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made all the colors truepinnedhalfway up the avenue of
a coral doll butterflies arepinneddown each polished cage a
hingin lum a wooden chimneypinnedagainst the kitchen gable there
years i have my hopespinnedon the pso option for
string and bone till ipinnedhim against the wall oh
a fine silver celtic broochpinnedat the neck black crêpe
him dearly [swallow] i vepinnedboys to the wall f632:
my father she had himpinnedup against the wall by
into a field before itpinnedme to a dyke all
toff idol david cameron rosspinnedhis colours to the mast
tea between grimacing lips ipinnedmy pinioned smile in a
oor lugs huv ti bepinnedback fur you an daddy
could holding my arms outpinnedmyself to the wind and
jack in the upper cornerpinnedin the middle of the
up from the bottom andpinneddown by timmer pegs that
that were that sort ofpinnedhim down as dundee rather
old her long dark hairpinnedup with a red carnation
on it wis her atpinnede cloots till e waa
blazer with badges and commendationspinnedto his lapels shuffled up

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