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time o year for spreadinpeatsagain doon throo time this
sorted an used for spreadinpeatsjonsar asked skippy cood i
wid be handy for spreadinpeatsweel the mannie jist shook
spaad startit tae turn uppeatswi e goldie yalla o
breist spaad ay wye epeatswis stratifeet across eir biggest
hid twa lairs foo opeatsbit dry they jist widnae
jonsar eck couldnae get onypeatscut he hid twa lairs
e leafy layers in epeatsemsels as ey were cast
each wi a pail opeatsan a pail o sticks
jonsar eck nae sticks naepeatsan fit he hid stored
deein wi the sticks anpeatsas he looked back ower
o sticks ten bags opeatseach ere wis a big
a bag o sticks anpeatsey hid been echty pence
day in the moss castinpeatsneepers cam till e moss
o the risen lord wipeatsan a pucklie meal syne
haed juist liftit a hantilpeatsfrae near the craig whan
the verra day whan thepeatshaed been liftit the year
wifie bocht ten bags opeatsevery time jonsar eck went
wis german on seein thepeatshe bocht ten bags an
appeared an started tae castpeatsjonsar gaed awa ower tae
if you would cast mypeatsman you see i m
lowp up atween the broonpeatscrummlin inno the aisse an
lugs as broon as irishpeatsteeth like traicle poored ower
if i could sell onypeatsi knocked at the door
appeared he started tae spreadpeatswi a fork jonsar wis
loaded up his truck wipeatsower the weekend an decided
the last fortnicht an thepeatshe wis tryin tae spread
auld irish fairmer chiel hurlinpeatsin a cairtie hauled bi
at aince ti fesh thepeatsback ti dry at the
between showers and although thepeatsmanaged to dry the hill
drier lair an set epeatsoot tae dry it jist
of the peat as thepeatsat auchenderran were cut they
lowe wis biggit heich wipeatscut frae steenhillock s share
tho likit fine tae cutpeatsower at tully s fur
stracht up an placed thepeatsoot the length o the
too like a fraucht opeatsagain this was a double
with the reek u dpeatsbaaniks wir maakin on the
wringer bit na na thepeatsjist got weeter an bigger
tap an jist like thepeatswere easy lifted wi the
the gither of coorse thepeatswere jist brakin he wis
kye an ither bease cuistinpeatsan wunnin eldin fur thair
tae dae at ricklin thepeatsan at maskin the tae
sent him out ti kestpeatson a bit muirland that
main fireplace where nothing butpeatswere burned mabel thinks that
put up a stack ofpeatsto see you through the
as well as coal andpeatsthis was very much their

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