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brian adam s1m 830 racingpigeonslodged on 10 may 2000
donald gorrie s1m 830 racingpigeonslodged on 10 may 2000
sickness clockin doos are roostingpigeonsaye is always gey is
byne washtub steir uproar doospigeonsbestial livestock stour dust soum
cra is crow doos arepigeonsboos are boughs branches slabbery
lower part of village doospigeonseen eyes sye scythe coarn
working group to include racingpigeonsin the list of protected
donald gorrie s1m 520 racingpigeonslodged on 9 february 2000
we sent the petition onpigeonsand raptors the convener that
of stopping raptors taking homingpigeonsthat situation has been worked
and coffin grey seagulls andpigeonsfight no scraps to spare
traffic flown over by arthriticpigeonswith iron hinges a plethora
his deid wumman noon woodpigeonscooing he holds the comb
director aberdeen arts centre likepigeonsto trafalgar bright eyed the
some russian and feed thepigeonson the windowsill some spare
stonework and abandoned shafts wherepigeonsnest 7 leaking water spouts
been flattened by a bootpigeonsdecide then undecide to fly
set the cat amongst thepigeonsshe s no better mutton
pit the cat amang thepigeonssilence zeb so no doctor
expense of the population ofpigeonssongbirds grouse and other ground
diamonds dangle side by sidepigeonsare tinned even the sky
are no sae braw thepigeonshad them shells an aw
red squirrels b ravens cpigeonsand d sparrows s1w 17696

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