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point we have found thatpersistentoffenders or persistent suspects before
found that persistent offenders orpersistentsuspects before they are prosecuted
recognise that for the mostpersistentand serious young offenders secure
long term personal plans forpersistentoffenders ensuring that they are
secure accommodation for violent andpersistentoffenders evaluate the pilot youth
children are apparently or allegedlypersistentoffenders should be cut does
support for schemes aimed atpersistentoffenders that have proved more
about how we deal withpersistentsex offenders mr wallace it
s hearings to deal withpersistentyoung offenders s1o 5835 12
taken to tackle patterns ofpersistentoffending among young people in
are being taken to tacklepersistentyouth offending s1w 24703 mr
editor ian olson has beenpersistentin encouraging me to go
eu population are at apersistentrisk of poverty the risk
of the slower running butpersistenthounds eventually it becomes exhausted
whether the definition of apersistentyoung offender in national standards
yet the knocking became morepersistentfrom his bedroom window he
er it can become erpersistentand you know f718: mmhm
in areas of high andpersistentunemployment supported by rhoda grant
50 to 90 due topersistentunder funding by the local
like toothache it had beenpersistentas a rat gnawing through
it so ye re apersistentabsconder i grimaced cagily my

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