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f1114: that s two postmanspatsf1113: two postman pats f1114:
postmans pats f1113: two postmanpatsf1114: yes f1113: that looks
blate morag o awricht shepatshim gingerly and he responds
best on the powe moragpatshim gingerly on the head
and made up rectangular 1lbpatsor small balls big enough
m no uised wi flouerpatsaither the r nae air
m no uised wi flouerpatsaither the r nae air
aul toots smiling widely shepatstoots picks up the basket
it s very nice hepatsher on the shoulder and
a guid job maister malcolmpatshim again on the shoulder
ay she daes that malcolmpatsjek on the shoulder ay
ashtray down agnes rocks andpatsbeth and quietly hums bold
ah ever haed pepper hepatspepper on the arm ye
different geometrical shapes onto thepatswith the sharp front edge
dae it thare thare shepatshim sympathetically puddok that s
are full of self congratulatorypatson the back and about
wey an the twa chimlapatsrowed slawlik ower the causie
ye didna mak it intaepatsas ye wid dee wi
sale in pun s andpatsand as my mother told
centre of the ring hepatsthem on the back they
lyke better nor ithers hepatshim on the back whyles
his crying is muffled shepatshis back gently and it
been aw redd up thepatswar burnisht an the ingil
causies an the clink opatsan pans med up the
ti synd the chienie anpatsto waarm the houss ti
the kintra sowtherin brunt cuikinpatsfettlin laikie rousin canns an
notices a tug haired toddlerpatsa bucket of sand hammering

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