to takepatientsout of hospital because it
of care and treatment forpatientsreleased from the state hospital
hospital which offers rehabilitation forpatientssuch as stroke victims in
stay in hospital as olderpatientstake longer than average to
rise that 19 000 morepatientswait for hospital treatment and
hospital services under threat andpatientswaiting longer for treatment and
to do their jobs properlypatientsare waiting far too long
for innovative scottish solutions puttingpatientsfirst and cutting waiting times
and peer support networks puttingpatientsfirst cutting waiting times more
certain conditions or removal ofpatientsfrom the waiting list in
average waiting time were forpatientson the waiting lists for
2 april 2002 how manypatientswere on the waiting list
the scottish executive whether anypatientswho face a long waiting
of herceptin to clinically suitablepatientsfor the treatment of secondary
treatment is available to nhspatientss1w 31126 john young to
for the treatment of nhspatientss1w 31127 jackie baillie to
of the number of nhspatientsthat will receive treatment in
to pharmacological treatment and ensurepatientsunderstand their medication and adhere
how many health board areaspatientswho are awaiting orthodontic treatment
change in the interests ofpatients3 ministerial statement the minister
change in the interests ofpatientsafter debate the amendment was
not in the interests ofpatientsand is committed to rebuilding
not in the interests ofpatientsand is committed to rebuilding
to put the interests ofpatientsand their families first at
to put the interests ofpatientsand their families first at
i expect the panel andpatientsclinicians to put the interests
in the interests of thepatientshe was right to do
interests of himself and hispatientsis necessary for him to
interests of himself and hispatientsis necessary for the performance
encourage nhs boards to allowpatientsaccess to their own records
many a only take nhspatientsand b practise privately alongside
the scottish executive whether nhspatientscan be referred to a
nhs of the standard thatpatientsin scotland are entitled to
on the discrimination of elderlypatientsin the nhs business bulletin
the provision of care topatientsin the nhs in response
it is making in promotingpatientsrights in the nhs s1o
to information services for nhspatientss1o 6350 6 scott barrie
provide emergency cover to thosepatientsunder their nhs terms of
nhs providing the care thatpatientswant at the time and
compensation is available to nhspatientswho believe they have suffered
fife nhs board to referpatientswith severe dependency on alcohol
expense for the benefit ofpatientsand the service i want
the scottish executive how manypatientsbenefit from free prescriptions in
board area and also benefitpatientsfrom further afield we do
tayside for the benefit ofpatientswe are working in that
scottish parliament to ensure thatpatientswho might benefit from beta
might benefit the number ofpatientswho receive the medication will
department that she then attendedpatientswill benefit increasingly from integrated
however we already knew thatpatientsget travel expenses because there
reimburse the travelling expenses ofpatientsnot eligible under the travel
on the maximum distances whichpatientsshould be required to travel
able to travel but ifpatientswho are in pain are
should not need to travelpatientswho suffer from many conditions
the minister s reference topatientswho travel long distances the
emergency dental services for unregisteredpatientsand is currently discussing with
the scottish executive how manypatientsare currently awaiting admission to
the scottish executive how manypatientsare currently given access to
the scottish executive how manypatientsare currently registered with general
to ensure that we involvepatientsand front line staff in
service organisation in collaboration withpatientsand front line staff often
kind must be good forpatientsand staff as they offer
to minimise travelling distances forpatientsand staff when considering location
to increase safety for staffpatientsand the public in every
to increase safety for staffpatientsand the public in every
front line staff know theirpatientsbest they know what their
the interest of staff andpatientsbrian adam north east scotland
all staff who work withpatientsi understood that that was
staff are fully informed aboutpatientsin their caseload s1w 15104
professional staff available to treatpatientswe will put the patient
scotland in improving services forpatientsand believes that continued implementation
scotland in improving services forpatientsand believes that continued implementation
health reforms improving services topatientsand playing a major part
care services for mental healthpatientscarers and professionals and believes
made available so that allpatientshave equal access to services
services around the needs ofpatientsnotes that this often leads
services around the needs ofpatientsnotes that this often leads
the common services agency onpatientsready for discharge in each
delivery of health services forpatientsrequires a combination of sustained
services are available for strokepatientss1w 12220 mary scanlon to
patient advocacy services to assistpatientsunable to make informed choices
has to ensure that allpatientsare provided with product information
quality of care provided topatientsin scotland the deputy minister
maintain the service provided topatientsparticularly in rural areas of
of hours care for dentalpatientsthan is provided anywhere else
ensure that all multiple sclerosispatientsare assessed at the earliest
to ensure the safety ofpatientsin ochil and stirling constituencies
to ensure the safety ofpatientsin ochil and stirling constituencies
to ensure that all newpatientsstarting on methadone have sufficient
how it will ensure thatpatientswith symptoms of learning disability
are put in front ofpatientshave cups with lids that
being experienced by hip replacementpatientsin glasgow s1o 3789 24
are in place to helppatientswho require repeat prescriptions s1o
to give timeous access topatientsrecords in cases of complaint
the scottish executive how manypatientsa under 21 years b
scottish executive how many strokepatientsare cared for in dedicated
scottish executive how many inpatientsbroken down by nhsis trust
the scottish executive how manypatientshave contracted methicillin resistant staphylococcus
were cancelled and of thesepatientshow many were not re
the scottish executive how manypatientsin the glasgow springburn parliamentary
stay by that stage manypatientsmust be exasperated with the
the scottish executive how manypatientswith drug or alcohol dependency
function tests are available topatientsof gps in the fife
claims available to any suchpatientss1w 9205 dorothy grace elder
who stood up for thepatientsand who caused the most
scottish executive whether heart attackpatientsin angus who are not
care for persons who arepatientspatient having the same meaning
the grampian area who havepatientsregistered with them under national
children and of our neuroticpatientsthey hated their father who
diagnosed and treated and howpatientswho are most at risk
a register is held ofpatientswho are prescribed benzodiazepines s1w
1978 act or b arepatientswho care for other persons
for justice four years agopatientswho had been infected with
scotland more than half ofpatientswho have a hip fracture
orthopaedic beds are used bypatientswho have had hip fractures
plans it has to compensatepatientswho have suffered adverse effects
constant pressure of dealing withpatientswho have waited too long
the methods of alerting anypatientswho may have been at
significant and growing number ofpatientswho require oral anticoagulation medication
to reduce the number ofpatientswho suffer from coronary heart
decision to refuse compensation topatientswith haemophilia who contracted hepatitis
on the maximum number ofpatientsa dentist may have s1w
relatively small number of mspatientsfor whom beta interferon is
the limited number of thepatientsthat would be suitable for
not provide the care thepatientsneed is to ignore the
care team delivering for thepatientsof scotland mr mcaveety i
never get back together andpatientsoften go into unsuitable accommodation
there is marked regional variationpatientsare able to get beta
ayrshire and arran elsewhere newpatientsare unlikely to be able
best they know what theirpatientswant and how they could
investigation concerning how post operativepatientswith heart transplants are being
and improving service delivery topatientsare compatible with meeting financial
improvements in service delivery topatientsirene mcgugan i thank the
lists and service delivery topatientswill she outline what measures
taken to consult representatives ofpatientsand carers in relation to
is being taken to protectpatientsfrom contracting methicillin resistant staphylococcus
not it the case thatpatientspupils and victims of crime
make room for more acutepatientsin 1999 there were about
unstinting kindness and support topatientsand their families and considers
make changes to improve theirpatientsexperience the key to reform
than a fifth of deafpatientsleave their doctor unsure of
i said they treat theirpatientslike human beings he lauched
on the health of theirpatientsthat contrasts dramatically with the
that diagnostic technology enables thesepatientsto self monitor their blood
their condition anywhere in scotlandpatientswill be empowered to do
over the long term forpatientswith head injuries in scotland
than 50 per cent ofpatientsin the grampian area are
than with the alzheimer spatientsthemselves yeah m1163: yeah yeah
designated for elderly or geriatricpatientss1w 17585 mr adam ingram
in scotland only take privatepatientss1w 22124 tommy sheridan to
have established a register ofpatientswith diabetes s1w 8740 nora
executive why survival rates forpatientsadmitted following a stroke are
notes that some of thesepatientsare travelling from as far
are in direct contact withpatientsevery day they work tirelessly
what risks there are topatientsfrom the use of clot
are one of my specialpatientsi should like to undertake
represent an enormous amount ofpatientsthe sign guidelines are due
those other persons are themselvespatientsthis subsection being construed in
support group that post operativepatientshave discovered on arrival at
on the line for herpatientswe have to recognise that
health professionals unable to helppatientsspeedily due to the lack
and health visitors when visitingpatientssupported by dorothy grace elder
in multidisciplinary teams to meetpatientsneeds more effectively and to
problems as well as enablingpatientsto spend more time with
be doing with alzheimer spatientswith people with memory problems
will deliver increasing benefits forpatientswith the objective of high
will deliver increasing benefits forpatientswith the objective of high
for medical conditions that thepatientsdefine as gulf war related
regard to what it chargespatientsfor car parking it charges
give an assurance to thepatientsof tayside for example that
3 000 beds occupied bypatientsready for discharge is further
establish a special unit forpatientssent for psychiatric assessment by
prescribing of donepezil hydrochlor forpatientssuffering from alzheimer s disease
rejects the idea of askingpatientsto pay for treatments deemed
whether it plans to allowpatientsto return unused and unopened
multiple sclerosis whether all suchpatientswill be given a neurological
much it costs to sendpatientsnot only all over scotland
of osteoporosis and that allpatientssuffering a fragility fracture or
to allow better transfer ofpatientsand booking of appointments and
cut down travelling time bypatientsencourage local councils to protect
back to the point aboutpatientsgetting the right medicine at
sector to diagnose and treatpatientsin local communities we will
50 per cent of osteoporosispatientsreturn to full independent living
be fed to children orpatientsrobin harper i did not
to say to nurses andpatientsthat we have listened to
will as capacity expands givepatientsthe freedom to choose any
as victims of crime andpatientsamend the social justice strategy
diagnosis and assessment of newpatientshowever it is a matter
profound emotional ambivalence within hispatientsin the act of primitive
of sick and dying implantpatientsin the us and of
were juvenile delinquents or mentalpatientsor dissidents of some sort
elder plight of chronic painpatientsthursday 28 february 2002 9
use in clinical practice somepatientsdo not respond so well
fit would happen fan thepatientsdied the place would be
the pain that is sufferedpatientsgreat anxieties about what the
fremmit the ootlinned the ferfochanpatientshickled ooto the psychiatric units
neither he advises baith hispatientstae haud aff an reive
wes pure an fu opatientsthe mairchin baun wes ane

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