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frae sae gao the brawpeyedhis respecks an answert a
pittin his pockstang doun hepeyedhis respecks an the bodie
lad about him the bodiepeyedhis respecks an the twa
wee su the collegiar hepeyedhis respecks ti gao an
intil the haa the wardenpeyedhis respecks ti the sheriff
ye ma needle an yepeyeda groat for it if
me back ma groat ahpeyedee a groat for naething
s no for naething ahpeyedye a haill groat for
keing s dochter an nanepeyedmukkil heed til hir ain
road an spak bit epeyednae heed e d walk
aff an on jonsar eckpeyednae heed he jist drove
the draiglin hogney an hepeyednae heed til the soun
road but the needle neverpeyedonie heed an juist gaed
yer time folk wad haepeyedye little heed had ye
sax tymes the sum apeyedfurd cheptir ane the border
i the tuim muisaeum napierpeyeduz bak monie tymes ower
like stuff as the wifiepeyedjonsar his money he remarked
half past three the wifiepeyedhim wi a cheque jonsar
be wrang as the wifiepeyedjonsar eck he said fit
a mess as the wifiepeyedjonsar they hid a news
look at him haes hepeyedhis rent yit irena no
na the rent wis aapeyedlast nicht says the number
aye a fee ti bepeyedfor awthing shuirlie ye ken
a fee haes ti bepeyedin pyne for awthing in
means aweill whitever shona haespeyedhir dues naebodie wad quarrel
fae e bottlers though naebodypeyedattention till em noo an
wi a spade kis hepeyedit ower mukkil attention she
fyow wirds an e foxpeyednae attention jist cairriet on
ither hens in e rivpeyednot one iota o attention
neen o fit e birkiepeyedony attention e size o
aneath the laddies feet theypeyednae mind tae this at
for the winter jonsar eckpeyedhim an thanked him for
dinna ken she snapped shepeyedjonsar an disappeard intae her
said tae the quine jonsarpeyedthe quine an went awa
sae whan aw the princespeyedcourt ti the keing s
my breeks as muggie sligapeyedme she said jokinly cheer
coupons angelica fancy dod ipeyedfor sixty angelica they could
naethin sicna guidwill isna easypeyedback nae need o a
howf the quyne thai haepeyedfor ti sing kens naething
oniething ti oniebuddie gin thaipeyedin uncos an wittins mirren
leil saul bot thai hedpeyedthe pryss aw the douce
ye micht be gey illpeyedwi yersel if you got
an its fowk ithers haepeyedmair deirlie nor mysel fir
wine dis this kimmer gitpeyedfor whit she dis malcolm
idder other idleseat idleness illpeyedin a bad mood ingin
an hou the fairies haedpeyedhim back in freinship is
haed santit a fairie caddiepeyedmeg a veisit an pled
aw his deid or hepeyedowre til us ten thousan
wir room wis tae bepeyedfor as if we hid
for his money jake hidpeyedfor the bairn for fifteen
lave a ll see yepeyedback for it aa ane
hir neibors ilkane ti bepeyeda guid pikkil o the
fae education wi particular regairdpeyedtae pupils wi disabilities an
d weill they say anpeyedhis score sae god be
syne pompitie the g nomepeyedthe tea wyfe twa pennies
a canny scot ye vepeyedthem fur it scoff the
broun ogre this mornin ahpeyedthe wutch that mends rainbows

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