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ti byde i the mirkpita ll juist no hae
its foun wis a lochanpitmirk an weirdie frae the
socht ane the hospital gaedpitmirk in a glisk on
doun an grat in thepitmirk myles frae hir hame
smeddum skeelieness an sweirity benpitmirk oors she planned an
we follaed thon fankle opitmirk pads whaur i wis
fite waves wallop skelp innopitmirk puils fite waves wallop
fite waves wallop skelp innopitmirk puils swack an blythe
yo daein the heilan flingpitmirk s ane o dracula
soul the pyot won thepitmirk soul wis sained tho
aince the haill chaumer wespitmirk syne he claucht the
an thrums in the dreichpitmirk the ravelins o a
pleisur anither haun kythit anpita gryte divot ower the
hauns up tae her shepither haun doon and grabbed
breet he telt them isiepither haun in first drawin
gaun tae speak but shepither haun ower ma mooth
he wes tholin bot shaepithir haun onti hiz neive
bar the pinetrees then hepithis haun ti his middle
up ben its gairage hepithiz haun forrit ti lat
me maw right anuff apitma haun up tae ma
wide brimmed bunnet the nursepitoot her haun tae touch
in a wee bit closerpitoot yer haun touch me
the welsh leid board haspittheir haun tae the production
be arreistit bot the bogiepitup hiz haun anerlie ti
it wis roarin flames anpita big pot oan fur
sol hudnae a son hepitaw the blame oan morna
if ye d make herpither shoes oan still daen
naw ken efter ah dpithur belt back oan hur
a tolt im no taepitit oan says she near
wi the number oan itpitit through there in hur
ootae place an i cannaepitma finger oan it no
no go an furget taepitma line oan a tried
dae a wee bit ironinpitoan ma trannie oh it
the door goes it spitoan they know exactly whit
lads that wad be greatpitoan yer skates a cannae
trick he s tryin tipitsome kindae spell oan us
ur yi talking aboot wheypitthe clathes oan yur back
ain make a noise gordonpitthe telly oan sing talk
run sadie almost in tearspitthem back oan beth beth
sadie puts shoes down raitherpitthem oan her maggie this
you walked oot oan thempityer shoes oan whin ye
lawyer fur ye tell awbodypityer shoes oan ye micht
truth lee come oan leepityou two inti care silence
s fearlessness stew want tipityur clathes back oan cam
hiv tae learn nae taepitaitable things intae bin bags
were that you were topitas muckle work intae the
the earth or eejits wadpitcyanide intae a puil killin
hazardous james beaumont i vepiteverything that i hae intae
at last dis relent shepitfear intae us that wis
deen jonsar eck stopped anpitfuel intae his truck fin
they grabbed him quick andpithim intae greenock nick soon
him the richt wey taepithis gassie intae the wee
muck so the nowt werepitintae a near bye park
isnae a canny experience beinpitintae a readin poseetion that
aback an stated i couldpitintae my coort far the
an hoo they will bepitintae practice gin they become
there an could be smaittlypitintae wirkin order the allan
him ere wull be drapspitintae your een an efter
eck tried him again taepitnew lenses intae his auld
we re a going topitoor energies intae that would
an see fin a nursepitsome draps intae his e
jist fer hell bent taepitthe fear o hell intae
treat us wi contempt taepitthe fear o hell intae
richt intae the yawnin broonpitthe navvies hard scrabblin doon
back ower my shouther anpitthe net intae the watter
device dis serve tae firmliepitthe reader intae the close
jonsar eck a oor taepitthe sticks intae the wifies
or gey het if youpityer fingers intae intae a
sorta half circle an yepityer tools intae it yer
sturt an stryfe thai alspitasyde strathclyde ane enorm soshaliss
s houss a rewyne thaipitaw the eitems o vailyie
wes tae ferr awaw thaipitby gallowa aye thrang wi
in a meinit tho thaipitforrit the ulster idaia whan
horss roun sae thai cuidnapithauns ti r a m
shae gied him mait anpithim ti bed thai bene
ower run the mairchis thaipitit about at thai wes
sae nou thai thocht tipitmars i tammas s gate
thai didna hae tyme tipitthair kers intil the gairage
at skreich o day thaipitthair pows thegither john hed
the guise fank whan thaipitthe horss i the gairden
kail pat wi wattir anpita mukkil stane intil t
wis ready tae thrash anpitintil a pyock s teller
drink for ma guidson anpitintil t a feller puzzin
yeir sisters alang wi yepitintil the thrie kists ye
tae thrash ma corn anpitit intil a pyock horse
lyfe doun intil a derkpito despair ah dinna ken
we micht hae sumthing tipitsum lyfe back intil us
watter frae aff the ingilpitsum o the wattir intil
haein redd up hir pokespitthaim intil the kerr an
abbeymaister reponit sae please yepitthe dictamen by intil the
deir bit agane the douglaspitthe treisurs intil hiz pouch
aff their illegal taickle orpita worm on their bare
ither gentilman at a didpitaff at aviemore heir anither
t mair argy bargy wispitaff bi faither thunnerin oot
bugger he s had mepitaff hauf the streitches on
keep but first she maunpitaff hir waddin for ae
pear pikkil n small quantitypitaff n procrastinator pleisir n
up hir mynd no tipitaff onie langir in speakin
gether masell moula we cannapitaff onie langir malcolm smiling
ma heid s aff dinnapitaff onie langir nou juist
m thinkin c mon dinnapitaff onie mair tyme heize
fur the pot the ladpitaff the ingine steppit ooto
be hirs gin she wadpitaff the waddin yit anither
he wesnae a man tipitaff tyme an ai said
snaw do 33 the affpitchou pang yen 1057 1121
them in t it hepitdoon his paper richt aff
o eatin a warlock widpither aff her sleep sure
it aff at e strainerpitin a splice syne tichen
bad the gaird ti affpitm at aviemore an gin
s no canny ye fairlypitme aff ma spinnin ah
it wis maybe enyeuch taepitonybody aff bit onywye it
stertit aff ance mair nanepitoot that her friens war
yen 1057 1121 the affpitshe peels fresh oranges for
as they say juist taepitthe likes o puggie aff
an threiten when the bylliespitthem aff whaur they re
legs frae aff his bodypitthem in an auld bin
for im the man wouldpityou aff religion a thegither
tae gaun sledgin an yepitaw yer sledges thegither wi
i becam a man ipitawa aa bairn ferlies yer
are you goin to yerpitaye f1006: [cough] f1054: good
we ll save yer sarkpitcaunles inno yer twa neep
presses in them days taepiteverything i- aw yer claes
s it [laugh] m1004: yerpitf1054: oh what s that
o the derk flash bulbspitflame in yer een i
run your water you canpitin yer bu- m1092: [inaudible]
neebers e kinna trock yepitin yer bucket a funny
broos knit stern wid yepitme ooto yer blameless sicht
hae wushen and buskit yerselpiton yer mantua gang doon
reefs o hooses first epiton yer upricht rapes clean
bed ye go to yerpitthat s yer bed f1005:
pictish quarry i d betterpitye oot o yer misery
clothes in general it spityer claes on f1054: have
their nests an if yepityer finger in they aa
yer hurdies touch yer chinpityer hauns in yer oxters
whan ye say simon sayspityer hauns on yer heid
dae it simon micht saypityer hauns on yer heid
it whan ye just saypityer hauns on yer heid
touch yer neb hunker doonpityer hauns on yer hurdies
o e ban ye dpityer knee on t tae
naw whit dae ye meanpityer mind back tae the
fur why div ee napityer teeth in kis yer
ma temper at ye anpita bullet in yeir heid
swallaed up yeir treisirs anpitan end til yeir pouer
wee pikkil mair they lpitcolor in yeir chowks queen
yeir poultice sae ye canpitit awa oot o sicht
herm wee seumas ye canpitit oot yeir heid shona
ah l juist hae tipitmasell in yeir guid haunds
fur ebenezer ye ken yepitmukkil vailyie on yeir ingaitherin
listen thare yon chappin againpiton yeir dressin goun for
past juist wesh yeir haundspiton yeir nicht goun man
a ken what stowe tipitupon yeir luve are ye
spak ti callum an saidpityeir airm aboot ma shouthers
unnerstaun me a see yepityeir chappit fingirs on yeir
d better no try anpityeir ful wecht on it
laddie wad ye lyke tipityeir haund neist ma hert
ye doun mither juist youpityeir mynd at rest she
na weill than at leastpityeir pinkie throu the kiehole
haed haird aw he saidpityou yeir feirs ahint ye
gie ye sum guid advicepityou yeir hat on yeir
the r naething til tpityou yeir richt haund in
jist work awa jonsar eckpitdoon a bit o plastic
i m invited jonsar eckpitdoon twa or three muckle
asks foo much did youpitin jonsar eck replies jist
wull aye burn jonsar eckpitin the rest o her
aboot his work efter jonsarpitin the twa jeannies order
changed oh michty me fapitmy handbag in here jonsar
it s you jonsar jistpitmy order in i ll
hidnae a clue jonsar eckpiton a new fan belt
wis still poorin jonsar eckpiton his ileskins an knocked
your lights working jonsar eckpiton the lichts an asks
tae be seen jonsar eckpitthe speen o jam back
some stitches as the doctorpitthree stitches in jonsar eck
fowk frae your schuil thatpitin an entry thair ain
the saicont dayset thay buidpiton thair selkie skins again
nae puir nae starvin naebodypitoot ay thair hames it
thair boxes an then taepitthaim awa ben in the
thair ordinar caird rack butpitthaim in an auld shae
wis it that gart thaimpitthair fit in it sae
gaun ben the room anpitthair gassies on then they
hantil ither hauflins ettlin tipitthair manheid til the test
wad be weel wyced taepitthair minds back tae thair
cheils wes aye sekein tipitthair neives throu ma drum
tuim stamaks the yill suinpitthair wuts in a steir
five hunner cairds they didnaepitwir cairds up on thair
thair wones an he lpitye on hiz ain guid
tae the first rod youpitdoon an if the rods
e gerrie yersel na jockpitdoon e spaad an cam
same as what i vepitdoon for w- i- that
wad sune come by shepitdoon her bike amang the
hear onythin else hoosaeiver shepitdoon her buik thrawn like
words just roosed i vepitdoon here roosed ye ken
matty lowered his broos anpitdoon his buik minnie kent
fermer s cuddy turn anpitdoon its lugs fa saw
tae the doctor he wispitdoon tae the broch tae
ll gie you rods taepitdoon the lum pit them
bales o silage if ipitdoon twa or three fauls
drappie gweed milk jist taepitem doon richt ye never
wis greetin fir us taepither doon an let her
dae it na she dpither fit doon an ye
at this pynt sae faitherpithis fit doon an we
weel he didnae hesitate jistpithis name doon an let
sadie pick it up anpitit back doon again agnes
an on her ability taepitit doon in print in
licht fae the windae hepitit doon on the bunker
up in the mornin hepitit doon tae the twa
lee d te mither jistpitit doon tae your wee
f1141: that s it rightpitit doon then fann you
bacon an i leuch hepitma da s photie doon
the product bit the bastardpitme doon ye kin niver
like miners doon a tarrypitnae roman in his thrillin
ok ed mah man gonnaepitthe big scissors doon dimps
i willna leave ye minniepitthe speen doon on the
in aneth loons eest taepittheir bonnets doon on the
come doon there and jistpittheir hand doon in the
tae pit doon the lumpitthem doon fae the tap
year an still nae steenpitup nancy wis doon on
taen up a pea anpitdoun a fether an thay
tak up a pea anpitdoun a fether sae ilka
nou requeishtit sleikit lik mirrenpitdoun hir bags a wiss
the threshie fluir whaur hepitdoun his pockstang an tethert
an faither o douglas wespitdoun i sicna raid sae
yill but first ye maunpitdoun ma bairn for man
spine get the piece donepitdoun tae fiery glaur hell
peip o the lanthorn wespitdoun ti a wie skinkil
back doun til hir anpithir ti the torment ah
ti the simmer hous hepithis sting doun for a
was sectional m642: no ipitsleepers doun m608: right okay
o hutch chains frae thepittae keep it wechtit doun
doun into the garden andpitthe hems on the way
haunds see nou ah lpitye in the neuk doun
wi ye to the orderlypityou the samovar doun ower
that matched noo wad yepita soak in it a
tragedy mebbe the meenister wadpitaathing richt wad undae the
an sae they wad anelypitin the een be they
awa he wad be awfypitoot if it broke wi
wad be me at wadpitout aa the siller are
cairds we wad howp taepittae the easin o sic
but govrenment wad hae taepitthaim in place first it
a sowl an kate wadpitthe hale business ahin her
in scotland wad hae tipitup the shutters nanse a
micht hae kent ye wadpityeirsell first me me me
ginger bottle yin o thaimpita haund forrit an gruppit
burntisland he telt thaim tipithim mair at eise junipere
mynd no ti forget tipitsum moth baws on thaim
fornaces an luims an siclikpitthaim abuird treynes an speiritit
rowe up the carpets anpitthaim awa till the wunter
but ah juist hae tipitup wi thaim vershinin but
thaim banquo aside to macbethpityou owre mukkil trust in
went pit pat pit patpita pat like a racing
m623: bank pit the auldpitbank nummer ane was worked
s feet went pit patpitpat pit a pat like
little david s feet wentpitpat pit pat pit a
had a big box yepitpit them in m608: uh
only one bis- and thepitthat pit wisnae just startin
a big box ye pitpitthem in m608: uh huh
bis- and the pit thatpitwisnae just startin tae build
hack the coal frae thepitheid waa lay the strae
da on the bed andpither heid on his bosie
he gied nae resistance butpithis hauns abune his heid
a caddie cairrie hiz graithpithiz heid out the winnok
beer he brewed or taepitit anither way his heid
end o the gassie anpitit ower geordie s heid
i d as weill haepitma heid in a noose
ahint him there weill hepiton his heid a braid
hammer throw the tap thepitthe hammer heid throw the
heid they were willin taepitup wi it fowk were
cud read an whan theypita licht ti the back
in ablow it whan theypita licht ti the face
nane in gloresheddae county canpita stop ti them tho
ti a saga onles tipita winze on the blak
at rosyth ti inchgarvie anpitabout the threit at the
ti be gleg an soupilpitanither wey the schort cums
at the rid douglas wulpitaw ti richts the morn
beatrix an askin him tipitawa sic a bad wumman
his sair wurk an tipitback ilka divot in the
lowden than hiz men canpithauns ti m the u
o the past we wurpithere ti serve the land
brocht thegither face ti facepithim a sword s length
his approbate rewairdit hong anpithim back ti his auld
queen fell seik nane cuidpithir ti richts an weill
wattir frae this wal wulpithir ti richts puddok it
unyt wi hir kin ebenezerpithis best fuit forrit ti
made up his mynd tipithis dochter ti daith sae
an he haed but tipithis pinkie on this kennin
ah haena the tyme tipitin listenin ti your meiseries
juist yae mair year tipitin or a git ma
there thur baithe gone baithepitin the earth ti leave
the day ah haed tipitin wi a tuim kyte
thare nanse telt ringan tipitit in for ti deiden
aw thae year lat uspitit ti the test again
gao the braw ti daurpitma fuit in about yir
tim a als manisht tipitma oreiginal feirm s nem
hie degree hou cud yepitme owre sic hillgaits ti
uised ti say whan shepitme ti bed nou wullie
roused he d juist tipiton a smile an say
the vestments for profunditas tipiton an the the procurator
denner an telt hir tipiton hir coat o the
again an telt hir tipiton the coat o fethers
again an telt hir tipiton the coat o rashes
neive fu o flouers tipiton the graif a m
us a whyte serk tipiton thorfinn tell the twal
a state helpin for tipitoot the fire ah maun
s love big enough tipitoot the fire silence steve
at aa ti the courtpitout a placket cryin on
thrie thousan string o cunyiepitout for a rewaird ti
hear that she thraetent tipitthe branks on me that
lang he telt john tipitthe panser in the guise
it wuid be wyce tipitthe panser ower the border
ti the marischal biddin himpitthe reid sealed dictamen awa
the court tryit for tipitthe slipper on but it
ti the stewartrie buildins tipittheir dittays in an there
micht for ti try tipitthis awfu wurd out his
het douk haillsum mate anpitti bed fur the nicht
ah haed tyme for tipitup a bit prayer first
sum puir fowk haes tipitup wi eilidh ir the
things she s hud tipitup wi things she s
an leid ti kittilskart anpitwinnoks in aw the slaps
a bit buikie a cannapitwirds ti wir pheilosophie bettir
whit ah maun dae tipitye ti richts rintoul looks
uise sum glaumerie for tipityeirsell richt wutch glaumerie whit
tae still he managed tipityin fit in front o
polish guidwyfe an she lpithir airm round ye an
sae out o mischeive shaepithir fuit inti the strip
an shae juist as swippertpithir unnerstaunnin o the sitivautioun
or hir bodie bot wespitout whan the offisher didna
didna match hir thochts botpitthe idaia by whyle hir
ticht wi the weit anpita blanket ower m whaur
as they wouldna hae taepita bridge ower they would
tae thon place yince yepita fit ower the yett
bags o sticks up anpitem back in ower his
hand noo the second wifiepither hand ower her moo
founert sair but the gangrelpither ower his back like
lived bent ower him anpither ugsome mou up agin
three taed fork they werepitin ower a bogie an
the bed a dig owerpitin some muck an fin
school skirt and sweatshirt andpitma navy blue coat ower
rowin ower james the saxthpiton the english croon x3
rowin ower james the saxthpiton the english croon x3
a stert different ideas ispitower at different narrative levels
agreed bi arveragus an dorigenpitower bi the franklin houanever
luik ower the kye thatpitsiller in the bank an
you d tae hand loadpitthem right ower the lorry
he s ower pernicketie taepitup a fecht for a
whit a v hid taepitup wi ower this last
een jist the thing taepita greedy actress wi a
great feeder of cattle hepita hale truck load tae
his wey hame tryin taepita nem tae it but
widnae lik tae try anpita nem tae it the
o fish he cuid easypita nem tae this yin
noo as seen as hepita spunk tae the paper
in english an tae feenishpitaa the wirdies echt o
naething for t bit taepitaathing back in again ir
grievin an sair tae thepitay ma stomack like a
ye made it wis taepitcomb honey intill a muslin
f961: onything sheep if deypitder mind tae it [inaudible]
tests he wis telt taepitdraps in his lugs an
wisna verra shuir how taepiteet tae yid housomever is
wooo afore he minet taepiteez feet on e brake
students in urdu has beenpitforrit throu edexcel tae 105
wir mither he wis jistpithame tae dee naebody thocht
public ensample was mindit taepither awa quately he was
cam the repone an shepither haund forrit tae feel
holiday we ll hae taepither inta da cattery an
gin the quine wints taepither pennies tae a braw
oot o the squeel anpithim tae work in a
bit if ye d taepitin a new een or
have cost a fortune taepitin bessie na she was
grun begins tae dry taepitin crap the fermer dis
he wid need seed taepitin his crap so eence
but wi nae cyanide taepitin it this worrit us
hiv aa the neeps taepitin so i wis winnerin
d mair nur eneuch taepitin the plate the elder
tae the hoose and wispitin their bedroom ma mammy
where we invite scuils taepitin work eh and you
gang tae waste he cannaepitit back again an onywey
he wis jist aboot taepitit in his jaiket fan
wis fairly the time taepitit on an sae hard
o e beas heids taepitit oot o reel again
get so ye tried taepitit oot o ye and
i lift it whiles anpitit tae my ee tae
ay if ye want taepitit that wey hey geordie
because ye re willin taepitit where maist scotsmen wouldna
i took a thocht taepitma han intill e hairt
startit tae kiss me ipitma hauns up tae her
wi corn aa these haepitme tae the horn e
bin strippit an clean beddinpiton dumplins war biled tae
tae cut eez initials anpiton e date o e
watched alexander holmes tryin taepiton his claes he wis
tae batter on sae quickpiton the brake answer to
the shelt tae the cairtpiton the shelvin an gaen
onythin else tae dae theypitoot a henner or challenge
wi their parents anither directivepitoot bi the government tae
this year we propone taepitoot oor standart invite athin
nuts an seeds that apitoot tae feed the birds
saicont princess wes a bitpitoot tae she said as
the computer virus that hidpitpaid tae aa records fur
plants seemed affa keen taepitplants in the wrang sections
back up abune the weepitpug worries its waggons tae
there s mair room taepitroads [inaudible] f606: uh huh
is buchan s political veesionpitsimply gear is tae be
explaining ah hud tae topitsome mad code in ma
fowk ezra and his ferespitstout herts tae a stey
that she wis tae bepittae aunt florence tae learn
warlock laird o leddrach wispittae bed bi his last
dishes aw redd the weanspittae bed he s no
fur the doctor tae bepittae daith as a clone
bide in russia raither thanpittae sea again bit sense
lassie s face matty wispittae the stable tae meat
up noo minnie d binpittae the toon tae ging
in the evenin they werepittae their beds though they
grace it wis decided taepitthe cat an dog in
d like tae batter fapitthe crocodile inno the watter
he wis makkin ready taepitthe ferret syne he d
glesga kiss tae the janniepitthe gerbil up may webster
borders noos papers wur taepitthe lave o the scottis
hangman gied up and theypitthe lunt tae the fire
cam aroon and helpit taepitthe reef back on wechtin
loudly i ll hae taepitthe soun up a bit
scaffie s bin forgot taepitthe tin lid on her
mary shelley s creature taepitthe work o printmaker willie
walked towards the shelf taepitthem back if donna d
gaed tae the watter anpitthem back in for the
tript jinty leant over mepitthem in an try tae
aa by hersel naebody widpitthemsels oot tae help her
gordon son you want taepitthis ben the kitchen gordon
shown me ahm goin taepitthis note in the boatil
aboot tae sort em irpitup new eens at wis
fit these loons hid taepitup wi an he adds
the tyraneesin i hid taepitup wi cis i wis
middleton ye ll hae taepitup wi me dour bitch
onywye ye just hae taepitup wi t neil you
an owre or aneth thepitwheel at gaed pouer tae
foo weel they dug apitwi gleamin spaads tae hap
pynts will jist hae taepitwir buits straicht back on
phone call on setterday morningpitaa thochts o at oot
wash oot the gless anpitit awa in the cupboard
doesna seem richt jist topitit oot to the scaffies
a little a bit mairpitit richt oot the queen
well done sadie huh agnespitma back oot starts knitting
an we got oot ipitma han intill ma bag
in ilk iota they maunpitoot a bigger quota an
us ken an we llpitoot a correckit vairsion afore
s nae doot he spitoot an the hardship is
mair nor a wee bitpitoot and how does that
he approached the sign hepitoot his indicator an turned
throu his greed but hepitoot his tongue rudely an
i ken fit quidna bepitoot i ken aabody exceptin
cakes o breid they couldpitoot in an oor of
spak again dinna you bepitoot ma lassie at whitever
i wis a wee bitpitoot mind ye for i
premiere he was a bitpitoot that i was too
a craa flappit awaa skreichinpitoot that she d disturbed
even feart fur the darkpitoot the licht an he
up agnes can of beerpitthat oot in the bin
it stuck oot so youpitthe board the trees on
gey late but a maunpitthe cat oot the hevinly
by the table i llpitthis bottle oot on the
if yon bastarn factotum hudnaepitus oot on oor erses
oot the door ye canpityour neb cloots awa for
bed at least let mepiton some claes aye cause
bed f1091: he s gonnapitthem in your bed m1092:
richt roon edder i jistpitawa e thocht o t
jist a bairnie i llpithim in a push chair
the air see the crocuspiton a bonny display jist
says och i ll seenpitthat on mysel you jist
wast dry later on jistpitup wi yon blast tuesday
while tory men the buitpitin tho juist in fun
f960: yeah mmhm f961: juistpitthings in and hoop for
me ye wul cum anpita bit flouer on ma
been born at aw aspitin ma days this gait
ma pouch nor it hedpitintilt tho a selt it
ma lord macbeth a lpitit on for aw to
me to seton cum manpitma airmor on gie me
ma bell fur gin yepitma birse up ye ll
an afore i minet ipitma fit on tap o
pints aboot productivity an ipitma pints aboot a nae
an at them an ipitma pints aboot productivity an
wis nae victimisation an ipitma points aboot a leevin
a leevin wage an ipitma points aboot consultation an
ma lyfe macduff a dpitnae faith in that the
coo needin attention i cannapiton ma goun meg i
etc mr ted fin ipiton ma jammies an climm
patterns scattered across it evenpitsome on ma tights and
the snaw an sleet thatpitthe skids aneath ma feet
ye cry yeirsell an whaepitye in chairge o ma
winnerfae fit young lads llpitawa in e wye o
mon you an me wulpitawa the day s fasherie
hae mercie on s anpitawa wir sins the lord
catch wullie tho the sheriffpithim awa for a lang
awa inti his physickpock anpithis rungs an brodstaffs bye
the spatula ye d betterpitit awa again queen withdraws
mile awa yin o yepiton my fishin jaiket an
richt noo tess kin wipitlaughin an singin in oor
ails ye this wattir wulpitricht in a glisk oniething
and that a l murnpitricht the wrangs a can
it didna seem richt topitsomething like that in a
heizin him on sae hepitaa the ingyne at ever
morn s morn sae mirrenpitanither nicht s drames atwein
only draaback is dat deypithit apö da internet sae
explened andra sae he benepitin a neuk wi a
s novel doesnae sae mucklepitits readers in the poseetion
wis sae quick he dpitme in a race a
sae he screivit a letterpitout a praisent o traivlin
time bit even sae theypits at wir ease greetin
an workable in oor timespitthegither 27 90 sae mony
uh huh m642: and yepita board in ablow them
hae been and he canpita curse on ye whether
aafa whoosh an ye dpita lot of strain on
roosed ye ken ye canpita v- variety o things
tied a knot and yepita wee m608: oh aye
of tack kin ye nopita word in fir me
teeth snap up aathin yepitafore them auld buits an
you m1002: ye d thenpitanither word like gey cauld
ah mean suppose ye coudpitasyde the waesum lyfe ye
was gone then athing waspitback again an there ye
o a linth ye cdpite lowse eyns throwe es
till e hoose an shoutitpitin at hen afore ye
heard far the questions arepitin english an ye can
wax sarcastic for whit yepitin please yersel an plant
still ye ye kinda stillpitin the odd word or
ye ll hae as theypitit a special dispensation nae
hooked obsessed ye micht fairlypitit as bismark pits it
f831: uh huh [laugh] m842: pitit on cause ye get
nuh m842: the mair yepitit on it sounds if
f831: certain kids ye kinpitit on wi aye uh
masel father muttering ah widnaepitit past ye mother naw
ye ll find folk llpiton an i e so
sounds f831: aye m842: toopiton f831: aye ye have
a think ye d bestpiton some claes ye ken
he right ye ken yepitpins in he laid them
silent ye puir wretch yepitshekkils on me whan ah
ye no think we shuidpitsome yackers an big stanes
s terrible ye d betterpitthat fuit back ablo the
before nae [inaudible] will ipitthat light off for ye
think ah coud lat yepitthe branks on eilidh ah
or ah l gar jekpitthe branks on ye ah
quick as ye like anpitthe end o the wire
them in an then yepitthe hammer throw the tap
puil mind ye we hadpitthe kybosh on that ploy
uh huh m642: right yepitthe six feet on the
plumbers an aw an yepitthem in an then ye
be fower be fower yepitthem on the rope threw
be serred an ye maunpitthis nicht s gret business
okay right m642: right yepitthree on there at a
fit i d like topitunder ye ye weasel dod
leir yon last officiar atpitye forrit for leirsman wis
haveny andy but ye couldpityour finger through her hull
he wes a wee thingpitout whan he saw aw
a walk an whan yousepitthe torches on me ah
thay mairrit us whan thaypitup oor hair we war
mair waur the nou aspita whein scots signs up
foirtellins the mair siccar shaepitabout a sair warnishin at
mair fowk lyke yeirsells wulpitin an appearance syne the
wi a bang lu dapitthe fuit in ance mair
said gae nippitlyke ah lpitup wi this nae mair
revengeance than a brute wespitabout at mos truipers wes
wes that aw he didpitburnin sulfur up the lum
wes bein muived about anpiti antrim an fremmit spats
wes suin greittin the teicharpitme i the bak raw
this he wes a bitpitout an he said in
day afoir or he wespitout at he hed bene
aither the incummers wes awpitout or he wuid be
right well you hae topita jumper on m1098: [child noises]
ll hae ta try anpitin some something at ll
ll hae the council militarpityir name on the leet
the knee o my breekspitit s twa muckle paws
the twa playocks o jadepitthe letter in his breist
it aa an the twapittheir heids i their hauns
twa lion paper wechts hepitthem in a wee gowden
mak porritch for twa ipitthree heapit speenfu s o
pech clean frae her anpittwa fite brands o fear
they cuid dae ocht theypityin or twa extrae pipe
get it ah ve evenpita fillum in it fur
ruth s spell cam shaepita tapsiltourie on t fur
whaur a beddal wyted johnpithiz airm roun mirren fur
furst fur gordon i llpitit back agnes hands key
frae the front step anpitit in the porch fur
the hogmanay o 1966 jimpitthegither a baun fur a
fur a the pound notespitthigither they a helped to
points aboot consultation an ipitaa the ither pints that
cowpit the stoup owre thentheypitaa their pith an virr
aa reverence the dictamen wispitby in the thriefauld sublimitie
[inaudible] f960: uh huh f961: pitit aa tageddir dey re
baith o them will bepitroon aa the memmers an
fit kind o flooers theypitin it wisnae lang afore
derk een dinna say fitpitthe lichtsome smile upon her
that s fit wye wepitthe markin s on them
mak sure the ba wispitbye fin the game wis
wis facin him winnie didnapithim wise kennin foo muckle
for him he wis teltpitmy order in o my
her fiers there wis naepiton wi her she hid
daddy wis dead chuffed hepitthe card on the bedside
wis a new timmer fencepitup a a spankin new
wis we wir wantin tapitup a fence because de
ere wis a new signpitup be the cooncil a
an treble heuks we cuidpitup wi but this wis
o gelignite frae nummer seevenpitwhaur he wis workin at
fowk said he wis anelypityonner because the meenister hid
him up in some sleazepitat the back o some
tid she telt him youpitback that turf at aince
the bress chymie haunle hepithis pock on his back
dinnae git up i llpitthe key back through the
and now it s finishedpityir hands ahint yir back
look efter it he nivverpita hand near broon an
can dae aboot it wulliepita haund forrit an taen
took broon an roost anpita puckle signs on it
wul can set it anpita stoukie ontilt a wuid
to be buried in apitand covered with lime an
is charping charping in mepitand that s an indian
his duty an that llpitanither hunner pun ontae yet
to a job in 28pitas an oncoct worker i
wur ae muinless nicht fairpitderk it wur an is
mckechnie he had been apitengineman and met with an
fae the kintraside he llpitferlies rich an rare putrifee
scots the elphinstane kist ispitforrit as an example 21
in chinese students has beenpitforrit for gcse an a
an scvunnered him aunt mysiepither airms roon her neice
loss his rung wang jinpithis rung by an gaed
the fuither an he ayepithissell inti the leit the
alec he says come anpitin a marker da cable
a new bricht generation wulpitin an appearance that wul
goin f960: yes f961: tapitin an what dey re
the table an i llpitin some stitches as the
the weeds an a llpitin the seeds an it
an says come on reallypitit on f831: aye m842:
pace an puritie a ayepitit the ither wey masell
whaur ance stood auld bankpitlang raws o excavators an
an ey watched the sinpitloch linnie on fire eence
an pee pee robby staepitmake shair that well make
ah saw the fella anpitmy torch on him as
beiss an the burds thaypitnae taigil on bodie or
frock o her ain anpitnew ribbons onno a spare
an the neisten day hepiton a denner for him
fin he grew auld hepiton corsets an dyed his
she tirred her claes anpiton her flannel goon she
wi burnin haste shi jinpiton his claes an cam
stude up grat sair anpiton his halie fedders aince
day caller an bricht hepiton his lang coat o
first hoose he used topiton his wellies an soowester
incorruption an this mortal maunpiton immortality corinthians quine chapter
say for this corruptible maunpiton incorruption an this mortal
fish jinkt an swankit anpiton siclike airs an graces
drank fi the land anpitoor piss shit blood an
grate between and an ashpitor an ash pan below
a wifie roon the neukpitplastic in her gairden an
thing aboot it oneywey evenpitsome broth an soor milk
skink growe fierce an strangpitteiger s puddens in alang
to quit the warld anpittemporalitie ahint him it s
wull see his fate anpitthe blame on me adam
an sheriffdom the twae atpitthe dittay in wirna chairged
winna be nedin thon anpitthe gowd pendil sauf roun
an luxure clam in anpitthe kie i the lok
as wyce as ten fowkpitthegither an hes gied uz
paul george an ringo theypittheir posters up aawye in
muckle big barras an theypittheir slates ontae it their
tuik their plain bills anpittheir swords at their middles
blades frae the weaponsock anpitthem at their middles an
o fish an fishers anpitthem in a dither for
on bitties o paper anpitthem in for the sodgers
sadie eh i was gaunnaepitthem in the bucket an
tess an if the staedpitthey d be safe berna
de windows an she canpitup f961: yeah f960: de
an i gied a sighpitup my rod an we
an hes bade i ollertonpitvillage sin syne ten myles
could an we had topitwir han s up wi
he bought a prefab andpitaw roond aboot his caravan
gree wi her aw thispitgeordie in mind o happier
aw aw naw naw staepitlori tess struggles to her
a think we shuid awpitwir baw bee s worth
make myself some hot milkpita wee tate brandy in
remember the old clon beithpitand the wee raw of
time in mr kenneths weepitfor supplying coal and clay
noise wants a wee cheeperpithis gas in a peeper
fergushill pits and kennets weepitout irvine road now that
and she smiled as shepitthem in a wee plastic
hoast i doot i llpither here i the new
uh huh m642: and ipiti says right i ll
there anoo okay i llpitit here aaright f1134: [child noises]
gaun bleep then we llpitit in right fitt aboot
your hat here i llpitit in the cloakroom for
think i ll need topitthat in the bucket do
ablow us then we llpitthe lichts on him i
to mrs swanson i llpitthe wine bottle in the
piece box and i llpitthem in f1142: no f1141:
till the taxi i llpitthis outside the door she
the last few weeks topitup wi that ll be
behave yersel or i llpityou across my knee like
cottage krista you ll staepitzeb yi broucht trouble wi
his nose in butter wepithim in a sardine tin
mrs beaumont could they nopithim in the jile for
yon i sweir i dpithim ooto his misery as
wreck him afore he landspitit in the left ane
aye him mention o weirpitme in mind o him
maister had him seized andpiton board a ship wi
managed ta get permission tapitde hoose up in it
the pins like and hepithis end up and loaded
stuff up there that sandpitmillions m608: yeah aye m642:
me but i would stillpitmy han up every time
chiels fishin the faur bankpittheir rods up agin a
estate at aacht e placepitup a new widden lavvie
o the reasons i waspitup here cause i wouldna
communal buit the toun cooncilpitup warnin signs at the
clean fluirs ah l nopitup wi that in the
we a ha e topitup wi things we dinna
naw he didnae ken ahpitit in his dinner take
[laugh] m842: i ken reallypitit on ken [inaudible] my
tink ta be able tapitthings in and ken whit
want for them is topitin a hale year and
the people wouldna let thempitit in afore for fear
to them and they widpiton the fire in the
lorry like that and wouldpitthem at that side m608:
piece box then you canpitthem in f1142: [sob] no
oh you nae want topitthem in you can open
blaikenin his sheen afore theypitthem ontae his feet the
size his bedroom was apithis feet stank he hated
d hud a big hpiton his foreheid fir aebodie
after that day in thepitwell nicodemus got his understanding
hoose fairly hums wi apitbull terrier barin its gums
time wi it bein thepitholidays as weel as the
her bonnie kitchen for ipitin the honey alang wi
her nesty aul bugger brianpitin wi feelin i houp
wi me did they naepiton a tape o frank
or two place names wipitthat s the only trace
the wutch that mends rainbowspita bit gray fluff in
hans ere s naebody canpita damper on thocht bit
kail in the yaird synepitae bit o hoch on
we dree lat nae temptationpits agley bit keep us
experience but insteid tries topither ain slant on auctoritee
hand irons pointing to moulapitthe airns on her jek
again should be in mypitwas wasted last night jakey
the crossroads nae new timberpitin that i could see
i m nae gaun topitit on you right come
holiday nae in a citypitso unrestrained let s begin
he replied that there werepitfarms in cromar and further
i fak he mey benepiti the jyle at carlyle
fitiver man wumman warssles michtpitin a face he cud
unce o siller at hepiton the buird he lookit
it out the stable hepitthe mealpocks on the saiddle
saicontly the view o soverayneteepitforward here is a complex
is to me to bepitin mind o it walks
o oniebodie that shuid bepiton til the present list
the r a mid gatepitthe auld weys o lyfe
s tale is in factpitthegither in spite o the
and a few bags ipita note on the stuff
took it we were topitall the men on to
s1m 1964 centenary of donibristlepitdisaster lodged on 24 may
the christian creed we maunpitdoubil bolts on the north
lay t on e grunpite hen s heck in
oh peat yeah [laugh] f828: piteverything depends on pits f606:
if i ever heard myselpitit on i would be
eneuch for sna fowk divpiton some winter cloot dry
r simply pathetic she lpiton sum weird lookin bricht
thirteen years the auldest sonpiton the scarlet goun in
the sometimes unsiccar interpretations theypiton their sources suggests that
me that s whit theypiton weimen that winna stap
this f1091: well you canpitthat on once you ve
for naebody at hame willpitthe blame on you they
press but i managed topitthe hems on it because
aye m642: the electric manpitthe light on [inaudible] was
letter r the men widpittheir hats on for the
kittlie dist nou leisten inglispitme in the sunshein the
pause stew yi better fuckinpitus in the picture here
powk their legs they widpita multistorey far the beech
the condoms were draipped orpitin their poackets tony cuidnae
supplied the answer they hidpittheir harns thegither the nicht
i micht be tempted topitmy sceptre to a new
got some dry coal topitin the engine and they
the writer wrought in thatpit3 or four months with
was killed in er thepitaccident in about nineteen thirty
think a siclike statement ispitacross in the wife of
i was working in thepitbeside a man who was
eest take mak crudes andpitem in a cloot and
bull was already in thepithowever there was suspicion of
are not in a bearpiti will clear the court
they needit firewid they widpitin a hale post at
a child at play andpitin a poke and in
is pure why s itpitin bad bad bad people
notit that apologies had beenpitin bi cathy baker sheena
or bal or kil orpitin hill names there are
at the job fin shepitin the second draps she
okay do you want topitin the smarties as well
robby silence robby ghosts staepitin the yin place place
hold it over the sinkpitit over the sink in
is the last remaining deeppitleft in the scottish coalfield
years in a lime stonepitnamed clon beith about 3
in big red burn apitthat belonged to the messers
as investing in a bottomlesspitthat would leave few resources
was perfume you used topitthis in a bottle of
this takes a lighted torchpitthis torch in the winnok
uh huh m642: open thatpitalong there they were just
hell inti the blek burninpitwhaur she shuirlie belangs meg
early 1960s to build apita long rectangle was dug
da garage mam we couldpita notice apö radio shetland
morag nounae nounae we maunpita stoot hert til a
mr beaumont s orders sopita stop to these haverings
pace the wastmeinster governament thanpitabout a fauss narrautioun at
hooker grinned like a plottingpitbull and actually tried to
accessories are a complete mustpitbull terriers look very macho
died after falling into apitdug by the islanders to
the sixth is deep apitof dreams where pearls and
hed a propone at wuidpitsaw inti frizzel s kauch
a small coal and limestonepitsituated about miles from
lochryanhall named barrow or borrowpitthe quarry served as a
f823: aye m824: yep m822: pitit into half tonne bags
to lift as my manpitit mrs laing how do
atween arveragus and dorigen ispitacross bi our narrator the
to fergushill and no 28pitbelonging to the missis finnie
lomond as opposed to thepitbings of north lanarkshire may
yellow f1113: no pi- f1114: pitf1113: [laugh] pink f1114: pink
english the argument is synepitforrit that mainstreamin the teachin
working quidna is couldn tpitis put masel is myself
native parish namely the diamondpitnear to fergushill and no
robby lori lori you staepitrobby uhll come fetch yi
laughs loudly that wid uvepitthe cat amang the pigeons
m999: what else did wepitthere i put foonert f1053:
i m no fain topitthings to richts lilian how
no 28 to the diamondpitto produce lady ha coal
lochryanhall now lochryan hotel borrowpitwhich had given much of

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