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of what you think f1124: picturesbeach f1123: picture of a
are we gonna paint f1124: picturesf1123: pictures of what you
makes a mess o yourpicturesf1124: that f1123: white f1124:
gonna paint f1124: pictures f1123: picturesof what you think f1124:
[?]ain't i[/?] f1113: you to paintpicturesfor mum f1114: yes oops
eh f1141: paint fitt f1142: picturesof mum and dad f1141:
week lorraine went to thepictureswith her friends every saturday
lorraine will go to thepictureswith her friends last week
as lorraine went to thepictureswith her friends she then
goes would go to thepictureswith her friends this activity
s he gonna put thepicturesup f1089: because mummy wants
he s gonna put yourpicturesup in the living room
have some pencils f1089: magicpicturesas well look m1090: wow
ye can see in thepicturesm1090: [aeroplane noise] [laugh] aeroplane f1089:
f1089: because mummy wants thepicturesup in the living room
of mum s death topicturesafternoon smiley a fine film
they were sitting in thepicturesand my mum you know
will mum show you thepicturesin that one f1114: [inaudible]
f1133: dad if we stickpictureson his wallpaper [yawn] mum
you wanna go to thepictureswi us mum f1101: aye
mean i remember colouring inpicturesand things at sunday school
people remember going to thepicturesin inverbervie to see the
remember and er i rememberpicturesof him with a horse
that is that all thepicturesf1121: aye you ve done
re all f- f1122: mypicturesi made at playgroup f1121:
this f1121: it s aapicturesof little mousie them aren
f1121: wow is there morepictureson that side oh aye
f1121: is there is therepictureson the back that s
ll maybe go to thepicturesand see that will we
allowed to go to thepicturesbut geordie has told him
to go in to seepicturesf1071: i do [inhale] [inaudible]
will [censored: forename] go to thepicturesf1101: [censored: forename] an aa f1102:
sixpence tae go tae thepicturesf638: we went tae see
we could go to thepicturesor a walk or somethin
we can go to thepicturesthe day f1102: oh must
we better go to thepicturesthe day it ll be
dad to go to thepictureswill [censored: forename] go to the
ye only went tae thepicturesf640: knitted and listened tae
ye only went tae thepictureswe sat in and f638:
could readily see his wordpicturesin their minds they had
to create very vivid wordpicturesor lively language unusual or
most people consider it wordpicturesrather concrete poems language sketches
f1122: they re all thepicturesare all for you i
all here then in thatpicturesf1122: that s a boy
look there s loads opictureson these f1122: and these
would f978: you often seepictureseh taken around the harbour
see the before and afterpicturesof what is planed the
back see if it spictureson the back m1096: em
gran had gone to thepicturesthey d gone to see
point in goin to thepicturesto see a film you
can ye see in thepictureswhat can ye see m1090:
have to show you somepicturesan things right in the
things change one of mypictureswas at hillside of clochforbie
yes m1070: you ve drawnpicturesyeah what kind of things
to that stack of oldpicturesand many fine examples of
and that stack of oldpicturesand those thirty nine china
so i took some oldpicturesup to him on the
maps graphs diagrams role playspicturesetc these approaches have been
sky i m drifting againpictureslike these aren t me
these artist s kin geepictureso boxin life an meanin
month i have provided thepicturesagain below [note: pictures inserted here in original] i look
first well look at thepicturesfirst and then tell me
i only look at thepictures[laugh] no f1155: yeah cause
ben and look at thepicturesm1110: mammy s- no sticker
huh eh the how thepicturesdiffer and eh how the
oh did ye get thepictureseh did you send the
eh did you send thepicturesisobel christia- oh right f890:
we ve got aw thepicturesthey re good though eh
guy i ve got hispicturesm608: mmhm m642: and autographs
or second house of thepicturesm608: mmhm were there many
was four artists doing crappypicturesm608: oh right [laugh] f643:
they [inaudible] in at thepicturesor that or m608: uh
yes f889: mmhm but thepicturesare good i think there
they weren t very goodpicturesbut we had got f641:
be able to draw goodpicturesf1038: erm there s an
always been good at seeingpicturesin the flames she knew
and chandeliers and so manypicturesfrom all periods that one
and there are many vividpicturesof it in his poetry
gift i enclose some morepicturesi ve had duplicated and
i but i ve seenpictures[laugh] f122: [exhale] f010: same
f889: i ve took yourpictureswi her so i hope
enormous 18th 19th century scenicpicturesexcellent technique but nothing very
every few minutes to takepicturesthere was very little one
i enjoy going to thepicturesand conjunction cards which enable
they were going tae thepicturesand intae the cafes and
get to play around withpictureslike he s got to
we- haven t got yourpicturesoot yet ehm aye you
got a night at thepicturesor the dancin f637: aye
okay we ll take nicepicturesof mam nae touch that
answer m805: and also takepicturesof the thing m804: that
you may not take anypicturesthe main and persisting impression
in them in response topictures2 12 summary and conclusion
that s bairnies has drawedpicturesand sent them in to
at the other stories andpicturesbut he knows them all
i ll get a fewpicturesdeveloped and send you them
him but his leaflets hadpictureson them that pleased the
reading that stories wi thepictureson them though that s
it was fun there werepicturesof ex presidents all over
to the dancin or thepicturesat s nae eese to
o wicked gay cool gigpicturesor new words sic as
think to make cards orpicturesor something i don t
a ribbon decoupage shapes orpictureswere cut out of magazines
and full of those hiroshimapicturesof people with their eyeballs
the streets was boards containingpicturesof those who had done
and he was a gunnerpicturesof him standing beside his
ll hae to stop stickingpictureshe willna let us stick
he willna let us stickpictureson the wall when he
me what s in thepicturesbecause this was a bookie
were often purchased after thepicturesat that time there was
spectacle of death that thepictureswere etched on his memory
a man in there takingpicturesof the central urinals they
frailty get ahead in thepicturesernie sat ahint a biddy
metro stations are devoid ofpicturesposters placards their occasional decoration
changing their scraps sorting throughpicturesstrewn in their laps atwells
what was happening in thepicturesand stuff and you could
we sat and looked atpicturesand it was actually quite
the second house at thepictures[note: photo: 'wedding at the mill house in 1913.'] chapter 3 high days
then be attached below thepicturesas captions and class and
opened her eyes that seeinpictureson the telly about the
people s government to hangpicturesin chronological order and according
you have to say thepicturesand that s the words
brunch do you agree thatpicturesare as breathtaking as a
such as using more movingpicturesand having videos of signed
with a few trinkets andpicturesand the war medals of
do with selling the prisonerspicturesi am due to retire
which was filled with watercolourpicturessnares boys set snares to
was given the set ofpicturesand was told the english
my hands are for drawingpicturesi was just a driver
draw for drawing silly cartoonpicturesit was just the best
feel really uncomfortable in thepicturesand she d said to
big print and fine colouredpicturesbut the minister and the
typography layout typeface punctuation andpictureslexis lexis operates in terms
lenin overlooking the stairs andpicturesof aircraft painted on the
celebrating the 50th anniversary 20picturesof lenin and associates in
and sarah [censored: surname] have drawnpicturesof ravelston and the painting
as i watched the tragicpicturesof stranded lambs and snowed
supports such as diagrams chartspicturesprompts and objects to guide
can propel a hand topicturesthat compel the inner eye
if ye wanted intae thepicturesit didnae matter whether it
came in to kiss darkpicturesof christ in one corner
characters adjectives pupils are givenpicturesof cartoon characters to cut
a total of 18 numberedpictureson two a4 pages each
on the page use ofpicturesother illustrations punctuational devices size
blue lakes just like thepicturesin the brochures yesterday i
mind o yours drawin weepictureso me an kirsty kirsty
aboot the labels aw thepictureso aw the places enter

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