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f1104: mm it s pinkypieand s- sunny days f1103:
helping mummy there s pinkypief1104: i didna help you
uh huh pinky pie pinkypiei shook my horse f1103:
up right i think pinkypieneeds her hair brushed f1104:
are we gonna mak pinkypienoo f1104: uh uh uh
uh uh uh huh pinkypiepinky pie i shook my
yeah mum that s pinkypieyou made i like pi-
pinkie pie pinkie pie pinkiepief1103: come on then f1104:
all the ponies hair pinkiepief1104: oh [inaudible] pinkie pie
in there f1104: but pinkiepiehas to be a star
goes f1104: pinkie pie pinkiepiepinkie pie f1103: come on
in she goes f1104: pinkiepiepinkie pie pinkie pie f1103:
pie f1104: oh [inaudible] pinkiepiepinkie who is it pinks-
aye you would have steakpieand m816: oh m815: and
my old dear s steakpieand swill free bevvy what
following was usually provided steakpieboiled ham oatcakes and cheese
was always a big steakpiecause you usually had people
the traditional beef- the steakpiedinner before the bells m815:
he collected everybody s enamelpiedishes and made steak pies
day bobbie made a steakpiefor dinner we came back
feature f1077: uh huh steakpiegammon and pineapple f718: mmhm
always used to have steakpiein ma house when it
on ne erday had steakpiewi mashed tatties an peas
aw you re a sweetiepiearen t you f1104: yeah
you re my little sweetiepief1103: [inaudible] aye but dinna
i m your little sweetiepieyou re my little sweetie
and a bun or mincepiechildren brought their own piece
gonna to have a mincepiesupper in a chippie you
a a in a mincepiesupper they ve got there
b and currants into greasedpiedish 2 mix egg sugar
tender 2 joint place inpiedish 3 melt butter stir
fruit put it into greasedpiedish in layers with sugar
tin or in layers inpiedish pour over ¾ pt
till boils season put intopiedish top with puff pastry
something like a shepherd spieand f1038: that s so
f1038: like a shepherd spieor lasagne or something like
onybody like tae buy apiedecember 1998 temp celsius rainfall
onybody like tae buy apiethere wis ferrly a touch
onybody like tae buy apiewid onybody like tae buy
bread and cheese apples applepieand pastries even a bottle
fresh strawberries 12 oz unsweetenedpieapple 2 tblspns lemon juice
and unbroken as an applepiedivorce was ugly and scandalous
no just live off applepiem941: yeah exactly f940: cause
of five and lunched onpiebeans and chips one and
sauce an chips ignore thepiecan o lilt aye that
[laugh] m819: it s thepiesupper wi salt an sauce
at 375 potatoes and tomatopie1 oz butter 1 oz
12 mins game or turkeypie1lb cooked game 1 oz
f mark 6 bacon eggpiepastry 1 egg 3 oz
buy f640: [inaudible] f638: apieand maybe a round scone
dis bide fair buy apiefit tae heck is goin
then gaed awa leavin thepielyin there derek simply widnae
fridge an found a cauldpiewhich he ate lyin doon
comes awa as easy aspiedoesn t it but it
that ain is f1104: easypief1103: can i help you
ain s easy easy aspiethat ain is f1104: easy
table in the ballroom apieis it graund ma dear
richt ready the r apiekoolyghin ai olga ma dear
had to eat the humblepieand i asked the wee
his teeth intae his secondpiehe asked the lad stannin
to accept a little porkypieon the other hand mrs
an the speug the seapiethe laverock or even a
hid a sniff at thepiethen gaed awa leavin the
eat ma tea a meatpieis braw a sausage an
o scurries argyin ower apiema richt ee lichts on
in ma butcher s muttonpiema sicht it s failin
abdomen or maybe that shellpiei ate last night wasn
laughing like a pooch onpieday and i like that
laughin like a pooch onpieday f1144: [laugh] f1054: that
like a dog on apieday that s great f1143:
burntisland an like the thepiesisters they re all dead
a corner eating his christmaspiehe put in his thumb
the circle fin derek wispiesellin on setterday ae day
30 mins at 375 pleasurepie1 ½ tblspn wheatgerm sprinkle
off th- f1114: use thepieyou you have the big
afore lang he haed madepiecrust an in nae tyme
fruit a nice wee greasypieis main my line the
eventually got married and daveypiegot on the bus and
had died and ehm daveypiean enormous docker in burntisland
between us armed cap àpiea formidable obstacle if he
for scotland and order apieand a pint not just
woun up an threw apieat a dog weel the
plucking a plumb from apiepast its sell by date
the office consisting of apieso revolting i couldn t
pepper mix and toss chickenpieboiling fowl onion carrot celery
pandora s box poems 2004piein the sky short stories
is rael pairtial ti crawpiewad ye be sae guid
for thought is carnivorous sweetypiewithout it archetypes archangels arias
walls crusting the fountain filledpieof sunken gardens pop mallards

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