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defining the boll are apintand a gallon which are
names for example pound stonepintand gallon which are also
in the 1426 assize thepintand the gallon are used
there is also the 8pintgallon at 8 gallons to
gallon replaced the older 6pintgallon in trade this is
for evidence that an 8pintgallon replaced the older 6
gallon to becoming an 8pintgallon the pint therefore was
moves from being a 6pintgallon to becoming an 8
gallons suggested that the 8pintgallon was in use before
again and matched a 6pintgallon with the larger 1426
gallon with the larger 1426pintperhaps the implication of this
an 8 pint gallon thepinttherefore was increased by a
unit whereas the pre 1425pintcomprised two chopins the 1426
comprised two chopins the 1426pintcontained exactly three such units
simmer 30 mins bitkis ¼pintcold water 2 thick slices
¼ pint single cream ¼pintdouble cream 1 ½ teaspoons
flour ¾ pint milk ¼pintdry white wine 3 ½
chives 2 oz flour ¾pintmilk ¼ pint dry white
caramel coffee cream beat ¼pintsingle cream ¼ pint double
jug ¼ pt milk ¼pintwater lemon salt pepper melt
scoop pint ha- and twopintand a half pint and
two pint and a halfpintand ye filled their jug
wine rather than the alepinteach pint had its own
and ye d a scooppintha- and two pint and
than the ale pint eachpinthad its own chopin so
pint of milk mam apintof milk f1105: aye m1106 :
milk for mam m1106 : apintof milk mam a pint
frost nail on horse shoepintpoint pint shoe lace pirk
on horse shoe pint pointpintshoe lace pirk to toss
possible that the old alepintremained the normal size for
ale chopin to the statutorypintthere is a further level
salt pepper pinch paprika ½pintsingle cream or milk 1
tomatoe purée bouquet garni ½pintstock salt pepper pinch sugar
4 fillets lemon sole 1pintwater 2 bay leaves pinch
as the chopin or halfpintfrench and the mutchkin or
hard boiled eggs quartered ½pintcream s or d 2
currants nutmeg 1 egg ½pintmilk ½ oz sugar 1
oz flour 2 eggs ½pintmilk beat for 5 mins
the table an set aepintdoon afore eddie an the
vice he set eddie spintdoon an then geordie s
maun be deein for thatpintgeordie said eddie but geordie
thus stirling held the commercialpintstandard the stirling jug or
by dost in fact thepintas defined in the assizes
1983 dost entry on thepintinitially edited in 1973 slides
the time by the wordpintjames stevenson s 1983 dost
approach an understanding of thepintthe dost entry for this
units and indeed the largerpintof about 1500 contains exactly
1922 milk cost 3d apintand a half loaf cost
the milkie s left apintof milk for mam m1106 :
milk f1105: aye m1106 : apintof milk [wail] he left
enhanced size as the pewthererspintand so clearly identify it
assize tells us that thepinthad increased in size in
that the size of thepinthad not sensibly altered from
1618 was 31 pints thepints size is given as
size and purpose of thepinttakes us further down the
alternative name for the stirlingpintthe stirling stoup may refer
terms of another thus thepintis defined as a vessel
of the large sixteenth centurypintthus conceivably the alternative name
a hauf an a haulpintan a niver even swallied
a hauf and a haufpintit was coming up for
aye went oot for apinttae the hauf hangit meg
s shop an speired apinto vernish juist lik geordie
levels of the basic statutorypintdrink was always sold in
the change in the statutorypintthat had been introduced in
head fur hame gies anitherpintdoll he couldnae be bothered
anither this is the turninpintfaan they forhoo the bields
ah wiz chist fine anitherpintmore an ah wid ha
twa tails an efter anitherpintor twa went awa tae
that we d drank apintand a half of whisky
the two women clutching apintglass half full of brandy
hid a drap at ilkypintere wis silver ballies o
circle an doon till epintfaar ere wis some big
jist split ere wis naepintin chappin mair wi e
ronnie that s jist thepintgeorgie it is one o
at s ma first stoppinpintjist tae look aroon an
ey were jist on apinto haivin snaabaas at s
in front and watch thepinto the scythe this jist
needle wi a flat curvedpintan a hole at e
e lum mair tae thepintey were passin richt abeen
a dish o tatties anpintfor his supper i e
e pulley itsel an epinto anchorage on e strainer
tae connach em wi epinto ma finger an fin
e wisna impressed bit epinto ma tale s nae
grandfather widna hae bothert taepintoot e need for care
a gweed third o epints awa e boddem branches
e dashboord fae e stoppinpintwe set aff alang a
aboot yer lugs ma heichestpintwis e quarry at e
aye richt poacht at espinta bittie farrer doon wis
thinnet doon till a needlepintan fin i got ma
open he boucht himsel apintan sat doon it wis
chicken fricasee small boiling fowlpintwhite sauce 2 egg yolks
the scots pints the wordpintbrings together at least two
his way to sink apintor two with his macho
the dialect an example ispintthis is the english point
ye re wantin me taepinta moral ah ve nae
be pause ah weel naepintin wastin it she pours
you but there s naepintnae noo ronnie maybe you
well look there s naepintworryin ye ll be in
tae come back tae mapinti suppose i wis some
3am sun 6pm midnight drinkspint2 90 bottles 3 vodka
s juist sornin tae thepintdis oniebodie oot there mind
an croaked oot gies apinto heavy wi tremblin hands
feenish aff wi we shuidpintoot that the written form
and the mutchkin or quarterpintlow german the administration also
directly related to the scotspintbut it was only in
the only intermediary was thepintbut when we look for
a lump of cheese apintof gin she brought only
in his god likes hispintcome a friday the fair
than a quarter of apintof petrol come out the
shift ah ll hae apintjock wae yon dram aye
an choclit vrappins tinnies opintan a baldie heidit brush
mornin an speir for apinto vernish he wad gie
just fae a purely financialpinto view f785: mmhm m055:
is specifically named as apintin an inscription pinta sancti
[laugh] f947: uh huh m1161: pinti had quite a lot
their friends go for apintor do the things that
in the discussion of thepintcustomary allowances a final problem
describing it merely as apintin the general senses and
order a pie and apintnot just in one european
nearly three quid for apintso mm [laugh] f631: mmhm
drinkable portion namely the basicpintthis allowance is seen in
sold it at 3d thepintmeasured out of jugs and
being twice the usual oldpintas in the early merchant
was using the town spintto gauge firlots because we
raise the firlot from thepintand we can confirm the
sancti andreae the st andrewspintreliable early eighteenth century references
the overlapping use of differentpintsizes shetland rentals were rendered
if you could take yourpintoutside it i suppose you

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