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away then there was midpitglassiein full midtown of pitglassie
pitglassie in full midtown ofpitglassieusually just called minton sandy
to davy minto at midpitglassieand was waiting to be
wis pedallin full tilt bypitglassiepeerin up tae keep masel
for george merson at northpitglassiebut it turned out to
father s old shop inpitglassiehe used to have shoelaces
the neeperin placie was northpitglassiejimmie allan wis there till
by the local smith atpitglassiesmiddy the late gideon irvine
road the burial mound inpitglassiewid the hut circle in
block in the howe opitglassieif you fell behind with
mother made this sometimes atpitglassieas well it was queer
a hens pot masel atpitglassiean boy fit a fine
other young lads at upperpitglassieand we came upon a
used by my mother atpitglassiecame from a house in

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