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year o happie blessins thepestcam spreidin owre the kinrik
he cure them aa thepestgaed spreidin on the officiars
people interfering with their legalpestcontrol for instance interfering with
aye jist richt for yonpestthe midge saturday 8 temp
it s a aff affapestyon midge saturday 29 temp
the purpose of controlling apestspecies by means of an
controlling the number of apestspecies or 20 f controlling
police could differentiate between legitimatepestcontrol and sport if the
lies between sport and legitimatepestcontrol because the two cross
of sporting interests versus legitimatepestcontrol i anticipate some difficulties
a legitimate purpose such aspestcontrol on behalf of the
possession of the security subjectspestspecies means foxes hares mink
the purposes of subsection 1pestspecies means foxes hares rabbits
for certain activities directed atpestcontrol and conservation of species
for certain activities directed atpestcontrol and conservation of species
instrument modify the definition ofpestspecies in subsection 1 so
wild mammal being of apestspecies with the intention of
as sporting interests as againstpestcontrol and the word organised
mass an mait agin thepestat s i the kinrik
mass an mait agin thepestan marischal hong gangs agley
mass an mait agin thepestthen he gaed ti the
use of working terriers forpestcontrol 14 recent research has
could have serious consequences forpestcontrol and other shooting on
for sport without impacting onpestcontrol in briefing our officers
impact on other means ofpestcontrol in the countryside these
restrictions on certain methods ofpestcontrol might impact on the
are crucial to disease andpestcontrol professor richards those techniques
for what is currently legalpestcontrol that we help them
the bill would impinge onpestcontrol the difficulty is that
continue to be a considerablepestof agriculture and forestry and
myxomatosis were the major vertebratepestof agriculture with a population
they re nocht but apestfylin their pavements an sunday
stocks that is why integratedpestmanagement is a way ahead
proponit afore our een thepestowrerins the capital an monie
him this verra meinit thepests owrerinnin the capital a
oak leaves sick with thepestfinally gave up the ghost
to scotland between or andpestinsert lawful protection of wild
sain the fowk o thepestat s amang them king
aa thocht that year thepestaye ran on whan king
jar he thocht fit apesto a wifie en he
oer wi heather but thepestcam frae the burrows town
e girse jist a richtpestye cd harly get redd
your age mummy is apestand she s nearly as
wife [laugh] f1054: or apestm1012: aye wum- m1010: just
beautiful or they re apestor f1054: sort o thing
to come in this littlepestsays my daddy wants to
mind he was a rightpestor somethin like that or
ti sign andrey whit apestye ir ferapont hand him
i know it s apestbut erm it just makes
puggie wis a poacher apestan a thorn in the
unchancie smit sae nou thepests clean vanisht an aathing
squirrels are they no apestthey brek ma floors an
sternly you are an utterpestto one and all if

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