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hae it in mind topaya wee tribute to the
it was impossible not topayhim the profoundest tribute and
the past seven months ipayparticular tribute to malcolm chisholm
raffan i am about topaysome tribute to the minister
this evening s debate ipayspecial tribute to winnie ewing
is a reserved matter ipaythe highest tribute to clare
poorest of the poor ipaytribute also to george foulkes
present it is fitting topaytribute at this point to
for carers to which ipaytribute i alert members to
that off my chest ipaytribute to all my colleagues
for letting me in ipaytribute to andy kerr s
bell to the gallery andpaytribute to her work members
and i would like topaytribute to him for being
in four years and ipaytribute to him my mother
the world sit down topaytribute to his memory his
dunfermline east lab i toopaytribute to irene oldfather for
kenneth gibson glasgow snp ipaytribute to johann lamont for
in the basque country ipaytribute to modern languages teachers
i take this opportunity topaytribute to mr jenkins s
by our amendments and ipaytribute to my colleague bill
and community care committee ipaytribute to my colleagues on
of moving a motion topaytribute to our first presiding
for quite some time ipaytribute to paula mann paul
boy in that case ipaytribute to previous contributors trish
the debate allows members topaytribute to scotland s voluntary
symbol for scotland it shouldpaytribute to the country s
of the voluntary sector ipaytribute to the executive which
today and allowing parliament topaytribute to the immortal memory
team and i thank andpaytribute to the invaluable contribution
role of the sector ipaytribute to the personal commitment
national health service i alsopaytribute to the royal college
service family malcolm chisholm ipaytribute to the staff who
the project we can allpaytribute to the vision and
fife snp i want topaytribute to the volunteers from
work here and abroad ipaytribute to the volunteers who
in my opening speech topaytribute to the work of
the disease in scotland ipaytribute to the work of
north east scotland snp ipaytribute to the work of
nicola sturgeon glasgow snp ipaytribute to the work of
care reckons can afford topayand should not be supplied
that we can afford topayfor four different sets of
could he not afford topayfor it william mccormack whether
that we cannot afford topayfor personal care i await
that we cannot afford topayfor personal care the only
not he could afford topayhe was assessed as being
scotland cannot afford even topayour public authority workers a
because they cannot afford topaythat amount the care is
can no longer afford topaythe charges we have taken
and could not afford topaytheir bills our commitment to
he couldn t afford topayuntil the end of the
reaching a settlement for teacherspayand conditions and calls upon
reaching a settlement for teacherspayand conditions and calls upon
okay on job satisfaction andpayand conditions but we get
would wish to have thepayand conditions for one particular
practice for the setting ofpayand conditions for university research
strike for an improvement inpayand conditions further notes the
would be no strikes overpayand conditions hours would be
information available to us concerningpayand conditions i agree entirely
anything to do with thepayand conditions of local registrars
a national inquiry into thepayand conditions of nursery nurses
services which also undermine thepayand conditions of public service
services which also undermine thepayand conditions of public service
a possibility consultation on formalpayand conditions of service is
committee of inquiry into teacherspayand conditions of service s1w
should be dealt with underpayand conditions of service to
overwhelming rejection of cosla spayand conditions offer dated 20
in teaching establishing a newpayand conditions package in educating
we can recruit more nursespayand conditions remain major issues
in the dispute over teacherspayand conditions s1o 267 17
be dealt with as apayand conditions service and negotiated
agencies because of the betterpayand conditions that they offer
are beginning to address theirpayand conditions the executive is
and attract people to itpayand conditions the public esteem
into the future of teacherspayand conditions will consider teachers
are working to improve thepayconditions and morale of all
conditions remain major issues althoughpayremains a matter for the
conditions and out of hourspays1w 1427 marilyn livingstone to
before her she doesn tpayany attention georgie she gives
had the wit no topayany attention to her i
what i want you topayattention to are these sentences
more fundamental problems will shepayattention to bullet point 3
not like being forced topayattention to petitions but it
minority communities and we shouldpayattention to that the speech
the organisations we need topayattention to the scope of
poetry then we need topayattention to the verse forms
radio today craig russell neverpayattention to what you hear
sort of didn t actuallypayattention when she decided to
in so doing they willpaycareful attention to punctuation and
christine grahame will want topayclose attention to the matter
not give due attention orpaydue heed to an area
attention is paid to thepaygap between men and women
too concerned with her topaymuch attention to loretta who
things but i didnae reallypaymuch attention to that kind
her tracts she ll naepayony attention to us she
the package includes increases inpayfor all nurses and increases
courses nurses ages and nursespayin my opinion the principal
and retain nurses tackling lowpayin the nursing profession is
increases in student bursaries thepayincrease for nurses is 3
that nurses are delighted topayincreased national insurance contributions are
different priorities rural nurses maypaymore in travel expenses city
central priority of improving thepayof nurses in our hospitals
we must work to increasepayrates for nurses to reward
that goes on to enhancepayrates some nurses in london
at the bottom of thepayscale if valuing nurses is
do we reward nurses withpayscales that are lower than
nurses work excessive hours forpaythat is considered to be
to improve the quality ofpaythat we give our nurses
cent of nurses have topaythe cost of continuing professional
with the issue of nursespaythe executive believes that there
contention for nurses is undoubtedlypaythe major bone of contention
central one in considering nursespaywe must not forget the
takes account of ability topayafter debate amendment s1m 2631
tax related to ability topayand allow local authorities power
be based on ability topayand incomes however there are
they can reflect ability topayand review the maximum levels
particular at the ability topayand the development of corporate
the ability to make bookingspayfor holidays and prepare a
an individual s ability topayfor the provision of care
need regardless of ability topayit must be high quality
how much tax does hepayaltogether answers 1 3 2
what tax increase motorists shouldpayand condemns this type of
we get the opportunity topayanother charge fee or tax
unable rather than unwilling topaycouncil tax debt supported by
propose to cut services topayfor tax cuts only the
of my council tax ipayfor that you d better
you don t have topaylike for like tax or
border should council tax payerspaymore the first minister demanding
the highlands and islands whopaythe highest fuel tax in
uk producers are zero andpaythe tax which must account
bigger focus on tackling lowpayacross the health service and
national health service tackling lowpayand delivering flexible working for
17 000 and the lowpayculture that exists at the
quoted in the report lowpayhas been cited as a
it must mean tackling lowpayin the profession and rewarding
be adequately remunerated the currentpaylevels are far too low
teacher believes that addressing lowpaylevels is central to addressing
profession nursing is a lowpayprofession a nurse s starting
of poverty because of lowpays1o 6457 8 dr sylvia
organisations such as the lowpayunit and the federation of
1998 by the scottish lowpayunit indicated that in the
it was ridiculous though topaya monthly mortgage plus bills
be seen in slowness topaybills i ll pey ye
what it was like topaybills on time buy decent
yeah m1163: got bills topayhere and bills to pay
can use to to topaymy bills and just look
m608: coming to you m1163: paymy bills m608: mmhm m1163:
tiger and sold it topayoff his bills a wasted
know numbers but participants willpaytheir own bills d a
pay here and bills topaythere i m saying that
any money so you couldnaepayyour bills m608: aye mmhm
assessed as being able topayand chose not to pay
pay that is why localpaybargaining which has been suggested
who have the resources topaybut will not pay i
they pay more their taxespayfor the executive s policies
to pay but will notpayi will enjoy the remainder
turn up to work theypaymore their taxes pay for
scotland s report won tpayor can t pay the
they are to do withpaythat is why local pay
pay and chose not topaythe carers were withdrawn as
you know you pay youpaythe price i think as
t pay or can tpaythe real cost of scotland
anonymity but you know youpayyou pay the price i
to the level of teacherspayand to provide stable employment
the mccrone recommendations for teacherspayin each year for which
was never only about teacherspayit also involved significant change
uk wide review of thepayof teachers and academics in
the teachers we have thepayreview body there is a
on labour costs they mightpaya similar amount for materials
and costs the money topayfor these funds will come
cover salaries training security sickpaypensions heating and lighting costs
with the assertion that topaypersonal care costs for all
meet the costs of additionalpayrises for local government workers
by paragraph 7 g topaystaff and volunteer training costs
the consultant developers should stillpaythe costs because it would
costs that they had topayto meet the standards that
living at home who currentlypaytowards their personal care costs
but his disability benefits whichpayfor his personal care are
1948 people have had topayfor personal nursing and living
is equitable that individuals shouldpayfor their own personal living
selling their council houses topayfor their personal care richard
not only money or morepayfor markers but resources of
up sending money down topayfor that prescription and undertaking
of cleane eat meill sallpayiiii li money ait caikis
grudge the money that youpayin pubs nooadays m608: mmhm
s this thing where youpaymoney in f1154: [cough] f1155:
place that allow us topaymoney to scottish homes yearly
having to borrow money topayoff its debts rather than
me idea of money topayon house app 200 yet
give me eh money taepayyer digs ye d tae
security branch staff in backpayand travel allowances what grades
settlement to account for inflationarypayawards for local government staff
on its contribution to changingpayfor nursing staff because the
credited to my budget topayfor the increase in staff
also six indoor staff thepayfor them was 7 6
policy is with regard topaylevels for academic staff in
of organisations that seek topaytheir staff through having raffles
progress to be made onpayalongside progress on service development
people are quite willing topayfor the service as long
forward however it has topaymore than just lip service
took fifteen minutes off yerpayf637: mm f640: if ye
today s match was thepayoff for eight weeks of
bite the old priest spayoff for walking mum home
off ye know so f1054: payoff [laugh] f1143: a- an
insert scottish ministers power topayoff loans made to local
insert scottish ministers power topayoff loans made to local
insert scottish ministers power topayoff loans made to local
insert scottish ministers power topayoff loans made to local
in which to try topayoff the deficit in tayside
know as the sort ofpayoff ye know so f1054:
the present basis local governmentpay5 mr kenneth gibson glasgow
a hotel for example willpaya fee to the local
due to a dispute overpayaffecting local government services and
introduced responsibility for local governmentpayas a function of the
local government settlements to fundpayawards b allow councils more
raised the spectre of localpaybargaining i spoke to nursing
to resolve the local governmentpaydispute s1f 498 the first
local authority will require topayfrom revenue budgets to fund
trade union negotiated rates ofpayh regenerating local economies by
minister donald dewar local authoritypayis of course a matter
local government employees have hadpayrises below the rate of
favoured areas scheme local governmentpayscottish cabinet regulation of investigatory
do not want the localpaythat is supported by the
your words but who willpayand how much they will
would they didnae need taepayas much if they were
i am i due f1122: payf1121: how much f1122: give
f643: how much did wepayfor that bit o ground
m941: how much did youpayfor your rock m942: pound
sale how much did hepaymair important whit richt had
that paragraph is required topayonly so much as appears
and how much will theypays1w 6046 mr duncan mcneil
and how much they willpaythe minister does not even
erm didn t have topaytoo much over the odds
how much have i topayyou f1122: erm thirty thirty
hold dear brian philp nationalpaybargaining has not been a
that the concept of nationalpaybargaining is alien in modern
however the proposal on nationalpaybargaining was not considered to
the registrars should a nationalpaylevel be set so that
occasion as we know criminalspayno heed to national borders
have to be a nationalpayscheme that concern was raised
will cause competition who willpaythe registrars should a national
area through sustained above inflationpayawards however i want to
has scrapped the two stagepayawards however it takes time
been well supplied they canpayhowever if this lot is
have raised the issue ofpayhowever they have also mentioned
for raising entry charges topaymarkers more however we did
in place but not topaythe charge however he is
go to peebles they mustpay4 50 the deputy minister
that we must address betterpaybetter resources to do the
argue that the polluter mustpaybut at the same time
must compete do better andpaythe rate for the job
to do that we mustpaythe rate for the job
markers they must start topaythem properly the convener there
thousands of people who currentlypayfor their care self funders
fund their own residential carepaymore than the average does
labour party why should theypaya levy to an organisation
and on who should choosepayand set the remit for
it should not have topayfor access to vital child
germany should be required topayfor all the damage that
that we should have topayfor our education per se
a question of who shouldpayfor that work some people
that people should continue topayfor their accommodation and living
i agree that developers shouldpayfor them but it would
i should be able topaypn direct from lilt i
out position nice discount decentpaysedentary too should be a
somebody or something should certainlypaysunbathers wedge in trees like
that i should have topayyeah f1150: mm not the
government which allows for apaysettlement to be imposed by
scotland on 12 july whopay35 or more of their
is assessed as having topaya certain amount towards their
in order to maintain theirpayat the level necessary to
will no longer have topayback their student loan m942:
how many sufferers have topayfor their medication and why
medieval banqueting hall delegates willpayfor their own entrance fees
tree once workers received theirpayit soon disappeared because it
and their representatives regarding nhspaymodernisation and what progress has
strike action to secure theirpayrise and calls upon the
milk as part of theirpaysome farmers supplied coal and
communities to ensure that dealerspaythe price for their actions
recovered from those who canpaytheir debts but refuse to
a a regular business andpaytheir expenses m608: mmhm mmhm
against the expectation of theirpaythis ensured that they continued
them as they used theirpayto clear the last debts
one of their men thepaywas 18 shillings a week
one who s guilty willpaybeaumont are you keeping in
the fact that developers whopayconsultants to do environmental impact
year if so who willpayfor it the minister for
who can use them topayfor school meals and to
and who s going topayfor this somebody or something
young professional people who canpayhigh rents then there are
people who are prepared topaymore to have the marriage
huts who only emerged forpayparade and to draw rations
not distinguish between those whopaythe bill it is only
till while arguing who wouldpaythe food that day trying
by councils as they whopaythe piper call the tune
for which a school wouldpay100 that report gives us
there is no need topaya fee for the second
assessed as being able topayabout 32 a week for
popular i think that peoplepayabout 370 for the hire
years on from the equalpayact for text of motion
for bigger fields and higherpayand japanese tractors night and
employment particularly in relation topayand opportunities for promotion s1o
strongly that the settlement ofpaydisputes is a matter for
may not be keen topayfor 3 years of the
is a good deal topayfor a read of it
mechanism for raising moneys topayfor a type of fee
create the wealth necessary topayfor better public services accessible
give him some suggestions topayfor full implementation in the
alone would be enough topayfor full implementation of sutherland
wrong to ask people topayfor help with washing dressing
sorts of prices that peoplepayfor houses today we have
charging as an option topayfor improved public transport encourage
have to do now ispayfor it bobbie has started
hence they would have topayfor it it is important
m sure you have topayfor it it s the
hazelwood yes people try topayfor it themselves that is
less than 900 000 topayfor its support team the
its a small price topayfor life do you remember
thesis typed duplicated bound andpayfor my flight home i
to buy me food andpayfor my phone contract [laugh]
commitments will be cut topayfor new commitments on health
taken from the lottery topayfor pet projects including education
ll try to help herpayfor some of her flight
judge can ever make thempayfor stealing my security no
budget would be enough topayfor sutherland angus mackay andrew
liberal democrats propose that wepayfor sutherland if not by
god knows how we willpayfor taxes pensions and so
reasonable to ask them topayfor that for example if
entitlement to legal aid topayfor that representation very few
aberdeenshire council will have topayfor the bypass in conclusion
erm you ve got topayfor the doctor s m608:
aside in the budget topayfor the full implementation of
and saying that we willpayfor the gap whatever it
that they would have topayfor the installation or that
scotland s trees and topayfor the landscaping of the
eh thistle housing association theypayfor the rent an the
the documentation visas spravka topayfor the tickets in roubles
oh right no f718: justpayfor the whole lot and
got any more i llpayfor them [laugh] m1048: it
other areas that do notpayfor those services get the
stomach ache you had topayfor treatment from the doctor
idea of asking patients topayfor treatments deemed not essential
it a by makin himpayfor twa o a thing
like five so did youpayfor what you had or
could the golden earring wouldpayfor whatever it cost to
being taken to ensure equalpayfor work of equal value
would allow scottish ministers topaygrants for housing purposes which
in 2002 is enough topaymore than twice for the
s hard i have topaymy own fees for the
for tick for time topayno goin a message me
joiners 200 now for thepayout if we ve got
placed on fire boards topaypensions for firefighters out of
case that some people currentlypayprivately for beta interferon which
tenant farmer you did notpayrent for your tied cottar
for the united kingdom independentpayreview body i hope that
that a system of independentpayreview for university academic and
nhs i also noted thepayscales for a nurse at
but f826: you have topaythat vast amount just for
see further sustained progress onpaythe agenda for change negotiations
earmarked any additional monies topaythe pension provision for retired
homes such as binny housepaythe price for those increased
huggins ultimately we have topaythe secretary of state for
council would like us topaythem a fee for each
rare tourists can expect topayup to 30 for a
and hard for very littlepaywith only a half day
the executive was required topay12 million to the dti
shipyard which has failed topay16 shipyard workers redundancy payments
each year it has topay2 5 per cent of
to you the loser willpay5000 to the charity of
75 agreements whereby opencast companiespaya levy per tonne to
outside it many unison memberspaya political levy to the
in grain might expect topaya set number of firlots
functions upon the spcb topayallowances in each financial year
upwards those landlords have topayan additional 2 000 what
is in a position topayan amount equivalent to the
been formed are required topayan annual contribution to the
zone you ll have topayan extra ninety five pence
the lothians are related topayand morale levels across the
mulligan i will come topayand the differentials that nicola
such bodies would need topayany annual continuing charge s1w
i didn t have topaycause i was kinda helping
to be sold to helppaydeath duties there was at
receipt of public funding topaydebts on time s1o 2739
heir the owner intending topayduty and take the cask
solution that solution is topayevery nurse the length and
that people were willing topayextra to have the facility
undertaking parliamentary duties e topayfees of attending a seminar
m going to have topayfull fare single the travel
to gender differences whether genderpaygaps sectoral and occupational segregation
go to germany she llpayhalf the plane fare and
contribute to job satisfaction butpayhas to be a central
nor would toby he winnapayher rail fare to visit
and i will have topayhere as i ll be
sell high you have topayhigh and vice versa k
to raise a cheque topayhim from the lilt scroll
in hand and hell topayif you didn t have
of the it pays topayimplementation working group together with
because john will have topayin london as he will
it would usually expect topayin order to provide accommodation
we are committed to improvingpayin the short term and
make you then started topayinto the pension fund they
the price i have topayis pain not a grand
[censored: forename] and i decided topayit a visit again this
gordon i was going topayit back i didn t
gordon i ll try topayit back i ll get
thus enabling the church topayits way of course it
drivers whose passengers refuse topaylegitimately incurred fares s1o 6484
s park to supplement hispaylovers hold hands and kiss
you don t have topayme f812: is that that
wouldn t ye couldn tpayme to go in the
assessed as being able topaymore than 80 a week
places seems will have topaymore to get what we
benefits systems to make workpaymr gibson i thank the
to cairo the auc willpaymy fare there so i
lab like other speakers ipaymy respects to the retiring
save up some to helppaymy trip back but how
i was quite prepared topaymy yeah m608: mmhm m642:
iii directs the spcb topayon and after the date
vendors to let me inpayover another 100 10 friday
the kirk session of arbuthnottpayover to the parish council
i took in my firstpaypacket i was allowed to
another part says look theypaypeople to sit and watch
that we were prepared topaypotential suppliers in the area
private contractors that continue topaypoverty wages and refuse proper
nice feeling not having topayrent every week well i
you know you have topayrent if you stay in
that the reporter or reporterspaysite visits to some communities
to g f lees sonspaysolicitor 8 friday receive keys
unpredictable power i had topaysome kind of homage hadn
b require the offender topayspecified amounts to specified persons
term and to modernising thepaystructure nicola sturgeon i am
acceptable to have a differentialpaystructure to recognise the special
proves to me that differentialpaystructures are not new we
talks to modernise the nhspaysystem and we have made
s1m 48 donald gorrie academicpaythat the parliament agrees to
obligation to us yearly wepaythat to the secretary of
the authority as unable topaythe amount falling to be
25 will be liable topaythe graduate contribution s1w 6017
last of me i willpaythe occasional visit to edinburgh
provision that it does notpaythe private sector to exploit
provision that it does notpaythe private sector to exploit
5 the scottish ministers shallpayto a police authority the
whiff of wheeling blades ipayto be pampered the hour
i thought you have topayto go and hear stuff
centre and you had topayto go in f823: [inaudible]
the snp s agenda onpayto improve the quality of
a window i do actuallypayto live there m944: but
deeply concerned at having topayto obtain enhanced criminal record
the scottish football association willpayto queen s park fc
empowered to a refuse topayto that member any further
the body corporate undertakes topayto the authority a proportion
you don t have topaytuition fees in scotland which
scottish homes which has topayus back ms white if
at the cash desk topaywent back and queued to
in place and not topaywhich was the best advice
given that an opportunity topaywithout prosecution will already have
new arm will have topayyou back in the same
you not want me topayyou f1122: mmhm f1121: right
mmhm m194: get to onlypayyou the small wages m608:
without question under labour peoplepaymore and get less labour
that in future we mightpaymore realistic fuel prices that
a bit o borrowing andpayback f637: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
people bought things on tickpayup m608: aye f638: and
m608: uh huh f638: mypaywas seventeen and six a
908 elaine thomson women spay30 years on from the
908 elaine thomson women spay30 years on from the
wilson s1m 908 women spay30 years on from the
908 elaine thomson women spay30 years on from the
years on from the equalpayact lodged on 24 may
years on from the equalpayact that the parliament notes
years on from the equalpayact wednesday 14 june 2000
on fridays only that peoplepaya similar fee and that
the introduction of the equalpayact women earn only 73
which only earned you halfpayof course [note: photo: 'casual workers at drumyocher, left to right, rosemary fraser; elma mennie; alex jeans and noreen maclennan.'] [note: photo: 'noreen maclennan; rosemary fraser and elma mennie at drumyocher.] a
of languages janet seaton levipaythis briefing describes the work
pressure provided that people canpaythe rent they can get
countries have different rates ofpayin the united states different
have not already done sopayyour subscription now 1 per
know what the snp spayagenda is i will not
achieve his purpose he willpayas forfeit one hundred pounds
will address the issue ofpaymany of the hundreds of
mmhm m194: because they couldpaya man fourth er a
documents because they don tpayrent or owe allegiance in
cent of next year spayrise because of the increase
as well take them theypayfar better than the u
in scotland by providing betterpaythan is provided in the
be set so that registrarspaydoes not become part of
himself a 13 per centpayrise although i do not
they can settle this justifiedpayclaim supported by dorothy grace
cannae believe they make yepayfur the headphones said bethia
through they knew we dpayour way against all recommendations
ticket machine an they dpaytae get in at the
or italy or france theypaythae fancy prices an the
above the scottish ministers maypaythe persons with whom they
look out the window sadiepayweel dae they agnes what
ehm [throat] in australia theypaywell i know kate pays
i ll get my decemberpaycheque on dec 14th so
would increase considerably both thepayand the time that was
registration fees such bodies wouldpayand whether such bodies would
double the current rate ofpaythat would cost 2 8
think like sometimes you canpayby paypal and it s
so that we can allpaythem a visit while you
i says well i llpayit up a fiver a
as a punch i llpaythe bill then shall i
ll settle if ye cannaepaythe fine fur a bottle
free entry didn t evenpaymilk is always white cha
why don t you justpaythe third world m818: [laugh]
beaten 1 0 and wepay2 admission fee from now
glasgow live in a flatpayall her rent and all
dissatisfaction with the level ofpayand a sense of disappointment
and the scottish parliament spayand grading structure that annual
chair a drying mermaid ipayand sit stare at an
and injured none refresh andpayand travell on that remained
assist in the equalisation ofpaybetween the genders and asks
seriously in the workforce throughpaycareers structure and employee friendly
smith s1m 3784 the wideningpaygap between men and women
fire fighters and controllers millenniumpaythat the parliament notes the
undertake non nursing activities andpaythe first minister has said
sickle into the sky youpayyour 30 kopecks and enter
well beats what all wepaybut father paul this week
his surroundings we re homepaythe man please still clutching
smidgen above what you dpayanywhere else saying that when
you got though is itpayas you go no it
wee bit promotion a biggerpaypacket you become posher folk
i too am concerned aboutpayi am pleased that since
still good 16 saturday ipaylittlejohn most of bogie nicol
a year he d taepayit up aye ye paid
yer digs ye d taepayyer digs oot of yer
part of a worker spaya typical farmhouse contained a
innovative ways of addressing thepaydifficulties donald gorrie was totally
2000 agreement left the dailypayof a tea plantation worker
the yawning gap between thepayof many of those team
as the non payment ofpayor subsidies or pensions but
the recommendations of the nursingpayreview board with no staging
vasalliance [audience laughter] the make germanypayschool of thought eh vanzittartism
parts of the voluntary sectorpayvat many in the chamber
could an all he couldpayabout three times over m819:
him he learned that thepaywas very poor too but
me hail a year taepayit f643: he paid it
cigarettes are given a fatpaycheque a pat on the
the united states different statespaydifferent rates there is no
an irish vyce intae thepayphone oi m at ayr
f606: yeah [laugh] f828: ratherpayan go away tae spain
tae sell yir grannie taepayfir it sae thays decidit
juist hae something at deypayinta at f960: yeah an
remarks with a comment aboutpaykenny gibson rightly pointed out

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