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richt fine day wi apiro het win it s
mony ere s a weepiro win a fine hairst
fine day wi a weepiro win affa fine an
wi plenty sin as weelpiro win an chilpy we
fine day wi a freshpiro win an later on
gran mornin wi a ferpiro win combine starts awa
dull bit wi a warmpiro win comes oot fine
het as weel wi apiro win cooler it dis
dis try fae the northpiro win dis blaw keep
9 20 day keeps coolpiro win dis blaw taewards
sair later on a ferpiro win dis rise fresh
23 heavy an sultry enpiro win dis rise rain
day is fine wi apiro win eence mair hale
rain or wid it naepiro win en did hae
be efterneen er s apiro win en wid you
fae the sooth a freshpiro win fine an warm
sooth ere s a ferpiro win fine day fin
affa grey wi a cauldpiro win for the day
us cool ere s apiro win gran day an
richt fine wi a ferpiro win gran day bit
17 rainfall 2 16 ferpiro win hale day dis
fair ere s a weepiro win it s gey
this you canna beat cauldpiro win keeps doon the
sooth ere s a cauldpiro win later in the
fine day wi a weepiro win later on there
wednesday 18th temp 8 20piro win maks the air
fae mornin throo tae nichtpiro win plenty sin a
north ere s a ferpiro win we wrap up
the sooth ere a cauldpiro win we wrap weel
oot a sigh wi apiro win were in fine
ere s jist a weepirwin midgies div hide thursday

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