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simon harris petitioner letitia murphypetitionerand ms esther roberton chairman
take evidence from simon harrispetitionerletitia murphy petitioner and ms
action clerk to write topetitionerinforming him of decision committee
so clerk to write topetitionerinforming him of decision pe109
action clerk to write topetitionerinforming him of decision pe110
action clerk to write topetitionerinforming him of decision pe114
action clerk to write topetitionerinforming him of decision pe121
clerk should write to thepetitionerinforming him that the issues
clerk should write to thepetitionerinforming him that the scottish
petition by writing to thepetitionerinforming him which areas of
nhs board father stephen dunnpetitionerkarleen collins petitioner tom divers
stephen dunn petitioner karleen collinspetitionertom divers chief executive greater
should be copied to thepetitionerand to the clerk to
response be copied to thepetitionerthe convener yes it already
signed and dated by thepetitionerand the petitioner s address
by the petitioner and thepetitioners address should be clear
petitioner ye can yaise epetitionertae support an comment anent
yaisin a system cried epetitionerye can yaise e petitioner
ink and signed by thepetitionerchristine grahame i have two
paper and signed by thepetitionerthose criteria would make admissible
clerks should write to thepetitionerexplaining that the european court
should write back to thepetitionerfollowing the conclusion of the
we can write to thepetitionerto advise of the correspondence
we should write to thepetitionerto say that the committee
able to write to apetitionerto say that we are
we should write to thepetitionerto say that we will
we should respond to thepetitionerin the manner that is
executive to respond to thepetitioneron the issues raised in
and to respond to thepetitionerwith our views on the
the moment we invited thepetitionerto produce information i have
further action but invited thepetitionerto provide more information which
the convener absolutely if thepetitionercan leave a copy of
grant could we ask thepetitionerfor a copy of the
distribute a copy of thepetitioners submission and in the
epetitioner you can use epetitionerto support and comment on
with the issues that thepetitionerhas raised and that we
the points raised by thepetitionerthat has resulted in specific
the issues raised by thepetitionerwould be taken into account
seek further clarification from thepetitionerabout what she wants meanwhile
it agreed to seek thepetitioners views on the actions
as members will know thepetitionerhas now amended his petition
cannot understand the petition thepetitioners case might not be
the petition derives from thepetitioners experience of the applications
entirely a matter for thepetitionerdorothy grace elder that is
convener you should ask thepetitionerquestions at this time dorothy
it be published if thepetitionerhaving been apprised of the
on scottish ballet to thepetitionerwhen it was published that
have two points first apetitionerwho is partially sighted or
copying our response to thepetitioneris that done automatically mr
contents of that evidence thepetitioneris pressing for his evidence
simply say that if thepetitionerwishes to publish the evidence
the scottish parliament although thepetitionerhas already been informed of
should be passed to thepetitioneralong with advice there is
make that clear if thepetitioneris not satisfied he can
via the centre s epetitionersystem for a trial period
from his service although thepetitionernever gave him manumission or
him from his slavery thepetitionerprays that the justices of
this week to make thepetitioneraware of both what the
the area from which thepetitionercomes to make a contribution
do nothing to assist thepetitionerwe need to make a
must now talk to thepetitionerit is helpful if committee
reserved on behalf of thepetitionerwe all must get on
we point out to thepetitionerthat if he is not
another letter from the primarypetitionerof scotland opposing opencast s
given the differences between thepetitionerand the executive we agree
stage we are questioning thepetitionerphil gallie reverend murdoch is
not wish to give thepetitionerthe idea that we will
the protection extends to thepetitioneras well stewart stevenson in
through by responding to thepetitionerin the language in which
guidelines on consultative procedures thepetitionersets out the background to
and the ability of thepetitionerto follow the process donald
mechanism exists by which thepetitioners concerns could be considered
scotland con i thank thepetitionerfor an excellent presentation you
of cash for access thepetitioneris mistaken about that it
not competently do what thepetitioneris requesting because the scottish
with in some way thepetitioners concern is especially about
but in view of thepetitioners direct involvement in the
6 3 states that thepetitionershall be notified of the
farrell there is a principalpetitionerwho takes responsibility for being

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