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methodology should be curcuddoch erperhapsadvisement is is more an
should seem even warm andperhapsalso i may have a
you should die this isperhapsan attitude born out of
the new planning bill shouldperhapsbe a matter for parliamentary
substance to the regulations shouldperhapsbe mentioned in an explanatory
the convener the research shouldperhapsbe on wider labour market
considering the procedures we shouldperhapsbear in mind the difference
electronic equipment directive members shouldperhapsconsider which matters it might
at the outset i shouldperhapsdeclare an interest as i
a ballad is we shouldperhapsfollow one definition from around
from the labour liberal coalitionperhapsfor once the coalition should
even born that we shouldperhapsget married at some point
members felt that we shouldperhapsgive the other petition further
the topiary haircut phenomenon extraordinaryperhapshairdressers should do topiary don
say that something else shouldperhapshave been done des mcnulty
the things that we shouldperhapshave done at the start
i think that i shouldperhapshave thrown the magazine in
to one of his colleaguesperhapshe should be listening given
difference in the english languageperhapshe should go to newcastle
like to comment patricia fergusonperhapsi should declare an interest
the previous declarations of interestperhapsi should declare that i
specific about it on paperperhapsi should force myself to
bad sex bad lungs badperhapsi should have called someone
are not staying interruption orderperhapsi should have said taisez
i don t know andperhapsi should presumably that s
not know the appropriate termperhapsi should say rules or
i keep my contribution shortperhapsi should speak extremely slowly
next labour manifesto the convenerperhapsi should warn robin harper
that committee should get togetherperhapsinformally to sort out the
a major export for scotlandperhapsit should not be unexpected
the demise of mr mandelsonperhapsmr mackay should recall his
should be some sponsored researchperhapson a european basis to
mind they are broad mindedperhapsother members should try to
15 ian williamson i shouldperhapspoint out that communities scotland
4 angus mackay i shouldperhapspreface my remarks by saying
conform need bringing into lineperhapsregulation should have a role
notion of decorum can andperhapsshould be understood historically and
and water and sewerage authoritiesperhapssuch an amendment should be
the report should be translatedperhapsthat could be our fall
direct responsibility for the matterperhapsthat is where we should
put it mildly tricia marwickperhapsthat response should have been
is missing in this caseperhapsthat should be dealt with
number of houses to manageperhapsthat should be done more
of esteem between both partiesperhapsthat should be widened to
will obviously affect their budgetsperhapsthe executive should take into
in all kinds of contextsperhapsthe guiding principle should be
commercial implications for individual farmersperhapsthe matter should be dealt
in my health board areaperhapsthe matter should be picked
about dealing with the songsperhapsthe one counsel i should
avoided to be completely realisticperhapsthe play should be performed
that information at our disposalperhapsthe reporter could and should
academic and the vocational butperhapsthere should be two separate
because of the techniques scaleperhapsthey should be encouraged to
not obey the standing ordersperhapsthey should enter the discussion
ehm m865,: mmhm f950: butperhapsthey should incorporate some sort
from existing contractors it continuesperhapsthose concerned should read modernising
benefits of scale if notperhapsthose farmers should be encouraged
spcb has adopted that policyperhapswe should change the first
convener i understand that difficultyperhapswe should change the wording
the remit of the committeeperhapswe should consider the need
was pivotal in attracting businessperhapswe should draw a lesson
bill butler glasgow anniesland labperhapswe should draw it to
of our helping young peopleperhapswe should empower young people
of seven to 10 daysperhapswe should have a deadline
from the borders mr mcneilperhapswe should have a look
does not have that rightperhapswe should in the nicest
six months which is regrettableperhapswe should investigate the way
tricia marwick yes des mcnultyperhapswe should just remove that
in our own areas whereasperhapswe should leave such matters
tricia has a substantive pointperhapswe should not put something
of dennis canavan s commentsperhapswe should reconsider and endorse
a very interesting point butperhapswe should seek answers to
speed up on the issueperhapswe should send the minister
person and four person hmosperhapswe should suggest identification and
are outwith our direct remitperhapswe should therefore decide that
well as an information exchangeperhapswe should think in terms
be decided as a committeeperhapswe should wait to see
if oral scots is acceptableperhapswritten scots should be considered
from further along the benchperhapsye should also tell them
hours twice a week andperhapsyou should forget what i
significant event in your lifeperhapsyou should have a drawing
week [laugh] [inhale] f806: oohperhapsyou should just to see
members indicated agreement ms macdonaldperhapsyou should rephrase that the
where you say it butperhapsyou should say it more
with the bath water whenperhapsa small adjustment could secure
wish to raise with youperhapsafterwards we could discuss the
allow more flexibility and couldperhapsallow housing officers to express
review on that we couldperhapsask it when it will
for deaf studies which couldperhapsbe considered by whomever succeeds
voices an opinion that couldperhapsbe seen to be a
a way nietzsche could evenperhapsbe set in a paternal
it to advance mr mcaveetyperhapsbill scott could expand on
exactly how accurate it isperhapschris naldrett could touch on
they think the parliament couldperhapsconsider doing for future europe
it could sometimes be abbreviatedperhapsevery two or three pages
to mean a very largeperhapsexcessive number examples we could
of our isle one couldperhapsfind a sexual frisson in
me whether that could subsequentlyperhapsfive years down the line
fish restaurant in the harbourperhapsfrom where we could watch
in repetition in shetland couldperhapshave become hellery also it
could allay any such concernsperhapshe would accept an early
m exploring are are ermperhapsi could talk about and
that would get too farperhapsit could be tried in
consortium i wish it wellperhapsit could start by renaming
take evidence from poachers laughterperhapsjohn farquhar could help us
the operation of the schemeperhapsother authorities could consider that
in england and wales onlyperhapsscottish ministers could ensure that
her as a hat standperhapsshe could even lie down
goldie given our earlier discussionsperhapssimon wakefield could do some
other agendas could it beperhapsthat some of the drugs
the different roles of lobbyistsperhapsthe clerk could send that
the attention of the executiveperhapsthe clerk could write to
a positive course of actionperhapsthe committee could write to
would adopt a similar approachperhapsthe executive could address that
he said in the chamberperhapsthe minister could also comment
some may have been trueperhapsthe minister could enlighten us
con these points are queriesperhapsthe minister could explain what
in northern ireland michael russellperhapsthe minister could remind the
to us in due courseperhapsthe report could concentrate on
are sufficiently transparent at presentperhapsthey could be on a
and consulted upon the convenerperhapswe could also say that
with the central office againperhapswe could be a little
of property and occupancy butperhapswe could be more subtle
years of the new systemperhapswe could come back to
that in mind des mcnultyperhapswe could dilute the paragraph
tenants that particularly concern usperhapswe could do that by
of scottish homes is servicedperhapswe could explore further how
page document in an hourperhapswe could have had a
heard enough research evidence butperhapswe could hear more on
due to consider that matterperhapswe could learn from practice
consistent health care throughout scotlandperhapswe could pick up on
three could be used effectivelyperhapswe could put this to
if the minister cannot attendperhapswe could send a letter
parts and could be acceptedperhapswith some amendment but he
to make a brief statementperhapsyou could also introduce your
the logic in your caseperhapsyou could explain it further
some of those consultation meetingsperhapsyou could forward us details
not just dorothy grace elderperhapsyou could get the government
about before they were lodgedperhapsyou could reflect upon that
accommodate the introduction of changesperhapsyou could say something about
lodge the amendment is recordedperhapsyou could say why the
where the largest circulation isperhaps100 000 newspapers most of
most other parts of scotlandperhapsbecause the area of its
they would be very welcomeperhapsdavid davidson is most likely
such comforting tradition it arrivedperhapsdramatically most likely brought home
faith to another even inperhapshis most ambitious attempt at
both the most interesting oneperhapsis the word stoo or
gumperz noted code switching isperhapsmost frequently found in the
been strong urging by academicsperhapsmost recently through the proposal
was part of a buildingperhapsmost rewardingly of all in
the most interesting point isperhapsthat the executive was responding
nine parts insane eh notperhapsthe best or the most
do not benefit mark hazelwoodperhapsthe most authoritative document on
of a passenger survivor howeverperhapsthe most bizarre change of
plays in it bell 1989perhapsthe most charitable thing that
adequate resourcing fourthly this isperhapsthe most important aspect of
battleground in scots historical metrologyperhapsthe most interesting of these
and in 1981 what wasperhapsthe most serious crisis so
tradition scott s reputation wasperhapsthe most spectacular casualty of
left hand for my painsperhapsthe most unusual event was
can 4 investigations these areperhapsthe most worthwhile of all
of european integration it isperhapsthe single most positive outcome
i think that would beperhapsa bit dated even in
also gaelic and even pictishperhapsa lot of our words
garden fence even neighbourly warfareperhapsare endless and what about
opaque even to his motherperhapsespecially to his mother at
offering up a reason orperhapseven an excuse for his
harry as burns acknowledged andperhapseven by ossian macpherson but
fewer people speak it correctlyperhapseven fewer than gaelic murison
beauty who threw him overperhapseven for the young man
meaning may be obvious pictorialperhapseven gently humorous but not
of that self cool criticalperhapseven hostile having exchanged human
remarks would be they areperhapseven more relevant today than
to the torture what isperhapseven more surprising is inga
meaning may be obvious pictorialperhapseven occasionally humorous but not
himself with thoughts of deathperhapseven of suicide and he
true scholarly precision we analysedperhapseven profited from the rigid
risk of repeating myself orperhapseven repeating someone else this
don t want it teaperhapseven tea tastes too strong
sexual imagery is more covertperhapseven unconscious when smith and
but in our own countryperhapseven with a scottish actor
a surge of something loveperhapshappiness even but now she
back where we were andperhapsin an even worse position
ill educatit eh or evenperhapstae be seen to be
them more credit than theyperhapsdeserve i am not happy
more often in the chamberperhapsfour times a year to
that the new economy hasperhapshad more impact in remoter
of industry and activity andperhapshave a more intimate approach
answer on 13 june mightperhapshave been more complete if
more economically successful it isperhapsinevitable that patterns of speech
piece of film making andperhapsit is ultimately more impressive
term whereas is appropriate isperhapsmore a term of judgment
his nerves but who seemedperhapsmore aggressive than he really
216 greig duncan 1231 isperhapsmore challenging this is a
this case the regulations areperhapsmore complex and detailed than
no issue but it isperhapsmore complex than it seems
na gĂ idhlig in addition andperhapsmore important at this stage
commitment to the sector andperhapsmore important because of their
was teaching it was certainlyperhapsmore irritating than it is
head which had been characterisedperhapsmore like a father son
natural unforced forms of speechperhapsmore like the way william
another of his propositions isperhapsmore questionable today than it
which surround us he saidperhapsmore significant is this statement
immunities to the icc andperhapsmore significantly that deal with
aps ii 10 act 14perhapsmore significantly the assizes tell
can think of one personperhapsmore than one person who
hug to get warm andperhapsmore who knows sleeping policeman
many people in scotland andperhapsmore widely the fact that
that took in community organisationsperhapsmore work than the national
right service for its areaperhapsother more established groups are
plop and a stink orperhapssomething more than a plop
instances of type c thusperhapssuggesting that there is more
sounds a bit more feminineperhapsthan than a kit of
more prescriptive approach which isperhapsthe french style which is
university and robert gordon universityperhapsthe latter more than the
f1009: mm m1008: and ehperhapsthe more formal english word
ask what can politicians doperhapsthe more important question is
is no easy solution butperhapsthere is scope for more
be more distinct but intellectuallyperhapsthey re not so far
say but i noticed itperhapswith people who are more
i ll come more oftenperhapsyou d like stay in
too complicated or go intoperhaps15 or 16 different what
and phonetic association such speculationperhapsassumes too much knowledge of
he wrote them they wereperhapsconsidered too eccentric and the
at the time they wereperhapsconsidered too eccentric as i
must be too old orperhapsi never was a masochist
my middle name is stirlingperhapsi too have a claim
nils burwitz i said butperhapsit is too late since
come back to this legislationperhapsit was too ambitious to
good at single hand bowlsperhapsmy faults are too evident
the convener exactly tricia marwickperhapsthat is going too far
their works for objective criticismperhapsthey too were embarrassed about
wear your kilt too hotperhapsthough i remember someone trying
before that can happen isperhapstoo long but that can
companies produce plays in scotsperhapstoo many of them are
of the scottish examination boardperhapstoo much faith was put
applications the word inconceivable isperhapstoo strong to describe the
return to this matter anywayperhapsadam ingram s point can
settle the matter for nowperhapsin future we can reform
while considering the matter furtherperhapsthe committee has a convener
i will give an exampleperhapsthe matter can be incorporated
january or february for progressperhapsthe matter requires personal intervention
on smoking des mcnulty noperhapswe can put the matter
eyes surveyed me she wasperhapsa few years older than
of my constituents who isperhapsa little older than me
a relationship with the personperhapsa workmate rather than a
rather than the longer formperhapsanyone in the audience who
a decision earlier than wasperhapsfirst thought when we initially
young student in the 1960sperhapsfurther back than i care
better than any other manperhapshe knew that a dead
than you seem to thinkperhapsi am just being dumb
rather than give full discretionperhapskay mccorquodale will comment on
less threatening the cases areperhapsless complex than may be
to the east yeah m762: perhapsless imperialist than before you
reached macchu picchu other thanperhapsone solitary traveller but his
rather than anything else orperhapsother people using the word
conservative than glaswegian scots isperhapsright m741: yeah i don
rather than using what isperhapsthe older model of our
gaelic than in english whereperhapsthey were thinking in gaelic
provide services earlier than thatperhapsthrough health departments cathy peattie
than other schools ron tuckperhapswould not that apply to
in such situations hector currieperhapsat some point down the
have forgotten my other pointperhapsi will come back to
minister accept that such semanticsperhapsmiss the point which is
point that i have madeperhapsnot directly to mr wilson
year 1200 at that pointperhapspeople began to understand them
pick up pauline s pointperhapsshe feels as i do
i concur with that pointperhapsthe main reason for the
permission for something appeals areperhapsbest left in the legal
face shabby sophisticate shifty entrepreneurperhapsboth yet something beguiling brightened
something seems to have changedperhapsf965: absolutely f963: yeah f965:
at that time would beperhapsfifty something like that if
yeah mmhm m762: something differentperhapsfrom what f963: mm m762:
way demeans the whole processperhapsi am missing something but
m1055: i m- my motherperhapsit s something that mothers
fines are imposed in glasgowperhapslen higson can say something
and produce something for usperhapswith ian ritchie if possible
need something to i thoughtperhapsyou might advise me about
to give evidence the convenerperhapsi can be of some
of the buildings the convenerperhapsi can suggest a change
be this one the convenerperhapsit might not be the
00 the convener thank youperhapsmr egan would like to
for determination by local peopleperhapsthat is controversial the convener
lifelong learning inquiry the convenerperhapsthe clerk can suggest how
others want to come inperhapsthe convener will allow me
in many areas the convenerperhapsthis is not entirely an
otherwise less well defined andperhapsuncertain the convener the executive
to condemn herself to yearsperhapsa lifetime of trouble for
new testament in scots althoughperhapsabout 400 years overdue turned
years ago some of youperhapscan recall that event and
knight when a mere childperhapseleiven or twal years o
authorised at the last assizeperhapsforty or fifty years before
the farming community up toperhapsforty years ago then its
licensing system works both waysperhapsin a few years once
people who see us allperhapsincluding me at 36 years
priority particularly in recent yearsperhapsit would be true to
possible impact of substitution wouldperhapsoccur over 20 years but
77 years of age weperhapsrequire new markers for age
the wartime years was outstandingperhapsthe greatest personal achievement of
over the years cabx areperhapsuniquely affected by the activities
on her horizontal dyal willperhapsbe held by some to
on her horizontal dial willperhapsbe held by some to
there are some notable developmentsperhapsbecause of the predilection for
to some extent modified andperhapscorrupted by transcription errors thomson
hope that the rain hasperhapsdispersed some of the swirling
the response rate it isperhapshelpful to explore some of
ban in regulations we canperhapshope for some european developments
insane not to understand itperhapsi ve inherited some tendency
taken some interest we areperhapsmissing a trick if we
tony gallagher some authorities wereperhapsnot ready the demand from
areas but other authorities areperhapsnot so good some authorities
be possible if it failsperhapssome of carole s contacts
work if that is soperhapssome of the procedures need
mm mm m762: differently fromperhapssome other people would have
suspicious liable to the wayperhapssome people might look on
action taken to clean upperhapssome sort of landscaping will
some sort of independent mechanismperhapsstanding slightly outside the local
issues that some colleges faceperhapsthat is a better way
on some of those issuesperhapsthe best course of action
and some of her partyperhapsthe whole of her party
moment professor richards it isperhapsworth mentioning that some of
was well spent it isperhapsworth quoting some of the
galceran s estacca lay emptyperhapsbecause as salvador eventually observed
faded grandeur evoked agatha christieperhapsbecause i had once stayed
june 1999 the inca trailperhapsbecause of my restless night
the host group s languageperhapsbecause of the sheer numbers
those men survived the sinkingperhapsbecause of the unpleasant weather
position of the monarchy itselfperhapsbecause that brings together many
not as good that isperhapsbecause the revised highers are
have been lost or forgottenperhapsbecause they ve been seen
or 26 of that actperhapsbecause those sections are applied
bill through increased charges orperhapsbecause you will have to
is unknown but it mayperhapshave been because part of
true that they love moneyperhapsit s because they were
petition pe474 because there isperhapsnot enough time for individual
changed from gaelic to gaelicperhapssimply because the people the
mr davidson rose mike watsonperhapsthat is because it is
fallen woman come to repentperhapstimon turned misanthropist because all
particularly appropriate for shellfish andperhapsalso for seaweed culture at
school essay also had aperhapsdisproportionate and not always positive
but also given their sophisticationperhapsfor incan nobility stopping over
cultural loss m608: mmhm m078: perhapspersonal but also i think
written english one can alsoperhapsrecognise a spoken standard comprising
member of the royal commissionperhapsthey will also be reassured
tho also in primary plusperhapsto a mouse to a
realise that they have itperhapswe also need a good
protect her family was alsoperhapswhat now brought her calm
of that as we needperhapsa linked question is how
to take them on visitsperhapsalex johnstone s leaders need
pop stars and what theyperhapsneed is a working atmosphere
process within those 40 daysperhapswe need a process that
make a system work whenperhapswe need now to step
part of a preventive approachperhapswe need to get such
would like to do andperhapswe need to take advice
justify higher fire safety standardsperhapswe need to unpack the
evidence has been taken andperhapsappear alongside the minister the
day as the minister andperhapsbefore him michael russell if
what planet the first ministerperhapsfortunately i did not catch
to the minister then againperhapsms macdonald i would wait
by the deputy first ministerperhapsone reason why the executive
i said the minister canperhapsput me right hugh henry
want that status at allperhapsthe minister can clear up
is crucial for public safetyperhapsthe minister will clarify that
out of this oppressive schemataperhapsa way out can be
we have raised this morningperhapsall that we can do
can have seen in himperhapsall the proteins in his
can provide further explanation includingperhapsan indication of the typical
the elements can be viewedperhapsas mirroring the personal inner
personal rule and they canperhapsbe interpreted as efforts to
saidis puir people scots canperhapsbe regarded as having reached
in glasgow len higson canperhapscomment on this i would
funded companies only stephen imrieperhapsi can clarify the two
you on that richard grantperhapsi can explain further until
of it in summing upperhapsmr peacock can inform us
can sometimes lead to happinessperhapspre empting shakespeare in henry
we were before des mcnultyperhapsrichard grant can give you
the best way christine grahameperhapsthat can be included in
commons he has good reasonsperhapsthe situation can be rectified
to 32 local authorities butperhapsthey can connect to clumps
yeah yeah absolutely yes ermperhapswe can move on to
my copy of the submissionperhapswe can return to that
charitable institutions and voluntary organisationsperhapswe can tidy that up
young west of scotland conperhapsyou can guide me on
bag you are from scotlandperhapsyou can help me in
his new kingdom mammon withperhapsa hint of what would
be much less it wouldperhapsbe as little as 250
unit was that staff wouldperhapsbe reluctant to say that
again and the past wouldperhapsbe wiped clean every impurity
between citizen elected mep andperhapseuropean president it would come
and he would they wouldperhapsin the concert there would
to take part elaine smithperhapsit would be appropriate if
the draft codes of practiceperhapsit would be appropriate to
know how that will happenperhapsit would be appropriate to
the print media and othersperhapsit would be better to
have a prima facie caseperhapsit would be helpful to
be misunderstood meanwhile mrs beaumontperhapsit would be wisest to
somehow de la discipline camaradeperhapsit would help if i
would require you to consultperhapsonly one employee if the
would listen to them andperhapsput forward their concerns and
to rush out its reportperhapsthat controversy would not exist
do not have information soperhapsthat would be better addressed
s story for local newspaperperhapsthat would bring a harpist
making in respect of smsasperhapsthat would not have dealt
asked to trigger the processperhapsthe authorising officer would take
local is relevant to thatperhapsthe director of resources would
schedule would explain that completelyperhapsthe sentence ought to read
cultural landscape would be transformedperhapsthere is bureaucratic inefficiency here
though it s quite unusualperhapsto get someone that would
an then they would haveperhapstwo sketches an that would
law of the tenement billperhapswe would be critical of
we look towards the futureperhapswe would be extremely anxious
in the lochs i amperhapsbeing alarmist in saying such
and not taking defeat easilyperhapsi wasn t such a
speeches such as these butperhapsif m865: mmhm f951: ye
due attention to those notperhapsintellectual or powerful such are
availability of premises which wasperhapsnot such an obvious factor
farm workers or club comediansperhapssuch a comment is non
and for wild fish operationsperhapsthe ability to use such
deal wrong with such polycultureperhapsthere is a fear that
farms in such areas andperhapsto relocate the farms outwith
drysdale or a leonard perryperhapsand why not a hairstyle
as well as their suggestionsperhapsas a list but not
to investigate them but notperhapsas a priority george lyon
believed she had not bonnieperhapsbut young and strong oh
not it is worth doingperhapsby the new unitary authority
dialogue will take place whichperhapsdoes not happen as it
member of the finance committeeperhapshe is not sure about
accompanied by a hint thatperhapshuman beings are not in
look for loopholes brian fitzpatrickperhapsi was not clear maureen
public as i indicated althoughperhapsmr adam was not listening
possibly the beige one butperhapsnot a bundle of notes
smile which is improved orperhapsnot by a surround of
we heard that hmi wasperhapsnot carrying messages back to
hmo sector the information isperhapsnot comprehensive across the range
ordered will be delivered butperhapsnot in the right quantity
that is your position althoughperhapsnot now as we have
disqualification of judges which isperhapsnot quite as final as
become self conscious it isperhapsnot surprising that davidson the
lockerbie to orkney it isperhapsnot surprising that on many
its casual nature it isperhapsnot surprising that the word
is that somebody who wasperhapsnot the full shilling as
to a greek urn f1037: perhapsnot the way to go
johann lamont has done isperhapsnot true of the majority
has not been properly consideredperhapsrichard grant wants to say
and the factors affecting themperhapsthat is not a convincing
up changing practice or whetherperhapsthe change does not affect
were not happy pushing salesperhapsthe problem was the products
indicated that you personally andperhapsthe scottish executive did not
their local clubs and organisationsperhapsthere was not a connection
but not necessarily in classroomsperhapsthey are being used for
in to your new committmentsperhapsthey are not quite so
on disabled young people thatperhapsthey do not want is
of the public sector workersperhapstoday s debate is not
try to understand the detailperhapsit is enough to say
to disagree say no andperhapsleave her nagging at this
re talking to somebody andperhapslet s say i was
she wouldn t say orperhapsshe did say and i
say and eh that thatperhapsthat segment of the conversation
pleasurable opportunity to say thatperhapsthe best thing that has
but a ban on advertisingperhapsyou will say how many
our concern that resourcing orperhapsanother reason is putting strain
our own registration staff andperhapsdeploy extra cover from part
and prepared for restoration andperhapsdisplay the condition of our
has happened with this billperhapsin our stage 2 consideration
poem with a title hereperhapsour family s late for
european language but in severalperhapsour football as well as
our telephone had been tappedperhapsthat is a debate for
quiet evening and we joinedperhapsthe quietest members of our
those with a family memberperhapsa mother who has had
m1174: etcetera yes yeah m608: perhapsfrom from those places wh-
none of those things apartperhapsfrom the railway seems to
from one another s butperhapsfrom those of government and
those bitterly vindictive character distortionsperhapsserve only to highlight the
to tackle larger hmos andperhapsthose that take four people
suggesting both severe pain andperhapsa primitive forceps or other
outbreaks so the wording isperhapsa rose by any other
contact other members who knowsperhapshe is a distant relation
other well one other passionperhapsis the motorbike m734: yeah
the state the police andperhapsother security forces were using
the fact that french isperhapssqueezing out other languages as
a very localised problem orperhapsa challenge in the west
off island audience two exceptionsperhapsbeing the very successful annual
ill very often which wasperhapsdue to the medication if
and did it linger stillperhapsin this very room furious
sometimes look very different andperhapsincomprehensible to an english person
place to very good effectperhapsit is always invidious to
very attractive feature for employersperhapspeople s contentment with the
expertise from the private sectorperhapsvery expensively is that one
i thank them very muchperhapswhen the meeting closes we
very patient and kind andperhapsyou know my dear mrs
of life the very sameperhapsyou ll give that up
difficulties first older people wereperhapsbeing impeded from re entering
executive on one issue isperhapsbeing undermined by the lack
if you re being slangyperhapschuffed m1007: yeah f1009: mmhm
monuments of scotland is involvedperhapsi am being ultra cautious
f1009: mm m1055: yeah m1008: perhapsmates from glasgow being in
being ungrammatical a bidialectal approachperhapsthe solution to this dilemma
sinister purposes behind the cutsperhapswe re being conditioned to
being the person you areperhapsyou do know how fortunate
slightly higher for a supermarketperhaps6 or 7 per cent
have been a roman siteperhapsa fort or a port
and projects local people orperhapsa health board or council
salt or spit or sprayperhapsall three its bright skirt
up on what two orperhapsall three of you seemed
particularly with scottish lit orperhapsany literature i don t
victoria sinking been learned orperhapsapplied then the later tragedies
lists for higher or csysperhapsburns supper school burns club
wants to pursue an issueperhapsby writing or contacting the
groups the members of whichperhapsfrom their own or their
sweet and dear adversary orperhapsi have been his i
on this or related subjectsperhapsin either house at westminster
to remove my brains orperhapsin the act of murder
fraternise with the enemy orperhapsit was just their attitude
telegram from the queen orperhapsit will be the king
it is prone to repetitionperhapsof particular words or particular
an extra meeting that weekperhapson thursday lunchtime or at
own songs how many liveperhapsone or another of them
and trunks taken by donkeyperhapsor a horse drawn carriage
mti alla the director orperhapsproducer she negotiated a lot
authorities or financial institutions orperhapsputting in place a telephone
finish again i sensed orperhapsread into the situation a
of a european energy policyperhapsthe uk government or the
or navy blue uniforms butperhapsthey d taken them off
leapt to mind but ehperhapstogs or threads if if
jamie mcgrigor s contribution orperhapswhat was omitted from it
little less real or hyperrealperhapsyou know and if you
further question on scottish homesperhapsyou or if we do
petition that i saw somewhereperhapsat a party conference people
in people s memories whichperhapsmakes them feel less hard
people and who had hadperhapsone quarter of a glass
and present have done soperhapspeople have simply accepted the
people but the scots wereperhapsstrong enough to bear this
a protection under civil lawperhapsthat people carrying out their
and your people in contextperhapsthe festival when there is
growth in real resources isperhaps4 per cent a year
scottish actor sean connery isperhapsa bit old for the
straight they are it isperhapsa legacy that no one
the member referred it isperhapsa surrounding village in her
that freedom to choose isperhapsas the existentialists taught the
must make comparisons it isperhapsbetter to compare oral poetry
m1008: sofa coach but couchperhapsbut sofa is the one
that charitable giving is downperhapscolleagues will return to that
speech he was quite circumspectperhapshe is deferring to his
sliver of the world brainperhapsin this representation which is
of literature f718: mmhm m017: perhapsinadequate nevertheless it is f718:
to scottish tourism it isperhapsindicative of the widespread recognition
scheme is that it wasperhapsintroduced without fully adequate preparation
through is dead and soperhapsis he i haunt the
physical activity in primary schoolsperhapsit is an obsession how
the money is coming fromperhapsit is coming from the
sense of losing its autonomyperhapsit is good to set
lobbied as i said originallyperhapsit is meetings with lobbyists
rehearsing for winter i thinkperhapsit is plotting to tear
on the situation in sighthillperhapsit is the case that
progress that has been madeperhapsit is time for her
passion and spontaneity which isperhapslacking now but will come
infancy writin in scots isperhapsmaist actively encouraged through competitions
bed on sunday night soperhapsmike russell is mystic meg
creating nynorsk this analogy isperhapsmisleading since it relates to
the total amount expended butperhapsof whether expenditure is made
a later passage which isperhapsone of the finest examples
it seems that this isperhapsone of the oldest elements
and that the bill isperhapsover the top you said
environment committee but that isperhapsqualified by the suggestion that
with us the bill isperhapsseen as technical but it
party political motions it isperhapsslightly regrettable that we have
it is now they reperhapsspreading and that s what
smith is great fun 41perhapsstevenson was simply owning with
regulation is oriented towards salmonperhapsthat has contributed to what
is already a broad definitionperhapsthat is one thing that
with in this poem isperhapsthat of the futility of
disabled children mr paterson soperhapsthe definition is to do
with the larger 1426 pintperhapsthe implication of this is
general agricultural support that isperhapsthe opposite question to the
the negotiations and that isperhapsthe part of the treaty
the pilings with sugar crystalsperhapsthe pier is past its
pew for god s sakeperhapsthe unspoken agreement is all
berry s view is thatperhapsthere is a link we
marriage ceremony must always beperhapsthere is no better wording
she is rarely silent butperhapsthis is due to living
for their own sake butperhapsthis is the dull utilitarian
experiences documented and it isperhapsthis unusual upbringing that has
it is worth noting thatperhapsthrough the convention of scottish
the financial memorandum does isperhapsto be unreasonably optimistic there
gordon gordon jackson this isperhapstrickier arrest is covered in
for measurement terms it isperhapsunfortunate that the initial letters
change that role it isperhapsworth pointing out that when
think there is that tendencyperhapsyou know and f963: mm
to be duncan mcneil willperhapsagree with me on that
likely to be quite costlyperhapsalong the lines of the
will be the universal systemperhapsas with the gradual easing
be required and authorities thatperhapshave been slow michael russell
here today do you noticeperhapshoping to be nominated again
good practice must be supportedperhapsif there were less emphasis
with nicotine and alcohol butperhapsit wouldn t be like
appear to be defective anotherperhapsless serious drafting error concerns
administrative officials civil servants mayperhapsover time be replaced by
be kinder to agree andperhapsput her mind at rest
of a founding father henceperhapsthe competition to be the
says that in her letterperhapsthe executive will be prepared
appear to be rather strangeperhapsthe officials got mixed up
was going to be assessedperhapsthe way i behaved now
within the 40 day periodperhapsthere has to be a
executive s area of responsibilityperhapsthere might be value in
hope that they are butperhapsthey will be reassured by
to be said william craigieperhapsuncharacteristically craigie gave the dimensions
there will be 18 judgesperhapswe have had this information
be heard behind the sofaperhapswe ll spell murray m
be ehm heard although withperhapsyounger speakers influenced by m1055:
the way that you areperhapssuggesting lindsay manson section 3
the night of the millenniumperhapsthe way forward in this
of labour relations but withperhapsa view towards developing improvements
widely obviously since then butperhapsf963: mm mm m762: differently
the remains of stone housesperhapsfor the original workers but
of the cor ms macdonaldperhapsi missed it but were
russell yes they are criticalperhapsi slurred over it but
hebrew students the juniors areperhapsimproving a little but that
the benefit of hindsight butperhapsin the interests of justice
of life he agreed thatperhapsit was unfair but that
t generally offer this butperhapsmy dear a replica of
species but different shellfish andperhapsseaweed species that will have
period of english but wasperhapsthe dictionary that lay closest
occupants use the slammer butperhapsthe staff don t want
us in a single roomperhaps4 paces by 8 there
dispensation to the skye bridgeperhapsthe executive might tell us
for us for nobody exceptperhapsyou and you are exceptional
intense intimacy of unfettered responsivenessperhapsi had come to mallorca
all fourteen stone of himperhapsshe invited him to come
today s electronic business ageperhapswhen we come on to
has come through to youperhapsyou get a sanitised view
have reached my office andperhapsyou will come in and
between agencies that we haveperhapsfaced difficulties in the past
she wondered if we hadperhapsover ordered the notelets and
the debate down south wasperhapsrather unfortunate in general we
we may wish to considerperhapsseparately from the interests expressed
then we set off onperhapsthe hardest part of the
we cannot do anything elseperhapsthe honest thing to do
ago if it had beenperhapsthe negative responses that we
dream he subtly suggests thatperhapswe have all merely been
i think there s timesperhapswhen for example ehm we
every night of the weekperhapswhen we move into the
gaelic names have won throughperhapsaided by the fact that
natural world which i haveperhapshad less of when i
informal cost to carers whoperhapshave to give up their
e mollachin aboot here atperhapshe might have been a
girl specialised in knuckle sandwichesperhapsi have a problem hereabouts
house and follow winnie ewingperhapsi have experience to speak
as part of that agendaperhapslocal economic forums have a
these activities have been describedperhapsover optimistically as the scottish
ferguson i have a hopeperhapspious that knowing that committees
have in railway signal boxesperhapsthere are sinister purposes behind
and the majority have stayedperhapsthere was a time of
comfortable with the seb traditionperhapsthey will have to learn
full of scots a conceptperhapsalien to many air scotland
the preservation of scots indeedperhapsfor its revivification as a
it makes demands about compensationperhapsa briefing from the executive
notecards tapestry kits magazines andperhapscollect books from school shop
and she takes pleasure andperhapscomfort and solidarity from reading
able to seek redress andperhapscosts from an owner for
standards and the problem arisingperhapsfrom human nature of getting
the school who has diedperhapsfrom shame after the birth
initiate the petition steve farrellperhapsstephen hutchinson from the official
back of the report andperhapstake written evidence from the
from the standards committee thatperhapstells its own story tricia
she will work on andperhapstake on the carntyne incinerator
and visit the chopin museumperhapsyou d like to take
the hearty voices again withperhapsa hint of anger in
was young nowadays you mightperhapsdifferentiate with different kinds of
with clefts to linger inperhapsforget old jura with her
scared shitless it was himselfperhapshe went with the white
am against hunting with houndsperhapsi am the sole member
with her mini witches broomperhapsin the warmer weather in
sheriff inquired with super glueperhapsmy client and his wife
of the state including especiallyperhapsprofessionals concerned with testing qualifications
she s bored with meperhapsthe maddest thoughts of all
with writing in any languageperhapsthe only sense in which
are singing louder now lookperhapsthey will play with toffee
unlicensed hmos and for themperhapsto focus on hmos with
40 bill aitken glasgow conperhapsuncharacteristically i agree with many
reviving carajillo coffee with brandyperhapsunder the circumstances opening the
work presented to several classesperhapswith the head teacher present
to zonal management committees althoughperhapswith the precautionary measures to
will consider that item separatelyperhapsat the next meeting if
century texts called scornivar sgurrperhapsif a mountain was large
live in glasgow and whoperhapscame out of a gaelic
timon was a womaniser whoperhapswas himself brought to the
f963: mm mm yeah m762: perhapsbeen done before in that
fitted it in their timeperhapsit had been a green
that s been in sichtperhapsthe weans are drawn by
are needed nor props exceptperhapsa large doll in sacking
storeroom in block capitals areperhapsall normal collocations except for
done proactive work on europeperhapsthey are the universities that
among communities in rural andperhapsurban scotland that there are
are temples and observatories andperhapswas populated by priests nobles
to shed about 200 staffperhaps100 of these will end
in another direction i willperhapsconsider writing up my experiences
road at edinburgh city chambersperhapshe will make it here
about that subject alastair dempsterperhapsian robson will talk specifically
mandatory to inform surveillance subjectsperhapsmembers think that that will
fully in her summing upperhapsshe will indicate whether the
and guidance on the billperhapsyou will expand on what
all your friends about itperhapsyou will want to become
why they re doing itperhapsas a result of a
they spend 255 colin campbellperhapsthey get elected bill butler
the main were prejudice freeperhapsthey realise intuitively as milton
[laugh] f746: oh right andperhapsthey were like translating in
no word for father thenperhapsthey were so promiscuous that
got it at school themselvesperhapsyou know they did go
mr scott raised an eyebrowperhapsat hearing my accent for
kiss my brow making upperhapsfor the kiss he had
gathered momentum beyond the cloudsperhapshe was flying above my
i want to keep myperhapsi blacked out again at
upwards to support my headperhapsi seemed a curious sight
i followed luisa upstairs subduedperhapsshe had picked up my
her dance was well doneperhapsshe senses my presence she
increase in staff christine grahameperhapsyou cannot answer my question
independent did it mr macintoshperhapsa paper that summarised the
ll get lots of theseperhapsand that s just what
was that there weren tperhapsas many media waiting for
acknowledged that the relaxation andperhapseventual abolition of the priority
forjugit by fortune it wasperhapsfortunate for james that boethius
integrated concessionary transport scheme anywayperhapsi am plugging that issue
think well [cough] ye knowperhapsin in in that case
that it must go aheadperhapsit became the educational millennium
satisfactory definition to replace thisperhapsit s the form that
t want me at allperhapsit was me that was
do about that in futureperhapsrichard walsh has a suggestion
about that m1055: [laugh] m1008: perhapsthat was the north skye
subjects of a constitutional monarchyperhapsthe fundamental change that the
them seemed to remember thatperhapsthe key factor was the
points in the novel youperhapsf963: mm [laugh] yeah yeah
which suggests extremes and thisperhapsadds to the exciting larger
growth of the customary sizeperhapsfor this reason this was
to leave this committee andperhapsjoin the european committee so
to stay in this afternoonperhapsventuring out to the lenin
clothes hardly acknowledge the weatherperhapsa cardigan instead of a
of carpet in the foyerperhapsa throwback to aristocratic days
rather special kind of relationshipperhapsa wee bit unusual in
of burns feet of clayperhapsat the expense of his
an absolute disgrace and itperhapsdemonstrates the weakness of the
intense mood of passionate longingperhapsfor the unattainable as suggested
in ballynahinch [laugh] f010: [laugh]perhapshe s still dreaming of
the regulatory requirements of governmentperhapsintroducing a dedicated hmo act
difficult to read pauline mcneillperhapsit came out of the
a woman s precious coinperhapsit was a piece of
richness then as alice continuedperhapsit was the effect of
them to talk and playperhapsit was the influence of
son of a crofter andperhapsoffered leslie a glimpse of
though opposite of here andperhapspolitically apt the chorus was
the dissolution of parliament thereforeperhapsseveral of the issues raised
least the definition of lobbyingperhapsthe committee needs to make
west of meikle high balyettperhapsthe disappearance of the property
i don t get itperhapsthe idea of standing under
at the age of 55perhapsthe last victim of the
the father of the manperhapsthe vestigal dialect in the
an adequate level of resourceperhapsthrough a system of joint
fragments of bone tantalizing cluesperhapsto the last chapter in
don t know the credibilityperhapsto their knowledge of gaeldom
words ower owersettins it sperhapswell known of [?]starts[/?] steerers
you re ashamed of itperhapsyou ve run off to
it much earlier muir russellperhapsin an ideal world i
love it though he thoughtperhapsit needed friends the poems
idea at all only fantasiesperhapsit s so ghastly you
to achieve perfection it takesperhapsseven minutes to perfect the
it appropriate the bullock committeeperhapssurprisingly took a broadly similar
know it s quite refreshingperhapsto get a a different
religion the totem meal wasperhapsmankind s earliest festival and
before i was named andperhapsshamed by christine grahame for
fatale fascinating and unthreatening matildeperhapsreincarnated as objet d art
effectively and openly as possibleperhapswhat fergus ewing perceives as
50 000 copies were soldperhapsthe low water mark in
songs e g duncan grayperhapsa visit to the cottage
year after vyborni s deathperhapshe aspired to live there
to the really bad bitperhapsi ll stop here no
m762: to a small extentperhapsin in london at least
re so short and chidesperhapsthy comming to the north
tendency towards wishful thinking leadingperhapsto obsessional hopes and dreams
in a discreet pub andperhapsa chat a little intimate
frae his faimly and freensperhapsback there in the cane
lived in the area soperhapshis apprehension might help the
the nhs deeply frightened andperhapsin pain nurses bear the
community in scotland and abroadperhapsthrough the proposed institute for
pool here someone fabled cleopatraperhapssmothered her face and body
ai interj oh aiblins advperhapsain a own aince adv
a much larger room sleepingperhapsanother twenty the shared shower
tool fur communication liz nivenperhapsbest tells o a possible
century accretions a sound systemperhapscertainly a television yes these
he stumbled stopped himself thoughperhapsstill a wee bit under
isn t a face thoughperhapsthe kiss isn t a
the fifth an oil lampperhapsdark shadows on the wall
string quartet round the cornerperhapssanta eulalia s carved stone
nancy kushigian and like projectsperhapsthe last thing scottish literature
oot catchin fishes ___ aiblinsperhapswicht strong man soop the
f785: mmhm m055: ehm thenperhapsye know the publishin industry
mixed spice 2 tablespoons sugarperhapsan egg grease square tin
inhaled deep into his lungsperhapshe s an aztec deity
his noise at me againperhapshe s punishing me for
yes unidentified flying objects ufosperhapsicarus did his flying here
red coats on horses andperhapsorganised hare coursing assistant chief
before i left kensaleyre towardsperhapsprimary six certainly primary seven
and prams ready for useperhapsrubbish bins abandoned domestic equipment

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