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s teller 1 sae thepeerwee craiter thrashed aa the
s teller 1 sae thepeerwee hen cut doon the
s teller 1 sae thepeerwee hen hid tae cairry
s teller 1 sae thepeerwee hennie hid tae saa
juist just jyne join keikpeerkeinin wailing ken know kerlin
n v comb keik vpeerkelter v undulate ken v
juist a just keik vpeerken v know kep v
wye peggy jist that lorettapeerfrank pause peer frank she
that loretta peer frank pausepeerfrank she blows her nose
she smiles to herself murielpeerloon peer peer loon she
herself muriel peer loon peerpeerloon she walks on the
to herself muriel peer loonpeerpeer loon she walks on
turra e s deid noopeerbreet an willie wis got
ye see im aye williepeerbreet e bade be imsel
i can thole teemin thepeerbreet s chunty if it
muller tobacco control is apeerreviewed journal that is part
adult smokers is very strongpeerreviewed journals have set the
wilson so the journal ispeerreviewed tanith muller yes the
been there a her lifepeeraul body onywye is nicht
place y it was naepeeraul cats left lyin for
for sarah to visit herpeeraul mither and she s
night curfews pressure to studypeerderision came as no surprise
have been subjected to bullyingpeerpressure had mitigated against scots
from home before schooling andpeerpressure take effect 2 7
they certainly didn t stealpeerpressure that was what the
keller describe the influence ofpeerpressure the individual creates for
factors seemed to operating frompeerpressure to issues of ethnic
s lifestyle the relevance ofpeerpressure was evident in the
language which crosses international boundariespeerpressure was highly influential scots
draught mine fit happened topeermrs graham muriel aye we
caase o e ily rikpeerwillie what a job it
o t loretta nae forpeermrs morrison a great big
that there are opportunities forpeerreview and assessment by others
of research studies monitoring andpeerreview at the present stage
any such research available forpeerreview by the scottish beekeepers
states agreeing common targets benchmarkingpeerreview comparing best practice etc
of periodic monitoring evaluation andpeerreview establishing indicators and benchmarks
improve their labour market performancepeerreview is an important part
5 commission draws conclusions ofpeerreview process and drafts a
are subject to an intergovernmentalpeerreview process the commission then
the indicators and in thepeerreview process the membership of
protection committee july step 4peerreview process within the social
the presiding officer what internalpeerreview processes there are for
up her nose at mypeerginger wine she takes off
on the bottom stair steppeerin nae twa dugs on
parliament he became a lifepeerand in 1999 he made
the waa an deet thepeerwee bairn mary became queen
twa year aifter that thepeercraiter deet syne mary a
emprisoned mary for eichteen yearpeermary niver saw her son
ower the kingdom an gartpeermary sign a paper tae
an jist aboot droon epeerbreeet sic till e begood
5 the squeel maister giedpeertamas sic a hidin his
tell them a aboot herpeermither dwindlin awa oot at
audience fit a fleg hispeermither got wakened oot o
dee he hid killed apeerhairmless kittlin an drappit it
wull fa looked fer fooneredpeerwull hid humphed the twa
bit eence a year thepeerbreets stood near the heicht
near deed wi sea sicknesspeervratch aa roon the heel
and not by a singlepeeriv the future the present
never kent fit he wantedpeeraddy comfortably nae till i
hey haud back fae thepeerwee hennie fit wey are
ll nae come in thepeervratch shairly disna ken foo
fleg he d gien yonpeeraiberdeen puss nae lang efter
dour fyles it s apeerpianie that plays nae mair
no came fae the crowdpeerauld muggie an geordie they
say scarecrow we say tattiboglepeertatttiebogle has a neep for
you say poor we saypeeryou say potato we say
stockings wi knickers in empeerauld teenie echty odd year
ye d tae use epeerman a kinna iron lever
a picker a pinch apeerman an an aal seerup
showed its abysmal ignorance thepeerman would lose his temper
s observation that very intelligentpeergroup individuals sometimes reject the
was a it was apeergroup language so so that
took it oot on thepeerbairns he went an registered
in every day ach thepeerbuddy ll be crying oot
behind it she knelt topeerat the stone surprised at
she stopped and turned topeerback at davie i ll
fed an wattered an mniledpeerbreets m it wisna their
degree awarding powers by theirpeercommunity well founded cohesive self
who are isolated from theirpeergroups and are strongly motivated
on ye d have thochtpeerevelyn got through a couple
is threids an thrums thepeeraye wyte fur the rich
sowels an fed fowk inpeerhooses parritch in bowls victoria
the settee roarin an laughinpeerjonsar eck jonsar eck widnae
whatever its merits a privatepeers bill is an appropriate
has been fondled by apeerof the realm and a
and as a certain londonpeerhas said that we face
bank a world away wepeerfrom our thin walls out
training to medical professionals andpeersupport networks putting patients first

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