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expiry of the period forpayinga slight concern was expressed
expiry of the period forpayingfollowing on going discussions i
expiry of the period forpayingit is anticipated that disputes
school 3 was a feepayingschool 4 boys when making
then went off to feepayingschool [ooo] er [laugh] and
they all went to feepayingschools and it s still
think that it is worthpayingthe fee and upgrading their
local authorities are not justpayinglip service to an idea
my basic point is thatpayinglip service to the pensioners
would remove the burden ofpayingfor local government jobs and
would remove the burden ofpayingfor local government jobs and
would remove the burden ofpayingfor local government jobs and
some of you are stillpayingattention now if you will
noo as later everyone ispayingattention now there is an
face and seems to bepayingattention to miss wood and
this the scottish executive ispayingclose attention to the development
that the scottish executive ispayingclose attention to the development
to read the english sentencespayingclose attention to the underlined
in the north east regionpayingparticular attention to a the
anyway as i should bepayingsome attention to financial matters
economic impact a price worthpayingi am convinced that they
is not a price worthpayingi welcome the executive s
that is a price worthpayingmalcolm chisholm absolutely we must
people of the area arepayingthe price thousands of hours
the local authority responsible forpayingfor nursing and personal care
provider and is responsible forpayingturns them down for one
o the coin you repayingall that tax out you
older scots had expected inpayingtheir tax and national insurance
that tax out you repayingthis you re paying that
withdrawn if the period forpayinghas expired and no payment
the end of period forpayingsection 12 allows a fixed
paid within the period forpayingunder section 8 4 a
or so are hardened trooperspayinga second visit or more
and in fact i rememberpayinga visit to a croft
that the european parliament ispayingfor the visit it must
funding clients in care homespayinghigher fees than local authority
executive and you are alreadypayingit but through scottish homes
robert legally it will meanpayingsolicitors fees again but its
sutherland therefore the idea thatpayingfor it would put a
the snp s idea ofpayingmore money to attract nurses
s response that refers topayingmoney to crews runs of
not directing the person orpayingthem money they could use
a great deal of moneypayingthem to do it unsuccessfully
first minister s view thatpayingfor the personal care costs
the difficulties of arranging andpayingfor the care of older
the fact that she waspayingthe same rent and getting
create full time permanent postspayinga wage of at least
thank god i m notpayingin full for the education
them out i m nopayingit that service user has
m816: [inaudible] and you repayingfor the privilege we re
negleckit but you re nopayingheed beaumont aye aye i
re paying this you repayingthat you re dealing with
some transactions electronically such aspayingsuppliers through the bankers automated
other ways from public sectorpayingthrough charging are not illimitable
in poncy restaurants right nowpayingthrough the nose for grub
great loss to cope withpayingthe bill now and also
and must get round topayingtheir subscription some day if
which does not always meanpayinga lot to enable access
out a lot less thenpayingrent because its going up
to ask you to continuepayingfor my education also i
successful in their application orpaying10 per day monday to
the support of the residentspayingtheir annual subscriptions which is
today they d be visitorspayingtheir respects to old pele
prosecuted and convicted for notpayingtheir tolls and believes that
voluntary youth bodies of itpayingthe proposed 10 charge for
royal infirmary will be eitherpaying250 per annum for a
the whole issue of choosingpayingand setting the remit for
drag hunting as similar topayingfor sex it lacks the
gran one an all archiepayingfor the kaleidoscopes saw the
message that the taxpayers arepayingfor the materials that the
don t obviously wasn tpayingfor things when i was
buy and adequate arrangements forpayinginto a fund to help
total interest charges incurred forpayinginvoices after the due date
september 2002 whether it envisagespayingnon domestic rates for the
scottish executive why it ispaying26 1 million in the
the scottish executive whether farepayingbus passengers should be allowed
like that what are theypayingthe people that are doing
join with other members inpayingtribute to the rcn s
she had no means ofpayinghim joseph had sixpence a
elegant readers so it spayinga compliment to the reader
the stage managing of thepayingof respects to the corpse
s visitor attractions accept frompayingcustomers s1w 27511 mr brian

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