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a tune on his mobilephoneallan wilson cunninghame north lab
have my pager my mobilephoneand e mail if i
multi channel tv the mobilephoneand the internet are they
rf power units from mobilephonebase stations are set at
takk shotties o her mobilephonegranny menzies says teenagers are
panic hurry use your mobilephonehe ll soon find out
s loaned him his mobilephonehe s phoned his wife
johann lamont erection of mobilephonemast in traquair drive glasgow
johann lamont erection of mobilephonemast in traquair drive glasgow
the erection of a mobilephonemast on the bt building
the erection of a mobilephonemast on the bt building
the presence of gigantic mobilephonemasts we know that the
telephone mast applications by mobilephoneoperators were a made b
a fallen palm her mobilephones forgotten how to bleep
convener is somebody s mobilephoneswitched on please switch your
in the frequency of mobilephoneuse on trains and the
willingness with which many mobilephoneusers on trains divulge intimate
toreadors bleeps from a mobilephonewake up call for a
wa- she was on thephoneat eh christmas day phone
the phone installed the outsidephoneboxes were filthy used as
the postman could come thephonecould ring the phone rings
s trustin smile oan thephoneed phone pause yes yes
my phone this is myphonef1113: eh that s your
s that there m1128: aphonef1127: a phone m1128: i
phone at eh christmas dayphonegoes by eight o clock
phone pause yes yes thephonegood strong grip there stew
[?]i'm walking[/?] the phone [inaudible] thephonei m walk- f1113: you
a- for live phone insphonein discussions in the evening
you doin f1114: [?]i'm walking[/?] thephone[inaudible] the phone i m
know and a- for livephoneins phone in discussions in
told you we have thephoneinstalled the outside phone boxes
m1128: a phone f1127: aphonem1128: i never hae a
smile oan the phone edphonepause yes yes the phone
the phone could ring thephonerings all three stare at
f1114: ah this is myphonethis is my phone f1113:
irish man that answered thephoneand said sorry i think
fin jonsar eck answered thephonefa shood it bit larry
luckily joe himself answered thephonegraham speaking he said joe
and her mither answered thephonemaggie and her mother answered
and her mother answered thephonesadie what price the ressurection
minutes ago i received aphonecall a russian male asked
that jonsar eck got aphonecall ae nicht it wis
are you aware of thatphonecall did you make it
the funeral i got thisphonecall fae the undertaker wifie
so i missed the firstphonecall from [censored: forename] who s
the evening we got aphonecall from doog one of
time i got my firstphonecall from mum who s
mum dad thanks for thephonecall last week a pleasant
dealin wi jeremy paxman aphonecall on setterday morning pit
in that number carolanne onephonecall sadie area code here
i may give her aphonecall soon this week s
gettin nae joy fae hisphonecall spendin hoors trackin doon
glad to hear from thephonecall that you enjoyed your
right an all furst thephonecall then the flooers an
tuesday i half expected aphonecall to arrange a time
not me who made thephonecall to him on his
was it to be aphonecall to my parents to
trigger it aff wi aphonecall to the undertaker that
last tuesday we had aphonecall well she f826: oh
15 a m andy thatphonecall yesterday was a surprise
problem please pick up thephoneto the council and call
these call places where youphoneup and tell people they
international call from my hotelphonewith no luck i think
number she goes to thephoneand picks it up maggie
like a stookie maggie wephonefor you every week sadie
speak to her maggie onphonei can t help you
susan maggie holds out thephonetentatively carolanne takes it maggie
be enough maggie we canphonethe doctor first see if
be something wrong maggie onphonewould you hold on covers
an needed tae carolanne thisphonehasn t got a number
carolanne s man hud thephonenumber fur a while before
stare at it agnes thephones ringin carolanne what did
carolanne glances guiltily at thephonesadie cont but we re
again carolanne moves towards thephonesadie leave it alane agnes
was moving to take thephonestops as if struck carolanne
the mouthpiece hangs up thephonethen she guides carolanne into
you are i left thatphonebox and joined you in
left the car for thephonebox as if i d
i keep phonin fae thephonebox bit nae body his
who probably met in aphonebox finally joined labour party
luckily i looked through thephonebox glass and saw you
o s i am aphonebox in distress if the
o s i am aphonebox in distress jeannie murphy
cooncil scheme tae be aphonebox on the meen skyscraper
a lot of calls f810: phonebills are massive and it
with the usual rush ofphonecalls also because we were
june when there were constantphonecalls and faxes between us
just in time to receivephonecalls from home on boxing
does the hands on workphonecalls go to enquire but
present we can only acceptphonecalls in english and gaelic
al thanks for all yourphonecalls last weekend good to
we have been receiving dailyphonecalls on that matter we
up a petition or makkinphonecalls tae the polis or
enclosing a lawyer s letterphonecalls to dalkeith said put
the constant inconvenience to nonphoneusing passengers and calls upon
to get in touch byphoneher aunt s number is
my notebook wrote down yourphonenumber alice and other numbers
mitten an der s aphonenumber an hit s no
tryin to slip you theirphonenumber f814: [laugh] f812: no
tommy sheridan s1m 1150 0345phonenumber for the parliament lodged
s1m 1150 donald gorrie 0345phonenumber for the parliament that
especially mine i suppose myphonenumber is area code [censored: phonenumber]
filthy used as toilets ourphonenumber is [censored: phonenumber] we would
eventually gave them your workphonenumber obviously it will be
and name tag with yourphonenumber on it and the
f828: frances that story myphonenumber when i was little
i can give you aphonenumber where you can reach
hastily i want you tophonethis number all day just
yes dad you get thephonedad f1113: [laugh] right here
think dad ll get thephonef1114: yes dad you get
i wonder if dad llphonethe day [inaudible] the party
get get your dad tophoneup he won t take
we gaunnie dae agnes agnesphonethe helpline sadie they ll
us sadie no she dphonethe main office same as
fine we ll hae tophonea dentist for you will
get ootae here i llphonea taxi go whaurever it
i ll write or maybephoneas soon as i know
you dat a llphoneda police an da sspca
s it fixed f1113: ohphonedaddy ll get daddy ll
he said it i llphonefor an ambulance hamish suggested
in buckie and i llphoneher f1089: auntie [censored: forename] in
out on demand when iphoneher i ll mention the
an a that she llphoneme the morn s morn
[censored: forename] f1114: i go [inaudible]phoneoff i ll put it
well you ll put thephoneoff m1090: [rustling noise] f1089: you
enough she s on thephoneor something an she ll
he winced ilkie time thephonerang it ll be her
sure i ll ging anphoneshe looks down at her
been [inaudible] f1160: [inaudible] m1161: phonesorry i ll turn that
wait maybe it ll stopphonestops ringing agnes it s
meenit an declares i llphonethe bobbies alexander holmes says
agreed ah ll gae anphonethe polis it s mair
if he comes i llphonethe polis we ll get
month m941: i ll justphonethem an tell them i
no f1113: but we llphonethem back after f1114: ours
ll probably repeat on thephonetomorrow but no matter it
okay daddy ll get thephoneupstairs oh there we go
it till friday he llphonewe never phoned each other
ll give me a weephonewhen she gets it cause
really need to i llphoneyou did you get my
f1113: now f1114: [?]i'm walking[/?] myphonef1113: what you doin f1114:
you re walkin wi yerphonef1114: yes f1113: oh watch
that s my [inaudible] f1113: phonein a minute f1114: [inaudible]
[cat miaows] f1113: [inaudible] f1114: myphonemy my microphone my microphone
f1113: eh that s yourphonethere will mam clean oot
off with your wallet cellphoneand i pod but don
you re not answering yourphoneand she just said oh
was a message on yourphoneat some point when i
i need tae use yourphonehelp yersel he mumbled i
got your susan on thephoneher man s coming here
[censored: forename] then here s yourphonehere look here s your
photo was it on yourphoneof f1148: erm f1149: or
your hand show me yourphoneoh no sound effects [laugh]
at lunchtime the day yourphonevoice and how ye speak
on da end o daphoneyour cat but it s
took my hand off thephoneand spoke to it you
said i m off tophonemy boyfriend and all that
dinna want to put thephoneoff do you m1090: [flicks switch]
that s a girl [inaudible]phoneoff [inaudible] as well haven
rises and fades as thephonerings once and cuts off
off i listen to thephonewhining for a while then
on i said to thephoneand put my hand over
s ambiguous words on thephoneand those pauses and my
of the size of myphonebills you know my f809:
food and pay for myphonecontract [laugh] m944: you know
s it s my singingphonef1089: you goin tae take
of the chamber with myphonein silent mode i can
oh aye she laughs myphoneis sorted an i wid
b t tae sort myphoneit s been oot o
sh- she s in myphonesaved as tina f1049: i
i m just going tophonethe doctor for my mother
probably will put on myphonevoice but in a f831:
to my dochter on thephoneweel weel pause she looks
of you i put thephonedown gently thinking well he
f809: [laugh] f810: put thephonedown very bad you know
when i i put thephoneout for louise it runs
how they put on theirphonevoice and ye change you
and if interested in mauritiusphonecards see [censored: forename] [censored: surname] treasurer
[censored: forename] lynne was on thephonelast night full of plans
[censored: forename] [inaudible] hello can youphoneme back in ten minutes
on [censored: forename] s newly installedphonetuesday 27th september two days
tae [censored: forename] [censored: surname] on thephonetwa three times an he
da idder end o daphoneis that lerwick 8987 yes
miss gray wis aff thephonean tryin tae read her
c manager screamed down thephoneat her what sort of
sayin tae her on thephoneehm i mean how do
spaghetti carbonara for dinner herphonehas been fixed and she
they d been trying tophoneher and she hadn t
enough quarters 25 cents tophoneher for a second time
s under tina when youphoneher i m like hi
aberdeen m1090: and you willphoneher what does this ain
mither s at christmas andphoneher yince a week but
if i could use herphoneit didna seem richt to
her haun raxxed fur thephoneliftit it syne drappit it
her left finger to thephonenow the photocopier s grounded
wis but shö hed baithphonenumbers on her name tag
to her friend on thephoneplayers now have to unscramble
hadn t been answering herphoneso they told michael and
bye she holds the deadphonestroking the earpiece with her
fiona s been on thephonetoo susan went on her
well do you want tophoneand and i said no
back tae normal bit thephonecompany said it wid be
gullible i said oh justphoneme back i should have
money i said on thephonethat i d appreciate around
really matters he said iphonethe officer in charge couldn
someb- i was on thephoneto him and he said
replied i did try taephonebit i couldnae get a
have had to get aphoneinstalled in the house it
get the ain beside thephonem1096: that s it here
f1097: can i get thatphone[note: on phone] hello m1098: [child noises] look
m944: cause she used tophoneand say drop round [inaudible]
f1111: [phone rings] just leave thephonedarling f1112: [inaudible] f1111: who
bob m1090: [inaudible] no thisphoneis not working f1089: no
or something [inaudible] [laugh] f1154: phoneup the people at the
saturday voices sang down thephonebut jennifer was non committal
nodded well here s aphonecard she jotted down u
speechless and nearly slammed thephonedown but luckily i looked
h- hallo clifford on thephonean f831: aye oh here
f1127: aye ye d aphonecome on over here a
the monkeys hand swing onphonelines here sinbad gathered rubies
yeah [telephone rings] oh no thephonef1025: we used to go
radio ramadhan m608: in thephoneins what languages are used
to like we used tophoneup an order of of
s the blonde on thephonef1001: whether she s blonde
told me about the internalphonef631: mmhm f634: she s
is she alright did youphonehim [other speaker responds] please yourself look
she looks over at thephoneshe takes the slip of
four times she tried tophonethe taxi firm and the
me op slams doun thephonean leaves on time andra
talk broad shetland on thephonean when i was a
they see me on thephonean yit they still chap
son s been on thephoneand i ve convinced him
talking about being on thephoneand one of them trying
they are always on thephoneand they drop in unannounced
chat to norrie on thephoneat christmas they all seem
who s that on thephonef1111: i don t know
can only talk on thephoneface to face we we
as i promised on thephonefirstly i thank you for
the rail operators to designatephonefree zones on all trains
speaks to people on thephonein scots 1 8 the
i got somebody on thephonem865: mmhm mmhm m952: an
the slow the quick thephonemay ring on its plastic
wi baith names an baithphonenumbers on hit but nicol
war needin mair copies thephonenummer an address is on
war needin mair copies thephonenummer an address is on
to hear you on thephoneon sunday it s funny
too long they have aphoneon the top floor peggy
talked about it on thephonepause cammy gonnae make ed
hear the woman on thephonepoint blank refusing to do
widnae bet on it thephonerings they all stop and
re not answering on thephonesay hello to tina [inhale]
on ma road tae thephonethat that yin todd has
ambitious carole suggested on thephonethat we should meet in
cannot speak freely on thisphonethe dial warned and at
if you re on thephoneto someb- i was on
will be immediately on thephoneto westminster to find out
m1128: i never hae aphonef1127: aye ye d a
a tv gotta hae aphonegotta hae a holiday in
gey lot didnae hae aphonewater hid simply gushed doon
grass an hadnae heard thephonean got a message f826:
got the message over thephonethat that wasn t one
an slowly got pleasantly fuphoneus a taxi barmaid lunny
yeah [laugh] see when youphonejenny s house do they
like when you answer thephonem865: yeah okay [laugh] f951:
quite a lot of thephonetime but when i when
but when i tried tophoneyou just now joe darling
they wid say tae himphonean electric companies were run
ye darlin niver promise taephoneand then disappear into mysterious
the heid byllie left taephonefor the polis nou that
amon ma byeuks or ephonerang tae gie s ma
ower busy gibberin doon thephonetae cooncillor mcewen solomon pooch
urgent authority rin tae thephonetell peggy fit s happened
as he sent jock taephonethe polis an turnt a
a wifie jonsar tried taephonethe wifie tae say he
wait fur the hostage taephoneup wi a complaint eh
if you wid gie mephoneafore you come awa doon
told me about the outsidephoneand things like that you
jenny m1048: see if youphonechristina s house do they
you can contact them byphoneemail fax or in writing
f1103: [clapping] f1104: daddy sphonef1103: [laugh] did you hear
in charge couldn t youphonehim about me i asked
one and pick up thephoneso you know i would
course i m going tophoneyou about it in a
better now i tried tophoneyou to night it was
the week m [censored: surname] willphonemembers to collect for delivery
irish vyce intae the payphoneoi m at ayr station
the dentist mummy had tophonetoday and say i m
god s sake answer thephoneand i and i d
herm an there wis aphonenearhaun i d juist reached
1907 d aberdeen 1988 thephonewas a meat hook i
duty i just answer thephonea few times that s
know i was contributing tophonebills and things like that
in which i answer thephonedeal as far as i
door i was going tophonefor help i only reached
juan and mercedes these arephonenumbers to contact if i
like i changed contract andphoneprovider erm and spent five
the door just leave thephonesweetheart f1112: no i won
tv m944: i know whatphonethis is now it s
10 30 i interviewed byphonethree owners of three person
like i was trying tophoneup ehm ticket scotland to
the paper picks up thephoneand dials glancing at beth
going to hang up thephoneas the time is now
he could look up thephonebook he could ah mm
things up a bit thephonerang twice in the next
pimp mumbled into his cellphonethe hooker tottered up and
well it s like theyphoneup and they f814: holiday
clerks [inhale] and answering thephone[inhale] and generally just doing
m1174: whatever sixteen seventeen couldphonein m608: mmhm m1174: recite
if necessary or over thephoneor whatever fee agreed with
language we can ainly accepphonecaws presently in english an
ye can contack them byphoneemail fax or in scrievin
[laugh] well n- can wephonein chinese th- that s
thanks for giein me aphonean for thon guid crack
mcgahey to know whether hisphonewas tapped given that we
t been going round tophonebecause the weather s been
the years about mcgahey sphonebeing tapped and indeed the
he s in the edinburghphonebook and erm and and
the door there s aphonethere an it never rings
he s mibi tryin tiphoneus stew telt um the
ah f1095: that s thephonewait till we see [note: on phone]
it was essential the publicphoneboxes were all vandalised and
of all new ground basedphonemasts regrets that such planning
at the end of aphoneso all these support strategies
we had the the livephoneins and discussions during the
seven as we had nophonemum asked the postie to
ti git stoned git pissedphoneus we come roond sit
we found out that ourphonewas not tapped because we
should be made about thephonetapping of people who have
no one every takes aphonequick a picture quickly they
large bulky items then pleasephonethe council and they will
go back to belyaevo andphonethus the misunderstanding was cleared
decide then undecide to flyphonewires swing with sparrows a
each other or even tophoneeach other today or tomorrow
scotland at glasgow 200 orphoneform for glasgow 2000 souvenirs
would contact one another byphoneor e mail and try
experience or luck tuesday 25phonewhitehead for spare spring for
mr mcewen wad lift thephonean his lugs wad dirl
weel the lichtnin hit theirphonean knocked it aff the
an the heatin an thephonean this but through the
burns festival had only onephonein an office in ayr
chirp chirp of a modernphoneinto its melody no one
at 9am the secretary willphonebart [censored: surname] and confirm arrangements
at base so decided tophoneyesterday he was pleased with
clerwood terrace edinburgh eh12 8tsphone08456 013265 the communications workers
as thick as the londonphonebooks jim higgins grunted dorothy
the hard shoulder coins inphonebooths melted into sand their
to the backcourt karl [censored: surname]phone[censored: phonenumber] email [censored: emailaddress] backcourt clean
too old for anything thephonerang and archie signalled that
of the 1970s and 1980sphonetapping and civil liberties issues
the a r p thephonewas in his bedroom and
intae these lamentations doon thephonewis solomon pooch miss gray
sofa comfy armchair tv payphonebook shelves magazine rack a
m942: metal framed m939: aphonem941: foam f940: foam m942:
white envelopes committee members wouldphoneround printers for estimates as
to paint scullery 29 tuesdayphonebutler 30 wednesday london philharmonic
assistance leaflets touch screens freephoneexpert advice sessions from specialists

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