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place in baster containing waterpeppersonion stock cube touch garlic
aa roun as champit chilliepepperswi twa lang scarlet windaes
purpie wulk chaumers tak perfumitpepperssee ti mak the haas
was hot as red chilipepperswell aloha there boy his
1 lge green red yellowpeppersstrips ground coriander 2 sprigs
[laugh] f814: red hot chilipepperstickets over it red hot
and seasoned with thinly choppedpeppersand onions fry turning once
the way back [censored: forename] spottedpeppersand tomatoes in a cooperative
and roasted the past itpepperslying in the fridge he
where he grows tomatoes cornpeppersgreen beans turnips and various
tin with pastry fry onionpeppersfor about 10 mins beat
cooked the meat with tomatopeppersand pasta great and enough

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