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the end where the steakpiesare like on there f1049:
pie dishes and made steakpiesin them lots of vans
fifty there wis only fiftypiesselt mebbe you can see
pies were selt weel thepieswere gettin a wee bit
setterday until the twa hunnerpieswere selt weel the pies
as ti mak twal weepiesfor us an for that
haundit owre the twal craepiesti the fower an twantie
nae tyme ava the twalpieswar reddie in a skep
short story about christmas mincepiesand even home made brandy
christmas mulled wine and mincepiesevening was attended by almost
sprouts half a dozen mincepiessmall carton of cream goodwill
ll get some rolls anpiesan that mairead goes naw
sausage rolls an wee storepiesforbye some fowk on ne
making jams jellies preserves andpiesvegetables garden vegetables were grown
teem the trays o thepiesfin jonsar eck bocht een
s mair i bocht twapiesthat day ana you see
sandwiches f639: right f640: mincemeatpiesf639: right oh f640: and
up loads o bread scotchpiesbeans and eh m815: oh
the van wis foo opiesas weel as jonsar eck
deep fried they re properpiesm818: [laugh] [?]fuck![/?] m819: right
the hang o sellin thepiesan decided tae hae a
far did a a yonpiescome fae noo twa or
went feel wi orderin thepiesyou see he ordered twa
thay war still chowin thepiesin a glisk ilkane fell
steady trade he hid thepiesbein het up wi a
tam hid a tray opiesthey were deein their best
sort of like getting decentpiesin which i think is
food products such as sausagespiesand burgers s1w 17575 nicola
to get one of theirpieson a saturday night allso
tatties or guid auld greasypiesan the sicht o a
purist that see see thepiesthey have or pez in
right [laugh] f951: which arepiesbut then there s always
erm you [inaudible] you getpiesfrom safeways and milk and
are you telling me porkypiesm1090: no it s [censored: forename]

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