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a noun at all youngpersonin cheap trendy m1007: yeah
some merit particularly for threepersonand four person hmos perhaps
a further question on threepersonand four person hmos you
people who rent out fivepersonand six person hmos hector
appropriate or necessary for threepersonhmos about a third of
management practices three and fourpersonhmos are often in tenements
subtle quite quickly as threepersonhmos are soon to come
involved once we include threepersonhmos but i do not
out five person and sixpersonhmos hector currie this is
the proposed reduction to threepersonhmos in october 2003 with
concern that in future threepersonhmos may suffer from the
whether we should exempt threepersonhmos or suspend the implementation
for three person and fourpersonhmos perhaps we should suggest
point for three and fourpersonhmos such a scheme could
risk is lower in threepersonhmos than in hmos with
almost universally favoured removing threepersonhmos that does not mean
smaller hmos such as threepersonhmos that will be caught
supported the exemption of threepersonhmos two bedroomed flats but
people who rent out threepersonhmos when they come into
licensing of three and fourpersonhmos where are those hmos
on three person and fourpersonhmos you have told us
without the conviction of thepersonaccused 2 a constable may
a reasonable doubt the accusedpersoncan be acquitted it is
under what circumstances an accusedpersoncan be tried in absentia
in other circumstances an accusedpersoncan exculpate himself simply by
time in which an accusedpersoncould be detained in custody
any burden on an accusedpersongordon jackson i am happy
brian was likewise an accusedpersonhis solicitor sat back in
understood that when an accusedpersonmay raise a defence and
also proved that the accusedpersonnot only knew what was
appearance of any such accusedpersonon petition s1o 3191 5
the fact that an accusedpersonor a lawyer acting on
does that leave the accusedpersonthey have already stood trial
an onus on an accusedpersonto exculpate himself on a
is placed on an accusedpersonto exculpate himself there are
answer dr brown that accusedpersonwill still be innocent until
1e exception search by authorisedperson1 an authorised person does
1e exception search by authorisedperson3 exception retrieval and location
the local authority b anypersonauthorised by such an officer
or owner to allow anypersonauthorised for the purpose by
personal safety of i anypersonauthorised to carry out surveillance
not an individual then anypersonauthorised to sign documents on
mr harding no an authorisedpersoncan be nominated by council
fixed penalty notice any authorisedpersoncould now withdraw it mr
authorised person 1 an authorisedpersondoes not commit an offence
2 in subsection 1 authorisedpersonmeans a an officer of
in such circumstances that thepersonunderstands who has authorised the
fixed penalty notice and apersonwho is authorised by the
an authorised officer is anypersonwho is authorised in writing
ehm f1053: so a youngpersona young person in cheap
the person is a anypersonagainst whom the offence appears
an offence may arrest thatpersonand do all the other
not a defence for apersoncharged with an offence of
when a court sentences apersonconvicted of such an offence
retrieval and location 1 apersondoes not commit an offence
of that activity 2 apersondoes not commit an offence
the purpose of sport thatpersondoes not commit an offence
killed by lawful means thatpersondoes not commit an offence
1c excepted activities 1 apersondoes not commit an offence
time being in force apersonguilty of an offence under
proceedings and penalties 1 apersonguilty of an offence under
reason to believe that apersonhas committed an offence that
reason to believe that apersonhas committed an offence under
reason to believe that apersonhas committed an offence under
to the offence 3 thepersonis a any person against
serious criminal offence until thatpersonis able to discharge the
hunting a wild mammal thatpersonis guilty of an offence
1 the court convicting apersonof an offence under section
of the alleged offence suchpersonreasonably believed that section 3
should be returned to thepersonwho has committed the offence
an offence and with apersonwho is about to be
and to whom is thepersonaccountable s1w 6 lord james
appeal against it 4 apersonagainst whom an order under
part of them when thepersonagainst whom they were awarded
person cared for is apersonfor whom the authority are
person cared for is apersonfor whom they must or
child s family is apersonfor whom they must or
them appropriate 5b if thepersonfrom whom a repayment is
human intelligence or iii anypersonfrom whom information is obtained
shall be returned to thepersonfrom whom it was seized
person whether or not thepersonin respect of whom the
whom this section applies thepersonis treated as one to
that you are the onlypersonoutside the service to whom
or part more than onepersonto whom an opportunity to
which might be the casualpersonto whom ben wallace referred
affecting sheltered or retirement housingpersonto whom comments should be
loss or gain to thepersonto whom the information relates
other negotiations to which thepersonto whom the information relates
have certain rights if apersonto whom they have lent
that date have been apersonto whom this section applies
constituency just about every olderpersonwhom i meet is delighted
insert the patient s namedpersonand the patient s carers
to the patient 3d apersonauthorising or applying any compulsory
b the patient s namedpersonc the approved medical practitioner
b the patient s namedpersonc the managers of the
b the patient s namedpersonc the managers of the
b the patient s namedpersonc the patient s primary
i the patient s namedpersonii any carer of the
page 90 line 16 afterpersoninsert the patient s primary
to the patient 9 thepersonneed not have regard to
relation to a patient thepersonshall have regard in so
welfare of the patient thepersonshall have regard to a
the way in which apersonwho is not a patient
that nearest relative and anypersonwho resides with the patient
the patient as to apersonwith other health needs in
can tell a very privatepersona person who thrives on
section community care services disabledpersonand person have the same
know the number of fourpersonand three person hmo properties
not deal with small twopersonand three person properties simply
cc below to apprehend anypersonand to detain that person
appears to them that thepersoncared for is a person
aged eighteen or over thepersoncared for is a person
2 in subsection 1 abovepersondoes not include a person
the person from porlock thepersonfrom porlock phoned three times
apologies to stevie smith thepersonfrom porlock the person from
care services disabled person andpersonhave the same meanings as
of four person and threepersonhmo properties the general assumption
person and to detain thatpersonin custody in the premises
person reverend rowland the onepersonin the world she should
page 122 line 8 afterpersoninsert that person s primary
or delivering it to thepersonleaving it at the person
about the town with apersonlilian what person reverend rowland
this section child or youngpersonmeans a person under the
the person other than apersonmentioned in paragraph a above
health care co operative thispersonor that person we discounted
that act or b thepersonother than a person mentioned
i can think of onepersonperhaps more than one person
small two person and threepersonproperties simply said that they
with a person lilian whatpersonreverend rowland the one person
person leaving it at thepersons last known address or
8 after person insert thatpersons primary carer section 110
of a particular person thatpersonshould surely have the right
for surveillance of a particularpersonthat person should surely have
or young person means apersonunder the age of 18
operative this person or thatpersonwe discounted some bodies but
to the suitability of apersonwhether or not the person
person does not include apersonwho is receiving the assistance
a very private person apersonwho thrives on quiet a
person perhaps more than onepersonwho [throat] frequently uses a
of that child or youngperson2 in this section child
is a child any relevantperson4 in this section child
or the child or youngpersonafter section 43 mr jim
an individual child or youngpersonalthough individual cases can be
s spouse or another nominatedpersonand b any child under
that the child or anotherpersonin the child s family
the child or for anotherpersonin the child s family
committed or b where thatpersonis a child any relevant
and every child or youngpersonlooked after by local authorities
for every child and youngpersonlooked after by local authorities
wheety stingy wick a wickedpersonnaughty child wik eyn week
slaked quenched slype lazy worthlesspersonsmatchet impudent child smiler a
speaking to some other bigpersonthe wretched child s wet
put a child or youngpersonthrough the experience we will
expect any child or youngpersonto want to do that
child is defined as anypersonunder the age of 18
for any child or youngpersonwho a is detained in
the 1995 act right ofpersonwho cares for disabled child
this section child means apersonwho has not attained the
of the child or youngpersonwho may read the report
of residential accommodation to apersona local authority shall disregard
enacted that all and everypersonand persons who shall or
the words may if thepersonconsents there is substituted shall
or 6 above by apersonconvicted on indictment shall be
or otherwise may injure apersonexercising access rights shall before
in making a list thepersonfrom porlock this night shall
as so applied to thepersongiving intimation shall be construed
or her coronation before suchpersonor persons who shall administer
fact shall be on thepersonrelying on the notice 3
echr which states that nopersonshall be denied the right
relevant in the circumstances thepersonshall discharge the function in
to any power 4 thepersonshall discharge the function in
provide certain services to disabledpersonshall not apply in a
in discharging the function thepersonshall subject to subsection 9
shall not admit the convictedpersonto bail under subsection 1
shall not admit a convictedpersonto bail under subsection 1
court shall not sentence thepersonuntil such time as the
court shall not sentence thepersonuntil such time as the
court insert shall be apersonwho is legally qualified and
act shall apply to apersonwho makes a an application
than 6 months to apersona who is under supervision
than 6 months to apersona who is under supervision
than 6 months to apersona who is under supervision
there s a lead hmipersonfrances corcoran who s been
unpenned there s always apersonfrom porlock who ll get
constable who suspects that apersonhas committed is committing or
a landlord with a 10personhmo who has a significant
who are often the onlypersonholding their family together the
worth while to identify thepersonin lewis who markets that
f1155: mm f1154: the onlypersonin my family who doesn
i know who the poorestpersonin the world is it
father patrick the only otherpersonin the world who knew
prevents the succession of apersonmarried to someone who at
statutory disability applies where apersonmarries somebody who subsequently becomes
day was the lowser thepersonoften a woman who cut
to provide care 1 apersonthe carer who provides or
to subsection 2 below apersonthe carer who provides or
of land who permits anotherpersonto enter or use it
re- referring to just apersonusually someone who was dark
to that section 3 apersonwho a has custody of
this act applies are everypersonwho a is for the
is the duty of anypersonwho a owns a majority
guidance or assistance for anypersonwho a would fall to
and in particular to anypersonwho appears to the local
medical personnel etc 1 anypersonwho assaults resists obstructs molests
they so decide by apersonwho at the time of
ministers so decide by apersonwho at the time of
that in some situations thepersonwho authorises the source s
first you know the firstpersonwho came to the door
can be made by anypersonwho can at present apply
m the one and onlypersonwho can give them to
is a prize for thepersonwho can remember it mr
2001 asp 8 of apersonwho cares for part 2
1987 so that an appropriatepersonwho carries out a search
a schemie to me m1022: personwho comes from a housing
before authorisation is granted thepersonwho considers the application must
purposes 1 offences 1 apersonwho deliberately hunts a wild
transparent however what about thepersonwho does a midnight flight
this section applies whenever apersonwho does not fall within
4 below apply whenever apersonwho does not fall within
is aware 6 whenever apersonwho does not fall within
the circumstances 5 whenever apersonwho does not fall within
human intelligence source as apersonwho establishes or maintains a
jim she was the onlypersonwho ever called him that
define professional lobbyists as everypersonwho ever lobbies i accept
giving it and b thepersonwho gives it is of
that she was the onlypersonwho got it f606: right
be aware of difficulties apersonwho had been recruited in
m964: right f965: and thepersonwho had been the bogeyman
been wrongly carried out thepersonwho had been under surveillance
on the land became apersonwho had to be watched
that act circumstances in whichpersonwho has accommodation is homeless
further reason for it thepersonwho has been the subject
do not understand how apersonwho has been under surveillance
amendment would apply to thepersonwho has been wrongly placed
or course occupier includes anypersonwho has control of land
it may a require anypersonwho has custody of the
do not claim it eachpersonwho has not claimed it
section 8 provides that apersonwho has received a fixed
on bikes and if thepersonwho has the bike does
the minister is the onlypersonwho holds to that view
f643: and the only otherpersonwho i ve had a
applications under part 1 anypersonwho in an application a
10 at end insert anypersonwho in an application under
or b provide that apersonwho in such manner and
of being hunted 3 apersonwho is an occupier of
determine the character of thepersonwho is applying for a
done by the landlord thepersonwho is applying for the
tribunal angus mackay any otherpersonwho is concerned that they
as a compulsion order thepersonwho is discharging the function
housing association 2 a qualifiedpersonwho is entitled to the
because the sheriff knows apersonwho is involved in a
english has precedence and thepersonwho is lodging the amendment
to the throne of apersonwho is married to a
have been issued to thepersonwho is named in it
who is married to apersonwho is not a protestant
make direct payments to apersonwho is of a specified
make direct payments to apersonwho is of a specified
of appropriate services to thepersonwho is or has been
act in relation to apersonwho is or has been
flushing from cover 1 apersonwho is or who has
excludes from the throne apersonwho is or who marries
reason surveillance targeted on apersonwho is outside residential premises
of the bill states apersonwho is party to a
that the designation of thepersonwho is signing is applied
the court to sentence apersonwho is subject to a
the court to sentence apersonwho is subject to a
specify the tenant or otherpersonwho is subject to the
commission area in which thepersonwho is the subject of
accounts and transactions of apersonwho is the subject of
commission area in which thepersonwho is the subject of
issue i recognise that thepersonwho is under surveillance will
over your head to thepersonwho is with you without
prospective joint tenants or apersonwho it is proposed will
lord chancellor is the onlypersonwho knows that someone is
i understand the amendment thepersonwho made the mistake in
as it applies to apersonwho makes an application mentioned
who thrives on quiet apersonwho needs her home to
the actual delivery to thepersonwho needs the service does
section 1 5 states apersonwho owns or keeps one
must be repaid to thepersonwho paid it i indicated
wife he is an intensepersonwho probably lives on his
35 at end insert anypersonwho proposes to erect a
completion 6 signature of apersonwho proposes to grant the
this should ordinarily be apersonwho proposes to grant the
finds in favour of thepersonwho received the fixed penalty
important point is that thepersonwho represents scottish interests has
carer information strategy to anypersonwho requests it 4 a
carer identification strategy to anypersonwho requests it 4 a
code so published to anypersonwho requests such copy section
relation to contact with anypersonwho seeks to lobby him
bob and gob the lastpersonwho she had seen with
and the convener is thepersonwho should do so however
to the individual surely thepersonwho should take that action
parliament passes it candidate apersonwho stands for election either
in a whole week thepersonwho stood up for the
excluded from the succession apersonwho succeeds to the crown
constables may also arrest anypersonwho they have reasonable grounds
health service trust jd anypersonwho to the knowledge of
debacle henry mcleish is thepersonwho told us in all
i want to be thepersonwho travels round looking for
the authorising officer being thepersonwho triggers the process christine
seemed to be the onlypersonwho understood any scots words
should be asked by thepersonwho uttered the first words
if there is any otherpersonwho wants to say that
is the voice of apersonwho wants to write about
is the voice of apersonwho wants to write about
the management committee every significantpersonwho was associated with the
a look at this uniquepersonwho was declaring that he
we have done before thepersonwho was in the circle
f963: mmhm f965: but thepersonwho was running was never
cou- it was the lastpersonwho was the oldest i
exposed to infection 2 apersonwho without reasonable excuse fails
from being simply a ehmpersonwho worked on the land
pole waiting for the nextpersonwho would collect the bike
they would know that thepersonwho would look into the
expect that the sort ofpersonwho would want to do
to ask that of thepersonwho wrote the minute michael
have as clients a disabledpersonwith a working partner who
that section as respects thatperson3 subsection 1 above does
a responsible medical officer thepersonappointed under subsection 2a above
certificate or order 7 apersonfalls within this subsection if
within this subsection if thepersonis discharging the function by
of subsection 1 above apersonis legally qualified if that
to the views of apersonmentioned in subsection 3 b
in subsection 2 to anypersonmentioned in subsection 3 if
society or authority to anypersonunder subsection 1 there is
a requirement imposed on thatpersonunder subsection 2 commits an
that is all that thepersonwill be told subsection 6
bein a single homeless youngpersonan aw tae him it
of sin where no youngpersoncan be compelled to study
is acceptable individuals any youngpersoncan nominate themselves to become
no f1009: necessarily a youngpersoneh m1007: a bit of
to reassess where a youngpersonfailed to achieve a cut
to put off a youngpersonfrom committing a crime again
young people as a youngpersoni learned three languages my
right it says a youngperson[inaudible] m1016: i ca- i
m1016: well it says youngpersonit doesnae say opposite sex
a mm probably a youngpersonjust on the slightly on
doesnae necessarily mean a youngpersonken so it s a
opposite sex it says youngpersonm1017: wi jewellery we we
to the age of thepersonreceiving them particularly young people
that is a very youngpersons black and white definition
is to aid a youngpersons learning young people were
can have on a youngpersons life and prospects and
others to allow the youngpersonto pick up new skills
adult parliament selects a youngpersonto represent them as a
m1014: it s a youngpersonwith jewellery so [inaudible] m1017:
someone brought a a youngpersonwith them they were allowed
provide such care for thatperson2 the local authority to
local authority serves on anypersona notice under any of
authority both that a apersonaged eighteen or over the
contract of employment between thepersonand the receiving authority has
if originally made between thepersonand the transferring authority 3
the notice on any otherpersonappearing to the local authority
in force 2 where apersonbecomes a listed authority as
the day on which thatpersonbecomes a listed authority b
care provided to the samepersonby the authority as may
a regular basis for thepersoncared for the local authority
by the authority either thepersonconsents or consent is duly
to the authority by thatpersonin accordance with the agreement
just understood that that thepersonin authority f963: mm f965:
securing its provision by anypersonincluding the authority themselves provided
the local authority while thepersonis in their area for
1b where as respects anypersonmore than one local authority
the authority with some otherpersonmr jim wallace supported by
authority are satisfied that thepersonon whose behalf it is
or local authority by anypersonor by such a society
border public authority or apersonreferred to in paragraph 5
would be open to thepersonto notify the local authority
the commissioners or that otherpersonto the authority for the
line 18 and insert anypersonand in particular to any
tribunal and g any otherpersonappearing to the tribunal to
the tenant and any otherpersonare not adversely affected by
insert or for any suchpersonas is mentioned in paragraph
that it should be anypersonbecause an individual constituent might
or delivering it to thepersonbefore any other method is
sentence should not read anypersonbut any lobbying company or
other than by size onepersoncannot hold any allotment or
individuals and what qualifications apersoncarrying out any such assessment
no risk to any otherpersonchristine grahame s amendment contains
ii in communicating with anypersonfor the purposes of such
labour party should bar apersonfrom taking part in any
made to them by anypersonhaving an interest in fishing
the commercial interests of anypersonif such disclosure could a
need there is substituted anypersonii in paragraph b after
that it applies to anypersonin charge of a dog
tenement if any and anypersonin whose favour the real
the order provides that anypersonmay inform the presiding officer
notion nou now nyaf worthlesspersonocht anything onie any oniewhaur
involve the participation of anypersonon horseback 1a for the
consultation panels and any otherpersonor body it considers it
of natural justice that anypersonor company should be advised
no longer will any elderlypersonor their carer have to
and those of any suchpersonorganic farming targets scotland bill
it is proposed that anypersonother than the scottish ministers
likely to have on anypersonother than the tenant and
commissioners or to any otherpersonpayment reducing or extinguishing a
the safety of any otherpersonsection 54 mr adam ingram
receive a payment from anypersonshould not the word prohibits
both they and the consentingpersonso wish or any other
way in relation to anypersonthe third paragraph relates to
any risk to any otherpersonthere have been some famous
receive a payment from anypersonthere may be situations in
the flexibility to authorise anypersonto notify the procurator fiscal
to any right of thepersonto terminate the contract of
be communicated to any otherpersonuntil the standards committee has
returns in respect of anypersonwhether or not able to
am sure that any reasonablepersonwould acknowledge that there are
not think that any reasonablepersonwould imagine that a cup
information is requested by thepersonand b the principal reporter
in fact carried out onpersonb however amendment 8 does
it up to a specifiedpersonb require the offender to
without warrant a arrest thatpersonb stop and search that
the personal hygiene of thepersoncared for a shaving b
sports co ordinator employ thispersonfor a one b two
to both b where thepersonhas within the period first
b stop and search thatpersonif the constable suspects with
in respect of which thepersonin question was convicted b
7 b says that apersonis a covert human intelligence
such provision and b thatpersonis or would be liable
expire or b if thepersonis serving or is liable
expire or b if thepersonis serving or is liable
the owner b unless thatpersonis the occupier serve a
a legal representative of thatpersonmay swear or affirm b
practitioner have access to thepersons medical records and b
this act and b apersonthe carer provides or intends
care services and b anotherpersonthe carer provides or intends
to be given to thatpersonunder paragraph a or b
minutes cooking time ingredients perperson1 chicken breast 1 rasher
2001 requires three pages perpersonand with household questions the
oven steak slice sirloin perpersonbrown place in baster containing
per cent more tax perpersonfrom scotland next year than
time 15 minutes ingredients perpersonhalf an onion 1 clove
more than 1 500 perpersonhas reduced their ability to
equivalent to about 60p perpersonin scotland but that the
personal care at 145 perpersonper week we know that
to less than 10p perpersonscots is clearly the worst
your subscription now 1 perpersonsenior citizens 50p may be
a glass of sherry perpersonthere will be an order
you only 1 suitcase perpersonwe ve done the journey
longer than three pages perpersonwill affect response rates the
would provide that if apersoncame under the direction of
is clearly discovered that apersonhas wrongly been put under
under control if a thepersonresponsible for the dog is
been put under surveillance thatpersonshould not be told that
a method of informing apersonthat they have been under
advocacy services to the specifiedpersonunder section 182 of this
is located or where thepersonunder surveillance is located it
of residential accommodation for apersonunder the 1968 act or
death or where the qualifiedpersonwas given notice under paragraph
taken within scotland and thepersonwill be tried under scots
means a rough or rowdypersona mischief maker or someone
occupier of land or apersonacting with the occupier s
a regular basis for anotherpersonaged eighteen or over the
midcouples or links between thatpersonand the superior so as
or unincorporate or ii apersonappointed to an office by
to be found on thatpersonc search or examine a
aged eighteen or over thepersoncared for may whether or
rich or wealthy such apersondoes not regard themselves as
a constable may require thatpersoneither at that time or
would call that kind ofpersonf1054: yeah anything slapper or
or other relationship with anotherpersonfor the covert purpose of
is an ignorant or uselesspersonglisks is sees catches sight
requires reasonable cause that apersonhas committed is committing or
a situation in which apersonhas committed is committing or
with reasonable cause that apersonhas committed or is committing
for an owner of orpersonhaving responsibility for a dog
ony way no in hispersonhis liberty or his life
or shotgun is used thatpersonholds a valid firearms or
a firearm for which thepersonholds a valid firearms or
possession or control of thatpersonif the constable suspects with
whether circumstances relating to thepersonin question or to the
harm or prejudice to thepersoninvolved it is sensible or
the assignee subtenant or otherpersonis a member of the
is legally qualified if thatpersonis an advocate or a
democracy no deaf or hearingpersonis ever left behind and
dietary needs 3 if thepersonis immobile or substantially immobile
certain payments for which thepersonis or would be liable
enactment whether that body orpersonis registered or applying to
the court may if thepersonis serving or is liable
court may a if thepersonis serving or is liable
court may a if thepersonis serving or is liable
midcouples or links between thepersonlast registered and the superior
in case such papist orpersonmarrying a papist was naturally
placket apron petticoat modicum smallpersonmore or less disparagingly partlet
investigation into activities of apersonnamed in or identifiable from
involves a device or apersonon residential premises or in
that involves a device orpersonon residential premises or in
or m1163: well a certainpersonon your left hand side
to get a red headedpersonor a blonde f641: i
inanimate object rather than apersonor a dog or a
be occupied by a singlepersonor a family and which
lobbyist is defined as apersonor a group that might
should consider whether meeting onepersonor group making representations on
a signed statement from apersonor group of people made
date of death of thepersonor ii such date as
when speaking to a scottishpersonor in a play would
alexander is a uniquely spitefulpersonor is it because she
other things apart from apersonor not m1004: yes yeah
refer you on to anotherpersonor organisation advise you that
they did not some otherpersonor organisation would have to
they were not directing thepersonor paying them money they
and be enjoyed by suchpersonor persons being protestants as
and be enjoyed by suchpersonor persons being protestants as
a member and or apersonor persons on a contract
same in case the saidpersonor persons so reconciled holding
same in case the saidpersonor persons soe reconciled holding
contemptuous mock endearment mumpsimus glumpersonor to mump mope rowen
on or managed by apersonregistered in respect of it
of joint tenants or apersonresiding or lodging with or
or applied only if thepersonresponsible for authorising or applying
or without first assessing thepersons ability to contribute to
at or sent to thepersons address the second part
come into contact with anotherpersons blood or body fluids
complaint or decide whether thatpersons case should be advanced
clearly be highest within apersons home or private vehicle
said to you or apersons name then you just
business or otherwise in thatpersons occupation or c prejudice
is intended to be thatpersons only or principal home
occupation or purpose of thepersons portrayed there then one
in the conduct of thatpersons profession or business or
and insert or the specifiedpersons responsible medical officer malcolm
the intention that that otherpersonshould so enter or use
soles a cautious or greedypersonsids seeds particles of oat
or four sentences about thepersonthese will form the opening
or if it was apersonthey were talkin aboot ye
inducing asking or assisting apersonto engage in or to
land knowingly to permit anotherpersonto enter or use it
proceedings the court sentences apersonto imprisonment or other detention
must be proved whether thepersonwas driving or using their
english or northern irish thatpersonwill be prosecuted properly in
compound or complex one thepersonwith the most interesting or
another msp or group orpersonwithin or connected with the
or 3 above by apersonworking whether paid or otherwise
ground but only if thatpersona acts to ensure that
but only if a thatpersonacts to ensure that once
species but only if thatpersonacts to ensure that once
disease but only if thatpersonacts to ensure that once
captivity but only if thatpersonacts to ensure that the
orphaned but only if thatpersonacts to ensure that the
only be laid if thepersonhas received a draft copy
the tutor addresses only onepersoni am told that that
f889: it was the onlypersoni could ask was the
there was only like onepersoni think drivin at that
stevenson being a fairly practicalpersoni think that the only
a dog of which apersonis in charge only disabled
o t neil only onepersonknew everything that was happening
although there was only onepersonleft on such a fine
have been issued to thepersonnamed the only time when
they should vote for onepersononly 16 06 the presiding
door and meet us inpersonour only strategy has been
ingredient must be that thepersonpermitting had knowledge not only
orphaned but only if thatpersontakes reasonable steps to ensure
i am apparently the onlypersonthat s done it m815:
is the function of anotherpersonthe commissioner may only carry
david decided was a radiopersonthe only people he knew
how he was the onlypersonthey have ever seen working
to mention only one otherpersonwe should put on record
in digs where the onlypersonye had tae speak tae
ground but only if thatpersonza does so for one
of them the longer apersondoes a job the better
flushing from cover 1 apersondoes not contravene section 1
insert exception specified sports apersondoes not contravene section 1
soon as possible 2 apersondoes not contravene section 1
a wild mammal if thatpersondoes so with no intention
an insect and an odiouspersongaurs is causes does gin
t have gaelic [inhale] thispersonsaid what does that mean
what will happen when threepersonhmo licensing is introduced we
phone three owners of threepersonproperties whose numbers i got
enacted that all and everypersonand persons that is are
enacted that all and everypersonand persons that then were
is to ensure that everypersonbeyond working age has a
thoughts on every subject andpersonhe was also a great
expenditure work harder for everypersonin scotland andrew wilson central
is 1 500 for everypersonin scotland yes we may
want to pray for everypersonin this room and everyone
to collect information about everypersonresident in scotland which will
out in english but thepersonbeing interviewed normally speaks another
maintain a relationship with anotherpersonfor the covert purpose of
appeal on behalf of anotherpersonin legal proceedings broken down
dog was used by anotherpersonin the commission of an
see your work from anotherpersons point of view f1187:
to the stake of anotherpersons words however james words
dog knowingly to permit anotherpersonto use it to commit
other than access for thepersonand the guide dog are
is given to the otherpersonbrian adam 147 in section
erm rather than the otherpersonf963: mm mmhm yeah mm
case may be that otherpersonin respect of a loan
other receptacle f where thepersonis fitted with a catheter
good but ehm the otherpersonmight not even understand what
did you know the otherpersonno m811: no nah f813:
the payee to some otherpersonof a category specified for
if the if the otherpersonshares your ability to er
the intention that that otherpersonshould david mundell 43 in
the intention that that otherpersonshould david mundell 45 in
the intention that that otherpersonshould so use it after
a fixed penalty notice inpersonthe amendment clarifies the other
one dog by a singlepersonto flush rabbits hares other
to things done by apersonappointed in writing by such
ve never met such apersonbefore 8 kay s own
and be enjoyed by suchpersonbeing a protestant as should
human intelligence source if thepersoncovertly uses such a relationship
constitute a danger to apersonexercising such rights in respect
a regular basis for thatpersonof such care as is
out of such of thatpersons resources as are specified
such regulations may authorise thepersonso consenting to intromit with
our questions he observed apersonwith such a grasp of
be a sanctuary such apersonwould need a very special
what international justice is apersonmay come before a scottish
various capacities that a singlepersonmay have at the same
in need so that thepersonmay secure the provision of
in need so that thepersonmay secure the provision of
disregard so much of thepersons resources a as may
the minister may be thepersonto respond to this question
through we refer to apersonas being thick dense cloth
as it refers to thepersonauthorising the conduct as being
whether the needs of thepersonbeing assessed call for the
that the responsibility of thepersonbeing cared for to meet
often the source is thepersonbeing manipulated sources often do
seems that instead of onepersonbeing to blame the problem
being done if the relevantpersoncannot be traced 10 00
by increased responsibilities when apersonhas been identified as being
a specified description being apersonin need so that the
a specified description being apersonin need so that the
being committed if a casualpersonis out to perform what
5 with regard to thepersons general well being a
pleased to report that nopersonwas being held in the
of the views of thepersonwhose needs are being assessed
dear mrs robb being thepersonyou are perhaps you do
be reasonably practicable for thatperson3 in section 87 of
section 1 1 if thatpersona is participating in the
section 10c explains that apersonacting illegally could be fined
in section 1 if apersoncontravenes the prohibition on hunting
section community care services andpersonhave the same meanings as
section 3 and if thatpersonrequests a hearing it is
this section references to apersons resources are to resources
and ran away if apersonapplies to say that they
sit down and the secondpersonbecame it if they were
they are driving if apersonbreaks a member state s
its own advice that thepersoncan have the venue if
if it provides for thepersonconcerned accommodation a where paragraph
money back f812: if thepersondoesn t send it you
as so applied if thepersongiving intimation is a an
intelligence source however if thepersonhappened to be a good
instance alasdair morgan if apersonhas a youth card will
is not payable if apersonhas requested a hearing before
is not payable if apersonhas requested a hearing before
a kirkyaird deserter very sickpersonif yer heid s bealin
that if more than onepersonis involved in preparing and
complaint took place if apersonis unable to contact the
cannot be identified if apersonis unsuitable but glasgow is
if it was an olderpersonit could be like mutton
erm if you hit thepersonit was aimed supposed to
m944: [laugh] what if thepersonlistening to this is a
that immobility 4 if thepersonrequires medical treatment assisting with
and whereas if a youngerpersonsaid some of the things
car even if the thepersonsayin the word was scots
more the case if apersonspeaking english used the gaelic
and others that if somepersonusing the bridge could establish
to our needs if apersonwere to die in a
if you were an ordinarypersonye had tae go had
s too bad if thepersonyou are speaking to has
write than a right handedpersoncause ye re goin over
that he had met yinpersondafter than his in laws
have a relationship with thepersonperhaps a workmate rather than
local authorities should license thepersonrather than the premises keith
was suggested by no lesserpersonthan the advocate general of
the meeting more than onepersonwas involved in bringing the
1 above and to thepersongiving intimation as it applies
line 1 leave out frompersonto land in line 3
of proof applies to thepersoncharged why should it be
list them e g tensepersonparts of speech she should
are obstructions a reasonably fitpersonshould be able to cope
notice that is issued inpersonshould be forwarded within seven
employs a parliamentary officer thatpersonshould be registered in the
would be you re thepersonthat should be going to
association 3 where a qualifiedpersona fails to comply with
this act 5 where apersona has prior to the
this scheme 2 where apersonbecomes eligible for an allowance
rata basis 3 where apersonceases to be a member
of the public where thatpersonclaims to have sustained an
be liable a where thepersonhas not within the period
hygienic condition g where thepersonis incontinent i the consequential
2a where a the convictedpersonis the appellant and has
do so 1b where apersonis using a dog in
verb inflexion in the thirdpersonpresent tense where at this
be as frequent as thepersonrequires where do respect and
with community languages where apersons first language is effectively
where the court sentences apersonto a sentence of imprisonment
act 1995 c 36 relevantpersonhas the same meaning as
c of this act apersonis transferred from one entity
1997 act because the samepersonmight well hold the post
this act and to thepersonproposing to submit the deed
similar officer and includes apersonpurporting to act in that
deferred payment agreement with theperson2 a deferred payment agreement
a carer of a disabledperson5 subsections 4 to 7
tae onie important weel spokenpersona aye haed tae mind
which surveillance is granted forpersona but is in fact
what the fuck makes apersona celebrity i m scratching
i m a tick tockpersona clock watcher a time
you were a true stirlingpersona- as far as i
disciplinary charge of holding apersonagainst his will was made
disciplinary charge of holding apersonagainst his will was not
disciplinary charge of holding apersonagainst his will what the
admiration for morgan as apersonan fir his work it
she s a very psychicpersonand you can go and
list as that of apersonapproved to do so 4
occasion used by a travellingpersonas a doss house now
again we are defining thepersonas a professional lobbyist the
proud stuck up sort ofpersonas indicated by a question
the highlands to appear inpersonat a public meeting and
seems like a very scottishpersonbut he doesn t actually
that makes me a sadpersonbut i do not think
dimensional not a rounded outpersonbut just some kind of
a living creature including apersonc protecting human health d
sprained ankle could keep apersoncalling for help for an
what circumstances a legally unqualifiedpersoncan appeal on behalf of
exception applies is on thepersoncharged i find that a
is a defence for thepersoncharged to prove that at
an effect on whether apersonchooses to smoke in the
the arguments aboot whether apersoncoming frae ane country intae
to ourselves sharing a 4personcouchette with a finn and
and the registrar general apersoncould be trained from monday
as a as a laypersonehm ma perception is that
this man as a fragilepersonerm f963: mm mmhm m762:
she is a very powerfulpersoneven though i have pretended
you re talking about apersonf1005: [laugh] f1054: when you
a a looker an attractivepersonf1018: mm bonny a stoater
i m no a gardenpersonf606: mmhm f889: i just
but he was a nicepersonf746: oh right [cough] that
an application by a convictedpersonfor a determination by the
ehm i m not apersonfor high heels at all
develop a relationship with thatpersonfor our benefit we target
s sake and the radiopersongave a high shrill whinny
i as a visually impairedpersongo into a pub for
know sort of a britishpersongrowing up married to a
tollbooth windows unless the condemnedpersonhappened to be a warlock
by the fact that apersonhappens to live in a
on land over which apersonhas control this research paper
a birthday card which thepersonhas not stamped themselves and
father was not a bookishpersonhe loved burns particularly the
huh f1149: quite a holidaypersonhow old were you when
out what kind of apersoni am le style c
and advertisements as a blindpersoni feel that the year
could talk to you inpersoni got a letter from
is a necessity for apersonin a rural area rather
that i was the fourthpersonin a year to have
i for the words apersonin need there is substituted
to its credit apparently apersonin northern ireland can come
the competitive position of apersonin the conduct of that
the opposite to a thirdpersonin this day and age
mother but a very differentpersonindeed unable to comprehend the
cause to suspect that apersonis about to commit an
function and of which thepersonis aware 6 whenever a
on the way a certainpersonis daffing wi deana dow
as a professional lobbyist thepersonis defined rather specifically the
for example when a vulnerablepersonis giving evidence 9 investigations
by order provide that thatpersonis not to be a
the bill states that apersonis subject to a notification
it must a unless thatpersonis the owner of the
people know that a disabledpersonis twice as likely not
to take proceedings against apersonit is envisaged that the
is a fit and properpersonit is fair to say
she was a nice gentlepersonit is specially sad at
the birth of a newpersonit was important to get
were issued to the wrongpersonit would be a case
the process developed as apersonits proponents saw literature and
jane that applies til apersonjust m999: aye m1000: eh
a nice f1154: yeah f1155: personlike see just talking to
a for a left handedpersonm1007: aye [inaudible] f1009: and
as a a downs syndromepersonm608: okay m078: i think
[censored: forename] s a nice nicepersonm741: mmhm m605: ehm without
third party er a thirdpersonmemory that it s one
5 000 in addition apersonmight be disqualified for a
was a really really nicepersonmiss leith and she was
say that would make onepersonmore likely to be a
dog is not enough thepersonmust also have a disability
she was a very privatepersonmy mother what was hers
into a past tense 3rdpersonnarrative also to develop genre
you are seldom a privatepersonno wonder the clown on
well you know a norsepersonof centuries ago and eh
that ann thomson was apersonof no breeding indecent passions
the circumstances in which apersonon the sex offenders register
has been decided that apersonought to be told that
s primary carer d apersonproviding independent advocacy services to
in the voice of apersonquite like me [laugh] but
locate a fox which thatpersonreasonably believes is orphaned but
a wild mammal which thatpersonreasonably believes is seriously injured
rings from tackety boots onepersonremembers catching fish with a
a lawyer acting on thatpersons behalf makes a challenge
be the denotin o apersons character ava although eh
affected 2 as regards thepersons eating requirements a assisting
for a reason that thepersons life expectancy is so
happen just because of apersons position which is why
made available disregarding entirely apersons resources 3c in subsections
defamation which effectively bars apersons right to pursue an
answers she was a badpersonshe was trying to trick
sweep clean ding a showypersonshow dingy showy dinnle of
as that of a youngerpersonsome people believe that older
up married to a frenchpersonsort of thing f1038: yeah
was sown by hand thepersonsowing the seed had a
ve got a sorta communitypersonthat comes round the doors
just a an an attractivepersonthat it was somebody with
a big thing for thepersonthat you re doing it
appears to them that apersonthe carer provides a substantial
appears to them that apersonthe carer provides a substantial
to 111 for a singlepersonthe level for a couple
position of a profoundly deafpersonthe nearest i can get
she is no longer apersonthe poem is a complex
a very entertaining type ofpersonthere collectively we could constitute
come up against a hawickpersonthey they can bring the
thingummybob as well is apersonthingummybob ower there [laugh] mm
people accessible to the disabledpersonthis week i asked a
salmon 3 before appointing apersonto be a member of
bill to allow a supportivepersonto be alongside will go
am surely not the firstpersonto comment on a central
officers power to require apersonto give their name and
of talking directly to apersonto have their concerns addressed
kept a key about herpersonto that particular cupboard and
you have ingredients for onepersontwo flour tortillas half a
f833: except my my frenchpersonwas a bit of a
we would prove that apersonwas a good marksman i
i was a true britishpersonwas that not curious the
and you re a differentpersonwhen you come to the
a timetable for informing thepersonwhich might not be of
shouting out a name thepersonwhose name was shouted had
that would mean that apersonwith a disability that affects
registers its concern that apersonwith known connections to the
provide accommodation suitable for apersonwith the assessed needs of
a surveillance operation and apersonwith the same name as
a meeting at which thepersonwould be told thank you
a suspect was targeted thatpersonwould not be told that
think on a glaikit lookinpersonwould say he was an
a dialogue going from onepersonwriting f965: no well maybe
mate just a good matepersonye could trust m1017: mate
tools for a left handedpersonye ken the m999: aye
proves she s a realpersonyou know she st- she
as i am an olderpersonas it is the final
erm thought speech of thepersonbut as is appropriate er
to the detriment of thepersonbut change is not to
is no way that thatpersoncan be compelled to vote
care the proposed approach ispersoncentred and recognises that different
fae de life o depersondat de jarl is meant
sense is satisfied but nopersonemerges from salvador s written
have felt too embarrassed thispersonfeels it is wrong to
have felt too embarrassed thispersonfeels it is wrong to
much work for one extrapersonfor lay people it is
it would take is onepersonfrom each flat to paint
however is that the wrongpersonhas been identified as triggering
i richt he defends onypersonhe is cawed tae defend
her readers assume that thepersonin the poem is me
hospital in which the specifiedpersonis detained is providing independent
insert in which the specifiedpersonis detained malcolm chisholm 64
behind and that no deafpersonis ever the subject of
of deferment and while thatpersonis in their area mr
of continuing care when thepersonis no longer subject to
of life as an olderpersonis not worth saving as
personal care wherever the elderlypersonis situated as that would
the application for membership thepersonis to be treated as
c for the words thepersons own arrangements there is
is shot and injured thatpersontakes all reasonable steps to
is past tense and 3rdpersonthis contrasts in the former
normand he is the idealpersonto answer mrs mcintosh i
is highly probable that thepersonwill switch to that brand
passage about the kind ofpersonwillie wonka is follow up
point is that the wrongpersonwould be making the decision
to provide care for thepersoncared for 2 in this
out an assessment of thepersons ability to provide care
to decide that as thepersonhas the right to have
and privacy to tell thatpersonwhat has happened in support
has not been surveillance thepersonwill never know angus mackay
bit wider with hard 3personseats on each side of
to be sort o onepersonallowed to take photographs ehm
because i already knew onepersonand so i thought i
was sung by everyone onepersondanced back and forward through
to come up with onepersoneach g decanters it was
right so that s onepersonf963: mm m762: living in
an m944: i knew onepersonfrom ayr and he was
be interested to know onepersonfrom dundee binny house serves
re just missing like onepersoni ll join in f1049:
up the m77 with onepersonin them and i tried
address the issue of onepersonone car f1038: yeah they
and half painted out onepersonremembered that during the 1st
f965: two hands of thepersons wrist twist one one
effect in persuading even onepersonto stop smoking tobacco products
flexibility to deal with onepersonwe need to be able
m not like an activistpersonbut i just worry about
we ll deal with thispersonbut we re not interested
not that sort of religiouspersonhe said i think you
applicant need not apply inpersonin remote areas of scotland
from burberry somewhere upon theirperson[laugh] but maybe not made
he s not the brightestpersonon this planet he probably
s not the type ofpersonthat would even have an
stop and make sure thepersonwas uninjured but not tonight
in each case whether thepersoncurrently remains an independent assessor
what purpose and whether thatpersonknew about and permitted the
the judge determine whether thepersonwill be registered on the
be terrific healing sort ofpersonfirst i was sexy now
in the circle and thatpersonhad to chase the first
and catch them the firstpersonhad to try and get
this encounter with the firstpersoni had met since daniel
f1054: you re the firstpersoni ve heard say that
f1054: you re the firstpersoni ve heard say that
and relationship to the firstpersonmentioned in the return and
and relationship to the firstpersonmentioned in the return and
and relationship to the firstpersonmentioned in the return and
anyway you re the firstpersonthat s been able to
t i was the firstpersonto show you the wonders
small toddy glass the firstpersonto visit after midnight brought
of telegraph poles the firstpersonwould start and leave the
of voluntary resources as thatpersoncould be doing something else
household questions the standard fivepersonform will be 20 pages
gittin you ti be thepersonhe could nae be aw
would be sent to thepersons address that would alert
judiciary for saying in laypersons terms this must be
be an ender was thepersonthat was standing at the
answer i suppose that thepersonto ask would be the
manner that appears to thepersonto be the manner that
manner that appears to thepersonto be the manner that
manner that appears to thepersonto be the manner that
i would be the lastpersonto try and make speech
just in case some enviouspersontries to be spiteful but
would still be that thatpersonwas innocent until proven guilty
the bill means that thepersonwill be guilty of in
you don t know thepersonyou ve to be told
class m608: mm m078: ehmpersonand that priest erm because
say he was an uglypersonbut that s the word
include the category of wrongpersonby that i mean the
member of staff did thatpersoncame up with the idea
luxury of imagining that reptiliouspersondancing at the end of
know oh i recognise thatpersonfrom somewhere else f965: mmhm
the system have the fivepersonhmo licences that were to
do we say that thepersonin lloyd quinan s position
to the identity of thispersonmammon refers to he that
of marketing the area thatpersonmust also have an understanding
to the address that thepersonprovided that would protect anyone
the local shop for thatpersonremember that dog i was
and ii caring for thepersons skin to ensure that
oh what was this certainpersonsaying harry just that he
or- the originator kind ofpersonthat s caused the disease
through f745: yeah f746: thatpersonthat s quite good yeah
way i dropped it thepersonthat was it went round
with the people for thatpersonto get the job you
that she will listen inpersonto teachers and pupils in
obtain the consent of thatpersonto that matter the sheriff
i am the best qualifiedpersonwe can certainly make that
scottish ministers c that thepersonwill grant in favour of
well everybody else would scatterpersonholding the ball would then
what would happen to thepersonthereafter i am open to
on the day after thepersonwould but for the sentence
f606: mm f1039: you- yinpersonwould lie doon on the
too expensive for the averagepersonlocal authorities big banks and
are the use of 1stpersonand present tense to give
they stood behind the nearestpersonand the song changed to
of the needs of thepersoncared for have regard to
perhaps incomprehensible to an englishpersonfor example ilkane gangs his
then next f963: mmhm f965: personhad to run in and
making way for an olderpersoni leave it to others
leave out from in topersonin line 6 and insert
grant warrant to apprehend thepersonof the said joseph knight
on 1st 2nd and 3rdpersonpronouns on the tendency to
to jack greig as thepersonresponsible but from his evidence
health plans setting out eachpersons entitlement to services like
an it gets to thepersons hair an then they
match them up wi thepersontake them oot to meet
the bank of scotland thepersonthere was able to take
the account of the lastpersonto see the princess victoria
essential to get the rightpersonto take on the role
nails trimmed e assisting thepersonwith going to the toilet
the exemption relates to thepersonwith the disability anyone else
also with thrilling certainty thepersonof no fixed abode ventures
sentences as they can thepersonwith fewest sentences on each
the immediate title of thepersonwith the last recorded title
residences occupied by categories ofpersonat greatest risk from domestic
residences occupied by categories ofpersonat greatest risk from domestic
product how will the responsiblepersonin the newspaper chain from
following message from an olderpersonthank you very much for
boldness er as i saypersonopens their mouth you can
more effectuall preserveing the kingspersonand government by disableing papists
salters were protected in theirpersonand property by the law
verbs clear indication of thepersoninvolved in the action by
bar even by the samepersonyer like m816: mmhm aye
adopt an approach which waspersoncentred and based on need
said she was the greediestpersonin aa buchan her sheaves
didn t want the radiopersonthinking he was gypit miss
was in for condoms thispersonwas in for contraceptive patches

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