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naturally merciful you should havepityon me for nature has
naturally merciful you should havepityon me for nature has
faimily outing ye ken thomaspityah think ma an da
and you sanderson an awfypitythe faimily s no gaithered
kennedy airport would they takepityand return them it looks
ending problem its a greatpityshe can t get a
of gratitude claimed only mypitynice one mucker cheers mate
ha ha it s apitythat your little girl painted
be there should of mepityhave for nature has us
but there is no selfpityin her voice no moistening
beckoning me to maudlin selfpityyears of it if that
in mine kind ghost forpitys sake actions more than
black official taxi obviously tookpityon us and refusing a
however the female official tookpityon us she opened my
did grab media attention apitythere wisnae mair o thon
mother naw mair s thepityno me it s oor
think it is a greatpityall political of course f1038:
it will be a greatpityif the report is not
purposes it s a greatpityit was drummed out of
think it s a greatpitythat er domestic science was
but it was a greatpitythat their hotel wasn t
yeah f978: it was apitymm f746: och aye mm
was a witch i feltpityfor her i was only
chair immediately i felt morepityfor maggie and her being
that line more s thepityanyway not everybody has the
it would be a realpityif it were not available
she s a real terrierpityits raining cats and dogs
interested organisations it is apitythat the organisations have not
she slaughtered until ra tookpityon those humans still alive
wellies a brolly a macpitythe rain was inside and
skunk she ll milk yourpityfor all its worth where
is dying it s apityreally [cough] no work or
for it that is apitybecause it is important in
is important it is apitythat the executive has not
you intae soukin sand thenpityis their weapon lauder did
aberdeen issue it is apitythat no tories liberals or
be met it is apitythat on an issue on
last line it is apitythat an opportunity has been
in a womb what apitybut it s still a
christine grahame that is apityms white we could still
all it s just apitythat so many us voters
of them it is apitythat he has left the
has made it is apitythat the question on the
fox wins the farmer spitythis latter piece has the
absolutely inspiring it is apitythat they could not speak
think it was such apityas this was bobby s
done it would be apityif it did not go
above but it is takenpityit was a good house
it though it s apityjack aitken won t live
identify them it s apitynobody really knows in any
hooing it s wooing yourpitysympathy makes it purr now
historical figure it s apitythat guidebooks like the scottish
and ethnicity it is apitythat it is not willing
2001 census it is apitythat no member of the
than active it is apitythat scots could not be
that it had been apitythat so few had come
alacrity it s just apitythat the band hadn t
fully agree it is apitythat wendy alexander is not
a way it s apityyou know that that f963:
or its pornographic parody tispityshe s a whore the
the dead which is apitybecause chekhov and gogol are
feeling of divine and humanpitythe dreadful sacrifice is performed
s work this is apitythe richness and diversity contained
my ecstasies i paused topitythem for in new england
but no one there apityat least they might have
right made him feel happypityjimmy s gift had to
showing despair then begs forpitygroup 6 read nae lang

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