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the grun fyte wi frostpitswinter in oor mind uppermost
thing fer fyte wi frostpitswinter in oor minds uppermost
s a fer bit frostpitswinter in oor minds uppermost
tae a bit o frostpitswinter in oor minds uppermost
we kent the factories anpitsan brewries an biscuit factories
auctoritee frae fowk tradition anpitshis ain interpretation on this
soakin weet in a plowterpitsa body richt aff their
soakin weet midges an fleespitsme intae retreat day is
perfectly good for thatching tattiepitsand for any other jobs
an tattie ingin leek frostpitsroses in yer cheek geans
they were stored in tattiepitsthey were then left for
to thatch stacks and tattiepitsturnips were grown for sheep
left until the spring tattiepitswere a common sight at
f828: we didna we hadpitsf606: mmhm f828: ehm f606:
f828: pit everything depends onpitsf606: yes f828: for for
f606: mmhm f828: ehm f606: pitsf828: pit peat [laugh] f606:
her siller goon as bennachiepitson her croon the samhuinn
build ships of oak thepitshave gone steel s had
still an hot the oakpitson its claes a braw
were chopped to prop thepitssmelt steel build ships of
tragic but comic the franklinpitsforrit a solution that lats
wi sna weet sleety shoorspitssna awa sna begins tae
of furniture in cheap fleapitsand horror of horrors dressed
time there were seeven workingpitsin new cumnock alane nou
alane nou there are threepitsin the hale o scotland
blossom again it jist aypitsaff e winter abeen it
buik o ruth itsel whilkpitsthe tale in the time
ah feel fair seik itpitsma nerves on edge natasha
the edge o they fightpitsyou cawed boxing rings while
hae bin wytin sae prannypitsher haun in her pooch
fur z sei hou hepitson swashie mollops strunts lik
dinna ken hou yeir faitherpitsup wi hir moula ah
coals carting them from fergushillpitsand kennets wee pit out
fairly pit it as bismarkpitsit somewye der alte jude
way he gave up thepitsand became a wanderer about
daimond and gave up thepitsand ended his laborious life
started tae gang when thepitsrun doon i think the
m642: and they gane thepitsstartit tae gang doun m608:
tink it maybe he justpitsit ta da back o
at the trystit tyme shepitsthe bairn ahint the knockin
wi one line when thepitsshut f643: it was seventy
miner s f643: aye thepitswould go down then that
thon a wee nhs operationpitsit richt sally michie s
him a reed pype anpitsyin til hir ain lips
ll eat fit yer mitherpitsdoon in front o ye
baird s there was twopitsbig and wee allong side
years syne but he juistpitsup wi it an girns
ti ma bedsyde kisses mepitsa magic brecham roun ma
go into the down thepitsm636: well when your uncle
his his garage and thepitsaw this reduced stuff in
gins he wins hame shuinpitshim in his richtfu place
his wife back in thepitsto say he s okay
in one of mr howiespitsfor a short time before
language as dis textin hitpitsme tae windirin whit kind
catacomb of timmer planks anpitsthe stoor is grey sticky
earth in a few differentpitsthat surround my native parish
nonsense that the executive ivverpitsoot i mean where would
exerted unconsciously whin a markerpitsa comment on dy essay
broon teeth jaggit scaurs shepitsoan clinty craigs are briests

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