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are subject to verbal andphysicalabuse as well i had
the dog s activity byphysicalcontact or verbal or audible
justification for attacks verbal andphysicalon scotland s jewish and
in delivering greater levels ofphysicalactivity alastair dempster i have
the importance of sport andphysicalactivity and the contribution that
sport contributes to people sphysicalactivity and we do not
the improvement of levels ofphysicalactivity especially among young people
know of my interest inphysicalactivity in primary schools perhaps
to deliver funding for itsphysicalactivity initiatives has any of
of which are aimed atphysicalactivity it was disappointed that
is to go towards promotingphysicalactivity should all the funding
older people to participate inphysicalactivity so that they can
diet is regular exercise thephysicalactivity task force aims to
that was done by thephysicalactivity task force it showed
develop the work of thephysicalactivity task force measures that
lose that ian jenkins thephysicalactivity task force s targets
important for younger people thephysicalactivity task force which reported
not as active as thephysicalactivity task force would like
decorative cloth both involve hardphysicalactivity toe bones crushed fingers
to act as coaches orphysicalactivity trainers and promote new
that some people believe leavingphysicalactivity until children are at
more active a strategy forphysicalactivity we will encourage older
of economic activity than onphysicalsite redevelopment was correct the
the balance between support forphysicalregeneration and support for business
was a swing away fromphysicalregeneration towards providing more direct
a body dedicated to thephysicalsocial and economic regeneration of
what he did was aphysicalpunishment carried out in exercise
to clarify the law onphysicalpunishment of children michael russell
assault if done as aphysicalpunishment of the child in
wish i was of infalliblephysicalstrength and had the linguistic
relishing the power of hisphysicalstrength as much as the
mah strength naw noh mahphysicalstrength mah mental strength mibi
to that of mental visionphysicalvision is mental vision these
transferring from the field ofphysicalvision to that of mental
many people with learning disabilitiesphysicaldisabilities and special needs in
that work with children withphysicalor learning disabilities however we
way he always refrained fromphysicalviolence and so despite the
that allegations against teachers ofphysicalviolence are handled in a
always thought laldie involved somephysicalviolence i don t know
b girls with i aphysicaldisability and ii mental health
a patient suffered a permanentphysicalor mental disability as a
and affordable fruit low costphysicalexercise and community involvement the
number of children undertaking regularphysicalexercise through free access to
develop healthy bones through regularphysicalexercise we know from the
to promote sport and otherphysicalactivities in schools s1o 100
to promote sport and otherphysicalactivities in schools s1o 100
diet and participate more inphysicalactivities the possibility of their
slopping out what were thephysicalconditions like michael matheson i
the initial focus was onphysicalconditions rather than tenancy management
management the licensing scheme coversphysicalconditions tenancy management and whether
improve the social economic andphysicalenvironment of those areas and
draw on the world ofphysicalexperience building up a shared
starts from the world ofphysicalexperience the earth the seas
detailed their personal experience ofphysicalharm and the way in
in terms of communication andphysicalaccess and ensuring that their
lives of disabled people andphysicalaccess to buildings in the
30 pm executive debate onphysicalchastisement of children followed by
and junior scottish ministers 8physicalchastisement of children the deputy
which allows children to learnphysicaleducation arts expressive arts and
guidance concentrates on benchmarks forphysicalstandards it is more difficult
german the administration also heldphysicalstandards which were accurately made
have altered the benchmarks forphysicalstandards will you take that
strick black oot raigulations hardphysicalwurk an guid neibourliness wis
borth ick it s hardphysicalwurk thit comes maist readily
no meaning transferred to thephysicalworld but metaphorically represents an
with describing and managing thephysicalworld in this movement from
all day it s aphysicalchange and it f963: it
it f963: it s aphysicalchange yes yeah mmhm yeah
travel was difficult overland andphysicalobstacles ensured that change was
interest in wendy was purelyphysicalnow his hand was on
need to break down thephysicaland social barriers that exist
national dictionary as wright observesphysicalas well as social variables
and suggestions for social andphysicalploys for thae bairns wi
complement of specialist teachers ofphysicaleducation and music in primary
two hours of high qualityphysicaleducation classes a week you
for two hours of qualityphysicaleducation if we are to
the proposed ministerial review ofphysicaleducation will specifically include school
is in a sort ofphysicalarea and it s contained
coast this area of outstandingphysicalbeauty its coastline peppered with
capacity might they include thephysicalgeography of the coastal area
you know it is veryphysicaland erm f963: yeah yeah
re thinking will influence yourphysicalf963: mm mm mm mmhm
can be done without thephysicalinvolvement of a registered nurse
but later lost both thephysicaland mentally stunned senses though
review will determine what additionalphysicalinvestment is required to support
people praised their environment andphysicalcircumstances and found them a
to get yourself into thephysicalbeing almost of a p-
of its budget went intophysicalrenewal removing bings being the
that are established to improvephysicalwell being and provide recreational
scottish executive how many voluntaryphysicalco ordination tests for those
the scottish executive whether voluntaryphysicalco ordination tests for those
it s it s veryphysicalyeah yeah m762: with this
under three broad headings thephysicalprovision of housing and its
seikness we suin jalouse isnaephysicalas the doacter says it
the eu there are obviousphysicalbenefits such as roads and
a pupil who regarded thephysicallaboratory as a suitable forum
have blundered as to thephysicallaboratory which i hope to
to be urgent as aphysicalneed freud remarks that artists
smoking o pipes an thephysicalattractions o wimmen all these
christianity the sense of aphysicalrelationship between men and their
a further denial of thephysicallaws in defiance of any
can t think of anyphysicaltortures or things that we
that heightened contentment which followsphysicaleffort eventually fatigue got the
other countries with a similarphysicalgeography that would allow us
of human love jealousy andphysicaland psychological suffering fair mary
been wooed there by thephysicalavailability of premises the convener
kind of relationship that allowsphysicalcomforting gladys roughly dinna greet
really have major sort ofphysicaldiscipline problems f965: oh but
the deficiencies of my actualphysicalmuscles if that s possible
think of her a realphysicalpain like indigestion and that
process of editing required thephysicalpresence of citation slips the
eh from the engineering andphysicalresearch council emotionally there there
in opposition to the draftphysicalagents directive on vibration and
attributed to his mother sphysicaland emotional remoteness and his
ask the scottish executive whatphysicaland speech rehabilitation services are
the last qualification is aphysicalone and although not absolutely
the margins there are importantphysicalrenewal issues in certain parts
brutal funk was almost aphysicalassault it was like a
it when you get allphysicaled you re starting to
present in ne for thephysicalbody though they flourish for
seemed to be in badphysicalcondition on the one occasion
be able to handle thephysicalstress at least cairo again
quite surprised he s aphysicalweakling really i don t
explores is the personal anphysicalrelationships atween men an wimmen

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